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Spock discovers Valentines Day.

Rated: All Ages
Categories: Primetime Television
Characters: Nyota Uhura (Television)
Classification: Alternate Universe
Genre: Family
Story Status: None
Pairings: Uhura/Spock
Warnings: Fluff
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1737 Read: 3177
Published: 11/02/11 Updated: 11/02/11
Story Notes:

I wrote this story quickly in response to a Valentine's Day prompt at Spock_Uhura. It is inspired by this Target commercial posted by [info]misadventureladIt is short, written quickly and fluffy. Lost in Translation is also inspired by my story The First Taste where Grandma Alease is introduced. Having read that story will help you inderstand this one. I know the timing is off, as Uhura is younger than Spock, but for the sake of the story, just ignore that fact.

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