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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for not posting last week, something came up... Since I missed last week post, it might be a double post this week. I want to thank everyone for their reviews and comments!! I especially want to thank KeiKei, my beta reader. The person pretraying Conrad is Seth Forena and Ron from Harry Potter (which I love BTW lol) 


I know this chapter is kind of low-key buy it's the "calm before the storm" lol. Without further adieu, I give you Avoiding the Storm chapter 4...enjoy & please any comments/critiques! 


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.




"Eli Nicolas Jacobs, if you don't hurry up" shouted Zaira towards Eli's room as she stood by the kitchen.


Eli came running out of his room with his hulk backpack attached to his shoulder. Zaira watched him approach her while smiling. 


"I'm ready mommy" Eli said breathlessly as he slouched over with his palms resting on his kneecaps. Trying to catch his breath, Eli took one deep breath and stood up.


"Are you okay sweetheart?" asked a concerned Zaira while looking into Eli's emerald eyes.


"I'm okay," stated Eli as he walked towards the kitchen.


"Do you have everything you need?" questioned Zaira as she watch Eli plunder through the fridge.


"Yes ma'am" said Eli as he grabbed a yogurt.


"Let's go through the list, just to make sure" Zaira requested.


"Again? Do we have to?" groaned Eli as he rolled his eyes.


"Yes because this is your first sleepover, and I won't be there if you need me" stated Zaira as she felt a tear run down her cheek.


"Mommy, don't cry again," pleaded Eli as he walked towards his mother.


Zaira felt Eli’s arms wrap around her waist. She held Eli in her arms as she tried to collect her emotions. 'Goodness woman, he's just going to a sleepover. He'll be fine; you'll pick him up Sunday morning. That's a day and a half' thought Zaira to herself.


"I'm okay sweetheart," whispered Zaira as she put on a fake smile.


"If you don't want me to go-," said Eli as he looked into Zaira drying eyes.


"No, I want you to go and have fun-" interrupted Zaira.


"Good, now come on mom" Eli said enthusiastically before running towards the door.


Zaira watched Eli as she gathered her keys and purse. She giggled to herself as she watched Eli’s golden brown curls as they bounced while he ran out their house.


After forty-five minutes of constant driving, Zaira finally arrived at the Ballard residence. Amazed by the landscape and the built house, Zaira focused on her surroundings. As soon as she stopped the 2004 Black BMW, Eli unbuckled his seatbelt and jumped out of the car. Zaira felt a warm secure feeling watching as Eli ran up to the Ballard's home as if a second home. Zaira put the car in park, turned off the ignition, and exited the car. Observing the family from afar, Zaira watched Shona walking outside with Duclas running ahead of his mother. Shona was a short woman, smaller than Zaira, with blonde hair. She greeted Zaira with a hug, which Zaira eagerly accepted. Shona and her husband, Douglas, invited Zaira inside for a glass of lemonade. An hour later, Zaira stepped down from the house steps and walked towards her BMW. After saying goodnight to Eli, Zaira walked to the car with a feeling of contentment.


'What a nice family' Zaira thought to herself while driving home. ' When will I get my happily ever after' Zaira asked to herself. 'This is the real world, I'm not sure if Happily Ever After exists' stated a voice in Zaira’s head. 'Better to love and lost than to never have loved at all. Still though, I want the nice house with a big yard, a couple of dogs, and a big family. When will things change for my better good? ' demanded Zaira as she hit the wheel in frustration. All Zaira could think about was her happy life with Jeremiah. When Jeremiah died, it felt as if she lost half of her soul, but luckily Eli completed her. As she reminisced about her life with Jeremiah, one of her favorite songs began to play on the radio. As she turned the radio up, Zaira recalled the lyrics and began to sing.


(1)"I used to recognize myself. It's funny how reflections change. When we're becoming something else, I think it's time to walk away"

sang Zaira in a low key.


"So come on let it go. Just let it be. Why don't you be you. And I'll be me." continued a singing Zaira as tears fell down her face.


"Everything that's broke. Leave it to the breeze. Why don't you be you. And I'll be me." sobbed Zaira as she continued singing in a higher tone. Not paying attention to the road, she was unable to avoid the huge pothole.


"Damn it!" shouted Zaira as she swerved off the road.


"This can't be happening now," cried Zaria as she parked the car. Furious by the flatten tire, the setting sun, her crying, and the rain: Zaira hit the wheel a countless number of times.


'Crying won't solve anything, and neither will sitting in a car with a flat tire.' Zaira told herself as she turned off the ignition and emerged from the car.


"Great day not to bring an umbrella" she mocked.


Walking to the front passenger tire, Zaira observed the damages. She did not know how to change a tire, but today would be a good day to learn. The worst part was Scotland's horrid weather. Deciding not to pout about the situation anymore, she walked towards the trunk. Opening it, she took out the tire and jack. After ten minutes of constant fails, Zaira stood up having figured out that she was not going to get the damn tire changed on her own. Opening her arms wide with her head tilted towards the clouds, she let the rain consume her body. As she looked into the dark clouds, she screamed at the heavens above. She cussed at Jeremiah for leaving her; she cussed at the terrible weather, but most of all she cussed at herself. She could not live life regretting the past nor missed opportunities. Zaira let the rain wash away all her troubles and let out a sigh of relief. Laughing at her current situation, she did not notice that she had company.


"Are ye trying to catch yer death?" asked a deep Scottish voice.


Frozen in her steps, Zaira slowly turned around and gasped silently. What she saw astonished her, and all she was capable of doing was staring. Before Zaira's eyes, was a tall, handsome, and well-built man. Surrounding him were three dirty (due to muddy water) white Range Rovers. Each car had at least three men in them; she wondered why he travelled with a crew. Thinking about him, made her attention return to the intruder.


"Are ye okay?" repeated the handsome man.


 'I am now' thought Zaira as she tried to avoid eye contact. The man hid under an umbrella but the only thing Zaira could see was his stern full lips. She needed to see his eyes, because they held the soul. He stepped closer allowing his umbrella to shield her from the rain. Zaira took that opportunity to look upon her rescuer's face, and was astonished.


"Damn" she said quietly.


"Excuse me bonnie?" said Zaira rescuer as he stared into her eyes.


"Um, nothing" Zaira said a little bashfully as she glanced up into his light blue eyes.


'His eyes are so beautiful; they remind me of crystal blue water.' thought Zaira. She continued to stare at the tall figure in front of her. He wore lightly baggy dark denim jeans, a snug red V-neck shirt, black/red Nike, and a Skyline Geneva Platinum watch. He stood at least six feet two, a very muscular body, with broad shoulders. His facial feature held blue eyes, a thicker bottom lip, a medium sized nose; spiked red hair, and a light scruffy beard. When he smiled, you could see his straight white teeth and light crow's feet at the corner of his eyes. What surprised Zaira was the diamond earring in his right ear. 'Uh oh, a pretty boy' thought Zaira. As if reading her thoughts, the handsome man giggled to himself.


"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare," Zaira said as she shyly looked into his eyes.


"It's okay bonnie, I'm used to it" mocked the handsome man.


"Colin MacLeod at your service" pronounced Colin as he grabbed her hand.


"Zaira Jacobs" stated Zaira as she watched Colin kiss her hand, and never breaking eye contact with her. 'Shit, I just told him my real name. Well telling a couple of people won't hurt' thought Zaira.




Colin sat in the backseat of his black Cadillac Escalade, with tinted windows. Being Alpha of the MacLeod clan was indeed stressful but it had many benefits. The MacLeod clan was one of the most powerful clans in Europe besides the Hitzag of course. Colin considered himself a reasonable and sometimes forgiving person, but he despised the Hitzag clan. 'Cocky bastards' laughed Colin to himself. Dismissing his rival from his thoughts, Colin began to wonder about his cousin Duncan. Besides the clan, Duncan is Colin’s only living family member. He feared for Duncan, because Duncan held much resentment against everyone, especially the Hitzag clan. The battle of Halberd (Hitzag vs. MacLeod), took lives from both Colin's and Duncan's family. The rivalry between Hitzag and MacLeod went back centuries. Colin worked his ass off when he was younger because he had to prove he was worthy to become alpha after his father’s death. However, he was thankful for the war because it allowed him to venture beyond his father’s boundaries. 


Duncan did not recognize Colin as a cousin nor alpha, but they recognized each other as brothers. Relaxing in the backseat Colin began to search for his IPod in his black duffle bag. Colin watched the rain pour, listening to music, and felt relaxed. Staring outside, he decided to roll down the window a little to feel the breeze. He enjoyed the drops of cool rain hitting his face, and the fresh air flowing in his lungs. Feeling at ease, Colin let the music drift him off to sleep. 

Thirty minutes later

'Oi wake up!' shouted his wolf. Colin suddenly snapped his eyes opened and listened closely to his wolf. 'What is it?' asked Colin to his wolf.


Before his wolf spoke, Colin nostrils were set on fire. Rolling down the window completely down, he saw a stranded car some yards ahead. At that exact moment, Colin realized why his wolf woke him up. By the broken down car, Colin saw a beautiful thick black woman yelling at the sky. If it were anyone else, he would guess the woman was mental. She was not just anyone; she's the mate of Adrian Hitzag.


"Stop by that black car," Colin telepathically said to his entire posse.


"Yes Sir" his posse said in union.


After stopping across the street from the stranded car, Colin ran over to the damsel in distress with an umbrella. He snuck behind the damsel, observed her curvaceous but luscious body, and groaned to himself. When she leaned down to pick up the tire, Colin saw her ass and became immediately aroused. Her wet clothes helped Colin to see every hidden curve. 'Oi! First off, she's not yer bloody mate. Secondly, If Adrian even suspects you bedded his mate, you can prepare for another war. Lastly, If she continues to stand in the rain, ye won't have the opportunity to see her naked. Because she'll be dead ye fool!'shouted Colin's wolf. Snapping out of reality, Colin quickly sheltered the damsel with the umbrella.


She could dress so plainly but look astonishing. Zaira wore white skintight capris, a baggy spring green shirt that stopped after her naval, spring green/white air forces, and gold accessories. Only make-up she wore was lip-gloss, her hair pinned up in a ponytail, and a gold ankle bracelet. 'She must have a date. Well, I feel sorry for the poor bastard who has the balls to date Adrian’s woman.' assumed Colin. 'At least none are dumb enough to bed her' mocked his wolf. 'What he doesn't know won't hurt him' argued Colin.  'See, that kind of thinking will get us killed' stated his wolf. He could smell Adrian's scent but there was no mark of Hitzag. Though there was not a written contract, mates where off limits. If a mate was killed, then eventually the spouse would seek revenge in the most ruthless way. That's why many rogues killed because they try to fill that void with blood. After they exchanged names, Colin ordered someone to replace Zaira's tire. Zaira and Colin stood under his umbrella, waiting for his man to change her tire.


"I hope you weren't planning on keeping this beautiful creature to yourself," mocked a masculine voice behind Colin and Zaira.


"What's it to ye Duncan" asked Colin as he looked down at Zaira with her protectively in his arm.




Zaira felt flush with Colin's strong arm wrapped protectively across her mid-section. Leaning back to glance a look at the man called Duncan. 'They have to be related' Zaira thought as she observed Duncan. Duncan stood 6 feet tall, a little smaller than Colin, and had the same facial features like Colin. However, Duncan’s hair was longer and a brighter red, a baby face, green eyes with gold flecks, full lips, and freckles across his nose. Feeling Colin become possessive, Zaira shyly removed herself from his grasp. Colin saw a shivering Zaira and decided to get her a blanket and check on her car.




"I'll be right back" said Colin as he left the umbrella with Zaira.


"I can handle myself" Zaira reassured her company.


"Of course you can honey," interrupted Duncan as he looked towards her car.


"My name is Duncan MacLeod. What's your name pet?" stated Duncan as he licked his lips.


Feeling uncomfortable, Zaira folded her arms across her chest.


"Zaira Jacobs and I'm nobody’s pet" announced Zaira with attitude.


"Ohhh, I like you, pet has guts" mocked Duncan as he giggled and lightly ran his finger down Zaira wet shoulder.


"I'm not your damn pet" barked Zaira while she removed Duncan finger.


Leaning down to Zaira’s ear level, Duncan quietly whispered, "I can change that, I don't mind training you".


Appalled at Duncan statement, she prepared to defend herself.


"Listen here, I don't know who the hell you THINK you are" snarled Zaira.


"But I, Zaira Deja Jacobs do not need training from anyone! Especially a pompous ass like yourself" announced Zaira while she poked Duncan's chest. Before Duncan could say another word, Colin approached him from behind and grabbed Duncan's shoulder tightly.


"Oi, leave her alone" demanded Colin to Duncan as he looked down at Zaira.


"And if I don't? Would you want to fight for her?" playfully asked Duncan as he nudged Colin's hand off his shoulder.


"Duncan! I said leave her alone now" growled Colin to Duncan.


"Fine" snapped Duncan as he stood in front of Zaira with a grin.


Feeling defeated, Duncan stormed back to his SUV. 'One day her mouth will get her in trouble' thought Duncan as he opened the SUV door. Never before has Duncan been openly defied by a woman. His pride would not leave the situation alone; but eventually he shrugged her defiance off. 




"I apologize about my cousin's behavior," said an ashamed Colin as he looked into Zaira eyes.


"It's okay, I've dealt with worse" stated Zaira as she shyly glanced towards her car.


"It's ready when you are," grinned Colin as he continued to stare at Zaira.


"Thank you so much" Zaira bashfully replied as she once more avoided eye contact.


"No problem, how about you give me your number and we'll be even" persuaded Colin as he nudged against Zaira. Yes, she belonged to his enemy, but it was something about her. Something he could not put his finger on, at least for now. 


"Okay, I can do that. Do you have your cell," asked Zaira as she watched Colin search his pockets.


After making sure Zaira was comfortably in her car and on the road, Colin walked towards Duncan's truck. Opening his cousin’s door, Colin’s face displayed his anger.


"What tha hell is yer problem Duncan?" shouted Colin in his Scottish accent. Duncan annoyed him.


"Oye! I'm talking to you," barked Colin.


"Nothing is wrong," Duncan said with a smirk.


Colin continued staring at his cousin, "Don't get slick with me" commanded Colin.


"Promise me, you will stay away from her," demanded Colin. Duncan only nodded and put his headphones into his ears. Colin looked at his cousin one last time and slammed the door. He looked into the sky and watched as the storm clouds move slowly away with the wind. The storm began to fade, but he felt something bigger was approaching. Trying to focus on the positive, Colin turned his thoughts to Zaira.


Song credit: (1) Let it go by James Bay

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