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"Thank you."

Damon mouthed the words as he patted out the remnant of flames tickling his ice cold skin.

"I didn't do it for you."

Emotionally spent he turned to face his visitor, "Save it blondie, don't give me that self righteous bull shit about only being concerned about your friend." He contemplated moving towards the bar, but the wounds on his heart were too raw and liquor wasn't the cure.

"That's just it, I can't save it, you're bad, and at the end of the day you don't love anyone but Damon." Caroline felt bolder, stronger, encouraged by the weakness the older vamp before her displayed, "Bonnie is my best friend and I'm..."

"You're a jealous, self - absorbed, twit who thinks that only you and Elena are worthy of her time." Returning to form, Damon continued, "It pisses you off, that I know Bonnie better than either of you ever could; that she chose to spend her time with me and ignored all your stupid crying over Tyler and Matt and Elena's moaning and groaning over how hard it is to be beautiful."

"Wrong again fang boy," Caroline countered every argument he made, "You didn't even know her middle name. You can't even keep your fangs out of a stranger's veins long enough to win her heart. You are a scared little daddy's boy, who would rather chase a bitch for what," She shrugged and threw her hands in the air, "two hundred years instead of telling someone whose there for you how you really feel."

She poked him in the center of his chest for emphasis and he quickly grabbed her finger. He twisted the digit to the side, relishing in the sound of her bone fracturing.

"Don't pretend to know how I feel, little Miss Mystic Falls. You...don'"

Damon accentuated every word of his ending statement before releasing Caroline. He ignored the shock on her face and finally dragged his frame to the bar and struggled with the topper of the decanter.

"Oh my..." He didn't have to turn to know her finger was pointed in his direction and her eyes were filled with mischief, "you do..."

Caroline's voice was a whisper overshadowed by the roar of Damon's tenor as he silenced her further musings.


He screamed and any attempts by the baby vamp to understand his logic ceased.

It was a well choreographed plan, the timing of his recent feeding aligned with Bonnie's visit to Caroline. It didn't take much to convince his accomplice to share a few words of wisdom with her friend and encourage the relationship the Gilbert busy body. The cheer captain had willingly supported his plan, thinking that she was on the side of true love, when really she just helped break her friend's heart.

He felt like an idiot, declaring his love to Jeremy, challenging him for Bonnie, and then turning into the chicken shit punk he was.

Caroline's heels scratched the wood floors as she made her way to the bar, "One more thing before I leave, Bonnie would have given Jeremy up for you."

She was gone in the blink of an eye.

The irritating little vamp's words were true. Damon had seen it that night in Bonnie's face as she studied him and searched for an explanation for his recent actions. He had fully intended to have the difficult conversation with her, confess how he felt while he waited for her timely rejection. Then he noticed everything he wanted in her eyes, compassion, understanding, and something neither she nor he was ready to admit.


Bonnie filled Jeremy's arms and he shivered as her body shook with the tears she cried. She reeked of Salvatore and he was sure the sadistic vampire was the root of her pain. Damon's declaration had scared him only for a second, until he remembered, if anyone could, break, destroy, annihilate anything good, then Salvatore was the man. He'd finished his pool game and passed the rest of his day in preparation for this evening. His passive aggressive nature had worked until this point, so he would continue to be the patient, kind, and understanding boyfriend.

Jeremy waited most of the night for Bonnie, ready to tell about his uncle's return and the truth he brought about the Originals and the Martins involvement in Elijah's diabolical master plan. Bonnie's lack of composure silenced Jeremy's tongue and his only concern was the girl who sobbed in his arms.

"What's wrong?" He whispered as he stroked her hair. Another tremor ran through her, "Hey...hey...hey..."

He pulled back from their haphazard embrace and studied her face. He'd stood by for weeks, semi - confident that whatever she felt for the vampire would pass - the attraction, the connection, but it had grown. Damon's little pledge of allegiance had done little to quell his misgivings but patience was a virtue he knew well, even if he employed reckless abandonment when the anxiety of the love game wrecked havoc on his nerves.

"I'm sorry..." She managed between muddled sobs, as she wiped at the tears falling from her eyes with the back of her hand, "I'm so sorry."

His heart tumbled; this was it, the end. He was frozen, a pillar of stone as he watched her struggle with the emotions that bubbled just below the surface. How was he going to recover from heartbreak again? It was easy with Vicki...Anna...they were gone. He didn't have to see them daily, but with Bonnie, the sting - that burn would run much deeper.

His mind continued to race even as she stepped closer. Her lips were soft and tender when they met his.

Maybe it wasn't...

Bonnie molded her body to his, threading her fingers through the hair on the nape of his neck. He didn't want her...their first intimate moment to be like this. He fought with his body and separated himself from her warmth.

"Tell me what happened?"

Jeremy led her to the steps and guided her tiny frame to his lap. He listened as she recounted the argument. He wanted to listen, but his fears and concerns wouldn't let him stay silent.

"Do you love him?"

He tried to hide the insecurity in his tone, even when she answered, "I don't know."

His body tensed.

"Don't do that."

Her words soothed as her breath danced along the curve of his jaw. He was tired of fighting this battle. The back and forth, the endless waiting for her to leave upon deciding that the other man in her world was what she wanted.

His eyes lowered under the weight of her affection. More kisses graced his cheeks, the slope of his neck, and he couldn't resist her.

Bonnie slipped from Jeremy's lap and offered him her hand, "Come inside."


The sound of Jeremy's soft snores woke Bonnie from her sleep. She extricated her body from his arms. Things had not gone farther than tears, kisses, and brutal honesty. She stared at him, the peace that registered on his face in sleep, and the way his left arm pressed lightly against her thigh. Every time she moved, his fingers reached for her. Even in sleep he was centered on her, focused on her safety and happiness. He was comfort, warmth, and everything she needed. She felt protected, valued, and cherished when she was with him.

Bonnie told Jeremy all of that before she admitted that she worried that in the end it just wouldn't be enough. He'd taken it in stride.

"Give me a chance."

What did she have to lose, Damon had given up on who he'd become. It was time to let go of the silly crush. Sanity was worth more than intensity any day. She'd say that until she believed the words wholeheartedly.

Bonnie's eyes drifted to Jeremy and wave of nausea washed over her. She pressed her fingers into her temples, willing away the tension that had settled there. Her hand drifted to her stomach and she pushed the thoughts urging her to vomit to the back of her mind.

She jumped from the bed and dashed towards her bathroom.

That was when she saw him, perched outside of her window - watching...waiting.

His face mirrored how she felt.

Her steps faltered as she pushed the sheer material from the window in an effort to see him clearly.

She blinked and he disappeared, all before a breath could escape her lips.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.