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- Never. I always get there.
- Never. I always get there. 16%
- Never. I prefer not to lie.
- Never. I prefer not to lie. 27%
- Sometimes. If I know it's not going to happen organically.
- Sometimes. If I know it 45%
- Always. I don't want to hurt his ego.
- Always. I don 10%

Simple Twist of Fate by KayLaShay 17 and older
  They both had their demons that were trying to deal with. A simple encounter would catapult their lives into a journey where they laughed together, cried together, and healed one another.
Bam-Bam by Chibi Diva 17 and older
Lisa Speed is Bam-Bam; the one who's a lot stronger than she looks, both physically and emotionally.  That strength tends to manifest itseelf as meanness, but Lisa feels very little motivation to be nice to people she doesn't love, and Lisa loves very few people.  In an effort to get one over...
200 DAYS by marchpisces92 17 and older
While returning home to Chicago from a business trip Anika Wallace and Hunter Sterling IV find themselves the only surviors of a plane crash on a South Pacific island. There's no telling when they'll make it back home or if they ever will make it back home for that matter. One thing is for sure they're...
Beautiful Stranger by theonlinestalker 17 and older
Isabelle Jones and Michael Sanders were best friends until one event broke them apart.  A secret is left unspoken and feelings are buried when the two venture on their seperate way.   5 years later the two of them meet again.   What happens when the past collides with the present. ...
Love, God & Negotiations by Joelle Jax Members ONLY: 17 and Older
Opposites attract.  With a few minutes of conversation and eyes like ether, all-the-way-white Brandon gave brother-biased Diya a lesson in the truth of that simple adage.  She and her tattooed, bearded, long-haired opposite are very attracted.  Now, with opposition on both sides and a...
Baby, It's Cold Outside by Missus James 17 and older
Heavily revised and reuploaded!The holidays are always a time that seems to bring the most unlikely people together. That is the case for Gabe and Charlie. Gabe is visiting his family for the holidays and Charlie is trying to find hers. A misunderstanding forces the two of them to stike a deal to pretend...
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Sass by Dion 17 and older
It's gonna be a bumpy road!
Simple Twist of Fate by KayLaShay 17 and older
  They both had their demons that were trying to deal with. A simple encounter would catapult their lives into a journey where they laughed together, cried together, and healed one another.
IZZY'S CRAYON BOX by marchpisces92 Members ONLY:Mature Content
Isabella "Izzy" Salvatore is just like any other first grader who likes to draw and color pictures and is living the happy carefree days of childhood. However some of Izzy's drawings are not so happy and carefree some are just really dark and twisted.
Unsealed by Aleta Teen or Above
Hey Chamber-mates! This is a epic journey tale in the vein of LOTR, with a multi-cultural cast written by TheUN_Life!  Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Remember this is a work in progress! Thanks!    
Romans by farawaychild 17 and older
She saw no other way out.
Losing grip by Beautifullybroken 17 and older
It's time to stop fighting and end it.
Can't pick your family by Hatty 17 and older
You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can't pick your family.  
Heartbeat by Bryleigh Lisette 17 and older
Some people have a type and for Alana Harrison she did and she succeeded falling in love with him. But love is so much more than a type. Love is how that one person can make your heart skip a beat with a simple look - not because they fit your look. So what happens when someone who is completely against...
Fries Before Guys: And Other Lies We Tell by god gave me style 17 and older
I'm just a regular, college girl trying to make it through life. He's the talk of the town, quickly rising to his predestined fame. I mean, he's hot, he's Irish, and he likes me; me! He's everything I think about, he's the strength when I'm weak, he's the air that I breathe. It's overwhelming but...
Across Borders by kwajeraspen 17 and older
        Simone Alexander was not adventurous by nature but she was a go-getter. When an unbelievable opportunity comes her way, she does not hesitate to seize it. Now, she finds herself half way around the world immersed in a culture completely different from her own. Here she...

Love in A Hopeless Place (Formerly Blu Moon) by Artamiss Caine Members ONLY: 17 and Older
"Give me your panties." What the hell was he thinking? "You do realize that...

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Hey everyone, thanks for your patience this last week, I know it hasn't been easy. We are functioning again, and hopefully will stay that way. This is a trial run to see if we have nailed all the issues, and so if it goes down again... will have to look deeper.


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We are still in the process of moving some stories, which will take a little time, but it is better than being offline for weeks more. I know this is not a perfect solution, and it is going to annoy many people, but it is our only real option if we want to stay online.

We hope that this time the fix holds, as last week was a series of things working and then going belly up again. It would be very helpful if people could report on Facebook if they are having any issues or things are working well.


Happy reading!

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Hey everyone, sorry about today, and denying you your fix of all the excellent writing here. We were down for a significant amount of time and it was because we got hit with a spam bomb, essentially crippling our database, causing it to drag so much that you were all experiencing the connection issues.

I have been working on it all day, and i think we are back in good shape, including a server move to ensure clean files.

Would appreciate people reporting if things are working/missing etc either in the shout or on the fb page. The more feedback we get, the more we can locate any further issues.

Thanks for your patience and for anybody who emailed me, if i didn't respond, the email accounts were affected too, although that all seems to be back on track now.


I certainly hope this is the end of the issues, this si certainly getting tiresome and exhausting and no fun for you either.

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