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Such a little gift brought me to my knees, broke my heart, and allowed my spirit to soar. 

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Published: July 19 2013 Updated: July 19 2013
Story Notes:

This was reminiscent of a prompt I had to do for college about if I had to travel back in time, what moment would I pick to relive. This prompt came right after my grandmother's passing. She and I were close because I was her only granddaughter. I knew she was going to pass a few weeks before she actually did. All of the signs were there but I couldn't bring myself to call her. Immediately after she died, I had a dream about the moment I chose and I knew everything was alright. I will also post the memory I did for the college prompt in the next chapter. 

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2. La Fievre by Artamiss Caine [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1173 words)

This was the original prompt that I wrote...if I could go back in time...what moment would I choose to relive and this was it...The flash prompt that was put up made reference to this moment.

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