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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This takes place directly after ‘Journey’s End’.

    It all began when Mickey Smith joined Captain Jack Harkness and Dr. Martha Jones for a ‘Saving the Earth’ celebration at a pub called ‘The Wolf’s Paw’.  Gwen and Rhys Cooper joined them a few minutes later along with Ianto Jones.

    As the afternoon turned into evening, Mickey Smith already had a firm offer from Jack to work for Torchwood in this reality. Martha Jones, however, was unsure and asked Jack if she could think about it.

    Jack and Ianto left together.

    Gwen and Rhys went home.

    That left Mickey and Martha...


    Martha’s mouth dropped open, as she stared at the picture on Mickey’s phone.

    “You’re telling me, that that was what the Doctor USED to look like?”
    Mickey nodded.

    “Yep! We bloody didn’t know who he was when Rose brought him back here after his re-generation. I had thought that it might change Rose’s feelings towards him. You know, with him looking so different and all.”

    Martha said nothing to that. She was over The Doctor, but she could never forget that Rose was his true love. And apparently she had been Mickey’s as well.

    “So,” Martha said, changing the subject slightly, “you left this universe never expecting to see Rose again?”

    Mickey nodded absently, putting the phone away.

    “I really felt like I belonged there. And when Rose became trapped there, I tried to be something to her again. But that never worked out. I’m fine with it. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t return with her. She has a human Doctor now. She’ll be fine. So, tell me how you met him?” he asked her.

    As Martha began talking, Mickey could not shake the feeling that he had seen her somewhere else before. And finally, when she just happened to mention something about a cousin dying in what used to be the location of Torchwood,  Mickey remembered someone that had looked a lot like Martha, being killed by one of the Cybermen.

    Mickey did not mention that, but continued to listen as Martha told him that the Doctor just never got over Rose, and that she had to grow up and accept that he would never return her love.

    “Kind of like you did with Rose.” Martha finished, looking away from Mickey and around.  The pub was getting emptier and emptier. It was time for her to get going. Thomas was in the United States but he would be home in a day or two...

    Her thoughts were interrupted by something Mickey said. He was offering to walk her home. She frowned.

    “Actually, where are you going to stay? You were living in your Grams home, right? It’s probably been sold or something by now.”

    “Actually, I checked on that while you were playing pool with Jack,” he said, pulling out his phone again and waving it. “it was being sublet but there is no one living there now.”

    “Oh.” Martha said, smiling. “Well, it sounds like everything is going to work out then, isn’t it? You’re back home in your proper universe. I’m getting married...”

    Mickey blinked.

    “You’re getting married?”

    Martha looked confused at his confusion.

    “You sat right here and heard Gwen and I talking about Thomas. Thomas my fiancee? You know, I met him through the Doctor as well--inadvertently.”

    Mickey said nothing to that. And that was because he had not JUST decided, to not return to that alternate universe on a whim.

    He had decided he was staying wherever this bit of loveliness he had seen on the Doctor’s Tardis, was. Married? Martha was getting married? To someone else?

    He forced a smile.

    “I must have forgotten. I’d like to meet this bloke someday.” he said. But on the inside, his inner resolve hardened. As much as he liked and respected The Doctor, he had always felt as if he hadn’t fought hard enough for Rose. And watching his alternate universe doppleganger, Ricky, die, changed his personality some as well. He was now more assertive and sure of himself.

    And what he was sure of at this moment, was that he wasn’t about to let Dr. Martha Jones marry anyone but him.


    Mickey did walk Martha home and she told him it had been nice meeting him. And for the next few days, Mickey went to work at Torchwood and soon found himself fitting in just nicely. He was also trying to get Grams’s house together.

    Then something interesting happened. It was almost as if fate had dropped Martha back into his life. Only the manner was rather unkind.

    Mickey and Gwen were summoned to an apartment complex, where everyone living there, suddenly regressed to infancy--- literally. Meaning, they had been turned back into infants, with the exception of two people found shagging in a stairwell.

    Mickey did not make the connection, as he questioned Tish Jones about when she heard the explosion of babies crying. But Gwen Cooper was not about to say a damned, civil word to Thomas Milligan!

    Mickey’s ears perked, as he turned away from Tish to listen to Gwen’s tirade! Thomas tried to shush her!

    “Look, it’s not what you think! Tish and I were planning the wedding...”

    “In the bloody stairwell? You know we’ll check for semen, don’t you? You bloody wanker! Martha doesn’t deserve this!”

    Tish moved around Mickey to confront Gwen.

    “Gwen, please, I know we don’t know one another well...”

    “Bloody hell!” Gwen hissed. “You have a pubic hair in between your teeth, slut!”

    Mickey surreptitiously took out his camera phone and took a picture of Tish, as her mouth dropped open, and Thomas! Thomas glared at him.

    “What did you do that for?!” he snapped.

    “It’s evidence. The both of you are. Because whatever turned everyone back into babies, wasn’t in this stairwell.” Mickey told him.

    “But the two of you were!” Gwen snapped, before turning and skulking off. Thomas eyed Mickey. Who was this bloke? He knew Gwen to see her, and that other guy, Jack Harkness. But this one...

    Mickey caught up with Gwen.

    “Are you alright?”

    Gwen folded her arms.

    “I’m just glad Martha never came to work at Torchwood! I couldn’t look her in the eye after this! I don’t know if we should tell  her...”

    “It’s not our place.” Mickey said quietly. “But I would hate to see Martha marry a bloke like that. And her sister smiling in her face like that...”

    “With public hair between her teeth! Thomas’s, of all people! Martha can’t  marry him.”

    Mickey said nothing to that. He did decide to pay Martha a visit over at UNIT. He would use his Torchwood credentials to get in.


    Martha was more than a bit surprised to find Mickey outside of her office door at UNIT. She had been thinking about him and wondering if she should offer some decorating help with his Gram’s home?

    She put him out of her mind when Thomas returned, his passion for her resembling that of a thirsty man. It felt good to be in his arms again and planning their life together.

    “Mickey? I was just on my way over to Torchwood.” she said, about to pick up her white lab coat. Mickey felt his cock stiffen at the sight of her. Her hair was loose and abound and her skin was gleaming. She was so lovely to look at, it actually hurt.

    “Well now we can go over together.  Maybe get something to eat on the way there? Gwen and I just left the scene of that incident at the Rosebud Garden Complex.” he said casually.

    “Yes, well, I know that the babies have to be examined and we figured Torchwood had better facilities than we do.” Martha said, peering at him. “You look well. Torchwood agrees with you.” she said, walking out of the door past him. Mickey turned to follow and soon was walking in step with her.

    “You know, I was thinking about you.” Martha said. Mickey lifted a brow.


    “Yes. I was wondering if you needed any help getting your  house together?”

    “I could use some help at that.”

    “Good! I can’t speak for Thomas, since he’s always working, but I would love to help you decorate. When do you think would be a good time? Maybe on the weekend?”

    Mickey was about to answer, when he saw Dr. Thomas Milligan approach.  Thomas glared at Mickey! The feeling he had had about him before, was even more resounding. Why was he not surprised that this man knew Martha?

    Martha turned, saw him and wafted into his arms, before turning back to Mickey.

    “Thomas, this is Mickey Smith...”

    The name exploded into Thomas’s head like a jackhammer! Jesus! This was the bloke Martha had been running on about! Something about meeting him through UNIT. But Thomas now knew he was from Torchwood. What was going on?

    Thomas shook Mickey’s hand, something that Mickey was reluctant to do. Martha noticed but put it out of her head for the moment. Thomas then spoke.

    “Are you ready for lunch? I have plans for us and they do not call for us to eat in the cafeteria here.”

    “Uh actually...” Martha began but Mickey interrupted.

    “Actually, Martha and I have a ‘working lunch’ planned. You don’t mind, do you?”

    Thomas clamped his lips shut. The fucker had a picture of his standing next to Martha’s sister, with HIS public hair in HER teeth! No, he wasn’t going to be ABLE to mind, would he?

    “No. Do what you have to do, luv. I’ll see you tonight.” he said, giving Martha a kiss. He then looked at Mickey.

    “It was nice meeting you, Mickey.”

    “The same.” Mickey replied coolly, then watched Thomas walk off.  Martha stared after fiancee. That whole thing was strange. She didn’t quite know how to characterize it.

    Martha turned back to Mickey.

    “Alright. I’m all yours.”

    She certainly was, Mickey thought as they walked down a back hallway and into an undercar garage. A car zipping around a corner almost hit them both, and Mickey pulled Martha out of the way, bringing her into the cocoon of his arms. Martha felt something stir in her, being held like this by him, but shook it off.

    “You can let go now, Mickey. I’m fine. Thank you.”

    Mickey nodded, but kept a firm arm around her waist, as they walked to his car. They did not see Thomas watching them from behind a pillar, stewing at the possessive way Mickey Smith’s arm was around HIS fiancee’s slim waist.

    Mickey Smith had taken that picture on purpose. And somehow, Thomas had to think of a way to get out from under this bloke’s thumb.

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