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Descent in the House of Odinnson and the increasing attacks upon the nine realms is signaling war on the horizon for Asgard. Thor- devastated by the death of his mother, deceit by Loki, and the loss of Jane- has destroyed the God into a being that only feels rage and violence...but time has been set in motion.




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Published: June 16 2015 Updated: July 04 2015
Story Notes:

Yea, this is a Thor fanfiction. Don't be confused by the names though, I want this story to be a bit closer to the actual Norse myths, so names will be different. This story is also gonna be kinda dark and gritty, so be prepared!

1. Pagan Poetry by GrlInGlasses546 [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstar (2262 words)

2. Black Lake by GrlInGlasses546 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2543 words)

The chapters for this story are actually going to be music, so feel free to listen. I want to try to weave in Icelandic artists, since well, we are dealing with Norse Gods. Black Lake- Bjork.

Warning: This chapter is really dark and heavy.

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3. Stonemilker by GrlInGlasses546 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1892 words)

Kinda short, don't be mad! But, at least we finally meet our leading lady! The song is "Stonemilker" by Bjork.

Interesting fact, a Stonemilker is a person who tries to extract emotions, such as love, from a person who does not feel the same way. That's important, remember that.

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