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The Chamber is not ordinarily place for politics, have tried hard to keep neutral. With the current cluster**** that is going on, simply impossible. Not admin's job to force agendas... what do y'all think?

We should be openly opposing racism and Fascism any way we can
We should be openly opposing racism and Fascism any way we can 78%
Don't mind either way
Don 10%
the admin should just shut the hell up and leave us alone to write and read
the admin should just shut the hell up and leave us alone to write and read 10%

Bloody Wrists and Broken Hearts by shyangel 17 and older
  10 years went by in the blink of an eye. Now eveyone was gathered in a tiny town for there highschool reunion. Sparks will fly as old 'friends' meet again. Then enters two guys who have come with the intention of wooing the one girl they shouldnt have let go of in the first place. The only...
Lifetime by Uhura the 9th Teen or Above
  Another campy story on Spock and Uhura and how their relationship works. This story doesn't bash Christine. : ) Part 8 of Uhura's World Series.
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"If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud." ~~ Emile Zola

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Yeonwang by DarkandLovely Mature Content
She would always his Queen. In this life and in the next.         
Next Lifetime by KayLaShay 17 and older
After a life-changing accident Rainn was hungry for a fresh start in a new town, but he found something far better.
PART OF HER WORLD by marchpisces92 Mature Content
A quarantine romance
A Wrong Turn... by Blackmagic 17 and older
Wallflower Abby Kensington is ready to start living her best life!  This road trip is the first of many exciting steps she is taking.  However, on her journey she meets a man who has a different plan in store for her...
Lifetime by Uhura the 9th Teen or Above
  Another campy story on Spock and Uhura and how their relationship works. This story doesn't bash Christine. : ) Part 8 of Uhura's World Series.
The JOVAN Saga by magensby 17 and older
A Collection of One-Shots of our couple Evangeline and John.  From romance to comedy and all those in between.  Come along for the ride!
Lost Girl: The Transitional Years by virgofemme 17 and older
This story is a follow up to Lost Girl, so if you haven't read it yet, please do, as this is the sequl to that story. To those who have already read Lost Girl, yes, I know the title is unimaginative and sorta lame, but It's just a working title, so it won't be permament. :P To all of my readers who...
Winter's Inferno by PassionFruit 17 and older
  Morphine and Loki have separated, causing Morphine to live a quiet life on Alfheim with her mother. Feeling like she can finally move on from her estranged husband and go back to her regular life, she goes back to Midgard, only to find out that her friends have fallen out. And that she has...
Velvet Love by virgofemme 17 and older
Having further deepended their bond through marriage, Dane and Jeneda are now newlyweds in their home of San Francisco, and experiencing all of the dynamics that come along with it. The third book in the Velvet Series, this Asian Male/Black Woman romance is about tender love and deep commitment, with...
Unscripted by Missus James Mature Content
When a struggling plus-size actress gets a callback for a major supporting role in an indie film directed by a legendary filmmarker, she was absolutely ecstastic. Told that the lead will be acted by an A-lister, she didn't think it would be Nick Bryant until she arrived at her second audition. It's...

She and Giovanni by bbcorbin18 Teen or Above
It takes 129 days after Serena’s death for her to finally cry.

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thank you

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Have had a lot of emails recently about missing reviews. If you get a notification that a new review has come in and then it isn't there when you check, don't panic. It was a spam review and has been deleted.

In an effort to keep spam off the site, I try to delete the spam registrations and reviews as they come in. It is an ongoing battle and there is no real practical way to stop it except to disallow reviews completely.

You can set your stories to members only, but that will only slow it down, not actually stop it.

Every day i delete anywhere between 50 to 5000 or more reviews that are just rubbish trying to sell things.

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