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Imagine the green glow was purple. 

The Creature 

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*Zaira -- Barrhead Scotland*


Zaira was in disbelief as she made her way down the local market isle. 'Who in their right mind would go to the store at ten o'clock at night for napoleon ice cream? I would, that's who' scorned Zaira. When Eli and Zaira had a restless night, they would always settle down with a bowl of napoleon ice cream. Eli ate the chocolate, she ate the strawberry, and the vanilla sat in the freezer until grocery day. Zaira looked at the preoccupied Eli who wore his Hulk pajamas with matching Hulk bedroom shoes (which caused her to giggle). She had to choose between a singing Eli or a preoccupied Eli. She chose the less noisy option, which lead to Eli playing on her cellphone. Zaira stopped at the register, but Eli caught her attention.


"Mommy," cried Eli in a low whining voice.


'Uh oh, I wonder what he wants' thought Zaira as she looked down at Eli.


"Yes baby? asked Zaira as her attention went towards the displayed candy.


"Can I," stated Eli before he was interrupted by his mother.


"It's may I, not can I sweetheart" corrected Zaira as she looked at her son.


"Ok, may I have a Twix?" asked Eli as he put on his best pouting face.


"Yes, but you will NOT eat it tonight," Zaira said after seeing Eli's attempted objection added "Sad face or no sad face, understood?"


"Yes ma'am," stated a grinning Eli.


Zaira removed the Twix from the candy display, and gave the clerk her items.


"Will this be all Miss?" asked a handsome older man.


"Yes Sir" stated an observing Zaira.


After receiving her groceries and receipt, she walked to the car with Eli holding her hand. Zaira placed the bags on the floor, fastened Eli into the booster car seat, and closed the door. She knew Eli would eventually be asleep because it was pass his bedtime. Just when she opened the driver door, she heard rattling from the bushes. Wondering what was making the noise; Zaira's curiosity got the best of her. She reached down towards her black sweat pants, and removed the P229 from her ankle holster. Taking a deep breath, she slowly walked toward the bushes with the gun behind her back. When she finally stopped at the edge of the curb, she heard a loud growl.


After hearing the growl, Zaira pulled the gun from behind her back. She would be ready for whatever hid in the bushes or die trying. Seconds later she saw large steel grey eyes prowling close to the ground. 'What the hell is that?'  thought Zaira as her breathing quicken and her eyes narrowed. As if reading her thoughts, the big figure walked into her view. Immediately unable to move, she observed the beast.


 'Is that a wolf? Noooo, that couldn't be a wolf. I never saw a wolf like that on animal planet. I bet little red riding hood would piss herself. There is no way in hell, wolves get that big unless they're on steroids right?'  debated Zaira. The creature's fur was golden brown, the eyes were grey, and it was five times bigger than the average wolf. Feeling unprepared she tried to slowly step backward until the wolf growled at her. She would have ran back to the car, but the creature with its huge teeth and drool informed ''You move, you die''. 'Put the gun down' said a little voice in the back of Ziara's mind. Never ignoring the voice before, Zaira slowly placed the gun on the ground, and kicked her gun to the side. Showing a sign of surrender, Zaira closed her eyes tightly and said a silent prayer to God.



"There is no reason to pray," mocked the voice.


Zaira eyes suddenly opened and began to search the perimeter. 'Where in the hell did that come from' thought Zaira as she looked confused.


"It came from me," said the brown wolf in a thick German accent.


In shock from seeing the wolf talk, Zaira stood there shaking. Every time she opened her mouth to speak, nothing would come out. Therefore, she gave up on speaking and just observed the wolf. The wolf's muscles pulsed with every movement, the sharp fangs dripped with drool and its large eyes focused only on Zaira. The wolf began to approach her while licking it's fangs. Unsure what to do, Zaira just stood there watching the wolf's every step.


  'If it wanted to kill you, then you'd be dead already' assumed Zaira to herself.


"Very smart" said the wolf as he now sat before Zaira feet.


"Did you…just read my…thoughts?" asked a stuttering Zaira.


"Ja, I did," stated the wolf.


The wolf began to circle Zaira, making her nervous.


"Luna has blessed me well," said the wolf as he licked his lips.


"What are you talking about?" questioned a curious and nervous Zaira.


"You're mine wummin" growled the wolf.


"Excuse you?" stated an annoyed Zaira who was trying her best to appear calm. Before Zaira could protest anymore, the wolf pounced on her. Zaira was suddenly on the ground, pinned down under the big wolf.


"Now look here wummin" growled the wolf as he sniffed Zaira's neck.


"You...Belong...To...Me," stated the wolf as he stressed the importance of each word.


Zaira was speechless because the wolf eyes captivated her. The wolf lowered its head toward Zaira, inhaling her fragrance. Captivated by the fragrance of cinnamon and pears, the wolf could not hold back the urge to lick her pulsing neck. Just when the wolf's tongue escaped it's mouth, he heard a loud growl. Being in a compromising position, he slowly adjusted his body.


"Get the FUCK off her, before I rip your flea infested throat out," demanded a pissed off voice.


  'Who the hell is that' thought Zaira as she searched for the intruder.


"I know who it is" stated the wolf as he repositioned his body.


She nodded her head and slowly reclined on elbows. What she saw next, made her seek comfort from the egotistical wolf. There in the shadows lurked a beast. It stood tall, muscular, and menacing. As it approached, she gasped in fear. The creature had hooves for feet, witches claws for hands, two rams horns atop its head, its wings were made of flesh, fangs for teeth, and two purple ovals for eyes. The creature's body was not covered in flesh, but of muscle. The decomposing muscle had veins protruding as it vent off steam. It's entire body was covered in black markings which was similar too ancient Latin. Zaira focused on the creature and thought hard to herself. 'That voice, it sounds familiar. One thing is for sure, I'm going crazy' l aughed Zaira.


"Get away from her NOW," exclaimed the creature.


Before the Brown wolf could protest, the creature charged towards them. In shock, Zaira yelped and quickly search for her gun. Just like that, the brown wolf and the creature were pacing around each other. Unsure about what to do, she watched the foolish beasts. ' What the Hell, who do they think they are? People are not processions therefore we can't be owned or claimed.'  thought a now pissed off Zaira.


"Stop it!" shouted an irritated Zaira.


The beasts stopped, glanced at Zaira, and continued their pacing. Before she could say anything else, the creatue snapped at the wolf's neck. Unable to dodge the attack, it's jaws latched around his opponent's neck. Seeing the wolf's pain, she felt a need to protect him.


"Enough, you're hurting him" shouted a concerned Zaira.


Only focused on his rival, the creature did not notice Zaira's movements. Suddenly in one swift kick, Zaira was able to cause pain in the creature lower back. Which brought the menacing beast to it's knees while releasing the wolf's neck.  Zaira placed her gun on the creatures head and was about to speak, but it's black markings began to glow purple. 'I don't think it's suppose to glow…why in the hell is it growing purple!! What am I suppose to do? Fuck! Fuck! fuck! Maybe I should kick it again' debated a bouncing Zaira. Agreeing with her inner voice, Zaira kicked the creature in the back again.


Slowly standing, the creature's purple body began to fade. Angry, it stalked towards Zaira with an intent to harm and possibily kill.


"I said enough" exclaimed Zaira as she pointed her gun at the creature.


Suddenly, it shifted into a tall, naked, and menacing man. 'Igor West' thought Zaira.


"You dare defy me for this piece of shit," shouted Igor as he kicked the wolf.


The wolf's whimpering brought Zaira out of her previous thought of vengeance. She kneeled down to the wolf, and began to comfort it before she heard Igor growl.


"You will not touch him…well unless you want him to die," bellowed Igor while smiling.


"Listen here" demanded Zaira as her anger grew.


Zaira rose from her kneeling position by the wolf. She slowly walked towards Igor's folded arms and straightened posture.


"I don't know who the hell you think you are, but you DO NOT own me and you will not touch him," exclaimed Zaira as she looked into Igor's dark eyes.


Getting tired of her talking, Igor grasped her throat tightly and smiled.


"Listen to me good," demanded Igor as he looked into her eyes.


Taking in her fragrance of earth, his head lowered towards Zaira's neck. Hypnotized by her scent Igor gripped her throat tighter. As he slowly lift Zaira off the ground by her throat, she began to squirm while dropping her gun. Unable to breath, Zaira clawed at his hand while kicking at Igor.


"You, Zaira Deja Jacobs belong to me," stated Igor as he ignored her clawing and kicking.


"The quicker you accept that," said Igor as he sucked on her earlobe.


"The easier your life will become…or I will simpily kill you" he whispered.


Zaira tried her hardest to gasp for air, but neither kicking nor clawing helped. She felt her lungs give in and her eyelids getting heavy. Not willing to admit defeat, Zaira felt a need to express a couple of words.


"Fuck you…" soundlessly mouthed Zaira.


Getting agitated, he released Zaira's throat, and she fell hard on the concert. Gasping for air, she ignored the pain in her arm. Not giving her the opportunity to speak another word, Igor swiftly covered Zaira's body with his. Catching her off guard, Igor turned into the creature and moved his mouth towards her chest. His fangs extended from his mouth, as he slowly licked Zaira's left breast.


"Corrupt the heart, and take the soul. Your ass is mines" reminded Igor.


"Adrian help" pleaded Zaira. With the creature in close proximity, the smell of death invaded Zaira's nostrils.


Just when Zaira felt his fangs dig into her breast, she heard a loud growl. Before she could blink, the brown wolf pounced on the creature's back. Finally in a good position, Adrian ripped off part of Igor's neck. The big gash allowed purple liquid to flow down Igor's body which caused him to collapse. Descending from the body, the wolf stalked towards Zaira. 


"He's wrong you know…that ass is mines" grinned Adrian.


Just when Zaira opened her mouth to protest, she heard her cellphone alarm. Waking up sweating, Zaira felt chills run down her spine.


"Damn, not this shit again" quietly said Zaira.


Seven weeks had gone by since she last saw Adrian at the airport. During those seven weeks, she had similar dream every night. The dream revolved around Igor and Adrian. The first couple of weeks, she just laughed off the dreams. As time went on, the dreams became more intense. After awhile, she became obsessed with the dreams. She researched werewolves and demons but the information seemed unrealistic. 'Why are you tripping Zi? Not like werewolves or demons exist. Plus, Adrian can't find us. Just take deep breaths and try to relax' thought Zaira as she inhaled and exhaled deeply.  Eventually, she blamed the dreams on her insanity or lack thereof. Unable to calm down, Zaira gave up.


"Dang it," shouted an agitated Zaira as she set up in bed.


Rubbing her forehead, she felt the stress creep upon her body. Zaira sat in the dark allowing only the streetlight to enter into her bedroom apartment. 'Focus on something. Like what? How about decorating? I'm tired of decorating. Then how about the case on tv? Nope, to depressing. How about drawing? Yeah, I can do that' debated Zaira. She turned on her lamp and grabbed her sketchbook along with charcoals. Flipping through the pages, she focused on the current muse of her sketching. Looking at the picture of the golden brown wolf with piercing eyes, she wondered 'what are you'. Flipping to a blank page, Zaira began to think about Adrian's grey eyes. She never saw eyes like his before, and she grew to despise those eyes. His eyes hunted her day and night. Getting more frustrated, she threw her sketchbook across the room.


She descended from bed and paced her room. Feeling enclosed and suffocated, Zaira opened the window. Sitting on the edge, she began to take deep breaths. Looking out at the beautiful scene before her eyes, Zaira felt the stress leak out of her body at that exact moment. Other than the taunting dreams, she really enjoyed the beautiful, peaceful, and surreal Scotland. Taking a deep breath of the country wind, Zaira was ready for whatever the day may bring. "Well it's too long living in the same old lives. I feel too cold to live, too young to die. Will you walk the line, like it's there to choose? Just forget the wit, it's the best to use (1)" sang her alarm.


"Time to wake up Eli" said Zaira as she rose up from the window seat.


Zaira walked out of her bedroom and into the hallway. Peeking into Eli's room she thought to herself Aw, look at my little baby'. Looking around his room, she realized his Hulk obsession was getting to be a bit much. 


"This is not good for a five year-old. Maybe, we can add Thor into his collection. First, this stuff was cute but now it's kind of creepy" said Zaira as she picked up a Hulk action figure.


"Eli, baby it's time to wake up" stated Zaira as she turned on Eli nightstand lamp.


"Couple more minutes mommy," mumbled Eli as he pulled the covers over his head.


"If you don't get up right now, my hand and your butt will have a reunion" said Zaira with a stern voice.


Before she knew it, Eli jumped out of bed.


"Good morning mommy" Eli said groggily.


"Morning sweetheart" smiled Zaira as she hugged her son.


They shared a moment of hugging and silence.


"How about I fix you eggs, cheese grits, and Turkey sausages for breakfast," asked Zaira as she kissed Eli's cheek.


"Mmm that sounds good," stated a smiling Eli as he rubbed his stomach.


"Okay," stated Zaira as she stood up.


"Your uniform will be waiting on the bed after you've finished in the bathroom," said Zaira as she walked towards the door.


"Okay," yawned Eli as he got out of bed and walked towards his bathroom.


Zaira walked towards the kitchen and prepared breakfast. Just when she finished cooking, Eli approached her. There her baby stood wearing his dark green/gold plaid shorts, a dark green vest with gold trimmings, a white dress shirt, and green/black air force ones. He held up his green and gold plaid tie signaling Zaira to help him.


"I use to help your daddy with his tie," stated a smiling Zaira.


"Look at my handsome baby in his uniform," she exclaimed while kissing his forehead. Eli sat down in his chair while she watched him eat breakfast because something told her that those moments would not last forever.


*Adrian -- Germany*


Adrian sat in his office looking at the pictures of Zaira and Eli. It had been exactly seven weeks and he heard no news about them. 'What if someone harmed them? What if some guy wanted Zaira? What if I never see them again?' Adrian discussed with himself. He had not been able to sleep properly because of a reoccurring dream. Every dream consisted of a demon torturing Zaira, but the worst has yet to come. Zaira would scream out Adrian's name but he was unable to help her. No matter how hard he tried running towards her, the darkness would only consume him. Adrian's head rested on his palms and took a deep breath. 'Don't fret human, they're still alive' reassured his wolf. 'And how would you know? If you know that they're alive then where are they?' asked an aggravated Adrian. 'Don't get pissy at me…you human. It's not my fault they're gone, now is it' barked Adrian's wolf.


His wolf was right, it was Adrian's fault. Adrian's men searched every state; he even had his men stationed around her family in Texas and Florida. Getting more frustrated Adrian put the pictures and their information back into his top drawer. He relaxed his head on the back of his chair, closed his eyes, and held the bridge of his nose. How could he focus on his pack if there was a possibility that his family was in danger. Making sure the pack was running smoothly was the only thing that kept him sane. The FBI still had Conrad in custody, which relieved Adrian. Yeah, he might seem like a bad brother but he knew his brother would want revenge. If Adrian was unable to find them, he knew Conrad would. Conrad had connections because of his criminal occupation. Suddenly, he heard a loud knock at the door that pulled him from his thoughts.


"Come in" demanded Adrian in a stern voice.


Boris walked into Adrian's decorated office. The office walls painted cream with maroon trimming the borders, maroon antique chairs trimmed with gold, and the French mahogany fireplace is Adrian's glory.


"Hey," said Boris as he walked into Adrian office.


Adrian looked at his friend since birth, Boris, and knew something was wrong.


"What happened?" questioned Adrian as he set up in his desk. Adrian motioned for Boris to sit down in the chair across from his desk.


"We have news," said Boris as he sat in the maroon chair.


"How bad is it," requested a curious Adrian as he stood up from his brown leather chair.


"Well, I just received news about Conrad," announced Boris as he watched Adrian.


"And?" requested an impatient Adrian as he urged Boris to continue.


"And…his plane will touchdown tomorrow. Our sources believe Zaira and her son switched their identity. Because no one had any records of a Zaira or Eli Jacobs boarding a plane," stated Boris as he shifted in his seat.


At that moment, everything was changing and Adrian could not stop the process. Boris looked at Adrian, and saw something he never saw before. A man in love, a man with a weakness, but most importantly he saw a man in pain.


"Don't worry Adrian," requested Boris as he stood up from the maroon chair.


"We'll find them before anything happens" reassured Boris as he stood behind Adrian.


Adrian stood looking out the window and admired the scenery. 'Let's go for a run' requested his wolf. 'Is there a way I can say no?' asked Adrian to his wolf. 'No, we need this. You're driving me crazy' requested the wolf. Adrian knew his wolf was right.


"I'm going for a run Boris, I'll be back in 30," said Adrian as his hand ran through his hair while he walked towards the door.


Finally, outside of the three-storied house, Adrian looked around his compound. Observing the compound's beautiful landscape, he wondered if Zaira and Eli would enjoy it. Shifting into a golden brown wolf with stormy eyes, Adrian began running. Running into the woods, Adrian felt the blood run through his hair and body. Suddenly, he realized someone was following him and knew whom it was. She wore loud perfume that burned through his nostrils. Tired of the games, Adrian stopped and faced towards the intruder.


"What do you want Elena?" asked Adrian as he transformed into human form.




A red henna haired wolf with amber eyes came lurking behind a tree. The wolf shifted into a pale five foot nine woman, with hazel eyes, a petite body, and red hair. Standing in her naked form, she placed her palms on her slim waist.


"Aw, what's the matter?" asked Elena as she slowly walked towards Adrian.


Biting on her lower lip, Elena admired Adrian's naked form. Just by watching Adrian standing in his naked glory made Elena's body shiver.


"I do not like repeating myself Elena. What the hell do you want?" exclaimed a pissed off Adrian.


"I can barely recognize you," inquired Elena as she stood in front of Adrian.


Standing before Adrian, Elena noticed a few new things about him. First, Adrian hair is lightly curled and was a little spiked. Secondly, his smooth face now wore a neatly trimmed beard. Lastly, Elena noticed how Adrian muscles grew since the last time she saw him.


"I must say, I like the new you" whispered Elena as she rubbed Adrian's chest.


Elena began to kiss lightly on Adrian's neck, as she twisted his nipple. A quick intake of breath caused him to push Elena's head down signaling her to move further. Still kissing on Adrian's neck, Elena began to kiss his collarbone. Unwilling to stop, she kneeled down smirking up at him. Massaging his balls, Elena watched his cock become erected. His eight-inch manhood made her mouth droll. Licking her lips, she began to grip it tightly into her small hands. She was unable to wrap her whole hand around him because of its thickness. Memorizing the cock she has sucked so many times made her wet. Flicking her tongue around the head, Elena began to pump it slowly. Adrian placed his hand behind Elena head and encouraged her to suck him by forcing her closer. When she refused, he became enraged.


"Don't test me Elena" demanded Adrian as he forced his cock into Elena mouth.


Being a professional at blowjobs and teasing, Elena swallowed Adrian's cock with little gagging. Getting his whole manhood wet, Adrian began to pick up the pace. Holding Elena's head still, Adrian pumped inside of Elena's throat. Forcing himself deeper inside of her, he held his head back. Unsatisfied by her lip service, Adrian removed himself.




"Turn over," demanded Adrian as he shoved Elena backwards.


Turning over on her knees and palms, Elena teased Adrian by swinging her hips in the air. Getting behind Elena, Adrian noticed her body. How small and fragile Elena looked, and how he could see her spine. 'What are you thinking!? You know you don't want to fuck her. Just look at her back, you can see her damn spinal cord. She's like a pencil, no curves, no ass, but her breasts are nice' mocked the wolf. Adrian watched as his penis became limp. Turned off by Elena, Adrian rose from his spot and looked at Elena disgusted. 'Dammit, what has Zaira done to me' asked Adrian to himself as he rubbed the back of his neck.


Growing impatience with Adrian, Elena turned around and looked into Adrian's eyes. His eyes not filled with lust or desire but filled with disgust. Elena was proud of her body, but the expression Adrian had on his face made her second guess her appearance. Ashamed of her body, Elena tried to cover herself.


"Get out of my face," roared Adrian as he looked into Elena's eyes.


Elena sat on the ground, watching Adrian's dark eyes, hoping for a change of heart. Adrian never used that tone of voice with her before, and maybe she could persuade him again.


"But...But" stammered Elena as fear crept in her body.


"Now" yelled Adrian as he watch Elena fly from his sight.


Adrian watched Elena shift into her wolf form and ran back into the compound. He tried to cause her much pain and humiliation because he hated Elena. She was prideful, sneaky, a lair, and conniving; which is why he did everything to break her. Frustrated with himself, Adrian shifted into his wolf and ran deep into the forest. 'Zaira I swear to you this day, dead or alive. I will make you suffer because you forced me to become a pup...only a man control his emotions, thoughts, and body thought Adrian as he continued his run. Looking up into the sky, Adrian noticed the dark storm clouds approaching. He closed his eyes and welcomed the storm. He knew no matter how hard a person try, they could not avoid the storm.




'How dare he treat me that way. He has another thing coming if he thinks I will forget this. Me, Elena Rosemead, not good enough? Maybe I can solve his problem, and then he'll come crawling back to me. After he realizes what I've done for him, he will finally accept me as Alpha Bitch' plotted Elena to herself as she stormed into the compound. Elena had to solve Adrian's problem and quickly. The faster she solved his problem, the faster he would accept her as equal. Her becoming Alpha Bitch would set her twin and herself up for life. 'I need information, I wonder if Evona knows anything' asked Elena to herself as she walked upstairs.


"Evona, my dear sister, I need your assistances," requested Elena as she telepath to her sister.


"What do you want Elena" moaned an annoyed Evona.


"I'm kind of busy," stated Evona as she gripped the sheets tightly.


"Oh please, the fucking can wait," said Elena as she walked into her bedroom.


"Do you know what's going on with Adrian?" asked Elena as she walked towards the body length mirror.


"No I don't...Why, is something wrong?" stated a frustrated Evona as she shoved her lover afar.


"He...He turned me down" shuttered Elena at the thought of Adrian's disapproval.


"What do you expect Elena?" Evona asked as she sat up in bed.


"If you were his mate, then he would have claimed you by now. Stop while you're ahead, and remove any scheme," indicated an annoyed Evona.


"But I'm supposed to be Alpha Bitch!" shouted Elena as she ran her hands down her waist.


"Only thing you're supposed to be is beta. I'm not sure who filled your head up with lies, but Adrian Hitzag does not want you," revealed Evona as she prepared for a bath.


"Who would want to mate with someone who has slept with every available male? Enough is enough Elena, I'm sorry," Evona sympathized.


"Fine, settle on being beta," shouted a pissed off Elena.


"He does want me, he just doesn't know it yet," stated Elena as she closed off communications with her sister.


Looking back at Boris on the bed, Evona closed the bathroom door. Evona was older than Elena by two minutes. She regretted having sibling especially when her little sister was Rosemary's baby. Looking at herself in the mirror, Evona, was always different from Elena. They both shared same red henna hair, hazel eyes, and five foot nine height. The differences between the sisters are noticeable. Elena believed the world owed her something, she was petite, and she fucked her way to the top. Evona worked hard, a little chubbier, had self-respect, and she was content with her life. Being the oldest, she felt a need to protect Elena from her own destruction.


Evona believed Elena's attitude came when their parents abandoned them. At the age of two, the sisters were abandoned on the Hitzag porch. The Hitzag family raised Evona and Elena as their daughters. Elena's actions were the reason for the downgrade to beta. Mrs. Brigitta Hitzag heard of Elena's countless number of sexual partners and her sly ways. Adrian and Mr. Alban Hitzag heard rumors about Elena's distrust towards the pack, but Alban could not believe it.


When the pack had to fight against the Scottish, their enemies knew their weakness. Elena sold information regarding the army's defenses and strategies. By the time Adrian found out about Elena's treason it was too late, Alban was killed at "The Battle of Halberd'. Adrian was moments away from killing Elena before his mother stepped in. Brigitta made Adrian promise not to harm Elena because Brigitta could not endure another death. Not only did he promise not to kill Elena but he also kept her treason a secret. If the pack knew about Elena's betrayal, they would view their leader as a weak and a coup would form. Until this day, Elena only survives because of Mrs. Hitzag survival. Since the betrayal, Adrian had to build the clan back up from scratch with no help or guardianship. Till this day, Elena misunderstood Adrian's compliance for weakness, but that would soon end.

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