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How often do you fake it?

- Never. I always get there.
- Never. I always get there. 16%
- Never. I prefer not to lie.
- Never. I prefer not to lie. 27%
- Sometimes. If I know it's not going to happen organically.
- Sometimes. If I know it 47%
- Always. I don't want to hurt his ego.
- Always. I don 8%

Ki Fashions by Quania2004 17 and older
Serena Davis is a shy young lady that has had a crush on her boss Mr. Ki, king of jerks, for 2 years. Mr. Ki, in order to stay the head of his family company must marry. What happens when he suddenly asks her to marry him?
Happenstance by Realstone 17 and older
Two people meet, not an unusual story but...
Love in A Hopeless Place (Formerly Blu Moon) by Artamiss Caine Members ONLY: 17 and Older
"Give me your panties." What the hell was he thinking? "You do realize that I hate you right?" He shrugged his shoulders and I wanted to hit him. "I never said anything about making love...we're going to make intense hate." I threw my panties at his head....
Divided by The nihilst chick Teen or Above
A mute slave woman working in endless sugarcane fields. A vampire that tends to keep the fact that he drinks blood a secret. Henry and Lizette were two very unlike people in more ways than one, but when they meet by coincidence, will something spark between them? Can a vampire belong with a slave? BEWARE:...
What Is Love? by Miss_Carmel_smootee 17 and older
Alexander Riviera is Alpha of the Moon Pack, he was over three-hundred years old. As a favor for a friend Alexander Riviera makes a quick trip to America where he finds his mate,Savita Wallace. But Savita is not what he expected and he finds himself trying to protect her more from himself than his enemies.
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The Love Bug ( A Dean Winchester and Cassie Robinson Story) by Calliope Mature Content
This story takes place after the Winchester brothers stopped the trials to close the gates of Heaven and angels have fallen to earth. Unsure of what is to happen next they do as they have always done and search for supernatural crimes. Sam and Garth come across a heart attack victim with evidence of...
Blue Moon: Solana's Motherhood by Nsablo 17 and older
From the first part of the story, Solana found out that she is pregnant with Matthew's first child at such a young age. Now that this sequel starts off with Solana six months pregnant and preparing for the birth of her first pup.  With a pup on the way in a matter of 3 months, Matthew has to make...
Danger is her game by PassionFruit Mature Content
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxQtzGs6T60   This is the story of two people with major baggage. One is a psychopath/sociopath, the other the other doesn't know what they've got themselves into. Roxy, a young african american girl from Georgia, wants to move on from her fucked up past...
What Brings Us Together by ValleyofLight 17 and older
Mizuno Yui was a young energetic girl who grew up in a small town with the only family memeber she had ever known. Her life seemes to be a constant puzzle, as she pieces together all of the parts, trying to find a clear picture of what everything means, and of who she is. Nothing seems to add up just...
Consequence (Formerly Prowl) by Joelle Jax 17 and older
    In the wake of an ugly divorce, Natalia executes a scheme meant to move her beyond the hurt inflicted by her ex-husband, Richard.  The plan is to ease her suffering by increasing his, and her weapon, a younger man unwittingly drawn into the illicit plot.  In the quest for revenge...
Gen Two - The Twins by Calliope 17 and older
Six months after renewing his relationship with Cassie Robinson (now Tyler), Dean Winchester found himself confronted with more reality than he could handle. What he had proposed as a scheduled quickie between hunts had turned into I'll love you through anything. But Cassie didn't know the scope of...
Breakfast by SleepEasy All Ages
Always remember to count the little things as blessings. 
Out of Bounds by littlemisspurplewriter 17 and older
    Neymar Jr was used to getting everything he wanted and he had everything...except Jourdan Morris
Lovers' Dance by K Carr Mature Content
Madison DuMont, English by birth but raised in New York, has returned to England to pursue her dream of being a top ballerina with her best friend and fellow dancer, Dante Palmer. After encountering the same racial issues with being a black ballerina in a predominantly white field she experienced in...
As long as the music plays by PassionFruit 17 and older
Keny is the lead singer of Fear of Self, and she's in love with her long time friend, Kirk. She wants to tell Kirk everything. Every feeling she has for him, but she's afraid of heartbreak and rejection. As Fear of Self goes to tour, she's glad she left everything behind. Until they come back to their...

Plum Dumb Luck by Jamey_St_Peters Mature Content
What happens when you get a second chance at your biggest unrequited crush?...




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What southern-grown, rock star Rick Chamberland doesn't know about his family's dark past comes to light when he returns home to Louisiana at the request of his mother. Rick has spent the last fifteen years of his life dedicated to music, touring the world, completely oblivious to the secrets coded in his legacy. Meanwhile, Song Peters, a dutiful daughter taking care of a dying mother, dreams of the day she can break free of small town life and pursue her one true passion, singing. Rick meets Song and instantly sparks ignite. They make beautiful music together and soon find that they share similar upbringings. Rick comes to learn that their families are supernaturally intertwined and that the one denominator (a demon by the name Nova) connected to both families threatens to destroy them all if they do not obey.


Freakquency by Caddell Brown, formerly known as madame z, of The Chamber!




--Caddell Brown on 02/22/14 02:36 pm 3 Comments--



You knew this challenge was coming sooner or later...

 photo BeYonceChallenge_zpsc39db7ca.jpg





Beyonce killed us all dead to the bed when she dropped this masterpiece on us. She showed the world that even the Queen Bee loved getting on her knees. lol

This challenge is used any of the songs on her album to be the inspiration for your next story.

Make sure you let us know what song you used. And push the bar with this one. Don't be scared...


Respond to the challenge here

-- Elizablu on 02/02/14 06:45 pm 4 Comments--


All Caught Up!

Hey, Guys! Part 2 of Keda's story is now available in print and on Kindle under the title All Caught Up! and for those of you that missed the first part, Mistletoe Hell is available in both mediums as well. links below!


All Caught Up!


Buy All Caught Up by Intellectual Titmouse


--Intellectual Titmouse on 12/31/13 08:04 pm 4 Comments--



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