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The Chamber is not ordinarily place for politics, have tried hard to keep neutral. With the current cluster**** that is going on, simply impossible. Not admin's job to force agendas... what do y'all think?

We should be openly opposing racism and Fascism any way we can
We should be openly opposing racism and Fascism any way we can 80%
Don't mind either way
Don 11%
the admin should just shut the hell up and leave us alone to write and read
the admin should just shut the hell up and leave us alone to write and read 8%

Pride and Logic by Candace Teen or Above
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Vulcan in the grip of Pon Farr must be in want of a mate. ---A Star Trek meets Pride and Prejudice Story---
Power by Drogheda 17 and older
"Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”- Henry Kissinger   In the game of social politics not everyone has power and some don’t understand the power they wield. The power to make and break lives rest in the hands of one man but be careful, he is always watching.  
Will and Ana by SafeHaven 17 and older
                William Lucas Kapori was a self-made millionaire. At 40 he had everything he ever wanted, a beautiful twenty something girlfriend, a luxurious mansion, and a job that he loved. His life was perfect, so why was he pursuing Ana...
Betterment and Betrayal by Joelle Jax Members ONLY:Mature Content
When Joss begins receiving anonymous letters, she has her suspicions as to who might be penning the ominous messages.  But as the list of suspects grows, will she uncover the author’s identity or stumble upon a greater truth?  *A response to the Random Letters prompt.*
Thawing His Heart (formerly titled The Assistant) by tpeezy22 17 and older
*Revamped and revised version of former story The Assistant*   Marissa Jacobs is the assistant to her tyrannical boss Ron Kincaid who is going through a bitter divorce. As the holiday season approaches, her will and sanity is tested by Ron. When Ron shows up at Marissa's apartment drunk, Marissa...
No One Gives a Fuck About You Jessie by QueenMojo Mature Content
For all Richonne fans who are looking to work Jessie out of their sytem.  At the end of season 5 when Rick planted a peck on Jessie's cheek, I almost threw my TV out the window. Yeah, I didn't take it well. LoL! Anway, thank goodness for ValentChamber where I can work out my frustrations. Here...
Rachel's Risk by Dahlia DeWinters 17 and older
Rachel didn’t set out to be rescued.  In fact, she didn’t think she needed to be rescued.  But a chance meeting with a trucker after her car breaks down may offer her the new start she needs in more ways than one. 
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Tomorrow's Yesterday by PriscillaPal 17 and older
  In the sequel to 'The Lost Tomorrow', circumstances force DCI John Luther to face his feelings for Olivia Pope, her lack of memory of him and the full extent of how far Eli Pope went to keep them apart.
No Ordinary Love by FranklinsMuse Mature Content
This is a gathering of short Richonne Lemon Shots that I wrote back when Richonne was just a dream for a small group of us.
The Mamba's Venom by JayDee 17 and older
The Mamba is one of the deadliest snakes in the world. It's fast, lethally venomous, and when threatened, highly aggressive. Despite its toxicity, the venom has healing properties. Can Omari's bite heal all wounds? 
Loving Kale by Gabriella Clark Mature Content
For 29 yr old Mia Johnson finding out that aliens existed and were actually on earth was a bit of a shock. Finding out her super hot boss was one and wanted to date her... well….beam her on up! When the Selkrians ‘came out the closet’ and announced they had been living among us for...
A Rival's Claim by Fik Freak Mature Content
After an unexpected encounter, Michonne and Rick find themselves as rivals on opposite sides of a polarizing court case. Will their uncompromising opinions keep them from what they both really want? This is an AU/no ZA Richonne story, that is Rated M (Content is only suitable for mature adults. May...
BERRIES by marchpisces92 Mature Content
Dinah Mosely the shy granddaughter of the general store owner has spent the last five years admiring Lars Ransom a rugged farmer from a afar. What happens when berry picking by the creek turns into a sexual awakening?
THE SOUL OF GABRIEL by marchpisces92 Members ONLY: 17 and Older
Fourteen years after his twin brother's suicide Brian Callaghan has to face all the guilt and emotions that he's been carrying for years head on. An unlikely companion from high school Mahalia Evans is there to see him through.
The Hot Spot by FranklinsMuse Mature Content
A is a series of hot one-shots (LEMON SHOTS) featuring various IR **BW/WM** TV and Movie characters that I ship.
Transcendence by DarkandLovely Mature Content
The prison had been confined within their hearts but when... when would they truly be set free?               Transcendence is a original work by CM and is intended for publication so please do not upload, distort, edit, or remove and place on any other site...
Take Me Home Tonight by FranklinsMuse Mature Content
For so long, I wished for the day...The day that our love would find its way...From my heart and into your soul...The feeling so strong, I had no control...

Mist of Eternity by shyangel 17 and older
Nina has just started to live her life. She drops out of school and moves...

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Welcome to the Chamber. An archive of fan fiction and original stories featuring women of color.

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Greetings Chamberlings. Just a heads up that we might have a teeny bit of downtime this week as all the renewals are going through. Theoretically we shouldn't but I rarely find anything goes that smoothly.

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Fingers crossed it actually goes the way it is supposed to, with no downtime at all :)

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Not My President

We are declaring this site as a safe place. Hatred and bigotry, sexism and everything that the Orange Turd stands for is abhorrent and will not be tolerated here. We do not want to hear that this is politics and we can agree to disagree. You are either on the right side of history or you are not. It is that simple. If you are not, then go somewhere else. This is not open for discussion.

--jacci on November 15 2016 12:49 am 2 Comments--

What the Chamber means to you
Hey Chamber Peeps! The Chamber might be invited to participate in a book, and they are interested in the members experiences with the site. How you found it, are you active, a reader, writer, lurker and what it has done for you, what it offers you personally.
There is no money for the site in this unfortunately, but it is a chance for some wonderful exposure for the site and its authors.

If anybody is interested in participating, you can email me at for more information. Right now things are still early stages, but I am very excited about this.

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