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Author's Chapter Notes:

First: I want to thank everyone for their comments and reviews 

Second: A special Thank You to my editor KeiKei 

Third: The MacLeod clan is another werewolf clan & Zaira is not Colin's mate... He's just a flirtatious bastard lol

Lastly: the Creature is not an Ogre but a demon 


Hope you enjoy 


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

**Adrian -- Germany**


Adrian sat in his office, looking at the pictures of Zaira and Eli. When he felt stressed, worried, or even uneasy he always looked at the pictures. He promised himself to have Zaira and Eli in his arms, even if it cost him everything. Adrian felt an emptiness that he could not fill living without them. Adrian knew he loved Zaira and Eli because every moment of everyday he thought only of them. How Eli could brighten his day with a simple gesture, or how Zaira had the ability to turn his world completely around.


When he was younger, his mother always told him love stories. At the end of each story, the prince always got the princess and lived happily ever after. Adrian sat in his chair wondering if he would ever get his happily ever after. However, Adrian knew he lived in the real world, even the romance about a prostitute and the millionaire seemed impossible.  Before he could think anything else, his worse fear became his reality.


"Hello brother" greeted Conrad as he opened Adrian's office door.


"Hello Conrad" said Adrian as he stood up from his chair and approached his younger brother.




The two men stood staring into each other eyes without saying a word. Without warning, Adrian hugged his brother. Catching Conrad off guard, he stood there motionless. Conrad could tell something was wrong, but he returned the hug to Adrian. Patting each other on the back, Conrad felt content. After the hug, Adrian returned to his seat and motioned for his brother to sit down.


"So did you enjoy your stay in New York," joked Adrian. Behind the drama or hardness, Adrian loved his brother and missed his company. Conrad laughed while he ran his hand through his now long hair. Adrian watched his brother, and realized something was different about Conrad. No longer did he see Mr. Bad-Ass Conrad; but a changed man.


"Well, I found my mate" stated a concerned Conrad as he looked at his brother.


"Liebe Güte! (my god)," said a shocked Adrian as he watched Conrad.


"I know; she's a handful though. I spent a day watching her. I even tried to charm her. She wouldn't give me the time of day. So I left the city and came back home, but I have my men keeping an eye on her until I return" explained Conrad as his hand ran down his face.


"I have found my mate also," whispered Adrian. At that moment Conrad knew something was wrong with Adrian. Throughout the years of their existence, Conrad never saw his brother in so much turmoil except at their father's funeral.


"Wirklich?! (Really) Well where is she? What is she like," asked a curious Conrad. Adrian's answer was a movement of the shoulders and a blanked face expression.


"Tell me what's wrong and how I can help" presented Conrad. Without another word, Conrad watched Adrian pull a package from his top drawer and placed it on top of his desk. Conrad moved forward and was stunned at the pictures before him. There she was, the bitch who ruined his life. In disbelief, Conrad shook his head and relaxed in the chair.


Conrad began to laugh; "You can't be serious" asked Conrad while looking at Adrian.


"So the bitch that turned me in is your mate" stated a pissed off Conrad.


"You know I spent two fucking months locked up, and all I could think about was getting revenge" raised Conrad's voice.


"I know," stated an irritated Adrian.


Conrad looked at his brother in disgust, "You've got to be pulling my nut sack! Where is she" asked Conrad. Adrian looked at Conrad and shook his head.


"You don't know where she is" asked Conrad as he rose from his seat.


"No, I don't" stated Adrian while looking at a displeased Conrad.


"If you can't find her, I will" said Conrad slyly.


"Promise me you will not hurt them," pleaded Adrian. Conrad began to walk towards the door but heard his brother repeat his plea. "Promise me, I don't want to lose my only brother," shouted Adrian. Before Adrian could say another word, Conrad slammed the door.


*'How dare he? My own damn brother chooses some broad over blood. He should help me with revenge instead of thinking about a piece of ass'* thought Conrad to himself. Conrad returned to his room, and found comfort on his bed. He had his own problems to handle with his own mate. Before he went to sleep, he promised himself to find Zaira for the sake of his dignity. 




After Elena heard about the return of Conrad, she jumped with joy. If she was unable to have Adrian, then she would indeed have Conrad. She plotted to get information from Conrad, and get her connections to help with the issue. Making sure she looked presentable, Elena made her way to Conrad's room. She quietly walked into the room and watched a sleeping Conrad. Slowly easing herself on the bed, she straddled Conrad's legs. Preparing herself mentally, Elena slowly unzipped/unbuttoned his pants. Sliding his pants down to his thighs, Elena slipped Conrad's cock out of his silk black boxers. Looking at his cock, Elena compared the brothers. Conrad's cock is longer but a little less thick, either way she loved feeling both of them.


Elena swirled Conrad's head into her mouth and pumped his cock slowly. Elena began to kiss down the big vain, sucked on his balls, and licked down towards his ass. Before she knew it, Conrad's cock erected. Spitting and licking on his staff, Elena noticed a shifting Conrad. She began to suck past his head and slowly took more of him. Elena went deeper with each thrust and before she knew it, Conrad began to moan. Relaxing her throat, allowed her to take half of him. Letting her throat enclose tightly around Conrad's cock, she knew he would wake soon.


"Damn it Sabrina" moaned Conrad.


"Fuck, don't stop" demanded Conrad


Pausing, and sliding Conrad's cock from her throat; "Who the hell is Sabrina," asked a pissed off Elena causing Conrad to wake up.


"What the fuck are you doing in my room?" shouted Conrad.


"Who is Sabrina," commanded Elena.


"None of your damn business" stated Conrad.


"Please, tell me," pleaded Elena.


"Sabrina is my mate," stated Conrad as he rubbed his eyes.


"Your mate, are you sure?" asked a disbelieved Elena.


"Yes! Don't look so surprised" said Conrad as he pushed Elena off him.


"Only reason why you're in my room is because my brother turned you down" an annoyed Conrad stated.


"How did you know" Elena requested as she sat up in bed watching Conrad become limp.


"What do you think men who find their mates do" Conrad asked Elena while he pulled up his pants.


"Continue sleeping with the pack biggest whore?" a curious Conrad asked. Elena watched Conrad bust out into laughter.


"Get the hell outta my room, and don't come back Schlampe," (slut) commanded Conrad.


Elena now knew what Adrian’s problem was. Standing up, Elena walked towards Conrad's door. Looking back into a laughing Conrad's hazel eyes, Elena realized no one wanted her. Plotting a plan, 'Maybe, I can go into Adrian's office and get some information. I'm not the one to be reckoned with' thought Elena to herself as she made her way to Adrian's office. Elena looked at her watch and read the time; 7:10 pm. She knew Adrian would be out of his office and at a council meeting. Making her way towards the opposite side of the house, Elena prepared for her revenge.


Elena searched around the corridor to see any wandering eyes, feeling content; she made her way into Adrian's office. Quickly walking towards his desk, she began to search his drawers for any type of valuable information. Unsatisfied by the results, she sat back into his chair. At the corner of her eye, Elena saw a picture of a little boy.


Removing the picture from underneath the papers, Elena looked at the pictures in disbelief. 'This is your mate Adrian; a black fat bitch with a brat? Come on, get serious' laughed Elena to herself. Looking at Zaira's information, Elena found out her age, name, son's name, and everything she needed to know. Taking out her cell phone, Elena captured a picture of Zaira and Eli. Feeling satisfied with the information, Elena left Adrian's office. She walked to her room with comfort because she knew things were about to change for her better good. First, she had to make some calls.




'I cannot believe that whore just walked into my room' stated Conrad to his wolf. 'You have bigger things to worry about, such as the issue with our mate and Zaira' said his wolf. 'There is no issue with our mate; she just hasn't warmed up to me yet. Zaira is not a problem; I already have someone looking for her'reassured Conrad. 'Zaira is your brother's mate, you can't harm her. You would kill anyone who even touched Sabrina, now imagine what your brother is prepared to do' yelled Conrad's wolf. No longer caring about his wolf's opinion, Conrad got out of bed. Stretching his limbs, Conrad looked around his bachelor pad. The dark brown room had cream/gold trimmings; the furniture was dark wood with designs of wolves howling at the moon, and the materials (bedspread, curtains, and cushions on chairs) were gold with brown and cream trimmings. Conrad walked towards his hand carved dark wood fireplace, and poked at the fire. He began to think about Sabrina and Zaira, but his phone pulled him from his thoughts.


Picking up his phone, "Speak" Conrad demanded.


"Ok good, bring her to me," commanded Conrad. He turned off his cellphone and tossed it on his bed.


I can't believe you're bringing her here' yelled his wolf.




Adrian began to pace in his office, concerning himself about Conrad and Zaira.' Would his own brother actually harm his mate? They had their past, but is it worth the life of his family. Would I be able to punish my brother if he did harm her' thought Adrian as he continued to pace his office. He had not received any information about Zaira nor Eli, and he began to stress about their outcome. 'The fates has blessed and cursed me. Blessed because I know who my mate is, and cursed because she's as stubborn and bull-headed as me. I suppose I do deserve this, but damn it. I can't handle this shit' thought Adrian to himself.


He wished he could go to bed, but sleep had become a stranger to him. Every time he tried to sleep, he would only think about that horrid dream. He was helpless, he did not protect his mate and that made him mourn. Walking back to his desk, Adrian set down and continued thinking about the dream. What was coming, what was the creature, and why does he want Zaira; Adrian thought to himself. Before he could think anything else, Boris barged through Adrian's office unannounced.


"Boss, we've found her" shouted Boris as he stormed over to Adrian. Boris slammed the manila envelope on top of Adrian's desk and puffed out his chest. Adrian emptied the contents on his desk, and was pleased. Before his eyes, there were pictures of Zaira and Eli. He began to read the content, and read of their location.


He jumped out of his chair and shouted "SCOTLAND" Adrian said pissed off.


"She's in fucking SCOTLAND. No more than 800 miles, and you couldn't find her" Adrian yelled. The smile on Boris's face simply faded.


"Oh, she's fucking dead. Tell someone to pack my bags. I'm leaving tonight" commanded Adrian.


"But Adrian, that's MacLeod territory" stated Boris.


"I don't care, have my bags packed immediately, and tell Marcus to meet me in my room" demanded Adrian.


"Okay," Boris said as he walked towards the door, but stopped because of Adrian's booming voice.


"Thank you Boris" admitted Adrian.


He was not concerned about the MacLeod's, or his brother's anger. His only concern was the safety of his family. Adrian walked out of his office, and towards his bedroom. The plan was simple; take a shower, board the plane, go to Scotland, bring back his family, and make Zaira suffer. 'Ha, that's simple enough. Just in case, I should bring some men'thought Adrian as he took a shower. A knock at the door pulled Adrian from his current thoughts.


"Come in" said Adrian. An omega named Marcus stepped through. If Adrian needed anything done with discretion, Marcus was the man to call on.


"Did you request my presence my lord" asked Marcus as he watched Adrian step out the shower.


Adrian placed a towel around his waist. There he stood in all his wet glory. His tall naked form would make any woman drool at the mouth. His wet hair, shaven body, and muscles just begged to be worshipped. He knew Zaira would enjoy his body and everything that came with it.


"I want the two rooms that are next to mine prepared. One room, I want the Hulk everywhere: that includes paint, toys, everything. The next room I require it to be feminine; orange, purple, and yellow. All of this must be done before Monday" ordered Adrian as he dried off.


"Yes Sir, is there anything else" asked Marcus.


"Yes, Elena was in my office today. Handle that situation before I come back please. I plan on bring my mate and her son back, therefore I don't want any of Elena's nonsense" demanded Adrian with a stern voice. When Adrian came back from the gym to his office, he had smelled Elena's loud perfume. He figured he would handle the situation when the appropriate time approached. That appropriate time is now, before his family came.


"Understood" Marcus said simply as he waited to be dismissed.


"That is all" said Adrian while he lotion his body.


"Yes Sir" stated Marcus as he bowed and walked out of Adrian's room.


Adrian knew Zaira would not agree with sleeping in his room because she was stubborn. Therefore, against his better judgment, Adrian had a room set up for her. Adrian continued to dress and prepared himself mentally for the upcoming battle with Zaira.




Elena was in her room talking to her contacts. She had been sending pictures and giving information, but no luck so far. Giving up, Elena dialed the last contact that could help her.


"Duncan darling, long time no talk" grinned Elena through the phone.


"What do I want? I can't call an old friend" asked Elena.


"Okay, all bullshit aside. I need your help" confessed Elena to Duncan.


"Have you heard anything about someone named Zaira Jacobs" asked Elena.


"Yes, she's black, short, fat. You do know her, aw that's perfect" Elena proclaimed as she grinned.


"You know her how? Well, I have a plan that will get us revenge and take Adrian to his knees. Do you wish to hear it" questioned Elena. As she told Duncan her plan, she began to put clothes on her bed.


"What do you say, are you willing to get your hands dirty," mocked Elena while packing her bag.


"Perfect, we both would reap the benefits of this plan," promised Elena.


"One last thing Duncan; don't fuck this up. I will be there tomorrow," stated Elena as she hung up the phone. Everything was coming together perfectly. By the end of next week, Elena would have Adrian beneath her feet like a little pup. By the end of next week, Elena would be Alpha Bitch and Adrian would be hers to command with or without her sister's help. Elena finished packing her bags and walked towards the door with them in hand. When she opened the door, Marcus greeted her.


"Going somewhere Elena" asked Marcus with a stern voice.


"Yes, I'm leaving for a few weeks," stated Elena.


"Good because Adrian is not pleased with you," confessed Marcus. Elena shrugged her shoulders.


"I warn you, straighten up your act or be punished," demanded Marcus as he looked at Elena.



"Fine" Elena stated bitterly. 'How dare he talk to me that way? He doesn't know who he's fucking with. When I become Alpha bitch, he will be the first to pay' thought Elena to herself. Now, she had to focus on bigger things such as catching her plane.


**Zaira -- Scotland (later that night)**


Zaira was leaving the store with bags. She was preparing for a lonely night with ice cream, her favorite tv shows, and a cozy blanket. Strawberry ice cream, the Irish comedy Mrs. Brown's Boys, and a blanket; that is what Zaira called a good night. Driving home, she wondered what to think about; should she think about Colin, Adrian, the creature or a case she heard on the news. Although she worked at a restaurant as a waiter, she continued to think about exciting murder cases. Her first case was about young women around 30 years-old who were found dead. Multiple women were beat, raped, and their limbs detached. Zaira could not figure out the connection between the victims, and she grew restless. The longer it took to figure out the case, the longer the murderer would stay on the streets. Her ringing cellphone pulled her from her thoughts.


"Hello" Zaria said, as she looked puzzled at the incoming number.


"Hello bonnie" stated the familiar masculine voice.


"Colin well this is a great surprise" grinned Zaria through the phone.


"I suppose it is. You know I couldn't go to bed without hearing that sexy voice of yours" cooed Colin. Zaira rolled her eyes at the flirtatious remark and continued to drive.


"Well since you've heard it, I'm hanging up," Zaira joked.


"Naw, I was only joking. What are your plans for tomorrow?" laughed Colin.


"Nothing much really, sitting at home probably," stated a depressed Zaira.


"No you're not. I will pick you up tomorrow for lunch" commanded Colin.


"Oh, this will be interesting" laughed Zaira.


"Tomorrow will be a day you will never forget. Well I will pick you up tomorrow around 11" Colin said as he grinned.


"Okay, I look forward to it" said Zaira. Colin and Zaira said their goodbyes and hung up their cellphones. After their conversation, Zaira felt relaxed for that moment. Parking her car, she became nervous because she had not dated for a couple of years. Finally home, Zaira got out of the car and walked to her apartment with a bag in her hand. All she could think about was the upcoming date with Colin.


She unlocked her door, walked inside of her dark apartment, and placed the ice cream in the freezer. She walked towards the living room to turn on a lamp, but a dark figure sitting in the room caught her attention. At first Zaira assumed it was just a shadow because the lack of light only displayed an outline. Not having her gun Zaira began to fear for her life. Dropping Eli off and visiting a nice family did not require a gun, but she was wrong. 'Maybe it was the guy on the news, but whoever they were has some guts' thought Zaira.


"Why the hell are you in my house," questioned Zaira. The dark figure just sat there watching her, not speaking a word. Before Zaira could say anything else, she felt someone place a cloth that smelled like licorice over her mouth. Unable to say anything else or even struggle against her attacker, she began to feel tired. However, she tried her hardest to stay awake.


The last thing she saw was the shadow pull out his cellphone. The last thing she heard was "Package contained" stated an unfamiliar voice. After that statement, Zaira's world turned dark and her body collapsed into her attacker's arms


On the ground I lay, motionless in plain.


I can see my life flashing before my eyes.


Did I fall asleep? Is this all a dream?


Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare.


I will not die; I'll wait here for you.


I feel alive, when you're beside me.


I will not die; I'll wait here for you.


In my time of dying (3)


Song credits: (3) "Time of Dying" -- Three Days Grace.

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