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Marino Family: Permanently Yours by Hopefulness23 17 and older
Working as a Home Health Aide and struggling to make ends meet. All Aries Washington wanted to do was prove the child she had three years ago, was in fact the son of Cameron Marino. She didn't have any delusions about them putting their differences aside and falling madly in love. Why would she?...
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"How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!" ~~ Maya Angelou

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Magic Man by SouthernSwampMamma 17 and older
Yolana Humphry spent her entire life stuck in Tapioca, Alabama, under the thumb of her controlling Aunt Freda. That is, until a stranger comes along and swoops her off her feet. A charming man, that everyone but herself seems to know; who easily bypasses her fragile walls and embeds himself in her...
Twisted Love by Denise Law 17 and older
Twisted Love tells a story of how love can sometimes feel like hate. When Gage Wilcox met Whitney Spicer she looked lost, scared, and broken. He wanted to fix everything in her life, but when he learned the truth about what haunted her, he set off a chain reaction of events that put him in prison at...
Songs by magensby Most Ages
Songs in the lives of Evangeline and John
The Sisterhood by Uhura the 9th Mature Content
Summary: She has one goal: to find her destiny in this universe. Nyota has just gotten promoted, and she had to work hard for it.        
Iron & Lace by IPreferPatches 17 and older
Princess Seras of Arcadia was born a princess with the heart of a Prince. Raised to be as strong as iron and delicate as lace.  Words her mother demaned she live her life by, these words were at times her only comfort.  Now the princess will have to face her future and whatever that lies ahead...
Shadowmoon by keluboo 17 and older
Aurora has only known loss in her life, so when she stumbles upon her mate she has hope. Only, her mate Nolan is as viscious as he is relentless. She will not go down without a fight.
Dead End Friend by Outlawstar615 Mature Content
 Banner by Cynn333 "I follow the road at night, just hoping to find which puzzle piece fell out of me. I know who you are, open the door & come in. Hold me real close, then do it again, I ache for the touch of my dead end friend."Hate. It's strong enough to burn us and...
Once In A Lifetime by Miss_Carmel_smootee 17 and older
       Life as you know it can change in an instant. Every touch, every kiss, and every embrace. How do you cope when the memories fade, but the faces remain the same? Ayana has been married to her husband Jason for four years, it was love at first sight, literally. Everything isn't...
Esme by IPreferPatches 17 and older
My name is Esme and I want to tell my story.
UnRequited by midnightlove 17 and older
“A mighty pain to love it is,And 'tis a pain that pain to miss;But of all pains, the greatest painIt is to love, but love in vain.”

Three Simple Rules by LadySade Members ONLY: 17 and Older
Never choose a model on a whimNever work with the same model more than onceNever...

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