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Reid Stone was certainly impressed. In less than ten minutes Wilhelmina Porter explained to him the parallel similarities between Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ.

"We'll be sharing our answers in a few minutes that way I'll have time to assign the midterm assignment" the professor announced

"Mina why don't you share the answer?"

Just like that Reid watched Wilhelmina's face fall a little and she shook her head no

"No that's okay" she insisted

"Mina you came up with the answer though" Reid said knowing full well why she didn't want to share her answer "you'll be fine"

Reid watched Wilhelmina bit her lower lip and shake her head again he really felt sorry for her. Wilhelmina was one of his best friends from church back home growing up together; Reid knew that she had Tourette syndrome.

She was one of the sweetest and kindest person someone could meet and very smart too; it was just that she suffered from that disorder.

None of the members of their church or youth group looked down on her for it but Reid knew that Wilhelmina probably got teased for it at school. Since they didn't go to the same schools Reid up until now in college he couldn't say for sure how her peers treated her but it was clear that she was seen as different.

It also didn't help that as a young black woman Wilhelmina had a condition that was mostly common in white people; white males in particular. 

College was a time for not only a young person to grow academically but to find one's self and become comfortable in their own skin. That didn't seem to be the case for twenty-year-old Wilhelmina she was still insecure about her Tourette's as an adult as well.

"Mr. Stone are you and Miss Porter ready to present your answers?" the professor asked

Reid looked over at Wilhelmina one more time and sighed, "Yes we're ready"


Class was dismissed after the professor assigned the midterm assignment. It was three in the afternoon and Reid had football practice in another hour but he wanted a word with Wilhelmina first.

"Thanksgiving break is next week" he said, "do you have a ride home?"

"Yes" Wilhelmina replied "I'm g-g-getting a ride with Katrina"

Reid nodded. They were in their junior year now so he was glad that she was making more friends outside of their home church group even if it was just the campus church group.

Both freshman and sophomore year Reid had given Wilhelmina rides home during their breaks; since she didn't have a car and neither did her parents. Reid was the one who taught Wilhelmina how to drive but she was still saving up for her own car.

"Reid I'm s-s-sorry about that" she stuttered and her mouth twitched a little it was one of the many symptoms of her Tourette's

"It's fine" he insisted "but Mina you can speak up for yourself I know you can"

"I know it's j-j-just I don't w-w-want people to think I'm weird"

"Mina you're not weird you know that"

"I know," she said feeling a bit defeated "I'm s-s-supposed to meet Katrina and Lizzie for c-c-choir practice"

"Well I know you're looking forward to that," Reid said since she was a member of the church choir back home too

"Yes" she smiled "I'm doing a s-s-solo on Sunday and I'm h-h-hoping I don't stutter"

"Well that's what practice is for you'll be fine"

"Yeah I should um get going" she said, "thank you again"

"No problem Mina"


Reid made his way onto the field as the rest of the team waited for their coach to show up for practice. It was only the fall semester and it looked like the Bloomsburg University Huskies were having a good season so far.

With there being so many juniors and seniors on the team they were certainly trying their best to brush up on any skills to showcase for any NFL recruiters. 

Practice hadn't technically started yet what had started was his best friend Blake McCarthy going on about one of his many tall tales to the team.

"So Blake what are you planning on doing for the big 21?" teammate Harvey Welch asked

"Oh dude you already know" Blake smirked "it's the Friday before we leave for Thanksgiving break there's going to be a ton of booze and all the pretty ladies on campus are invited of course"

"What about Mina Porter?" Scott Wheeler asked and Reid's ears perked up at that.

Blake's nose wrinkled in disgust and a mask of annoyance covered his face "What about her?"

"Don't play dumb McCarthy" Allen Houston pointed out "you know she has a big crush on you"

It was true although Reid honestly didn't understand why or how but Wilhelmina really did like Blake. Whenever Blake was mentioned or she was around him Wilhelmina would get gitty and smile a lot. 

Although Blake was his best friend and almost like a brother to him Reid knew that Wilhelmina wasn't his type and he definitely wasn't the guy Reid would imagine her going for.

It was a typical good girl falls for bad boy situation. In which Wilhelmina only viewed Blake through rose tinted glasses.

"Hell no" Blake replied "dude I said pretty ladies not ones that can't even finish a sentence without stuttering or going like this"

Some of the teammates chuckled as Blake imitated some of Wilhelmina's twitching

Reid was disgusted if only Wilhelmina knew the truth he didn't have the heart to tell her otherwise not when she thought that Blake was the moon and stars.

"Very funny Blake" he said as he made his way over to the rest of his team

"Oh c'mon Reid you know I'm just joking about your friend" Blake chuckled "she is a little bit special"

"Mina has Tourette's" Reid said simply "you know that"

"Whatever" Blake brushed it off "enough about her you're coming to my 21st birthday jam right?"

"Yeah I'll be there" Reid said he was already twenty-one since he was three months older "somebody has to be there to make sure you don't do something stupid"

"Dude I'm going all out are you kidding me?" Blake exclaimed, "besides it will be the start of Thanksgiving break"

"Yeah I guess I can give you brownie points for not having your party during the school week"

"That's what I'm talking about man!" Blake laughed patting Reid's shoulder


Everybody on Bloomsburg campus heard about Blake's party and it was on the Friday before most of the students made their way home. It was the topic of discussion as choir practice at the campus chapel ended.

It turned out that Katrina Matthews had to leave a bit earlier in the week as opposed to that Friday. However Wilhelmina didn't want to miss any classes even if Thanksgiving break was coming up and opted to leave on Friday.

"Mina why don't you go to Blake's party?" Lizzie Thompson suggested and Katrina piped in "Yeah I'm sure it will be fun"

"Oh no I can't" Wilhelmina blushed

"C'mon don't let your crush on the birthday boy hold you back"

"I d-d-don't think Blake l-l-likes me" Wilhelmina said "even though I like h-h-him"

"I can go with you if you're scared" Lizzie volunteered

"No that okay" Wilhelmina said, "I'm j-j-just going to go home"

"Will Reid give you a ride home instead then?" Katrina asked "I'm sure he will he's done so in the past"

Wilhelmina hadn't even thought about that. As nice as Reid was she sometimes felt like a burden to him and even though she knew Reid would be willing to give her ride back to their hometown it felt selfish.

Blake and Reid were best friends and Wilhelmina was sure that Reid wanted to go to his party. She couldn't just ask Reid to just drop his plans to drive her three hours back home that Friday it wasn't fair to him. If only she had her own car.

"Reid p-p-probably wants to go to the party"

"True" Katrina said "but I know Reid and he's always there for you Mina he'd take you home in a heartbeat"

"I'm just going to w-w-wait until Monday" Wilhelmina said "that's t-t-technically the last day of classes anyway"

"Oh Mina" Lizzie smiled "at least let Reid take you home Saturday or Sunday you don't want to be the only one in class do you?"

"I'm f-f-fine with that"

"Ask him I'm sure it will be okay"


Reid was making his way to practice Wednesday afternoon when he noticed Wilhelmina making her way to the campus library to do some studying. Which confused him because he thought she was going home with Katrina.

"Hey Mina"

"Hi Reid"

"What happened I thought you were going home with Katrina?"

"Katrina's father is about have s-s-surgery so she w-w-wanted to home for h-h-him" Wilhelmina explained "she wants to h-h-help her mother"

"So I guess that means you still need a ride"

"Yes" she replied, "I'm s-s-sorry Reid"

"That's okay" Reid said, "are your folks still expecting you home by Friday?"

"Yes but I c-c-can tell them I'll c-c-come home on Monday"

"Why do you say that?"

"I know you w-w-want to go t-t-to Blake's party"

She was right. Anybody who was anybody would be at the frat house that Friday celebrating Blake McCarthy finally being legally old enough to consume all the alcohol he wanted that he had been for the past three years anyway.

However at the same time Reid knew that Blake had invited Wilhelmina and she would be one of the few people stuck alone in her dorm missing out on all the festivities simply because he didn't like her and thought she was weird.

Reid didn't want Wilhelmina lonely on Friday night when she could be back home with her parents and their church group; the people who loved and cared for her.

"Mina do you want to go home Friday?"

"I c-c-can wait until Monday"

"That's not what I asked you," he said being patient with her "do you want to go home Friday?"

"But w-w-what about the p-p-party?"

What about the party? Blake's party honestly wouldn't be that much different from past frat parties that they had. And it wasn't like Reid couldn't go out to the bar with Blake for a few drinks during the break they could do that.

"We can leave at three in the afternoon" Reid said "that way it will still be light out and the road won't be too crowded and it won't be late when we get home"

"Are you s-s-sure?"

"I'll be outside Whitman Residence Hall at three on Friday" he said



"Blake calm down" Reid said though he wasn't surprised that his friend would be disappointed he didn't think he'd be this upset.

"We're supposed to be bros!" Blake went on to say "and you're not even coming to my 21st birthday party!"

"Blake I just said we can hang sometime next week"

"Why?!?" he snapped back "so you give that retarded bitch a ride---"

"Don't you dare call Mina that" Reid cut off in a calm and firm tone "are you really this upset over this Blake it's not like I'm deliberately not coming Mina needs me"

"She always needs you!" Blake spat back "what is she a baby!?! I mean if you're not fucking her what the point of running to her every beck and call!"

"She's my friend!" Reid said "that's what friends do Blake they help each other"

"Some friend you are" Blake snorted "it's like this all the time with that girl!"

"You know Mina really likes you" Reid said "although I don't know why or how but she does"

"I don't like her" Blake snarled "sorry but I have standards for the girls I go after and they actually know how to talk and don't twitch all the time"

"Have fun driving home Miss Crazy I'll be partying with my real friends"


Everyone could sense the tension between Reid and Blake both on the football field and off. The two of them were the most popular and skilled players on the Huskies team so they were the entire buzz around campus. 

The word around campus was Blake was pissed at Reid for turning down his party to carpool Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmina heard this and felt responsible for this predicament she knew it was selfish to ask Reid to go out of his way for her. Reid had a thicker skin than she did because everyone talking about the issue didn't get to him; he still insisted on taking her home on Friday.

Did she ruin their friendship? This was all her fault but she knew and she wanted to make things right. Speak up for herself it's what Reid was always encouraging her to do and in order to fix this problem it was what she was going to do.

Wilhelmina knew she'd have to speak to Blake about this but she just hoped that she wouldn't stutter or twitch too much but her Tourettes was always severe whenever she was nervous or scared.

The minute she saw Blake out on the football field doing some laps around the track her heart skipped. She could do this and tried to remind herself that even though Blake was her crush he was still just simply another person and nothing more than that.

Blake caught her eye threw her a flashy grin "Well if isn't Miss Mina Porter"

"Hi Blake"

"And what can I do for you Miss Porter?"

Wilhelmina was confused because surly Blake wasn't flirting with her. Sure she had always dreamed about it but she didn't think it would actually happen.

"I was wondering if we could---" Wilhelmina bit her tongue when she felt a stutter coming on for the word talk; she was doing good so far and didn't want to mess things up.

"Wondering if we can what Mina?" Blake raised his eyebrows

"Talk" Wilhelmina replied as best as she could "I was wondering if we could talk for a minute"

"Oh I've got plenty of time to talk with you Mina"

Wilhelmina felt all tingly and giddy inside as Blake smiled at her again "Come on walk with me what do you want to talk about?"

"It's about Reid"

Blake was pretty amused right now listening to Wilhelmina explain how she felt bad about him being pissed with Reid when she knew that she was the reason for it. 

Jealously and envy rose up in Blake just listening to her talk made him even more annoyed that Reid stood up for her; as opposed to being his bro.

Now this stuttering bitch had the nerve to ask him to just take everything back and let his trader so called friend back to his party. What did Reid see in her anyway?

"...Anyway I know that you and Reid are b-b-best f-f-friends" Wilhelmina went on to say nervous now since she started stuttering "I don't w-w-want to get b-b-between you two"

"Funny" Blake replied "I'm afraid you are between us Mina and usually Reid takes your side so there isn't any surprise in that"

"I j-j-just want you to forgive Reid"

"Oh I'll forgive him alright" Blake replied "but it's also my birthday and I want something more"

"Oh" Wilhelmina said confused and a little surprised by his response

The two of them had stopped walking and now found themselves in front of the entrance to the locker room.

"I know you like me Mina"

"You do?"

"Everybody knows" Blake went on to say "you wear your heart on your shoulder practically and I can see it now"

Wilhelmina blushed now but she couldn't deny what Blake just said either and her heart skipped in Blake moved in closer to her

"It's my birthday Mina," he whispered "don't you want to make me happy?"

"I d-d-don't know what you mean" she said "I t-t-thought Reid c-c-coming to the p-p-party would make you happy"

"It will" Blake said as he cornered her into the wall "but don't you feel like you owe me something Mina? I feel that you do and it will work out just fine since you like me"

"What?" Wilhelmina now trembled as she watched Blake place both of his hands on the wall behind her

"Oh Mina I know you're not that naïve" Blake chuckled "I know you've probably thought of me fucking you before all shy girls like you have dirty thoughts"

"I think s-s-should g-g-go now" Wilhelmina stuttered nervous now as she began to twitch

"Don't be nervous" Blake said pinning his erection on her thighs "I'll be gentle Mina just like I am in your daydreams right?"

"Blake I d-d-don't want this" Wilhelmina said trying to make herself sound big when she only felt her voice being small.

"Of course you do Mina" Blake said wrapping his arms around her as he began to grope her inappropriately "I'll be so good you'll come back for more"

"NO!" Wilhelmina cried out now trying to wiggle free of Blake's grasp "L-L-LET ME G-G-GO BLAKE!"

"C'mon Mina don't fight it" Blake whispered in her ear as he began to drag her into the locker room "I know you want it"


Blake saw how much Wilhelmina was jerking and twitching about a clear sign from her Tourette's and the fact that she was scared. He knew that but still was going to get his just desserts. He was going to show her how he felt about constantly being shoved aside for her benefits.

Wilhelmina owed Blake and she was going to give him what he wanted. Blake continued to pull Wilhelmina into the locker room with him and locked the door behind them.





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