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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here is chapter 7 of Avoiding the Storm. I know I said "I would post the rest before 2016" but life gets in the way. However, I will try my hardest to post on time and to also post for "Drunken Love". Hope you enjoy and leave feedback, it's always welcomed!

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


**Adrian---Location: Scotland**


Adrian brusquely hung up Zaira's cellphone, and began to pace in the spacious living room. 'What man has the audacity to call and question me, as if I’m an incapable pup! I swear if she's giving up, what is mines to some punk...then I'll kill her my damn self' thought Adrian.


Feeling exasperated, he walked around the quaint apartment and unexpectedly punched Zaira’s bedroom door. Inspecting the soccer sized hole on the door, he slightly smirked. Leaning up against the wall, opposite of the door, he imagined a pissed off Zaira. Indeed, once the hole is discovered, Zaira would “rip him a new one” and the thought amused him. Her 5’6 frame challenging his 6’4 frame and her mouth would release an unforgiving lashing. However, he would ravish her body filling the apartment with her moans and screams. Shaking himself of the thought, he walked towards the living room.


Finally calm, he focused on the apartment which pulsated Zaira's personality. The whole apartment was bold, organized, and colorful even Eli’s room. Although it was simply decorated and did not scream “luxurious”, the quaint apartment became a home to his family. Observing the photos on the wall, he stumbled across his favorite photo. The photo obtained Zaira’s arms wrapped loosely around Eli’s neck as they smiled at the camera with the beach as their background. As he observed the photo: time slowed down, and his breathing stabilized. What seemed like hours but actually minutes passed, he heard a knock coming from the front door. He readied himself for whatever was ahead by closing his eyes, deeply inhaling, and thinking of a positive outcome.


“Komm herein” stated Adrian.  


Opening the door, Boris stood at the entrance with an unsettled look about his person.


"Get on with it!" demanded Adrian.


"Colin MacLeod is here... And he's pissed" Boris stated.


'Do you think it's the same arschloch?' questioned his wolf.


‘Nein, how would they know each other?' answered Adrian.


"Bring him up" stated Adrian as he closed the door behind Boris. Sitting on the couch, Adrian tried his best to remain calm. If things became uncontrollable, another unnecessary war was in the future. With a war on the horizon: how could he focus on finding her. Before another thought could enter his mind, Zaira's front door flung open with a livid Colin MacLeod at the entrance.


"Why in the hell are ye here? Yer have some balls to come on ma territory without saying a word... A ‘Get tae fuck’ was enough! " shouted Colin.


Adrian rolled his eyes and simply stated: "Hello, and fuck off...Better?" stated an annoyed Adrian through clinched teeth.


Colin smirked at the comment and asked "Why are yer here Adrian?". However, Colin knew Zaira was the reason for the uninvited visit from Adrian.  


"Believe me, I would not visit this Godforsaken wetland if I didn’t have too...But since my mate was here, I have no choice. Due to the present circumstances, I can assume you two are acquaintances" stated Adrian.


Colin looked at Adrian and smirked "Yeah we know each other very well, but we're way past 'acquaintances' " mocked Colin.


"What the hell is that supposed to mean!" bawled Adrian as he stood up.


"Did ye know yer woman have a tattoo of a bumble bee on her inner thigh?" lied Colin. With that comment, Adrian charged towards Colin.


"How would you know that!" yelled Adrian.


'Let's fuck him up now and get it over with' encouraged Adrian's wolf. 'Nein, he probably knows valuable information' stated Adrian. 'Okay, get the information then fuck him up' requested his wolf.


Taking a deep breath, Adrian moved away from Colin. Adrian adjusted his clothes and walked towards the window. Looking outside at grassland which was engulfed with a blanket of thick fog, his head rested against the glass and placed both hands beside the window's frame.


"My mate was taken and I don't know where she’s at or who has her. I disrespected you when I showed up unannounced but I would do anything to make sure she’s safe. I will give you whatever you want, just allow me to find Zaira and I’ll leave." announced a beaten Adrian.


As Colin watched Adrian, he felt a twinge of guilt. "Look Adrian, I was joking about the tattoo. We met once, when she had a flat tire but nothing happened. I'll offer ye ma services since I didn't let ye know she was here. Plus, I don't need any more of yer numptys running around here, fucking everything up. After we find her, you'll go back to being my enemy and pretend as if this never happened" suggested Colin as he shrugged his shoulder.  


He patted Adrian on his back and walked towards the door.


"I'll be back tonight with my best hunters and we'll start from there. Find anything ye can." said Colin.


"Thank you, I'll owe you one" stated Adrian.


"Just let me get a taste of Zaira and I'll call it even" laughed Colin as he ran out the door.


"Er geht mir auf den Sack" growled Adrian as he narrowed his eyes towards the dismissed intruder.


**Zaira---Location: Unknown**


Zaira awoke with a throbbing head and swollen eyes. Trying to blink away the heaviness, she slowly absorbed her surroundings. The full sized bed which she grew accustomed too was now replaced with a concrete floor. Her beautiful green and blue room was now an unrecognizable grey room with no windows. Trying to wipe away tears, she felt a heaviness on her wrist.  Looking down, Zaira noticed chains around her ankles and wrists.


'Where am I? Why am I here?' wondered Zaira.


Zaira set up with her back against the wall and her legs stretched out before her. Thinking of the worst possibilities, she began to cry.


'Pull it together Zaira, crying doesn't solve anything.' she thought. Resting her head against the wall, Zaira paid close attention to her new living condition. First, she noticed a black door with a small rectangular opening in the middle. She assumed it was for food and communication. Lastly, she noticed a toilet and a sink in the far right side of the room. Slowly standing on her wobbly knees, she felt the weight of the heavy chains on her feeble body. As she sluggishly made her way towards the sink, she turned on the facet. Noticing the slow dripping water: Zaira washed her face and allowed her tongue to catch the drops of water.


While Zaira thought upon her new situation, she heard keys jiggling. As anticipation ate at her nerves: she straightened her spine and pressed her back against the wall. As the door swung open: Igor West made his presence known. He walked towards Zaira, while watching her captor she noticed his large frame. Igor's features and presence was intimidating. Watching him closely, Igor invaded her personal space and looked down at her.


Releasing a breath that she was holding, Igor placed his hands on the sides of Zaira’s head. Looking into his eyes, Zaira’s nerves became unnerved.


"Why didn’t you take heed to my warning?" enquired Igor.


"I'm not scared of you, you're nothing but a monster." stated Zaira.


Leaning down towards Zaira, Igor stated "Now that's where you’re wrong my little one, only monsters go bump in the night. I however, will make your whole…world…shutter" whispered Igor in Zaira’s ear.


As Igor blew his breath on her ear, Zaira managed to push him away. "I'm not some toy who will submit to your demands. You're nothing but scum on the bottom of my shoe, and eventually you'll be disposed of..." smirked Zaira. Before another word was spoken, Igor set up and turned his back towards her. Zaira noticed Igor's back flexing as he inhaled and exhaled.


"You are playing a very dangerous game; I suggest you thread lightly" warned Igor.


"Like I said before, scum on the bottom of my shoe" stated Zaira. Igor deeply took a breath, spun around, and connected the back of his left hand with her face. Before she knew it, Zaira's head snapped to the right due to the forceful slap. As she held her left cheek, Zaira tasted copper. Before she could control her actions, she spat the blood on Igor's white shirt.


His amused face became a look of disbelief. "Tiger take her to the dungeon" yelled Igor. As Igor approached Zaira, he noticed her determination. Before she knew it, his dark green iris became purple. Igor waved his hand in her face and her world faded black.


**Igor---Location: France**


Trying to control his temper, Igor walked into his room. 'I like the fire in her eyes, the fight in her spirt, hell even the stubbornness of her will. But I will not be made a fool, she has to learn.' thought Igor. As he changed his shirt, he began to ponder on his little one in the dungeon. He was going to break her, because if not then he would be the one broken. While taking deep breaths and running his hand through his hair: Igor stomped towards the basement.


Arriving in his basement Igor walked towards his toys (ball gags, paddles, clamps, whips and etc) and chose a black six-inch bullwhip. Walking towards Zaira’s limp body, he admired the view before his eyes. She laid on her stomach with her arms and legs chained on a metal table (resembling a X). He pressed a green button which allowed the table to become vertical. Finally, his eyes glowed purple as he woke up Zaira.




Zaira woke up with a sore cheek, throbbing head, and chilled body. As her eyes wandered about the white room with a bright light, she noticed a breeze. Trying to shift her naked body against the table, she grew restless against the chains. ‘Damnit, not again! Chained twice in 3 days, it’s a freaking record’ thought Zaira. Unable to move, Zaira thought about the worse possibilities in her vulnerable state.


"I told you to tread lightly Zaira, and now YOU will learn" said Igor.


Before she could respond, she heard the lashing of a whip with a rattling sound. First, she heard the loud menacing lash before it connected to her back. Holding her head back while screaming in pain, Zaira shut her eyes tightly. She tried to blank away the tears but she was defeated. Before she could plead with her abuser another lash connected. The second hit, Zaira knew that something metal was connected to the whip. She could feel the metal ball dig deeper into her, ripping flesh from her body. Trying to compose herself, she did not want to give Igor the satisfaction of hearing her scream. Therefore, she bit into her bottom lip while clenching her fist closed. Not noticing the pain in her lip, Zaira bit hard into it. After the fifth lash, her back seemed numb while tears escaped the corner of her eyes.


Mentally cussing Igor, she rested her head against the cool table because it was her only comfort against the tormenting lashes. Her opened flesh began to burn due to the invasion of blood and sweat. Eventually, she noticed a thick substance traveling down her butt, and starting a trail down her legs. Zaira knew that the thick substance was her own blood.


As she counted each hit, she silently begged for Igor to end his torment. However, disappointment came after she counted the seventh lash. With each hit she bit into her bottom lip harder not realizing her bleeding lip. Fading into unconsciousness, Zaira welcomed the darkness. Her thoughts of Eli and grey eyes, gave her peace with the acceptance of death. Finally, her world became dim after the tenth and final lash. As her eye lids grew heavy, Zaira noticed a smirking Igor. With that final image, she slipped into darkness and welcomed any relief it held.




After the meeting with Colin, Adrian impatiently waited for the night sky. Even his wolf felt his anticipation, but their nerves settled with a nap.


Adrian’s dream:


Engulfed by darkness, Adrian began to observe a forest which surrounded him. Looking around, his ears heard a faint whisper.


‘Save me’ stated the voice.


‘Tell me where you are’ shouted Adrian.


 ‘Save me Adrian’ said the voice.


‘Lead me, and I’ll follow’ promised Adrian as he looked up. Searching for a sign of light, but the thick trees covered any hope of sunlight.


‘Hurry’ screamed the voice.


Transforming into his wolf, Adrian ran towards the voice in the dark. ‘Hurry Adrian’ pleaded the voice. Adrenaline pulsed through his body, as he pushed it to the limit. However, Adrian ran in darkness, he did not know where he was going, but he followed the voice which repeated ‘Save me, Hurry Adrian’. ‘I’m coming, I promise!’ thought Adrian as he ran. Finally, he caught a glimpse of light ahead which urged him to run faster. As he became closer to the voice, the light engulfed the darkness. At the end of the forest, Adrian was blinded by an intense white light but he noticed a brown figure laying on the ground.


Running towards the figure in human form, Adrian fell to his knees and turned the figure towards him. His fear was before him: it was Zaira cold limp body with his arms wrapped tightly around her. ‘I’m here! Wake up damnit’ shouted Adrian as he shook Zaira.


Her hooded eyes looked up at him: ‘You found me’.


‘Thank Luna’ yelled Adrian as he held her tightly to his chest.


‘Igor West’ whispered Zaira.


‘What? What about him?’ asked Adrian.


‘Elena Rosewood’ she whispered.


‘What the hell? How do you know her?’ questioned Adrian.


Zaira gently placed her hand on Adrian’s cheeks: ‘Find me, and hurry’ said Zaira. Before Adrian could reply, Zaira’s hand fell by her side as she took her final breath. Trying to wake her up, Adrian shouted and cried. Shaking her dead corpse, hoping to revive her. Feeling his heart break, his wolf transformed and slightly nudged Zaira’s head, to wake her up. However, she did not wake up and at that moment, his heart broke.  Realizing his lost, the wolf let out a loud, sorrowful, and aching howl. Turning back into his human form, Adrian felt the heaviness of his wolf and of his heart. Crying, he held Zaira’s body close to his own.


“Wake up man” yelled Colin as he shook Adrian from his nap.


“What the hell is wrong with ye’’ asked Colin while he looked in Adrian’s grey panicked eyes.


Adrian jumped from the couch, and felt his racing heart.


“Igor West and Elena Rosewood” said Adrian to himself.


“What about them” questioned Colin.


“I have a feeling they have something to do with this” stated Adrian as he felt something run down his cheek. Curious, he touched the item and realized it was a tear.


“So what do you need from me?” asked Colin.


“Can your hunters find out the last location of both West and Rosewood in and out of Scotland?”


“Ye, why?”


“It’s time to pay them a visit, and find out their role in Zaira’s disappearance” said Adrian as he stood up.


‘I also need you to contact Conrad, and tell him to use his contacts to find where Igor West lives’ telepathically Adrian to Boris.


‘Okay boss, is there a problem?’ questioned Boris.


‘Not sure yet, but if Elena and West has something to do with Zaira vanishing: then yes there is a problem’ thought Adrian as he achieved his coat. Walking towards the door, ‘I swear, if she’s hurt in any way: I will not be accountable for my actions’ stated his wolf.


‘I understand but they have something to do with her missing: so either way their fucked. I just hope the storm is on our side’ thought Adrian as he closed the door behind him and Colin.

Story books are full of fairy tales

Of kings and queens and the bluest skies

My heart is torn just in knowing

You'll someday see the truth from lies/

When the clouds will rage in

Storms will race in

But you will be safe in my arms

Rains will pour down

Waveswill crash around

But you will be safe in my arms

[Plumb:In My Arms]







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