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Lilian Jones once believed that she had never even heard of Packer's Grove, Pennsylvania, let alone lived there, so when Sheriff Seth Lawrence shows up and states otherwise, Lily comes to realize that the past she remembers is not as complete as she once thought - her brain shutting off an entire block of her memories concerning a traumatizing event. Suddenly revisited with memories and visions of dolls that are more than they appear, Lily knows that the memories can no longer be forgotten for they await to take their rightful place - in her deepest fears.





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Published: 21/10/10 Updated: 23/10/10
Story Notes:

This is being primarily written because it is the Halloween season, and I need something to do to keep myself sane while waiting for the 31st. I hope to have it done by then, but since I started this late, that means that the chapters may not be completely accurate grammar- or spelling-wise. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

1. Prologue by nikkerbocker23 [Reviews - 0] (8048 words)

2. 1 - An Unexpected Visitor by nikkerbocker23 [Reviews - 0] (7590 words)

Here's the first real chapter!  Hope it makes sense, but if by any chance you have any questions or don't understand, feel free to review and I'll explain.




3. 2 - An Unwelcome Message by nikkerbocker23 [Reviews - 0] (5655 words)