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The Chamber is not ordinarily place for politics, have tried hard to keep neutral. With the current cluster**** that is going on, simply impossible. Not admin's job to force agendas... what do y'all think?

We should be openly opposing racism and Fascism any way we can
We should be openly opposing racism and Fascism any way we can 80%
Don't mind either way
Don 11%
the admin should just shut the hell up and leave us alone to write and read
the admin should just shut the hell up and leave us alone to write and read 7%

If Only by Village Most Ages
  Taylor Mooreland has more than her share of problems. Her mother's an irresponsible dreamer who's more interested in floating from audition to audition than she is in paying her bills. So, Taylor's got to keep the ship afloat, taking care of her little brother and working to help pay the bills...
The Right to Remain Broken by Kmaj 17 and older
  Esther Hendrickson has loved teaching young children, mainly because she cannot have children of her own. What was once society's trophy wife, her abusive past has led her deep into dementia, but the love of hardened FBI agent A.J. Thomas may be just what she needs to heal her torn heart.  
Darkly Desirable by Camille Mackenzie 17 and older
Garrin Riemelt is a German Businessman. A sociopath with a dark secret...he kills. Nomi Turner is a beautiful Architect. An introvert, who hides behind the structures she creates.  For each, solitude means survival. Loneliness is just a by-product of who they are. But when they meet the attraction...
Caterina's Confessions by Caterina 17 and older
I want you to feel my pain and pleasure. A collection of my poems.
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Caterina's Confessions by Caterina 17 and older
I want you to feel my pain and pleasure. A collection of my poems.
Black Ice by Camille Mackenzie 17 and older
Sage Porter is a figure skater with her eyes on  Gold in the upcomming olympic games. She is determined to prove that black girls rock. On and off the ice. The one thing she doesn't have time for is love.   Former Figure skating champion Yuri Meshkov is still reeling from his time spent on...
The BullBrigs Gang by FreshBreath 17 and older
                                  She was the boss of one of the most dangerous gangs in Highstake City and he was determined to stop her. She wanted to be better and he wanted a start over. He was looking for redemption...
BAG OF SUGAR by marchpisces92 Mature Content
The typical bag of sugar experiment in 11th Grade made Aurora "Rory" Campbell realize that she liked her friend Sean Sullivan as more than just a friend. (Working Summary)
Play Misty For Me by PriscillaPal 17 and older
Detective Misty Knight just wants to find out what happened to her uncle, Rand Enterprises Executive, Lawrence Wilkins. But a visit to Rand not only changes her life forever, but brings in to her world, a bevy of complicated men.
Reciprocity by Minerva Vesta 17 and older
    Sasha Aimes is pretty content with her life. She has great friends, a great entry level position in her chosen career field and a man who loves her deeply. After a few trying years, she has decided that she will live for herself and do what makes her happy; consequences be damned. But...
Outlander by Smartcooki3 Members ONLY: 17 and Older
Daphne Gregory is on the run. She's looking for a place to lay low until things calm down back home. When she lands in Oklahoma, the last thing she expects to find is a friend in resident playboy Landon Phelps.
Transcendence by DarkandLovely Mature Content
The prison had been confined within their hearts but when... when would they truly be set free?               Transcendence is a original work by CM and is intended for publication so please do not upload, distort, edit, or remove and place on any other site...
THE PIECES LEFT BEHIND by marchpisces92 Members ONLY:Mature Content
Leviticus 20:21 states "And if a man shall take his brother's wife, it is an unclean thing: he hath uncovered his brother's nakednes; they shall be childless" Are circumstances different if said brother was a complete bastard? Let's explore what that verse really means.

Lost Girl: The Transitional Years by virgofemme 17 and older
This story is a follow up to Lost Girl, so if you haven't read it yet, please...

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Welcome to the Chamber. An archive of fan fiction and original stories featuring women of color.

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Greetings Chamberlings. Just a heads up that we might have a teeny bit of downtime this week as all the renewals are going through. Theoretically we shouldn't but I rarely find anything goes that smoothly.

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Fingers crossed it actually goes the way it is supposed to, with no downtime at all :)

--jacci on June 12 2017 04:57 am 0 Comments--

Not My President

We are declaring this site as a safe place. Hatred and bigotry, sexism and everything that the Orange Turd stands for is abhorrent and will not be tolerated here. We do not want to hear that this is politics and we can agree to disagree. You are either on the right side of history or you are not. It is that simple. If you are not, then go somewhere else. This is not open for discussion.

--jacci on November 15 2016 12:49 am 2 Comments--

What the Chamber means to you
Hey Chamber Peeps! The Chamber might be invited to participate in a book, and they are interested in the members experiences with the site. How you found it, are you active, a reader, writer, lurker and what it has done for you, what it offers you personally.
There is no money for the site in this unfortunately, but it is a chance for some wonderful exposure for the site and its authors.

If anybody is interested in participating, you can email me at for more information. Right now things are still early stages, but I am very excited about this.

--jacci on February 22 2016 12:57 am 3 Comments--

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