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How often do you fake it?

- Never. I always get there.
- Never. I always get there. 16%
- Never. I prefer not to lie.
- Never. I prefer not to lie. 27%
- Sometimes. If I know it's not going to happen organically.
- Sometimes. If I know it 45%
- Always. I don't want to hurt his ego.
- Always. I don 10%

A Redneck's Woman by Forks and Knives 17 and older
                               Jackson Pete was not a man who cared how Lorah Matthew started life. He only wanted her to end it with him.
Knight In Shining Armor by AntiVenom 17 and older
A knight in shining armor is not always the righteous and kind-hearted man. Sometimes, he's the one that speaks his mind and uses his fists. He is not perfect but if he loves you....he loves you
The Knight of England by KnightPhall 17 and older
Respected and feared executive Corbin Knight never believed in love at first sight. It took him a year to decide if he should date his on again off again girlfriend Joanna Helms. He treated love as if it were a business deal. A curse from his grandfather changed everything that he knew about love. During...
How Do You Like Your Eggs? by ErisJade Mature Content
Maxie: "I was just pretending.  Just for a night.  But, what happens to the facade when the cracks start showing?"   Nathan: "She's everything I didn't know I needed.  I don't think she understands that..."
A guide on how not to get a guy to like you by OrangePeelings 17 and older
Patricia James was in love with German born Roth Kerrington since the first day that she saw him five years ago at a college seminar. Now at the age of twenty four and none the wiser, Patricia sets off with her reluctant friend Willa Grant to win the heart of her intended
Four Years by KayLaShay 17 and older
They say that college is the best years of your life. Camille thought they would be until she met Luciano Cavalieri--the pain in her ass that just never seems to disappear. But a lot can change in four years.
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The Most Beautiful Girl in the World by ErisJade 17 and older
My contribution to the Prince Challenge.  Rest well, sweet Prince.
Slivers of Moonlight by ErisJade Mature Content
His name is Oakley, and that's pretty much all I know about him. Which was fine.  At least for the first six months.  Now, a pop-up visit from my sister has me wanting to know more.     ...... I'm not really sure if I'm ready.....
Bluegrass and Whiskey by ErisJade 17 and older
Jett McKinney never intended to return to Culver Glen.  But, with her beloved Grandmother dying and her own uncertainty of continuing her singing career, she returns.  And so does the past.
Lost Girl: The Transitional Years by virgofemme 17 and older
This story is a follow up to Lost Girl, so if you haven't read it yet, please do, as this is the sequl to that story. To those who have already read Lost Girl, yes, I know the title is unimaginative and sorta lame, but It's just a working title, so it won't be permament. :P To all of my readers who...
Survivor by NiqueMo94 17 and older
  The trials we survive, the endurance, the scars that we bare both mentally and physically is what makes us survivors. Enduring one tragedy after the other, moving past the pain to reach a higher existence. To go beyond our statutory limitation, to go beyond our self and reveal the being beyond...
Miss Cuddles by Sazana Hashi 17 and older
Miss Cuddles, Bonnie Bennett's beloved teddy, is a picky sleeper. Trying to find a new place to sleep results in Bonnie ending up in quite a predicament...
bodies by Elizablu 17 and older
Berlin is a working girl of the City, one of the many lost souls that call the mysterious island metropolis home. Her grind is never ending. Her purpose in life is securing a future for herself and the only love she has ever known. Her true job description is questionable.   “six inch...
Submerge by Yuukiyanagi 17 and older
"You have thought about it, haven't you? How it would feel to be with both of us." "If we do this...promise me that nothing changes. The thought of losing you both..."Dante took a moment and then nodded. He shifted his gaze to her shoulder and Hope felt Emil grip her tighter, leaning further into...
The One That Got Away by M_Denise 17 and older
Derek Walker was not interested in surrendering his playa's card. His friends were falling like flies but he'd be damned if he was going down that road. He liked his life. He got to take pictures of beautiful women all day long. He had his pick of models, celebrities, and debutantes. His family loved...
Trust - Revision by Caribbean Fire Mature Content
Sally McDonald is not who anyone thinks. Her life is filled with secrets. Some she doesn't even know about. But when Storm Monsello sees the terrified girl one night, he never expects how much her secrets would reveal the dark actions of the people he trusted the most.  

The Uninvited by Joelle Jax Members ONLY: 17 and Older
When Annalese Evans agrees to serve as medical staff abroad a corporately owned...

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Welcome to the Chamber. An archive of fan fiction and original stories featuring women of color.

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Which song will inspire you to tell a story?

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What the Chamber means to you
Hey Chamber Peeps! The Chamber might be invited to participate in a book, and they are interested in the members experiences with the site. How you found it, are you active, a reader, writer, lurker and what it has done for you, what it offers you personally.
There is no money for the site in this unfortunately, but it is a chance for some wonderful exposure for the site and its authors.

If anybody is interested in participating, you can email me at for more information. Right now things are still early stages, but I am very excited about this.

--jacci on February 22 2016 12:57 am 0 Comments--

We are back...

Hey everyone, thanks for your patience this last week, I know it hasn't been easy. We are functioning again, and hopefully will stay that way. This is a trial run to see if we have nailed all the issues, and so if it goes down again... will have to look deeper.


The Chamber is being split in half, as we simply cannot handle the traffic we are getting now without raising a significant amount of money each month. The Chamber and The Chamber Vault.  Any stories predating 2012 will be stored in the Vault and can be accessed at The Chamber Vault, reviews can be left as usual and logons are the same. These stories will not be able to be edited or updated, and if you wish to resurrect one, then you will need to contact the admins.

We are still in the process of moving some stories, which will take a little time, but it is better than being offline for weeks more. I know this is not a perfect solution, and it is going to annoy many people, but it is our only real option if we want to stay online.

We hope that this time the fix holds, as last week was a series of things working and then going belly up again. It would be very helpful if people could report on Facebook if they are having any issues or things are working well.


Happy reading!

--jacci on March 27 2015 07:56 am 0 Comments--

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