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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Damien coughed as he rose from the backseat of the black Impala SS. Wiping his hands against his pants, he rid himself of the evidence of the semen he could feel running down his throat.

"Shit...You must want this real bad, huh?" A cloud of cigarette smoke blew in his face as he smiled at the other man. A small bag was tossed his way and in the dark of the night, Damien knew it was the cocaine he worked hard for.

" ‘Preciate it, OT." He said gratefully as he held the drug close. Looking at the man who shared the cramped backseat with him, Damien shook his head bashfully as he gave him a lust filled look.

"I should make you take that shit off my dick." Taking another drag off the cigarette, OT lifted the bag from Damien's hands. "Matter of fact, I think I need a little more from you before I give you this." Shifting to his knees, OT waited for Damien to eagerly climb to his own. Damien had his pants down in no time, looking over his shoulder with a hopeful glint in his eyes. You could say he would do what he had to for the drugs OT provided to him, but he would be a liar if he said he didn't love the other aspects of their relationship. Gritting his teeth, Damien's eyes rolled back as OT took control.

"What you say to me?" OT pulled Damien back by his neck as he ruthlessly slammed into him.

"Thank you, OT." Damien's lips quivered as sweat dripped from his body.


"I got a drop tonight, a bunch of white boys. You coming with me." OT turned on the air conditioning as he reversed out of the abandoned lot. The car was still hot from the sex he had with Damien, something that neither of them were new to. This had begun years ago when Damien had crossed paths with the man following his last release from jail. OT had never kept who he was a secret, many people just chose to ignore that even as a gay man, he had become one of the most feared dealer in the city. He did what he wanted with who wanted, no questions asked.

Most people in the streets knew that Damien was his boy in more ways than one, as he was always tagging along with him. When Damien's son had been born, he had chosen to take off with OT as he went out of the city, wanting to lay low from the police who were closing in on him once again. Wanting to take the heat off, OT made the offer to take the hiatus with Damien. There was no moment of hesitation.

"Word." Damien acknowledged OT as he reclined in the seat. The sounds of a rap song played from the radio station as they cruised through the town.

"How's your old lady doing?" OT asked facetiously. He had no feelings towards Damien's wife, knowing that she just happened to get caught in the crosshairs of this life. Yet, he couldn't help but get a kick out of how agitated the slightest mention of her made Damien.

"Man, she's good. She's still the same-be bugging for no damn reason."


Before he could say another word, OT's new Motorola cell phone began to ring. Picking it up, OT said the bare minimum as he listened to the information he was relayed.

"I got you." Was all he said before closing the phone. Gripping the steering wheel, OT looked to Damien.

"You better get your bitch. She's been calling around with my name in her mouth all night."

"What do you mean? Who she been talking to?" Damien shifted in his seat in anger.

"Too many damn people." OT stated. He kept all chatter about his business to a minimum and the last thing he needed to hear was that some woman was out here trying to blow up his spot and bring unnecessary attention to him. "You better get her straight, or I will." OT gave his warning with finality. Damien shook his head in understanding.

"Don't worry about anything, I got her."


Damien looked at his watch, and saw that the clock read 2:27 a.m. As he hopped out of OT's car, his eyes traveled up the front of the large house before him. Shaking his head, he fell into line beside OT as he crossed the yard to the front door. Without knocking, he entered the house as if he owned it, with Damien close behind.

When they entered, Damien scoped out the people inside. From the look of their expensive jewelry and lavish fabrics, it came as no surprise when they side stepped the two in fear as they walked through. Their chatter quieted as they passed by, only to return once they thought they were out of ear shot.

"Who the hell are they?"

"Should we call the police?"

"What the hell, are you an idiot? Might as well invite them to come do a couple of lines while you're at it! Just stay out their way."

Damien's lip tugged upwards into a smug smile as he eyed the terrified party goers. They were tough enough to buy the drugs, but not to look their sellers in the eye.

As they stepped into the view of the large living room, all motion stopped as OT called out a name.

"Slade!" Damien watched as a man with platinum blonde hair stood up above the crowd. When he saw OT, he immediately threw his hand up in greeting as he made his way over.

"Thanks for joining us, you find the place okay?" Slade held his arms out in a friendly manner, knowing that there'd be no way he would get a similar gesture back. Cutting to the chase, Slade escorted the two to a private area of the room. As the two walked past the stairs, Damien's eyes caught sight of small fingertips peeking out from the door of the crawl space beneath the staircase. Out of instinct, he found himself picking up his foot to avoid stepping on them. Looking behind him, he wiped at his nose as he shook his head free of the imagined sight.

Once the trio snaked their way through the house, they were brought to a secluded area on the patio. Taking in the sight of the mountains and city lights in the distance, Damien's eyes fell on a young Asian woman's who sat before him. Her arm was laced inside another man's as she seductively crossed her leg over his.

"Special delivery, Jerry!" Slade announced as he pulled out seats for the visitors.  The man wrapped up in the young woman's legs pushed himself out of the seat, reaching out his hand.

"Slade, my man, let's give a proper welcome to our guests." OT pushed pass the hand extended in his direction and took a seat without a word. "Of course this is warm enough!" Jerry cleared his throat, trying to save face as Damien stepped to stand behind OT's chair. He eyed the people present, who were isolated from the drug filled party inside. Damien hadn't missed the obvious sex sounds that were barely masked by the loud music inside.

These people were really getting down.

Tightening his grip on the bag in his hand, Damien watched as OT fell into his role.

"I'm not trying to stay here all night, you know I've got what you want Jerry."

"Are you sure one of these lovely ladies can't accompany you for the night first? It'd be a shame to let any of this go to waste." Jerry threw his arms around the two women at his sides. One was a blonde with breasts so large he could barely fit it all into his hand as he roughly palmed them. Turning to the younger Asian woman at his other side, he pressed his face deep into her hair as she looked away in embarrassment masked with glee.

"As beautiful as they are, I'll have to pass for tonight. Maybe next time." OT drew a deep laugh from Jerry, who knew that day would never come.

"Maybe one day I'll have someone more to your liking available, my good man." Clapping his hands together, Jerry leaned forward in excitement.

"Now, where's the good stuff?"

Jerry dipped his pinky finger into the white powder, lifting it for a quick taste as OT laid out his pickings. Jerry's system jerked from the memories of the sensations OT's product would give him. He'd never had anything finer and always made it his business to hit up his dealer whenever he was in town. Of course, in the past he was able to buy his fill with no worries. Now, with debt looming over him, there was only so much could give for something this good.

Hiding his approval of the cocaine, Jerry placed a scowl on his face as he briefly looked to OT. With a false expression of disappointment, he leaned back in his chair.

"My friend, my friend. We've known each other for a long time, no?"

OT remained silent as he looked to the older man skeptically.

"Is there a problem?" Adjusting his feet, OT stared on menacingly.

"Is there a problem? Well, I would think so! After all these years as a loyal customer, you bring me some bullshit like this?" Tossing the baggie to the table, Jerry foolishly played his game. Looking to the frightened but hopeful young woman Slade had introduced him to that night, he wanted to make a good impression of his prowess to further hide the fact that there was absolutely nothing he could do to push her as the next Hollywood star. Jerry was but a hairsbreadth away from going bust.

 "Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Jerry." OT warned as he narrowed his eyes. The constant mischievous grin he usually held was long gone as his patience was wearing thin. OT could smell a scam a mile away which helped him to prepare for Jerry's antics.

"You know your stuff sweetheart, don't you?" Turning to the young Asian woman, Jerry gripped her by the neck as he brought her closer. "Go ahead and have a try." Turning to OT, he grinned. "She can tell you right off the bat that what you've brought tonight is trash." The young woman was caught between a rock and a hard place as she stared between the men before her.

"EJ, just do it. It's not your first time at the rodeo." Damien turned to stare at the platinum blonde man named Slade as he crossed his arms in irritation.

"I-I can't. I think I'm good for the night. "She declined with a sheepish grin.

"Fuck, EJ! Just do it!"

"I can't Slade!" She protested. As they went back and forth, Damien watched as OT placed his hand at his waistband, knowing that he held on tightly to the gun that rested there. Before he knew it, he watched as Jerry slammed the young woman's head onto the top of the glass table as he calmly measured out a line for her. The other women shrieked, drawing the attention of other party goers as they ran back inside. Damien could barely make out Jerry's next words to the woman.

"Help me, help you." He said.

"Try it out, EJ! That's all you have to do. We must show our friend here that not one, but two customers disapprove of his service tonight."

A slight pain radiated through EJ's face as she was peeled away from the glass. As she tried to hide her shaking hands, she ignored the last shred of sense that told her she had taken in more than she could handle for the night. Anymore and there would be no way she would be coherent enough to prove to Jerry why she deserved to be managed by him. With a hesitant smile, she did as she was told.

Inhaling deeply, EJ finished everything that Jerry had set out for her. Tilting her head back, she waited for her system to accept the drugs before blinking her eyes rapidly. Looking to Jerry, she could see his plead for her to play along with him.

Shaking her head from side to side, she gave her disapproval of the drugs.

A deep sigh came from OT after witnessing the charades. Shifting in his seat, he listened on as Jerry continued to rant.

"If my girl here doesn't like it, then I know what you've brought me is trash! She's got the nose of a bloodhound for this stuff, right?" He confirmed as he looked to Slade. "Her nose is as good as gold, which is a far cry from what you have brought me."

"Jerry, as a longtime customer, you gotta know that I don't play these games. You're insulting me and my integrity by suggesting I've brought you something...subpar. Now, I thought we were cooler than that?" OT cracked the fingers on his right hand as his jaw tightened.

"Well I guess you and I were both let down tonight, OT." Crossing his legs, Jerry tossed back his hand in defiance. "I'm sorry to say I can't pay for something of such low quality. A good businessman will understand the need to give the customer the best he has to offer."

Staring him down, OT watched as Jerry fidgeted beneath his gaze. Reaching forward, Jerry moved the bag of product to his side of the table. "I hope that next time you'll be able to bring me something more to my standards. I know you can do better than this." The cold barrel of a gun pressed against Jerry's head brought him to a halt.

"Pay me my motherfucking money." Damien tensed as did everyone else at the new element brought into the situation.

With nerves shaking his entire being, Jerry took a chance at his luck as he nearly swallowed his tongue.

"I'm not paying you shit for some trash coke!"

EJ's ears rang out from the sound of the six gunshots that stopped the world around her. As the sound slowly returned to her discombobulated thoughts, she watched as bodies flew through the house, trying to escape from the fear of what could follow. As her senses came to her, EJ could feel her heart beating faster and faster. When she reached up to wipe out the obstruction in her eye, it was hard to imagine that she had pulled parts of Jerry's brain matter from her face. Standing to her feet, EJ tripped over her feet as she tried to escape. Behind her, OT riffled through Jerry's pockets, finding a clip of less than $2000 dollars on him, the last of his money. OT moved with ease as chaos broke out around him, completely unbothered by it all.

EJ's head began to spin as it became harder and harder for her to think. Stumbling inside the house, she was pushed out the way by people running in all directions as they exited the house. Naked men and women raced down the stairs in bedsheets as she came close to the small door there. With a bloody hand, EJ reached to the door knob, missing it completely as her nervous system began to shut down.

An overdose.

She knew what was happening but couldn't do anything to stop it.

Clawing at the hidden door she knew housed her son, she willed her body to comply with her just one moment longer.

EJ's body began to convulse violently against the door as her terrified son cried from inside. He had seen his mother's eyes look through the slots and no matter how hard he pushed, he couldn't get the door open to get to her. When the boy had heard the first sound of a nearby firecracker, he was confused by the panic that ensued. MJ became scared only when he heard someone yelling about a gun. He had seen enough movies on television to know that guns were something to be afraid of.

MJ desperately began to push at the door with all his might. He could see the wood opening slightly, but when his mother's body shook against it, it almost became too heavy for him to push.

Crying even more, MJ called out for his mom to open the door. The house became empty within minutes and as MJ held his breath, he pressed his ear closely to the door. EJ took her last breaths in spurts MJ just knew that he had to get out of there no matter what.

Lying on his back, MJ braced his hands against the wall as he pressed the soles of his shoes against the door. He thought about how badly he wanted to be in his mother's arms as he pushed with everything he had.

When he finally saw the door pry open enough for him to see his mother's trembling hand, MJ nearly cried out for her before the sound of footsteps moving across the marbled floor stopped him. A chill took over the boy as he waited for the sounds to disappear. When he felt the coast was clear, he pressed his shoulder against the door, squeezing his small body through the less than generous exit.

MJ stood before his mother, shell shocked as white foam seeped from her lips. It reminded him of the time she filled her mouth with whip cream and chased him through the house until he couldn't take it anymore, and fell in a fit of laughter.

This time was different.

Stepping closer, MJ began to breath faster as he saw the same absent look in his mother's eyes she had whenever she took drugs. Deep inside, there was a look of regret that called out for him.

MJ clenched at his stomach as a pain hit him.

He didn't know what his mother was covered in, the pink gooey splatters against her face were foreign to him. What he did recognize was the splotches of red fresh blood that decorated the yellow dress that had made her look so beautiful.

"Get up..." He whispered. Crouching down beside her, MJ picked up her heavy hand as he placed it into his lap. "Mommy, let's go home now. You have to get up."

MJ tugged on her arm as EJ remained silent.

Bringing her hand to his face, MJ clenched his teeth together as he waited for any sign of life from his mother.

In the large house, MJ's cries echoed until to faint sounds of police sirens arrived.


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.