Opposites Attract by TheSouthernScribe


If you can hear Paula Abdul's 90s hit playing in your head then you understand exactly what this challenge is about. Your mission - should you choose to accept it- is to chronicle, showcase, highlight the love affair or hate to love evolution of one couple. It can be fanfiction, existing original characters, or a new pair sparked by the concept of this challenge. Dark and dramatic pieces are welcome. Fluff and cuteness beyond belief is also accepted.

Put your fingers to the keyboard and let the fun begin.

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Jane Flowers loved her accounting job at the prestigious firm of Greene and Associates. She had a specific plan on how her life would evolve, and it did not include the loud and bold cowboy millionaire Carter Thorne.

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Challenges: Opposites Attract
Series: The only thing that matters
Chapters: 10
Word count: 45166
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Published: March 20 2012
Updated: April 07 2016

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