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May be just a two shot.

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R U Mine?


Late night club Talon is in full swing.  Patrons drinking, couples huddled in corners, groups of young people jamming to the band on stage. A smile ghosts across his face as his thoughts set him to his purpose ‘A great night to be out’ Domnick thinks as he nods at Tick keeping watch over the bar and dance floor.  Like most of the locals he’d crawled in here one night drowning out whatever was ailing him and soon became family to the staff and owner. 

A self-proclaimed nice guy under a hard exterior, however everyone else saw the supreme badass.  More than twice had he shown himself to be of low tolerance for bullshit.  Not asking more than once for compliance when things got out of hand.  Why would anyone not comply?  Domnick was 6’3 215lbs of muscle with an air of confidence about him. Not just in stature rather something in the way he carried himself.  Tick admired and respected him for that.  The nice guy was buried under scars he’d rather not dwell on.  Bringing up a hand to run through his dark hair he nods at Candy for a beer, taking a seat at the bar.

A smile crosses his face as Chase slaps his back asking Candy for a shot of Jameson.  “What’s up man?” he spouts downing the shot signaling to her for another. 


“Just in the mood to get out, you know drink the week away” Dom stated taking a swig from his beer.  “Crowded tonight, damn college kids” Chase stated annoyed at the prep invasion from the nearby university. Taking in the sights while feeling the music course through his bones is exactly what he needed to unwind.  This week had been difficult with his…work.  Alex had been up to his usual stunts which caused a delay and Dom to lose his cool, slipping into the not so nice guy persona.  Smiling to himself at the thought of putting Alex in his place gave him comfort.  Looking around the dance floor cleared and there she was walking his way.  She was wearing a frown on that beautiful brown face. 

He was in awe as his eyes roamed up and down taking in the shapely curves that adorned this woman.


Keeping his cool never outwardly acknowledging her presence she’d walked right next to him situating herself right between him and another patron talking to a couple of preppy college girls.  He took in her smooth skin her chest heaved as she looked as though she was trying to catch her breath. Through the entire moment Chase kept on about something sitting to his right however, I was lost in her.  She signaled for the bartender.  Axe was taking over for Candy and came forward to the woman standing next to my stool, that smooth skin near touching me. 


“Can I have an Irish Carbomb?” she stated finally seeming to calm down.  “Sure little lady” Axe stated moving about to prepare the concoction for her.  She huffed at the remark but held a small smile, which got Axe to chuckle.  Chase finally shut up to see what had my attention. 


“Are you listening?...well now isn’t she just good enough to eat” leaning back in his stool to check out her rear end.

The music was booming as the band kicked into high gear on stage; loud enough to cover his remark. 


“Why not strike up conversation Romeo, can’t get anyway just looking” he whispers.  I thought before I spoke a skill he seems not to possess.  Turning around to speak to her I noticed an angry looking guy headed right in our direction.  Seemed like he was headed right for her.  I set my beer on the bar and angled my stool. 


“You okay?” I asked.  She shot me a look that could melt ice.  Not one to be intimated or back down I looked her square in her eyes and asked again raising an eyebrow.  Her face softened a bit and she smiled while nodding yes.  As she began to speak the angry looking guy surged forward through the crowd. 


“Forgive me for this” I stated as my hand cupped her elbow and swung around between Chase who was already moving into place having sensed the tension.  “What the…” before she could protest further I stood to my full height from the stool next to Chase shielding her.  “You bi…” before he had an opportunity to expel the rest of his insult my hand hacked his adam’s apple and he kneeled down clutching his throat gasping.  I bent down careful with my words “Speak to her or touch her again it will be your last time touching or speaking…we clear?”  He nodded his seeing Chase itching to coerce his compliance. 


By the time Axe called the bouncer over who snatched up the foul mouthed instruder ready to toss him out at a word.  “Dom you good” Tick stated.  “Yeah man no worries” tapping Tick on the shoulder.


 “Alright asshole, times up” Tick dragged him off the floor which I think shut down any potential problems due to the fact Tick was 6’7 dragging this guy out like a rag doll.  “You didn’t have to do that, I could’ve handle handled myself” my damsel in distress stated whirling around to face me. 


Immediately the satisfied grin faded only to be accompanied by sarcasm.  “I’m sorry next time you can go all “Zena Warrior princess”. Excuse me for being a gentleman.” I professed brushing past her to resume my seat. 


“You should really thank him sweet heart he’s had a rough week” Chase spat turning to hit the head.

Not the way I wanted to unwind after this week.  Axe placed a fresh beer in front of just as she assumed Chase’s seat.  “It’s on me cowboy” she stated pulling down her dress to cross her legs.  My mouth got dry remembering to focus my eyes on that beautiful face.  “Is this your way of saying thank you?”. 


“You could say that, my names Desiree” she stated holding her hand out to me.  I shook her hand pulling up to kiss her had turning her wrist to linger toward my nose, she smelled heavenly.  A shy smile crossed her face letting me know I made her nervous while confusing me with her forwardness, was she flirting?

“And your name?”


 “I think you head it” snapping my retort.  Not going to let her off that easy.  “Alright I deserve that, should be grateful you saved the day.”  


“Well you should, why was he so determined to get to you?”  Watching her intake a deep breathe I deduced he’d come on to strong but decided to let her tell me herself.  She exhaled saying he had come onto her but wouldn’t take no for an answer as she tried to let him down gently she explained.  “He grabbed me so I sent a knee to his groin.” 


“Ouch” I winced swallowing a sip of my hero’s beer.  As the band struck up again we continued talking ending up at a small booth in the back.  She was easy on the eyes, soft brown skin, beautiful quizzical eyes, white teeth, but what had me was the smile.

The way she knocked her head back while a full on giggle shook her frame.  The way her hand shot up to conceal her face when she laughed so hard tears pricked her eyes.  For some reason Desiree was beginning to make me want more than a conversation.  A soft touch of her hand tore me from my dissection of her.  “Everything alright Domnick?” 


“Yes, sorry you put a spell on me for a moment” I teased smiling at her.  Desiree straightened up and attempted to divert her eyes from me.  “What, can’t take a compliment?” 


“Of course I can, just not a lame one” contorting her face in my direction.  She glanced down at her phone taking notice of the time.  Looking out at the crowd I could see chase but what also caught my eye was the same blond that had been staring in the direction every so often.  “It’s getting late” she stated staring at me while tapping her smartphone when I looked at her seemingly confused.  “Let me walk you out” I whispered motioning for her to follow me out to the front. 


I grabbed her hand weaving through the crowd; walking up to Chase who had a little action of his own.  “Hey man, I’ll catch you later” shooting a nod to my right.  Chase nodding back winked at me “later man”.  “Hey I need to call my friend I came with” she mouthed pulling no my hand to stop in a corner near the front to make her call. “Sure”.  After talking with I realized the blond must be the friend periodically checking on her no doubt while we spoke.  Attempting not to eavesdrop on the conversation overhearing her friend scold her for leaving her in the lurch but praise her for being huddled in the corner with a hottie.  My wide grin allowed a small chuckle at her friend’s observation.  “Well M if you gonna hang I’m going to head home” 


“Text you when I get there safe” she says shooting me a look. 

Staring at him smile wondering if I could trust him enough to ask my hero for a ride; ‘probably not’.  “Alright later girl” Desiree disconnected the call as I lead her out to the valet handing of my ticket to Ray.  “So you need a lift?” one hand in my pocket the other still holding hers for some reason; feeling like I’m on a first date nervous a ‘no’ would be the response.  “You’re not going to drag and dump me into a river after you’ve had your way with me, are you?”  Taking her hand back to grip her clutch and shift her weight from foot to foot.  I step close to her looking in her eyes “Desiree, I would never harm you”.  “Okay” she stated turning to look out at the street.  Just quick she could make me laugh.  Ray pulled up with my Audi and I waved him off helping her into the passenger seat.  “So, where to?” 


“I’m on the beach near A1A” she said clicking her seat belt in and adjusting that dress again.  ‘Focus Nik’ the thought in my mind keeping me sane enough to know my hands belong on the steering wheel.  “Good thing you’re on the way home, I was praying I wound not have to drive out my the way” looking at her all doe eyed.  She giggles loudly shoving my shoulder. ‘I could get use to this’. 


After buckling up programming her address in GPS we were on the road.  Still talking smoothly about her work as a financial rep at a local bank; we discussed our jobs.  Simply stating I work in security.  As we drive I get involved in my other passion the road.  Love driving a manual transmission.  For some reason I notice she’s stop talking.  Silence descending in the car, she was staring out the window.  I stole a few glances.

She broke the silence turning to face me in her seat.  “I like you Domnick” stating matter of fact.  Realizing she calls me Domnick when she is serious and Nik occasionally in the throes of laughter.  We’d gotten comfortable in the last four hours talking with one another.  “You’re not too bad yourself” my remark as I shifted into fourth gear merging into the express lane.  She just simply nodded and turned back to look out the window.


“Desi” I called softly drawing those beautiful orbs in my direction.  “I like you too”. 


“Good to know the feelings mutual cowboy” she said.  Desiree slid her hair back behind her left ear and just stared out at the night from the passenger seat.  Long legs crossed at her ankle. ‘Nice job Nik’ for some reason this woman made me incapable of laying no the charm.  She deserved better than that.  I let the silence fall over the car and remain until we pulled up to her house.  She reached for the door; with a soft touch to her arm; her head turned in my direction.  “Please allow me”.


Nodding her hear while releasing a breath I hadn’t realized she was holding.  ‘Okay jackass what are you going to do’ scolding myself as I walked around to the passenger side of the car opening the door.  She politely took my outstretched hand while I watched those long legs with the red pumps settle on the pavement.  “Thanks for the ride” she stated walking to her door.  I decided to follow, she stopped taking out the key and put a little distance between us.  “Desiree I like you and in no way am I trying to only get in your pants but would you mind if I came in for coffee?” Shifting my weight while looking from the keys in my hand to his face and back to his eyes; ‘hope I don’t end up regretting this’. 


I turn the key in the lock motioning for him to follow me. ‘It’s 3 am and a stranger is in my house’ shaking my head in disbelief.  My purse and keys find their place on the hall table.  “I’ll make coffee make yourself at home” gesturing to the couch for him to take a seat.  “Okay now I’m nervous”. Popping a K carafe into the Keurig I text M ‘girl he is on my couch’, what do I do’.  Not a second later my phone vibrates and lights up with her expressing in shouty capitals how I need to…’no she did not’.  She is no help in a time of crisis. ‘I’ll text you later’ I reply setting my phone down on the counter attempting to block out her previous revelation.


“You’ve got a nice place” I hear him say peaking through the kitchen pass through to see him eyeing my pictures hanging over the fireplace.  “Thanks”.  Too nervous to say anything more I busy myself with preparing the tray with creamer, sugar bowl, cups, and as I lose myself I pull two saucers and the iced pound cake from the cake display on my counter.  “Wow, you really do coffee” I hear as I set the tray in front of him.  My face twists as I explain that


“I just thought…” interrupted by his laugh.   “I’m joking this is nice Desiree”.  My temperature just jumped a few degrees at the sound of my name from his lips. In the little time that we’ve talked I feel comfortable with him somehow.  Watching him gulp his coffee I smile.  He is handsome in the dark dangerous way at frist glance but something in the eyes tells me there’s more to him.  “So you work in security what is it that you do exactly? Are you like a security guard or something?” 


“Glad to know you aren’t after me for my money”.  She giggles and shoots me a look.  “I provide high level security for clients who need that type of assistance”. 


“You know designing alarms, property improvement, and in some cases personell”.  Slowly watch her face while she sips her coffee and she seems to understand without asking anything further.  Nodding her head in understanding.  “So, the pictures are yours.  There very nice you’ve got a good eye”. 


“How did you…” interrupting her question pointing to the bookcase with the camera on the corner end.  She blushes, “Yes it’s a passion you could say”.

She said she was into art but didn’t figure photography maybe painting but it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised. 


We relaxed a little bit sipping coffee and the cake I found out she baked.  ‘Beautiful creature, can bake, cook, and laugh like that’ this is what normal is.  We both probe further about each other’s origins and find that we both moved her from out west.  Her from Seattle and myself from L.A.  Watching her sip her coffee, lips caressing the cup safe to say I was beginning to envy the cup.  We end up playing cards on the floor.  Of all the things I’ve done on a Friday night this was not anywhere near the list.  But after meeting her few things pale in comparison.  ‘Fuck I have no room for attachments, get it together Nik’ talking to myself thinking of an excuse to leave.  The way he looks at me smiling or that very masculine laugh while holding his cards.  ‘I wish they were holding me’.  Eventually after 15 minutes of yawning she loses the battle and nods off.


“Where have you been?” I ask tucking a curly tendril behind her ear.  I take to watching her sleep, sneaking a picture or two. After checking the locks while consuming a glass of water, I settle on the floor next to her.  By the time I feel my cell phone vibrate the sun is peering through the windows.  Staring at the back of her head burying my nose in her hair I inhale the scent and commit it to memory.  She shifts slightly in my arms her body laying next to me my arm thrown over her waist.  I take my phone out of my pocket and check the message threating to wake her. 


Chase: we got a contract.


Desiree snuggles a little closer and the phone vibrates again.  I pull her off the floor and lay her on the couch.  So tempted to kiss her but I aim my lips at her forehead instead. A muffled “stay” is what I hear as her hand grabs my shirt.  I smile whispering to her “Desi, baby I’ll see you later” rubbing her had to coax her to let go of my shirt.  She is so fucking cute.  I leave through the kitchen door seeing as it is newer and locks automatically upon closing.


I’ll have to talk to her about the outdated front door. ‘What am I talking about? I can’t see this girl again’.  In the car my mobile clicks into place and I dial Chase back.  As he answers yawning, “We’ve got a contact flight leaves in 30”. 


“Be there in 20” I say shifting back onto the highway.  “So how was it?”  “How was what?” I ask shifting past a semi-truck.  “Okay play it soft knew you’d punk out” Chase spat smacking his lips.  “What like you?”


 “Did you get what I requested?” changing the subject. 


“Got your setup will be on the plane ready for your review. So was she worth it?” 


Let’s not talk about my love life” I say beginning to get annoyed.  “What love life you are a hermit.” He says laughing.  The silence signals him that this conversation is over.  “See you in a few” he says disconnecting the call.


Waking up snuggled into the couch I felt like I dreamed the whole thing.  However, looking at empty dishes on the floor ‘guess I didn’t’ dream this all up.  My phone beeps with the song from the bar last night, ‘when did I get this ringtone?’  It’s a picture of a rose with a note “can I see you sometime?”  My lips curl into a grin bigger than a chest shire cat at the thought of seeing him again.  A quick text back before a shower and run errands. “You better”.

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