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Author's Chapter Notes:

Would you let me kiss you there?
You know, down there, where it counts?
I'll do it so good... I swear I'll drink every ounce...


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Her long silken, raven hair and dark, shapely body lay sprawled out next his pale, solid form. The vampire groaned; like a starving man at a feast, he hungered for her. The amulet he gifted her with lay nuzzled in her cleavage. The talisman that protected The Viking for over a thousand years, now protected a Goddess. 'My beautiful Aether, a goddess who would be envied by all a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, she is still beautiful, still strong...' His hand adroitly caressed her shapely hips then migrated to her thighs as he admired her stunning curves...'I digress, how could I be any clearer? How can I show you that I want to reconcile the undisclosed desires in your heart?'


His head shot up at the sound of her melodic voice and he met her gaze. Her sensual heavily lidded eyes examined his perfectly chiseled face. As he listened to her steady heartbeat and appraised her calm expression, the vampire waited for the dark-skinned beauty to scorn or seduce him. He prayed for the latter while fighting all primal instincts to take and devour her. She pleased him with a beautiful smile, those long butterfly lashes fluttered seductively at the smitten man.

'Could this mean she is thankful I had survived unharmed? Is she pleased to be at my side?'

“Both…” She answered, effortlessly reading his mind.

He had no control of the intrusion of his mind and even if he did, he would not have resisted her.

'And suddenly, as if batting a fly, the mahogany-skinned goddess waved her hand. Her magic ignited the fireplace; the flames crackled and set the room aglow. I cleared my throat, still unable to grasp what had just occurred. My Tara has risen anew, powerful and definite. Her appearance, even more, beautiful than the night she walked into my bar.'

Eric was jolted; Tara was the only woman who’s ever rendered him speechless. They both chuckled for a moment, but their laughter soon subsided. Neither of them was accustomed to being at a loss for words. Yet, they found themselves regarding each other in an awkward silence that had become all too familiar to them.

“What do you want from me Eric Northman?”

Her eyes narrowed while she nervously fondled the talisman. He peered into her big doe-eyes, frustration washed over his face.

“Tara Thornton- I want you to be mine- only mine -completely... But you must give yourself to me. I won’t have you any other way.” He gently confessed, his tone contradicting his fierce look.

Tara smiled coyly and replied, “I don’t wanna share you either Eric. I’m willing to give myself to you, only if you promise that you’re done with that fang-banger Yvette and that blood-whore Dawn. And no more fighting on my behalf either. I can take care of myself now.” She lowered her eyes in embarrassment, realizing how demanding she sounded.

And so he replied, “Your conditions are within reason.”

From there on in it was all passion, intense, intoxicating... It was their release, her escape, his drug... His wanton need bubbled like a cauldron, and he moved forward, gently kissing her neck, collarbone, down to her taut belly. His blond hair fell forward, tickling her, along with the stubble of his chin. Her body tensed as she suppressed her giggle. He kissed his way back up to her sweet honey lips and whispered. “I am yours...”

And Tara kissed him back with a passion the thousand-year-old vampire had never known. When the beauty came up for air the vampire smirked then said: “…and you are mine.”

“Then drink from me.” She responded without pause.

She was ready for him, as ready as she would ever be, so she turned her head exposing her neck. Involuntarily he let out a soft whimper and his ivory blades clicked.

“I want to taste you there...” his voice was low and husky with lust.

She watched his gaze slowly lower to her pert breast. A shiver traveled through her and her eyebrows arched inquisitively.

“Where..?” She whispered.

“There...” he growled, causing Tara’s entire body to respond to the sound of it.

Her body was positively screamed at him. She nodded, biting her bottom lip.

The tips of Eric’s fangs skimmed the skin of her neck, trailing his mouth down until he found the perfect vein. He covered her body with his own and bit down, moaning against her skin.

She hadn’t realized he’d bitten her until she felt the small trickle of blood sliding down her chest.

Without warning, he felt a surge of warmth enter his body. It was the feeling of pure sunlight on his skin. He lifted his head, groaning, and his eyes fluttered, dense with pleasure, as he savored her sweet nectar.

With his mouth by her ear, his fingers slid against the hem of her lace panties, the Viking stroked her moist folds with his talented fingers. Tara wanted to scream in frustration.

“What does it feel like Tara,” he whispered, and at the same time, two of his fingertips dipped into her wetness, his palm rubbed firmly against her bundle of nerves and Tara moaned helplessly.

Something flared in Tara’s chest; her heart skipped a beat in confusion. An unknown urge compelled her; she wanted to taste him too.

“I want you inside me, Eric.” 'What would ancient vampire blood do to Aether?'

Her words caused him to halt his erotic actions and their eyes met in a passionate gaze.

“You shall have my cock buried in you all night Goddess,” Eric assured her, while his manhood ached with anticipation.

“I mean your blood…Eric, can I drink from you?” she smiled.

Eric’s dead heart clenched at the idea of having his blood coursing through her veins... He wanted nothing more than to bond with Tara. “Yes, Lover…”

The vampire did not hesitate and quickly bit into his wrist, and then placed his wound to her waiting mouth.Her passionate seductive gaze causes the blue-eyed Norseman to become impossibly more aroused as he watched her greedily sucked his flesh for a few moments until the wound sealed. Eric regarded in wonderment as the black of her pupils become so enlarged that the brown was nearly engulfed.

Tara closed her eyes and a blur of images danced in her mind; stormy seas, snowy landscapes, and raging fires. The violent northern winds whipped Eric’s wild flaxen hair and bearded face; a clan of Viking warriors stood by his side, dressed for battle, yielding axes and swords. But one image was more vivid, and that was the one of Tara herself, she and Eric sound asleep, naked in the dense and snowy forest... in daylight... Her eyes were dark with intoxication when she kissed him.

In the twilight room, their fingers caressed each other’s skin as if afraid a heavier touch would break the heady magic. They became one, one mind with one goal and purpose, each utterly drunk with love for the other.

“Your world was so amazing Eric, thank you for sharing with me.”

He nodded and palmed her flawless ass.

Tara believed Eric’s fingertips were electric, for wherever they touch her skin tingled in a frenzy of static. As his hands move over her skin, her body has a transitory paralysis, her mind unable to process the pleasure so fast. His head moved around to her left ear and he whispered what’s coming next.

Suddenly her body was off pause-mode and she pulls back for a kiss that’s both soft and hard. Both of them move in an intoxicated dance of limbs, never making the exact same moves twice. She lifted her hips and Eric slid the tip of his hardness against the moist fold of her sex, rubbing his head over her clit, over and over again, teasing her, trying to make her longing and frustration equal his own.

She positively jolted, “Oh goddamnit baby!” she cursed in frustration her hips bucked uncontrollably, “Fuck Eric -Please don’t tease me.” She pleaded.

And just like that, his resolve was crushed. He surrendered to his lover and slowly pushed inside her heated folds, shuddering at the sensation of her young tight muscles drawing him in. He pressed into her deeper, moaning, cursing in his ancient language.

“Ohhh, så otroligt…” He’d never felt anything so perfect.

After a moment of adjusting to the incredible feeling of being inside of her, Eric began to thrust, sending waves upon waves of pleasure into Tara’s body. He became intoxicated off her moans as he thrust into her searing hot pussy without abandon.

“Jag älskar dig, Tara min vackra..!”

“I love you too Eric.” She purred softly.

Clutching her against him, his cock moving fast and smooth, pounding her, fucking her... and all the while she screamed coming again and again. She trembled and came, trembled and came. It felt as if her body clung and suckled his invading presence, bathing him in her arousal. His muscular body jerked above her and he uttered a sound like a sob. She sensed the tension jolting his body; she felt it in the tempo of his thrusts. When Eric lost all control and he threw his head back, his blood-drenched lips parted in a ragged groan.

“Ahhhhrrruggggg...” His forehead bent down onto her chest and he thrust into her hard and true one final time when he came hard, roaring, his moans sounded more animal than human. Spent, he collapsed beside her and after a few moments, spooned her close to him, kissing her forehead as they basked in the moonlight. A few more moments passed before either of them were able to actually speak.

“My Goddess,” he purred. “I don’t remember the last time I lost all control.”

“My Vampire,” she hummed. “So are you saying I’ve got some good sex?”

“Indeed, min vackra,” He kissed her forehead again, while languidly rubbing her shoulders.

She gazed dotingly into his eyes while running her fingers through his flaxen mane and she smiled.

“I am yours, Eric,” she assured him.

“We are one Tara,” he proudly declared.

His hand had migrated to her hair, pushing a lock back from her face.

“Now rest beautiful woman, you may have caused me to come faster than expected, but that does not mean I am unable to recover quickly.”






We gave each other unimaginable pleasure. I’m only alive in the present, all thoughts of past melted away when Eric let me into his world. I can’t describe the connection between us. All I can say is the passion was intoxicating, the laughter soul uniting, the high- jinx, hella crazy. There’s something about Eric Northman that lights me up from the inside, there’s something about me that melts his confidence to nothing at all. Touching him is like being handed the holy grail like my heart is mended even though I never knew it was broken. I’m his cat-nip; he’s my whiskey on ice. And just before morning we finally collapsed from pure exhaustion.

As I slept, I had my bizarre dream. I’m hovering above the ocean and the winds violently swept my hair. I felt a presence, so I looked for Nora, Naomi, or any of the other witches from my Coven, but it wasn’t them that infiltrated my mind. With a blink of my eyes, the scene suddenly changed. I was alone in the darkness of a vast and empty void. I blink again and suddenly I was floating in the dark, moon-lit sky.

“Aether...” A voice called out, I couldn’t see anyone and I didn’t recognize this voice at all.

“I’m here,” I holler back. “Who are you?”

“My name is Isabelle; I was once an Elder, now we reside here.”

She said we, but only one person was speaking, but I feel the presences of others.

“Where is ‘here’?” I asked.

This is odd; no one has ever visited me in my dream before.

“In the light”, the voice said, “We are always with you Aether... You and you're bonded... In darkness and in light...”

The voice echoed out to me and before I could ask what the heck -that means. I was back in the bedroom, in the bed next to my sexy-sleeping vampire. He looked perfect submerged in a bed of designer sheets. Why couldn’t I have a hot-vampire-blood- induced- sex- dream like everyone else? I huffed and went back to sleep.

When I awoke hours later, it was well into the late afternoon and he was still dead for the day, so I tested myself to see how much strength I had to leave his side. After a moment, I kicked off the sheets and dragged myself to the shower. I hesitated at first because I didn’t want to wash his scent off me. But once the hot water hit my aching muscles I welcomed it. I showered until the water turned cool and I stepped out into the steamy bathroom. As I dressed I realized how much I cared for him, how much I accepted him, how much I cherished him. How much I loved him...

Crap on a cracker!

I love him!

I’m in love with a vampire!

Damn, no one ever accused me of being the brightest light on the street.


Strange, interesting flashes of light danced in my eyes. In the near distance I can see my Tara, the moment I blinked again, my sweet angel was gone. A peculiar black cat stood before me. I was unaware of my surroundings, however, I am no longer in my room and the ‘cat’ before me is not really a cat at all. The stench of decaying flesh reeked around me, the smell emitted from the creature. The being’s eyes were completely black, perhaps hollowed out. It leered at me unmoving and I impudently eyed it back. And then utter darkness met me. My mind is taken over by animated flashes of blood-red.

“Eric...” I hear my Angel call out to me. I remain unmoving until my eyes adjusted to the darkness.

“Tara,” I called out.

“Tara is human, unworthy of the power bestowed upon her.”

It spat out the word human as if it was something vile. Now the creature that had appeared before me as a cat shifted into Tara’s image. It was attempting to fool me, but it cannot. Whatever it is, it is not human or Aether.

“What are you...?” I look into the emptiness of its eyes.

“I’m the one who belongs, not Aether. This is my world. She shall be vanquished.”

“Never...!” I roared. “How dare it speak of Tara that way?”

I felt heat surge through my body and faster than light, the entity was gone and I was in my bed. My body indicated it was dusk. Weak artificial light seeped into the room from the lights in the hall and landed in my eyes. And I took in an unnecessary sigh, my beautiful lover was gone. The pain was almost unbearable. I searched for her through our bond and although her alluring fragrance lingered, she was no longer in the house, or outside. She was already in Shreveport. I reached for my cellular, and I took the time to check my voice-mails. There were no messages from Tara, but several from Pam and others. And then I notice the note on the nightstand...

Dear Eric Northman,

A gift for you, my sexy, Viking, Vampire, Sheriff...


Tara Mae

I open the little red velvet bag and my dead-heart clamped like a vice as I pull out the small, gold-linked, Vesica Pisces medallion. I lay complacent for a moment, reliving our spent time, longing for her, irritated at how much power she has over me. The only thing that mattered was touching her more, kissing her mouth, her stomach, her breasts, I was enslaved by her and foolishly, I didn’t want to be released. I called my day-workers and gave them their orders. Tara would be taken care of in my absence. After that business was completed, I showered, then dressed and left.


Chapter End Notes:
This is the final Hot Lemon Shot that I will be posting on this site. Just as a reminder the story you just read is a chapter in the story titled Two Souls One Heart. You can find all of my stories on FF.NET, WattPad, and AO3. Thank you for reading, voting and commenting.

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