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Lynn Mcknenna is a woman who is carrying a traumatic past. Behind her warm brown eyes there is sadness, rooted to memories that are locked deep inside her. At the age of six she became an orphan, and at the age of fourteen she was raped. She never sleeps with the light off, and since taking a vow of celibacy her dating life has been non-existent. Some would call her damaged, but Takoda Nevaquaya sees something else.

A Choctaw man born and raised in Oklahoma, Takoda is wounded too. Found dead at a truck stop near his reservation in Oklahoma, his twin sister had been brutally murdered. With the case left unsolved for two years and no justice done on her behalf, the pain of loss is something he knows well. And just like Lynn, he also knows what it's like to keep secrets locked inside him.

Having lived a seedy past he would rather keep hidden, Takoda worries that Lynn will reject him. But just like Takoda, Lynn worries as well, as events in her past have left her with feelings of unworthiness. Yet beyond their traumatic pasts there is more, and as the two forge a bond passion and tenderness emerge, which weaves into a love that is most unexpected. 


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Published: February 28 2024
Updated: February 28 2024

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