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Story Notes:

Guardians of the Galaxy Fanfiction.

This will also, maybe, be a short story. I'm not sure. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the beginning, and I'll give you visuals for the OC next chapter.

Songs Used:

"A Well Respected Man"- The Kinks

"By Your Side"- Beachwood Sparks

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Taneleer Tana...Tana Taverr...Taner-Tana-Ta-Fuck.


Star-Lord had a hard time paying attention period, and there was no way in hell he was paying attention now as Gamora tried reasoning with the eccentric man that oddly reminded Quill of Ziggy Stardust. The whole gang was here, even though the small little hideout of Tivan's was rebuilt like new after his little psycho servant tried killing everyone by opening the Infinity Stone. Yet, all of the giant containers that once held several thousand life forms were all but empty now, as the creatures that once inhabited them probably scurried off while they had the chance.


Quill watched with unamused blue eyes at Gamora.


"Taneleer Tivan, we told you. We don't have the Infinity Stone anymore, it has been given to the proper authorities. Safe from anyone's hands." Gamora said.


"Why would you do such a thing? I could have offered you so much." the Collector said, but Peter Quill rolled his eyes and sighed heavily.


Did this white haired idiot not notice what happened the last time the Infinity Stone was unleashed? All of the havoc unlocked?


Peter didn't bother answering Taneleer as Rocket jumped in with his irritated attitude and spiked fur to yell the eccentric man's ear off, all while holding the plant pot containing the ever-growing sapling Groot.


Groot was all smiles as his companion shook his big pot as he yelled at the Collector, as a full on argument started between the two. Rocket hated being called a "pet," and Taneleer was egging him on. But, Rocket's temper only lasted a minute to be fair.


"You two are so petty." Drax said, playing with a rusty knife from the Collector's fancy collection.


Drax looks just as excited to be back on Knowhere as Quill, as the duo both stand idly rolling their eyes at every word exchanged between Gamora, Rocket, and Taneleer.


"Drax, make sure they don't rip each other apart. I'm gonna get lost a bit." Peter Quill smiles lazy, but Drax raises a carved brow at his friend.


"Impossible. Rocket's not that strong to rip anyone apart, but, I shall do the ripping if necessary."


"Must you be so literal?" Quill asks, walking off into the maze of Taneleer Tivan's treasures.





"Where the fuck am I?"


Star-Lord is totally out of place here, and him walking deeper into the junk that the Collector hords doesn't make his sense of direction any better. It only took twenty minutes of exploring the large hideout to get Peter Quill lost, but Rocket and Tivan's arguing voices could still be heard off in the distance as furious dull roars.


"This place is practically empty...guess that's what got Tivan's panties in a bunch." Quill said, noting the broken display cases.


Once the Collector's servant went bat shit, and sprung open the Infinity Stone, Tivan lost a good portion of his living treasures. Quill only assumed he wanted the Infinity Stone to hoard it as his latest trophy or sell it off to get money so he could hunt down all of his "awards," again.


The guy was fucking crazy.


Who went around stealing living beings? Obsessing over artifacts like that?


Just then, Quill stops in his tracks, and grips his precious "antique," at his side.


Sure, the 1980s Walkman is a fossil by all standards in the technologically advanced world Quill thrived in, but he wasn't obsessed over it in the way the Collector was with his things.


Gripping his jaw as the flash of him getting his ass kicked back at Kyln erupts in his vision, as Quill puts his headphones on.


"Okay...I love you, I admit it. But I'm not psycho like Tivi-Ziggydust back there." Quill whispers to the Walkman, blasting his Awesome Mix VOL. 2, and moving on.


If Peter Quill was going to get lost in this mausoleum of artifacts, why not have a little music to pass the time?




My stomach churns in hunger, but I adjust my position in my glass cage.


My Master refused to feed me for what felt like days now, and his slap to the face still tingles on my cheek. My heavy eyes look around at the vast greenery the surrounded my side of the temple of artifacts, and count the same objects that have been around me since I could remember. The same lush couch Taneleer Tivan sat on to watch me for hours, the same spotless clear glass I look out of with my brown eyes everyday, the same tiny table that used to have a hot meal waiting for me when I "behaved," for my Master, the same tall trees and bushes that kept my location secret from everyone except the Collector and the one servant he ordered to take care of me. Everything around me was the same, and never changed.




I pat my stomach as it erupts in a wave of hunger again, and lightly press my delicate fingers up to the invisible glass door that would magically disappear when the Collector wanted to feed me or feel me. My soft lips part to lightly inhale the stuffy air this cage offers. The glass display I occupy is more spacious than the other cases the other living lifeforms live in, as Taneleer Tivan told me, but it still was small by all accounts. I could only take thirty steps before I hit the other side of my glass room.


What was it like outside of these glass walls? Beyond that couch? Beyond those bushes of leaves?


I must think the same thing everyday...I dislike this place.


Taneleer Tivan took care of me, for he said the outside world would never be kind to a being like me, but what kind of kindness was it that I have now? It doesn't feel right for me. The way Tivan looks at me on that couch for he caresses his penis until he cums in front of me, the way he forces me to please him or how he touches me without restraint. Tivan had me already as his "Precious Treasure," as he would call me, but he desired more than just staring at me, the Collector wanted to own every part of me imaginable. He craved to touch me endlessly, study me inside out, and to prod inside of me with his fingers and tongue...but, he never put his penis inside me...he said he wanted to start me sexually when the time was "right,".


The Collector said my species was designed for sexual pleasure, birthing offspring, and all things he deemed arousing. But he also told me, I was the last of my race...and for that, that is the reason why he hasn't taken me yet.


I am a Celestial Being. What kind of celestial, I don't know. Tivan is vague in his words regarding my species.


Yet, when he doesn't use me for his pleasure, he takes me out of my cage to read and study. For twenty-two years, I've read so many books and learned so many things about this world I've never seen. The world fascinates me with it's endless intrigue, but scares me because I know I'll never see it.


I'll be bound to Taneleer Tivan for the rest of my life....




"What is with all these fucking trees!?" Quill yells, as a bush slaps him in the face.


Peter Quill has been pushing through thick shrubbery and greenery for minutes now, and his calm exterior is getting lost in the Collector's temple of "bullshit-good-for-nothing-trash-heap,".


"Fuck this place! Fuck Ziggy Stardust! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Quill cursed, a hail storm of obscenity flooding through the thick leaves.


Suddenly, Quill's weight pulls down as he trips forward, stumbling on his chunky boots as his red leather jacket roughens.


"Yes! Finally!" Quill cheers, finally through the greenery, throwing a victorious fist in the air.


Peter John Quill, ever since he was young, wasn't great at taking in his scenery or noticing the little things that went on around him. Sure, the guy was great at being a first class thief with hands quicker than Dirty Harry, but shit, he couldn't mind his surroundings to save his fucking life. That's the reason why, when he was six, he got a football kicked into his head causing a concussion, a knife in the side from a pissed Yorneer ex-girlfriend, and why now he couldn't process the bewildered young woman looking at him from a glass case.


After Quill stops his pelvic thrusts and hoots of victory, he greets the pair of brown eyes staring at him.


Peter Quill's headphones slip off, mouth falling open in embarrassment, and blue eyes widening in surprise. Quill can only stare at the encased beauty in front of him...did she catch him dancing like an idiot? How much of an ass did he make out of himself? Depending on the degree of asshole he made out of himself there was a way he could recover from his embarrassing display of childishness.


Straightening himself out with a cough, and a hand running though his tousled dark blonde hair, Peter Quill gives a nervous smile to the alluring creature staring back at him.


The being in the case was all female. Long obsidian cascading locks traveling to her breasts, adorned with lavender tips in delicate curls. The woman looks young, perhaps in her early twenties, as Quill holds back a faint chuckle noticing her wide brown eyes lined with utter shock and interest. Star-Lord couldn't deny his own interest in the woman as he watches her glowing bronze skin match well with the soft dose of lavender in her hair that reminded him of a direct contrast to Gamora's purple tipped hair. The young woman's face was pressed onto the glass as her hands were spread on the glass, showing off her feminine pointed nails. The girl looks slender, almost to the point of being thin, but her curves catch Quill's blue eyes in an instant. Her eyebrows are strong and are knitted together in confusion, but her lips are full and giving as they are parted. Yet, this invigorating creature barely wore clothing. The young woman is clad in a revealing white lace button-up lingerie that has Quill's mind racing as he observes her sweet flash on display for him, and his pants getting tight as he feels his hormones throb. Star-Lord wanted to break the glass in that instant and lay her down on that stupidly placed couch and fuck her...but as he observed her more...that urge to "fuck," shifted into "make love,". There were so many women in this galaxy for Quill, and if there was anything he understood in his years in this crazy cosmos, there's two types of females; the one's you simply want to fuck and toss out of the Milano the next morning, or the ones you want to make love to. Quill never found a girl he wanted to make love to, and to be tender with. Honestly, he hoped Gamora would have been that person, but after her shoving her blade on his throat so many times, he lost the "feeling,".


Looking at this girl though, with her sweet innocence radiating off her curious large brown eyes and her captivating beauty, Quill got hooked on a feeling.





So bizarre, beyond bizarre, and even beyond what is beyond bizarre.


I can't stop staring at this new person before me, and I can feel my heart beat going crazy inside my chest. After all the years spent looking at the this guy is, and his odd body movements. I've never seen a person move their body like that, it looked like a ritualistic thing he just did, and the strange melody and voice coming from his head device captivated me. I move myself from my pressed position from the mirror, and stand tall looking at the man staring wide mouthed at me. He's tall, surely much taller than my small form. He's wearing a bold roughed up leather jacket that emphasizes the blue in his enamored eyes and combed through short blonde hair. He looks young, but older than me. It's evident he's strong though, as his muscles are almost rippling under his shirt and his facial hair made me blush a bit. The man is very attractive, and the goofy smile he's giving makes me feel warm...and safe. Heat is catching my face harder now as I notice the distinct good-looking nature of this stranger, and I turn away trying to hide the embarrassing blush invading my face. Yet, I sit down on the floor of my glass cage among the white feathers that adorn the floor of my archive decoratively and lightly finger them as they become interesting to me all of a sudden. Taneleer Tivan is and always will be an obscure and obtuse man with no physical or mental appeal for me, as everything about him riddles me with disgust. This new man is either my punishment for not letting the Collector have his way with me several days ago or a fool openly walking into dangerous territory. Tivan despised anyone except him coming into contact with me, he even gave the servants a hard time when they had to take care of me. Yet, the thickening wetness gaining at my womanhood made me eager for this stranger.


"Sorry, guess I took a wrong turn somewhere. This place needs signs, I got slapped in the face by these damn trees a thousand times! How the hell do you live here?" The guy said, but I laugh in response.


His exaggerated facial expressions and hand gestures make me burst in laughter, but I cover my mouth with my hand trying not to show too much interest in the man...he could be dangerous.


The man steps closer to my case.


"I'm Star-Lord, you come here often?" the man jokes, smiling big.


"Star-Lord? What an odd name for a species."


"Species? Oh, no, I'm not Star-Lord species. I'm half human and half alien, I kinda had the bomb dropped on me a few days ago. Kinda crappy to think I was normal my whole life. But oh-well, save the galaxy and shit happens!"


"You saved the Galaxy? How? When? And how did you survive having this "bomb," dropped on you?" I ask, but he slaps a hand to his head.


"Don't tell me you're like Drax, literal Nancy Sue."


"Who's Drax and why is he Nancy Sue?"


"No, no, no! Hold up, let's rewind this back. I'm Peter Quill, but people call me Star-Lord. You've probably heard of me. My friend is Drax and he is very literal about everything, and you two will probably get along well. There was no bomb, it's just a form of expression and Nancy Sue is not real. What's your name, Miss Questions?" Peter Quill asks, closer now to my cage.


"I am Ariella Vapora, the Collector's item." I said, but Quill shivers.


"You belong to Ziggy Stardust? One of his artifacts? You gotta be kidding me, I knew he was fucked up but shit, this is a new level of bat shit."


"I have been his ever since I could remember. I've been living in this glass all my life...I am his possession to do as he pleases with." I explain.


Peter Quill looks disgusted and furious as he bites his lip, but he looks down in what appears to be thought as I come closer to the glass.


"I'm sorry." Peter said.


"Why are you apologizing? You haven't done anything to me."


"I know, but...I just feel, bad for you. You have to live with that weirdo and I'm sure he does horrible things to you. You don't even know what life is like beyond this area I'm guessing."


"Master says that life outside of this place is hard, and isn't good for a person like me." I said.


"Are you kidding? Life is amazing out there. I've been to hundreds of different places, spoke with different people, heard their stories, and I even met my friends out there. Sure, we're a group of Galaxy fuck-ups, but we really all get along great. Not to mention, the food is beyond amazing! I'm sure you'd like the clothes too, since you hardly wear any." Peter joked, making me blush hard and cover myself.


"Master doesn't like me to cover myself."


"Your "Master," is a jackass who needs a foot up his ass. Stop calling him your master, you don't owe him anything. Now, where's the keys to your cage?" Peter asked, touching the glass trying to find a door.


"Stop! Just go! You can't be here. If the Collector catches you here with me, he'll kill you."


"Kill me? Are you kidding? I'm Star-Lord, and no one fucks with Star-Lord...except for Rocket...and Gamora...and Drax...and Groot...and the Police...You know what? Where's the door?" Quill switched his train of thought, but I press my hand to the glass.


"Please stop, you'll get us both in trouble. I beg you, just leave me." I ask.


Peter Quill stops trying to open my glass as his blue eyes connect with my brown orbs. Quill analyzed me in this moment, taking in the fear vibrating from my eyes, and instantly took a step from the glass as he places his hand on top of mine on the glass.


"I'll stop, but I'm not leaving you. My friends and Tivan are still yelling away back there. Which means that gives me time to come up with a plan to break you out, and stare at ya longer." Peter smiles wide, but I blush hard.


"You're going to stare at me?"


"Yup, not taking my eyes off you."


"But why?"


"Because you're beautiful, Ariella." Peter Quill said.


My heart begins to beat hard as my palms become sweaty. I don't know what to say to that, no one has ever called me beautiful like that. Sure, the Collector said it to me often, but never like Quill did. It sounded kind coming from his lips, and he said it without hoping to gain anything physical from me.


Star-Lord taps on the glass, snapping me from my embarrassment.



"Ever heard of Kevin Bacon?"

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