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Marino Family: Permanently Yours by Hopefulness23 17 and older
Working as a Home Health Aide and struggling to make ends meet. All Aries Washington wanted to do was prove the child she had three years ago, was in fact the son of Cameron Marino. She didn't have any delusions about them putting their differences aside and falling madly in love. Why would she?...
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"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see." ~~ John Burroughs

PART OF HER WORLD by marchpisces92 Mature Content
A quarantine romance

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Love and Football (An Interracial Love Story) by Naturallytenacious Mature Content
Get ready to dive into the captivating story of teenage couples as they navigate the treacherous waters of high school and strive to make their relationships last.    Maurice and Elisha have been inseparable since 10th grade, their love story a shining example of black love. However, behind...
Magic Man by SouthernSwampMamma 17 and older
Yolana Humphry spent her entire life stuck in Tapioca, Alabama, under the thumb of her controlling Aunt Freda. That is, until a stranger comes along and swoops her off her feet. A charming man, that everyone but herself seems to know; who easily bypasses her fragile walls and embeds himself in her...
HUMAN by BLUD CERULEAN 17 and older
Being His wife meant perfection. Being with Him made her feel Human. Even if there would be hearts broken and principles wronged, she needed to feel something. 
The Ones Who Love by Fik Freak 17 and older
Short story, with some minor head canon of what happens after Michonne and Rick return to Alexandria and reunite with their kids. Of course there will be the mature romance, love and angst I'm known for so I hope the Richonne fandom is ready for a quick return trip with me.
Angel? Or Devil? by keluboo 17 and older
Thea is the good girl with the squeaky clean reputation whom never even got her card pulled in Elementary school - a real test to how much she plays by the rules. However, when her path crosses with the golden boy Everett, Thea finds herself falling down a loophole of love and passion. Is he really what...
A Wrong Turn... by Blackmagic 17 and older
    Wallflower Abby Kensington is ready to start living her best life!  This road trip is the first of many exciting steps she is taking.  However, on her journey she meets a man who has a different plan in store for her...    
NO HIDING by marchpisces92 Mature Content
It's always hard to move on from tradgey but the one thing we can't do is hide forever.
RED CARPET BEAUTY by marchpisces92 17 and older
Melissa Jefferson never would have thought that she would ever see her famous friend again let alone be interviewing him for an upcoming movie. Chris Evans couldn't believe that he was being interviewed by his high school classmate and he wasn't ready to let her go just yet.    
GUITAR STRINGS AND HOCKEY SHIRTS by marchpisces92 Mature Content
Two plantoic friends find solace and comfort in each other for one weekend.

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THe Chamber is turning 16! What an amazing run this site has had. However, it is that time of the year again, which has rolled around. Hosting costs for the Chamber are due, and have increased dramitically since last year.

Unless we can raise $59 for domain registration (up from $53 last year) and
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$253 for the year

For the sake of economy, going to replace the chat box with the free in built shoutbox to help keep costs down, otherwise we need another $20 for the year.

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Jade Moon
06/17/24 04:09 pm
It's a exclusive website, created by Blessed Soul's mom. No name will be given. Contact one of the tribe.

Toni Sparks
06/16/24 12:09 pm
What is the name of the Tribe website?

06/13/24 11:08 am
ld-strike-jackpot-king: Una revisión científica de sus características y efectos en los jugadores

Jade Moon
06/12/24 12:31 pm
I challenge members and non members to donate $1 or more to this site, to help keep it running for years to come.

06/12/24 05:50 am
Good night. Grace and blessings to all. Does any one know ifJacci received enough funds to keep the site functional?

Jade Moon
06/11/24 05:28 pm
another things is that they have amazing stories, like this site. I read for hours.

Jade Moon
06/11/24 05:21 pm
Hopefully the members vote me in.

Jade Moon
06/11/24 05:20 pm
Yes, I made contact and got a 24 hour pass to see if I liked, I did. They are serious about their community.

Consuela Gomez
06/11/24 01:14 pm
@Jade Moon,Chica did you make contact?

Jade Moon
06/09/24 01:17 pm
Thanks. I see Inquiringminds email in the Vault, I will contact her.

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