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Lips, muscles, tattoos with a "huge ass print". That's how my girlfriends first described him to me. Connor O'brady. The "hot as fuck" new neighbor who had every woman in our quiet suburban town talking. He was of the tall, dark and ruggedly handsome variety. A little too rough around the edges. Cocky. With enough charisma to make you melt. All fine and good. But not for me.

The only man I was melting for was my husband. Married eight years. We had a good life, with the big house and a sweet little girl we loved dearly. He worked. I wrote my novels and took care of our daughter, while occasionally dealing with his racist mother. Happily ever afters didn't exist but I had something close to it.

But then everything comes crashing down around me when I discover my husband's infidelity. My marriage in ruins, my heart shattered, it's in my lowest moment of despair that I take comfort in the Neighbor. He offered companionship and I didn't realize how much I thirsted for it until he came along. We confided in each other, forming an intimacy that burned slow, deep and undeniably urgent. And when we finally gave into that urgency, Connor made me melt in the hottest way possible. One night becomes two and then two turns to three and soon passion unlike any I've ever know threatens to upend our entire world and everyone in it. And the most frightening part of it all was that we were willing to risk it all. 






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