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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter poses a few more questions which will absolutely positively be answered in the next and final chapter. Just a warning- If that  type of shit bothers you, you may want to wait till the next chapter. If not please read! Thank you.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Running into the bathroom, he cradles her in his arms. She wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him tight. She buries her face in the crook of his neck, her tears flowing freely.

Only the sound of her soft sobs fill the room as Garrett carries Jessa to her King size bed. He sits on the bed, leaning his back against the pile of plush pillows. Jessa straddles his lap and moves her arms around his hard chest. She rest her head on it listening to the comforting rhythm of his steady heartbeat while Garrett gently strokes her back.

Garrett nor Jessa are in any hurry to disentangle themselves. They retain this soothing position for what seems like hours.

Jessa finally sits up and looks into Garrett's onyx eyes.

"How'd you know?" He wipes her wet cheeks with his fingers.

"Know what, baby?" She closes her eyes and says.

"That I needed you." Garrett cups her face in his hands. She leans into the warmth of his skin. He rubs his his thumb over Jessa's luscious lower lip wanting to kiss her but knows he can not. Thankfully the glowing on her chest distracts his mounting desire to taste her lips.

"Jessa, what is this?" He tentatively touches it not knowing if it will hurt him. Jessa looks down at Garrett's hand above her breast touching her amulet. She smiles. She felt the usual burning it emits when Garrett is close but this time it is a consoling, comforting warmth that is coarsing through her body.

"It's my amulet." She smiles sweetly at Garrett.

"It let's me know when you and Ren are close." Garrett grins at her.

"I know. We feel it too." Staring at each other, Garrett feels his dick harden as his hand moves between the crevice of her generous breast. The heat runs to her core. She starts rocking back and forth on his lap enjoying the way his hard dick is rubbing her.

"Fuck Jessa." He whispers. He wants to kiss her lips so fucking bad and knows she wants it too. He gets close enough to rub his lips lightly on hers and feels the rising ecstasy that comes when he feeds on souls. Eyes going a deep purple, he quickly moves to her neck where he sucks and bites her roughly squeezing her breasts hard.

"Ahhh..." Jessa's head goes back exposing more of her neck and she leans her chest into his hands. Garrett leaves a path of red circles as evidence of where his mouth has sucked and bit it's way down to Jessa's breasts. He rips the sports bra that is blocking him from the objects he is coveting and overfills each hand with a beautiful large chocolate breast.

Garrett looks up at Jessa who looks sexy as all hell watching him biting her full lower lip, eyes glowing a dark red and grinding his dick so fucking good. He lowers his head and engulfs a succulent mound in his mouth.

"Mmmm..." Jessa moans as his other hand kneads and pinches her nipple.

"Damn" She breaths out fumbling with his belt. He releases her nipple from his mouth with a slight tug and lays his forehead on her chest. He holds her hands still at his belt buckle.

"Fuck baby. I can't." His tone is sorrowful. Jessa notices she can not only hear his sadness in his voice but she can also feel it through the pendant. She lifts his face to look at his troubled black orbs. She wants to console him like he did for her. She tries to kiss his lips but Garrett moves his face to the side. Confused, Jessa ask.

"Don't you want me Garrett?" She attempts to move from his lap but he holds her in place by her hips.

"I want you. I know you feel it." He smirks at her as he slides her hips on his erection.

"But.." He stares at her for a minute. Jessa waits patiently for an explanation.

"Jessa, lets cut the B.S. Do you know what you are?" She unconsciously touches the amulet. Tears fill her eyes as she focuses on Garrett and answers him honestly.

"I have no idea." She turns to look at the old rusted chest sitting on her nightstand.

"But I know where I might be able to get some answers." She climbs off the bed and goes to her dresser. She puts on a fitted yellow tank top and retrieves a key from another drawer.

"You didn't have to put on a shirt on my account hun." He says with a grin. Jessa can't help but smile back. She cocks her hip to the side and points an accussing finger at him.

"Listen you. I ain't forgotten. After I open that chest, you still gotta tell me why I can't have all that sexiness," Jessa waves her hand from his head down to his crotch, "inside me."

Garrett laughs. "Yeah. I'll tell you what we are."

Jessa stands over the chest, she runs her hand over the top, then the triquetra shaped keyhole.

"Why haven't you ever opened it?" She closes her eyes.

"Because it's from my parents. Did you know them?" Garrett shakes his head no. He saw them plenty of times but never spoke to them. Patrick had forbade him and Ren from doing so. They were friendly people, always smiled and waved "hello" and "goodbye".

"I was pissed off at them." She turns to Garrett." How the fuck do you have a daughter in this fucking cruel ass world and leave her to fend for herself? Then when you fucking die. What? You leave me a huge ass house, set me up with a trust fund so I never have to fucking work again, probably leave a letter in that chest explaining why you fucking abandoned me, how it was something that needed to be done for my safety. Well Fuck them. It's not going to be that easy." Garrett's strong arms wrap around her as she speaks through sobs."I'm not going to forgive them for a shitty childhood that easy." Jessa didn't expect her emotions to resurface full strength like this. She thought she was over the childhood beatings, molestations, and cruel punishments.

"You need to open that trunk baby." He says softly. Jessa moves out of his arms wiping her eyes.

"I'm a fucking emotional mess today." Garrett stands next to her, his hand massaging her shoulder. She puts her hand over his.

"I'm glad you're here handsome." He kisses the top of her head. Jessa puts the key in the lock and lifts the top, they both peer into it.

"Hmmm.." Jessa reaches a shaky hand in and pulls out the envelope addressed to her.

"Pretty big box to house just a letter." She says.


Jessa sits on the bed, white envelope in her trembling hands. Garrett sits next to her shoulder to shoulder.

"You want me to leave you alone with this?"

"No. Please stay." She intertwines their hands together while contemplating her name written in elegant English script.

"I won't go anywhere." He assures her.



Jessa finally musters enough courage to open the letter.


Dear Jessa,

If you are reading this we are dead.CALL THE LAWYER. Tell him you opened the chest and are ready to hear everything. CALL THE LAWYER. We are not your parents, we were your guardians. CALL THE LAWYER. Ren and Garrett Knight - KILL THEM OR SAVE THEM. CALL THE LAWYER NOW!


Jessa turns the piece of looseleaf around. She checks the envelope for more.

"That's it! That's fucking it! Just a fucking call the motherfucking lawyer!" Jessa crumbles up the paper and throws it across the room.

"Baby." Garrett reaches for her hand. Jessa is pissed, not crying pissed but full fledge fire coming out her ears, wanting to hurt somebody pissed.

Garrett's phone vibrates and chimes. He gets it out his pocket to see a text from Ren: Lunchtime for you in 5.

"Fuck." He breathes out. Still holding her hand, he says.

"Jessa, I need to go but I'll be back tonight as soon as I can." She turns to look at his apologetic expression.

"It's fine." No longer feeling the need to be consoled. "I'll call the fucking lawyer."

"Alright baby. I'll check back with you. We'll figure this out." He kisses her forehead.


After Garrett leaves, Jessa just stands in the middle of her room. Her rage increasing to an unregistered level, a mixture of anger and frustration and disappointment. She runs downstairs to the kitchen where there are lots of things for her to break.

There is a deep dark blood red glow flowing out of her eyes and fingertips. She feels like she is about to explode. Unable to control the brewing emotional storm, Jessa yells.

"AHHHHHH...." Crimson red rays shoot out of her mouth, eyes, and fingertips turning everything it touches to ash. She feels like she is burning from the inside out, she can not end it. Anxiety and fear replace her original anger.

"I'm gonna die." Is her last thought before she passes out.


Jessa wakes up 2 hours later, drained and disoriented. Sitting up slowly, her eyes focus on the landline phone. She crawls to it, picks it up, and her fingers automatically dial a number.

Someone picks up the phone after one ring.

"Did you finish your tantrum, little girl?" An unbelievably deep voice ask from the other end slightly amused. The Lawyer.

"I want to know everything." She says weakly.

"My office. Tomorrow. 2 O'Clock. Bring the Knight brothers." His baritone voice always reminds her of a lion roaring. He does not wait for Jessa to confirm, just hangs up.


Ren is at home resting on a black leather recliner after hunting with Patrick. His job is to locate and help capture victims for Patrick using his gifts of astral projection, supernaturnal agility, speed, and strength. Ren is a deadly weapon used by Patrick so he can fulfill his insatiable greed for violence and sex. His prey are both men and women, Patrick has a taste for both. During desperate times before he had Ren and Garrett for help, he used to stoop as low as engaging in bestiality to satisfy his cravings.

Garrett is in the basement performing an act of mercy on one of the two poor souls who had the unfortunate luck of being deemed an easy and desirable target today. Patrick takes sick pleasure hearing the screeching terrified screams as Garrett gorges on the souls leaving behind only a lifeless human form. They should consider themselves lucky for just the thought of the blood curling sinister acts Patrick does to his playthings if they survive to Day 2 would make any human go batshit insane.


Ren's tranquil state is interrupted by a knock on the door. He rushes to the door not wanting anything to disturb the happenings in the basement.

"Dammit Jessa." He whispers harshly. He knew it was her before he opened the door. Jessa's breath is taken away by how fucking sexy Ren looks. She's never seen him not wearing one of his dark tailored suits. Here he is, in dark gray slacks, no tie, no jacket, just a powder blue dress shirt buttoned down to show his hard chest and outline his sculpted arms.

She is instantly wet and thinks she is going to have to fuck someone soon because between encounters with Ren and Garrett, her pussy is aching for dick.

Jessa hardly realizes that Ren is pushing her away from the house into a barely noticiable small door nestled next to the garage. A room only used by Garrett and Ren when they want to stay out of sight. It has a second door that connects to the basement. Ren pulls a string and a dim light illuminates a closet size grimy empty room. Ren grabs her shoulders.

"You shouldn't fucking be here Jessa."He scolds her. His gorgeous ice blue eyes watching her intently. He's always had a strong attraction to her but is able to resist it. He has never been this close to her, able to smell her feminine scent and have a close view of her beautiful face. He lowers his head to avoid her eyes that are begging him to do naughty sexual things to her.

"Damn." That didn't work. Now, he sees her hard nipples poking through the thin material of her tank top. Ren's dick is so hard.

Jessa moves closer so her breast are flush against his chest.

"Fuck you Jessa." He says before he attacks her lips. He lifts her up by her plump ass. She wraps her legs around his waist as Ren slams her to the back of the cold cement wall. Jessa fist a handful of his hair plunging her tongue deeper into his mouth. The rhythmic grinding of his cock into her clit is agonizingly good.

Garrett steps in through the other secret door to find this horny display. His cock immediately goes erect at seeing Jessa's long sexy legs wrapped around Ren's middle, her hips gyrating into Ren's dick. Ren's groans blend with her soft moans of erotic pleasure. Garrett can not help but to start stroking his dick over his jeans to ease the overwhelming desire to take Ren's place. The heat of his presence is what makes Jessa finally reach her climax.

"" She says breathlessly as luminescent crimson eyes bore into dark purple ones.

Ren's pants get bathed in her sweet smelling essence as her body releases a much needed orgasm. Ren gently places Jessa on her feet, her eyes never leaving Garretts. She moves out of Ren's hold and walks to stand in front of Garrett. Droping to her knees, she removes the hand that was doing the stroking. She unbuckles his pants with one purpose in mind- sucking his big dick till he cums in her mouth.

" Jessa." He says as she takes his whole manhood down in her mouth. His hands automatically reach for her head not wanting to lose the amazing sensation. Jessa prides herself in knowing how to suck a man's cock. She maintains a steady pace with her hands chocking the base of his cock while her tongue and lips swirl up and down the top until she feels his dick jerk and his cum flow drown her throat.

"!" He came so fast he didn't get a chance to warn her. Jessa sucks him until no more of his seed comes out.

Ren looks at his brother with a cute lopsided grin.

"How was your first blow job?"

"Fucking incredible." He manages to get out between breaths. Jessa is still on her knees. The triquetra tattoo on his left thigh has caught her attention.

"Baby?" He ask. Jessa cast her eyes up, Garrett helps her to her feet, pulls up his pants, and wraps his arm around her shoulders.

"You okay?"

"Yeah."  She smiles at him. She turns to Ren. "Do you have one too?" Ren nods his head slowly. "So, we are connected in some way." She pulls down her shirt to show them how her amulet has began to entrench itself further into her flesh. This morning only the bottom was fused to her skin. Just now she felt it further bury itself into her. They stare at the glowing pendant.

"What the fuck Jessa?" Ren asks. She looks between him and Garrett. "The Lawyer said he'll answer all our questions tomorrow at 2 in his office. You both need to come. This concerns you too."

"We'll be there." Garrett says. Ren runs a frustrated hand over his face. Garrett looks at him pleading.

"Fuck. We'll be there. Jessa, you need to get out of here." She  winks at Ren.

"Thanks for the release sexy." Ren frowns at her in fake anger because she knows he enjoyed it as much as she did.

"Go." He commands with a smile.

She gives Garrett a tight hug which he returns. "Thank you Jessa. That was fucking amazing." She gazes into his sincere eyes.

"It was my pleasure handsome." She places his handsome face in her hands and kisses his lips lightly.

"See. I don't bite." She gives him a seductive look and lowers her voice. "Unless you ask me to." She winks.

"Fuck Jessa. Go!" She lets Garrett go, cocks her hip to the side and points a finger at Ren. He is worried and anxious so she foregoes her smartass comment.

"Fine." She says sternly. She opens the small door and hurries across the street to her house.

Garrett is confused. Although he felt the exhilarating pleasure when she kissed his lips, he did not drain any of her soul.

Hope fills his heart.


Chapter End Notes:

Thank you everyone for reading! Last chapter will hopefully be up next week. I already started it.

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