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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.




Zaira was rushing to the airport with Eli in her hand. She recalled everything that happened during the week. Everything was going as planned, but she just did not plan for the Mayor to give her hell.


"How could you be so stupid?" shouted the Mayor.

"Did you really expect for Conrad Hitzag to remain in jail?" the Mayor asked sarcastically.

Before the Mayor could say anything else, Zaira hung up in his face.

"I never liked your old cheesy breathe anyways, and don't expect my vote," Zaira said lowly to herself as she looked at her office phone.









Questing Conrad was not an easy task because all he did was grin and stare at her breast. Conrad's nonchalant attitude pissed Zaira off, but in the end she would have the last laugh. As soon as Conrad walked out of the NYPD headquarters: Nelly and his men stood there waiting for him. Zaira just admired the work she done from afar. 'hell has no fury like a woman's scorned, you bastard'  Zaira thought to herself as she grinned at a confused Conrad.

It was Friday; Eli and Zaira were rushing to the gate at the airport. As Zaira continued to ponder the scene from the week. She felt accomplished, felt if nothing could stand in her way now. That feeling was soon gone as she ran into something hard. She would have fell backwards if it were not for the hands, which wrapped around her waist and her upper back tightly.



Adrian Hitzag stood there in all his glory looking down at a beautiful creature. The scent of cinnamon and apples were driving his senses crazy. He had to figure out where it was coming from, and he did sooner than he imagined.

He set the woman on her feet and removed his sunglasses, so he could get a better view. 


When Adrian descended off his private plane from Germany, he could pick up the scent  from afar. His wolf was bouncing up and down while howling. 'She's here! Mine! Find her now...'  demanded his wolf. He sniffed the air trying to figure out where the scent was coming from. It became stronger and when he inhaled one last time, they collided. 'Bout time you found her you worthless human' grinned his wolf


She was beautiful, and she was something different from his previous preferences. Previous preferences were red heads and petite. This women hair was black, which operated with her round brown eyes. Her skin tone contrasted against his ivory skin, which he admired. Adrian licked his lips as he noticed her curvy body. She wore an orange halter-top, khaki shorts, and orange high top converses. Adrian laughed to himself because her outfit was very simple but so sexy. Wait, she had a little boy with her. They looked just alike except the child eyes were green and the child hair was almost golden brown with curls.


Adrian kneeled down, eye level to the little boy and gave him a warm smile.


"A Hulk fan huh?" Adrian asked the little boy as he pointed at the action figures and shirt.


Eli face began to light up and his smiled showed all his teeth.


"Yes! Hulk is the best..." Eli almost shouted.


"Who is your favorite superhero?" curious Eli asked.


Adrian stood back up and looked at the woman.


"My favorite superhero is Wolverine," stated an admiring Adrian, he never broke eye contact with her.


Adrian figured he was being rude to Eli therefore he glanced back at the boy who was still holding the woman's hand tightly.


"How rude...Let me introduce myself, my name is Adrian Hitzag. I hope you will accept my deepest apologizes for bumping into you," said Adrian as he knocked his heels together and did a slight bow.



'Good, Adrian doesn't know who I am, that should give us enough time to get on the plane'  Zaira thought to herself. Zaira observed Adrian from head to toe. Adrian wore a snug light blue business shirt with the sleeves rolled up which was tucked into black fitted jeans. He wore black single monk loafers and black sunglass. Zaira bit her bottom lip and looked at her son as he began to speak.


"My name is Eli Jacobs," Eli stated as he mocked Adrian moves by knocking his heels and bowing.


Adrian did a hearty laugh, which caused Zaira to look at him in awe a little longer.' God this man is gorgeous. Look at the adorable dimple on his cheek. The way he looks at me, as if I'm the prey and he's the predator . Stop thinking about his looks, just get away while you can!'  thought Zaira as she looked down at her son who was now speaking.


"And this is my mommy" said Eli as he looked up at Zaira.


Zaira and Eli smiled at each other. Then she returned her attention back to Adrian.


"Well Mr. Hitzag, It has..." Zaira stated.


"Please call me Adrian," requested a grinning Adrian.


"Fine Adrian, It has been nice talking to you, but we have a plane to catch" stated an irritated Zaira.




Adrian dismissed Zaira irritation. He would not allow her to leave, unless his arm was wrapped around her with Eli holding his hand. He never felt this way for any woman. The need to protect, love, and possess came crashing down on him all at once.


"Where are you guys traveling?" asked a curious Adrian as he looked down at Eli.


Somehow, Adrian knew Zaira would not tell of their travelling plans, because she avoided telling her name. If she wants to play her little game, than he would play with her.


"I don't know, my mommy wouldn't tell me," Eli said as he looked up to his mother.


Zaira held tightly to Eli hand and tried to walk past Adrian, but Adrian blocked her move.


"So you choose not to tell me your name, or tell me where you guys are traveling...," stated a now vexed Adrian.


"Last time I checked, that is called being rude," said a displeased Adrian as he looked in Zaira eyes.


"Well excuse me sir if I don't kiss the broom stick or your butt" said Zaira quietly so Eli would not hear.


"I will not answer any questions that I have no interest in answering," stated an annoyed Zaira.


'Ha! She is stubborn, but I can break that'  thought an amused Adrian as he rubbed his chin. Adrian refused to let her leave without telling him her name, where they were traveling too, or how long they would be gone. He moved closer to Zaira so only she could hear what he was about to say. Adrian inhaled her fragrance; 'damn the smell of pears and cinnamon.'  Thought Adrian.


"The quicker you tell me what I want to know, the quicker I will let you leave..." stated Adrian as his lips slightly brushed against Zaira ear.


"But mock my words woman, I get what I want," said Adrian as he touched her hair softly, and he pulled away.


Adrian did not care if Zaira was married, engaged, or going steady because she will be his no matter what. Zaira quickly inhaled, her eyes narrowed, and she was about to speak when she was distracted by a voice.


"Boss, I need to talk to you in private," stated Boris, Adrian right hand man.


Boris stood about 12 feet away from Adrian. 'Dammit Boris, can't you see I'm busy?' telepathy said to Boris. Adrian never broke eye contact with Ziara.'Sorry Sir Ass, but this is important. It has to do with Conrad and that detective' Boris replied. Adrian only gave Boris a nod and then looked back to Zaira and Eli.


"Hey Eli, do you think you can stand right here until I finish talking with a friend?" asked Adrian as he looked at a smiling Eli.


"Yeah, I can do that boss," mocked a smiling Eli. Adrian smiled at Eli and winked at Zaira.


Adrian began to approach Boris still holding the smile. 'What the hell has you smiling?' asked a curious Boris. 'None of your damn business' stated a now annoyed Adrian.




'Okay, I can make a run for it but I have to pick up Eli'  thought Zaira. She then walked hastily to the stairs with Eli in her arms. She had Eli wrap his arms and legs around her body while she rushed upstairs. As they walked into the gate, Zaira finally looked behind her to see if someone followed them. They finally boarded the plane. When Zaira and Eli took their seat, she took a deep sigh of relief.


"Mommy, why did we run from Mr. Adrian?" asked Eli as he rubbed his eyes.


"Mommy, will we see him again?" asked a curious Eli. Zaira looked into Eli sadden widen eyes and she felt a pain of sorrow hit her heart. 'How could Eli attach himself to a monster' she thought. Suddenly, a hand was on her shoulder which made her gasp.




"Dammit, Boris...what now?" asked an annoyed Adrian.


"Your men lost the detective," said Boris.


"But I do have the information about her," stated Boris as he looked down.


"Her? You are telling me that a WOMAN gave my brother up to the FBI?" said a pissed off Adrian as he held the bridge of his nose.


Adrian felt the stress creeping unto his body, 'How could his brother be so stupid?'  he thought as he signed. He snatched the manila envelope and pulled out the contents. Reading the information in the envelopes he found out her name is Zaira Jacobs, she is 28 years old, a single mother, her husband died during war, and she recently resigned her job. Looking at a picture, he saw the woman who he gave his heart to the moment he saw her, and the woman who turned his brother in. Flipping through the picture, he recognized Eli holding his mother hand while walking across the street. His favorite picture was the one of Eli and Zaira sitting on a bench eating ice cream, she was eating strawberry and he was eating chocolate.


'That is why she did not want me to know her name, fate is strange...what should I do? Reprimand her for turning in my brother; maybe. Reprimand for her smart mouth; yes, I would enjoy that. A name that goes with her face finally, Zaira has a nice ring to it' Adrian laughed to himself and turned to look at Zaira, but she was gone.


"Dammit find her now!" shouted Adrian as he looked at Boris.


Boris understanding his boss command, and he began to speak into his headset. Suddenly, eight men came through the airport door and all walking towards Adrian.


"I will not tell you what will happen to your life if you do not find them...," as he talked to his men and he showed them the pictures of Zaira and Eli.


"They are not to be harmed or touched in any violent way is that understood?" demanded a pissed Adrian. All his men nodded their head and began to spread throughout the airport.


Those pale grey eyes were now the color of dark clouds. The storm was approaching, and it was approaching fast.


Adrian waited at his house in New York, it has been 3 hours and he heard no news about Eli or Zaira. Then he suddenly heard a knock at the door, Adrian stood from his chair and walked calmly to the door. Making sure his clothes were in place, how could this woman have so much effect on him? He needed to figure out what he would do too her, and he needed to get his emotions under control. Adrian remembered how Eli made him laugh, he could not remember the last time he felt relief. Reaching for the door, he prayed silently that Zaira and Eli would be on the other end of the door for the sake of his men.


He opened the door to see his men standing there without Zaira and Eli. The rage began to boil, and his wolf began to surface. Without thinking, Adrian's hybrid form swiftly sliced off one of his men's head. Adrian looked at his bloody hand and his bloody attire then grinned. He licked the blood off his finger and looked at the other men who were now wearing blood. His steel colored eyes were slowly fading to the storm color. Tasting the blood satisfied the subduing wolf within, for now.


"Let this be a lesson..." said Adrian as he licked off his fingers.


"Now clean this shit up and find them, or do I have to make another example out of one of you?" said a now smiling Adrian.


Before anyone could answer, Adrian slammed the door in his men face.


Thinking about spilling someone guts on the wall made his wolf laugh. 'How could you laugh at this you sick creature?'  asked Adrian to his wolf. 'Well it couldn't be that bad if you're smiling you twisted fuck'  said his laughing wolf.


Adrian walked into his bathroom, took off the bloody clothes, and started the shower. All throughout the night, all he could think about was Zaira. He remembered when he pressed his body against hers; Adrian moved his hand down to his throbbing cock and began to stroke it. He pictured Zaira grinding her hips on him. When Adrian saw it leaking pre-cum, he began to stroke it faster and rougher. Remembering Zaira caused him to cum quicker than usually. The wolf within was not satisfied, he could feel the wolf was pacing back and forth. 'Be patient, for we will have them soon' reassured Adrian. Two hours later, Adrian woke from his dream reaching for the area beside him. He was searching for Ziara, but he was disappointed when she was not there.


"Damn her for leaving me, damn her for taking Eli, damn her for making me yearn for her, damn her for giving my brother to the FBI." growled Adrian as he set up in bed. 'Just damn her too Hell already' mocked his wolf.


'Oh yeah, vengeance will be mines... I will have them soon, no matter what the circumstances are. They will take their rightful place by my side…as my family' thought Adrian. 'No she will be by our side' reassured the wolf. 'Yes, she will be ours. But now I have to worry about Conrad, damn Er geht mir auf den' thought Adrian as he felled asleep.




Zaira was relieved to see a flight attendant hand resting on her shoulder. After she reassured the flight attendant that she was okay, the flight attendant walked away. Six hours later, Zaira woke up a now sleeping Eli as the plane began to touch the ground.


"Welcome to Scotland and thank you for flying United Airplanes, and please enjoy your stay" said a reassuring voice.


Eli and Zaira stretched and walked off the plane, this is their new home. Zaira picked up Eli and saw the approaching storm clouds. Although she saw approaching storm clouds, she thanked God for getting them to Scotland safely and thanked God for helping them avoid the storm.


I created the sound of madness, wrote the book on pain


Somehow I'm still here to explain


That the darkest hour never comes in the night


You can sleep with a gun


When you gonna wake up and fight for yourself?


Song Credit: "We are Young" by Fun & "Madness" by Shinedown

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.