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I am married with two adult sons.  I enjoy reading and writing fiction.  My stories will always have an underlying Christian theme, however I try to keep it real because even Christians do not live a perfect life, no matter what they try to portray to others! You can find me on Twitter as Preachabrenda!


September 16, 2014


Thanks for all of your support here over the years.  I've reached my dream of being a published author and I could not have done it without your encouragment. 

I will continue to support authors here any way that I can and I want to see other awesome authors here publish their work for the world to read long after we're gone.

Even though I'm not making a lot of money off of "The Preacher's Son" I am committed to my promise of using 20 percent of my profits from the book to help other Chamber authors.

I can be reached at  Please feel free to contact me here or on Facebook as BD Anderson, Richmond, VA.

Thanks guys!

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I recently saw a Charleton Heston Movie entitled "The Naked Jungle" where that big sexy hunk was a virgin and he wanted a wife who was a virgin, but she turned out to be a widow.  Most love stories have the woman as the 'innocent virgin' and the male as the experienced one.  

This challenge is to have a strong sexy alpha who just happens to still be a virgin and an experienced female ready to put him out of his misery.  LOL.  The male should be well over the age of consent. Charlton Heston's excuse was that he was out in the jungle building a plantation and there were no white women around so he had to order a mail order bride.  It's not 1954 anymore, so I'm sure we can come up with some imaginative explanations for male virginity!

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What would it have been like for two people of different races to fall in love when blacks were considered second class citizens and such love was rejected by society?

This challenge is for you to write a story  that occurred prior to society accepting interracial relationships, telling of the hardships and challenges two people faced and how their love overcame adversity.

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