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Cake by MJDaniels 17 and older
  You find a guy. You tell yourself you're just having fun. You sleep together. Nothing serious and then ten months into your friends with "Orgasmic" benefits arrangement you realize "Oh fuck, I think I just caught feelings". But then before you can do something stupid like tell this guy you're...
Tale of Two by Alexandria Glass 17 and older
  Pandora Steele is your everyday geek who has never had a guy look at her twice...until she meets Bradley Phillips. Bradley Phillips is tired of the kind of life he leads and searches for something different. He finds her and magical things happen. Tale of Two follows Bradley and Pandora throughout...
Farewell by intellectual titmouse Members ONLY: 17 and Older
  She didn't choose this Life. He chose It for her. And for that, he must pay the Ultimate Price. Exceedingly Dope Banner by my homeskillet Valhalla.
Love, God & Ultimatums by Joelle Jax Members ONLY: 17 and Older
Despite the absurdity of bargaining with the Almighty while topless and bound in the bedroom of a man whose last name she can’t remember, Diya De la Roy gives God an ultimatum:  Send her a man and a love worth having by next Valentine's Day, or she would give up on both.  Forever.   Unbeknownst...
The Rouge by EJBradley Mature Content
Sequel to The Chozen;Years after the start of the end, the Undead still walked amongst the living. Mutated, they became a tougher force to eradicate, but they were no longer the only threat. While Haven's Cove was dismantled, their secrets hid within the walls of the new government and their plans were...
PLAYBOOK by marchpisces92 Mature Content
When Wilhelmina "Mina" Porter comes back into thier lives after ten years; Wide reciever Reid Stone finds himself questioning who Blake McCarthy is as a person again. Mina was Reid's best friend and maybe even more. Blake was also his best friend, teammate and almost like a brother to him. However one...
figs by DaSoulVicious 17 and older
    We tend the fields. We plant the seeds. We hide the secrets and let the ghosts whisper our secrets to the moon… The world has shifted and reality have changed but Death was the one thing that will always be certain. Corey Fellix deals with it everyday, living under the heavy...
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The Week of Winds by jaisma Teen or Above
After a chance encounter with the long-cursed Etta, and a series of unfavorable events, Jada finds herself in the center of a world she never knew existed, learning to wield a power she doesn't understand. Etta must teach this human girl how to use a power, a power that Etta herself desperately needed...
Aynira by jaisma Most Ages
Due to interference from the ancestors, Princess Aynira, the seventh of eight daughters and ninth of eleven siblings, ends up in a position that put her at odds with her entire kingdom.
Late Night Creepy Writes by Ren 17 and older
Somewhat eerie one-shot's.  Freewrites I do that tend to be more so on the eerie side, so I figured I would do them and post. Each chapter is a one-shot and stands alone unless otherwise stated.  
UNSPOKEN by chocolate470 All Ages
Another Tangie story. I don't know every once in a while these two inspire me to write something about them.   All publicly recognized characters, settings, etc., are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are property of the author. The author is in no way...
SOMEBODY FOR EVERYBODY by marchpisces92 All Ages
A short story based on a recent dream on a personal subject matter
COMFORT: A THANKSGIVING STORY by marchpisces92 17 and older
Mahalia Evans has a lot on her plate with her new job, freelance work, and helping to organize her ungrateful cousin's wedding. Brian Callaghan is a laid back easy going maintenance man. It looks like the two of them will be spending Thanksgiving weekend together.    
Web Of Lies by Elodie 17 and older
  I don't think you ever make the conscious decision to set out to hurt someone. But then again maybe some do. But I know I didn't plan on hurting anyone. It was never my intention to let things get this far, to cause this much pain, to wreck this much havoc in so many lives. It's become too convoluted...
Skin Deep, Iris by jrsgirl 17 and older
How do you make it in a world that tells you you're too ugly to have wants and hopes and dreams? Iris Gifford knows what the world sees. And she knows what her unexpected encounter sees. But all that matters is what Iris sees when she looks in the mirror.  (This is the story of Skin Deep from...
Journey Book 2 - Elise's Journey by kwajeraspen 17 and older
Welcome to the city of Baltimore, Maryland and into the life of Elise Roberts. Elise lives the life of a pampered princess. Designer clothes, expensive cars and fancy parties are the center of her world. She is a woman who has everything she ever wanted until she meets Lukas Weiss. Faced for the first...
Beignet by Caterina Teen or Above
Sometimes hurting the person you love is easier than showing them love, especially when you're hurting inside. Saint-Luc and Naomi Adebayo-Roux aren't any different. This is their story.

Remembering Marley by JLeshay 17 and older
While investigating the murder of Marley Preston, Carl Townsend finds himself...

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