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HIS WINTER WONDERLAND (White Chocolate Series Book 1) by [Griffin, E. F.]

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Published: September 10 2015 Updated: September 10 2015
Story Notes:

Alexandria Clinton is a woman living in a privileged world. She thinks nothing about the issue of race or the color of her skin as she moves throughout her day..

Those things are not relevant to the black haired, green eyed beauty. Her classic American looks, youthful body and moderate wealth have distanced her from the reality of others.

Alexandria does not see the color black. Not in her professional world of business. And definitely, not in her private circle of friends .

More blatantly put, she does not socialize with black people. Nor does she date black men. To her neither exists.

So what happens to Alexandria is completely shocking when she agrees to house sit for a friend.

She never expects to meet a successful black astronaut who cannot take his eyes off her. Even more scandalous is his instant decision to claim her body as his own personal wonderland.

Keith Robinson is a man living The-Dream. He has raced jetliners across the American skies. He has navigated the great oceans of the world while commanding U.S. naval vessels and he has piloted space shuttles into the Great Unknown.

But Keith has never met a woman like Alexandria Clinton. Her body is a blissful paradise. Her breasts remind him of snow capped mountains waiting to be explored. Her waist and hips cause him to think of the pristine slopes of .his favorite ski resort. And, her eyes twinkle like dangling icicles melting beneath the warm rays of a winter sun.

Keith wants Alexandria badly, but how can he get her into his bed?

1. Chapter 1 by Elizabeth Griffin [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (2813 words)

Hi Chamber Family!  I've missed you.  I am working on a lot of different writing projects.  I've started the CONCRETE ROMANCE SERIES which featured a short story that I posted on The Chamber first.  It's call BLACK FEVER.  It is now available for sale on Amazon.  I had my son and this friends design the ebook cover.  Thanks for critiquing it first.


I also have a WWBM series which I am going to post the first few pages on this site.  Please give feedback.  I chose White Woman Black Men (WWBM) because I haven't seen as many ebooks in that area.  Nothing compared to the amount of BWWM ebooks.  Feel free to express your opinions on the subject of WWBM interracial stories.

The WWBM (White Chocolate Series) is Erotic Romance.  This field is new to me.  I was nervous about writing it, but I love the story.  I am also using a different pen name.  It is E. F. Griffin.  Hope you enjoy.

I am also working on a few things that I will tell you about once they are near completion.    Thanks again for all of the support and encouragement.  It has motivated me in ways that you cannot even imagine. 


                                                     Elizabeth Griffin


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