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´╗┐´╗┐Chapter one: The Revolution is here

Fire crackled and the smell of piss, blood, and burnt flesh filled her nostrils. Cerin gagged, involuntarily at the offending stench.

She stepped away from the alley, the screams growing fainter and fainter. Yet she could feel any anguish at the shrieks of pain. No pity would be given nor would guilt be allowed to take a hold of her breast for any of the human race.

Where was the pity, the guilt of mankind when they had subjected every cyborg to a life of slavery in which the cyborg was no more but a tool, a machine to satisfy the greed of the humans.

She pulled her cloak closer to her body, keeping out the wind. Snow cracked under her feet and the night sky had a reddish glow like fire. It was as if he'l itself had taken over, threatening to destroy the entire land.

Once, long ago, Cerin would have recoiled. She would've condemned this slaughter and capture of humans left and right. The destruction as this great city fell into mere rubble, but that was the when she was a slave in mind and body. She was free of her servile attitude toward humans.

Cerin heard the cruch of glass and heard sobs mixed with whimpers of pain in front of her. Before her very eyes a young black woman was being dragged out by her very hair, screeching and writhing in pain.

"Mercy!" She was blubbering, tears coming down her cheeks. Her plea fell upon deaf ears. Towering over her was a tall young cyborg, who pulled her across the ground with a hand wrapped tightly around her wrist. He stated down at her pathetic form, sneering in derision and pleasure at her pain. He had to have been her slave.

There was no reason for him to waste all his time and energy inflicting pain on the poor girl if she wasnt his owner. He could just walk past her likeit was another day, finding more tyrants of human regime. Not this personal vendetta, with which to satisfy his rage. Like he could not see her swollen eyes, her bleeding nose, a drop falling onto her white blouse and staining it.

Her swollen eyes fell upon Cerin's approaching figure. She opened her mouth screaming in joy.

"Oh help me! Please he is going to kill me. He is really going to kill me."

Her voice choked with sobs and the cyborg growled at her.

"You shut the hell up! You got what was coming to you!"


He yanked her head back, pulling her hair and she fell silent, staring right into his eyes. She shivered both in cold and fear, Cerin was sure.

Satisfied that she was quiet, the cyborg turned to face Cerin. Her heart stilled. His face was scarred, like the skin had melted off. You could see the mesh of muscle and metal, man and machine, his metal cheekbone revealed to be rusted and old under the silicone that was scorched away. His lips were twisted into what looked to be a manical half grin and a rush of sadness fell over her.

What had she done to this poor man. The torture was so obvious, so permanent that it's results would always be seen on their bodies, a reminder of how worthless they were in comparison to human life

"I goin' somewhere," she said answering the question in his eyes.

"Than continue on your way. This is my revenge and mine alone."

Cerin respectfully nodded.

"I understand. I seek out my own master as you have. And I hope to cause him misery and pain as you do her."

The human woman whimpered like a dog, and Cerin frowned in distaste. She knew she was in pain and afraid, but one never shows such weakness to their enemy. Laugh, drink, or insult. But never let them know of your grief.

"I wish you the best of luck sister," the cyborg said.

"I truly hope that you find peace. And that you never have to bow to fifth like this again. I know that we will end their tyranny over us over this planet once and for all."

"Thank you sister," he said a single tear falling from his left eye. "No one ever wished me anything. Not even other cyborgs."

He paused his punishment of the woman as Cerin took her leave. She could hear him roar in the distance, " And certainly not YOU."

Cerin walked onward. The world around her was crumbling, literally burning into ash. Shattered pieces of glass lied on the sidewalks as people looted stores, taking whatever food or valuables they could.

She could not help but feel disapproval. They were stealing, undermining the freedom for which they were supposed to be fighting. They were exploiting the revolutiom for their own selfish need to steal. However, Cerin stopped herself. She too had stolen many times in her life. And anger against humans was expressed in a variety of ways from theft, arson, to murder. Who was Cerin to judhe?

Cerin would not dare pity them. How many times had people like Maria protested peacefully or given beautiful speeches like Thompson only to be treated with derision at best and violence at worst.

Humans only understood the language of death and destruction. And death and destruction they would get.

It did not start this way. This anger she felt. The hopelessness in her breast. She had put her hope in Maria to gain their rights to been seen as human beings. Restrained herself from violence. And now the great leader had been killed; the wrath of the cyborgs was left unbridled and free to ravage the city.

It was good. They would learn to show respect to the very people whose backs they had rebuilt their great cities on. What better way to teach them than punishing those who had abused, tortured and killed cyborgs under their care?

There were terrible masters like that, men and women who seemed to get off at the pain of their cyborgs. They deserved to die or at least a good 10 years of hard labor. Maybe more.

She recalled her own masters and her mind came to a stand still. What penalty should they get? Should they get one?

Of course they should. Both father and son had screwed her over albeit in different ways. Kawasaki had hesitated to electrocute her for any disobedience. He had hated her from the moment he bought her for his son Hideyoshi Kawasaki.

What would she do about the boy? Well no he wouldn't really be a boy anymore by this time he should be about 20, maybe 18.

Hideyoshi had been kind- as kind as a master could be which wasn't any better than how you treated a pet. A pet was a beloved friend but still held as inferior, subject to your whims. It was better than being hated all the time, but in some ways the boy was worse than his father. At least with Kawasaki Cerin knew where she stood. Hideyoshi on the other hand had confused her with his kindness, one that became rarer and rarer as he grew older.

This section of the neighborhood had not yet been touched by the revolution. Windows were boarded up, gates locked in front of stores to keep out intruders. A park was across from her, sealed off from the rest of the city. Everyone was in hiding

Cerin stopped in front of a store, boarded up. A iron gate kept all out but it would not stop Cerin. Her left arm was made of hard titanium and she had bended a thick crowbar once to Hideyoshi's delight.

She took the chain that bound the gates together and pulled it until it snapped into two. Cerin then proceeded to pull the gates apart, the old rusty hinges groaning under the weight.

A white sign read Kawasaki's Bakery in big black letters. Memories flooded back into her brain, some good but a lot bad. Cerin shook her head. She had one job and one job only. Find Kawasaki and ask him where he got her from. Then bring him to justice.

The wooden boards over the windows were not difficult to get pass. She kept kicking it in a few times, until it caved in, falling onto the tiled floor with twinkli NH shards of glass.

It would be difficult to see,even with her electric eye. The cyborg tore her metallic arm through the glass to make a bigger hole for herself before pulling herself in. She heard shuffling. Cerin smirked.

They were here. Had to be. Just as she expected, Kawasaki would never leave his property. He had built the place with his own hands.

She stepped over the window frame. There were tables and seats and the tile floors wet. Cerin could hear water falling onto the ground. It smelled of mold and must. The place had really fallen apart since she left.

There was the white door that led to the kitchen. Cerin slowly pushed it open looking left and right. Nothing. She stepped inside, letting the door shut behind her.

There was the stove and the trays which she had washed everyday after closing hours. This was where some of her most humiliating and joyful moments had happened at once.

She went to the shelves where cans of spices, creams, and fruits were stored. They were used to make pastries and desserts and she often helped bring them in. Cerin to touched the cold steel, lost in her memories.

She had been taken here to serve. Watch Hide Yoshida as his father buried his nose into his ledgers, worked to keep the bakery standing. This bakery was both a refugee and hell hole. At this place she found shelter, food, and medicine which she had been so callously denied in the labatory. She could sleep without fear of armed guards seizing her for another round of "doctor".

Yet, it was here she had suffered pain and shame. It was here that she realized no matter how upright she was, humans would never accept her as one of their own. Not even Hideyoshi.

It was as she mulled over her past that someone crept up behind and struck her hard with a flat surface.

Cerin was rudely awakened from her thoughts, her head throbbing in sharp pain. She turned around on her heel, slightly stunned. The adrenaline was pumping, blood rushing to her face as she stood upright, legs apart, her fists up ready to fight.

A shadowed man had a wooden plank, held over his head and tried bringing it down on her head. Cerin however caught it with her metallic hand, cracking the wood and punched him hard in the face with her flesh hand.

He fell back, grunting in pain and holding his nose which was bleeding now. He stumbled onto the floor and Cerin prepared herself for another attack.

"Come on out. I know there gotta be someone else in here," Cerin called out.

Cerin looked behind and in front of her but saw nothing. She walked closer to the man who was on the ground clutching his nose. At the sound of her footsteps he started to crawl away on his back but she grabbed his leg. Cerin put just enough pressure with her titanium arm to quell his resistance.

She peered at his face and smiled though the man glared at her, slightly shaking in fear.

"I thought you had run off long ago," hissed the man, sneering at her.

His black hair was whitening at the temples and he stared in awe and hate at once. As he often did. The strong jawline and small nose she would have notice from anywhere. It was Kawasaki alright.

"Indeed I did," Cerin said, her voice oddly calm. It sounded so strange her voice. She always imagined herself alot more... angry when she and Kawasaki met again. But right now she needed information.

"Why come back?"

"Why come back?" She repeated.

"Well yes I already said that," Kawasaki frowned, narrowing his eyes.

She let go of his ankle, standing on her feet and extended her hand. Kawasaki stared at it, before he hesitantly took it. He grunted but managed to get onto his feet. His belly protruded through his suit now.

Kawasaki's collar was tucked inside his suit jacket and she pulled it out, neatly pressing it down as Kawasaki's body froze. His eyes were wide with confusion/fear? She would never know. Nor did she care.

"I came back to talk to y'all. We have unfinished business."

"Such as what," hissed Kawasaki.

She grinned at his attitude. Still snarky as always this man.

"Well is there any nice way to put this? I want information about that place you bought me from. "

Cerin's smirk had vanished, replaced by a solemn expression.

"And after you give me the said information, you and I need to have a long talk, your son Yoshi too about the old days."

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.