Title: Chapter 1

She's ready😀

Author's Response:

Blessed Soul thnx for the review.  Our young lady has been through the wringer but she's attuned enough to know that there were some things for which she should atone.  It's take a strong person to realize such and take action to make amends.  So many times we go through life and cause hurt but think that time will wash away the pain.  A simply apology goes a long way to heal the hurt.  It may not have been intentional hurt but it was hurt nonetheless.  Even if years have passed and that person you hurt is no longer around still whisper that apology and you will be surprised the effect it will have on you.

Teach our young the power of a 'genuine' apology.  "I'm sorry" goes a long way.  Didn't mean to get on my soap box but this story just shows what a strong young woman our Evangeline is and if you noticed, John gave his own apology so yes, just maybe Evangeline might be ready to try anew. 

Reviewer: Blessed Soul Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 19 2020 01:28 pm

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