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Here's a long one! 


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Aksept discovered a lot about Rhapdosis in the night. He traced every curve of her body with his hands, then his mouth. Aksept would tease her to the point of tears, then have her begging him for more. His name a song on her lips that he wanted her to sing forever. She was not shy. He loved her enthusiasm for his touch. She lacked knowledge about his body and hers, but he eagerly showed her the pleasures the hid. They drifted off to sleep intertwined as soon as Rhapdosis could take no more and they were both well sated. 

Now, the sun was beginning to rise slowly but surely in the East. The beginning rays of light peaked from outside of his Healer's tent. Rhapdosis had woke first. She sat up slowly, removing a heavy arm from across her chest. She allowed the blanket covering her to fall to her waist, as she peered down at the Priest who did not seem disturbed. She always rose early no matter how exhausted she was falling asleep. She blamed a lifetime of hard work and early mornings for that. The new soreness that she felt she blamed on the man who slept peacefully besides her. Aksept was sleeping soundly, resting his head on his thick arm. The other arm was sprawled across now subtly flexing, looking for her. Even in sleep, he was devastatingly handsome. His expression was relaxed in sleep, making him look younger. Briefly, she wondered how old he was. She brushed the concern away for it mattered not. She could not truly mark her age either after being stolen away so young. 

At first, Rhapdosis traced his well-built form with her eyes as she watched him sleep. This was the first time she was able to look on him boldly and in the light. She saw faint scars that troubled her greatly. The most disturbing was a thick jagged line where his arm met his shoulder ad stretched to his neck. It looked as if someone had hacked at him with a jagged edge. It was faint though, for she could only see it up close. She ghosted her finger over the old wound not wanting to disturb his sleep 

Rhapdosis was so engrossed in the scar that she did not notice Aksept's eyes opening and watching her movements. He languished in her soft touch and the comfort of her touch. They sat in silence until Rhapdosis finally noticed he was awake. Her eyes widened in shock, her mouth open and closed searching for words to fill the silence. Aksept smiled watching her fish for words making no attempt to aid her. 

"I, uhhh, good morning?" she settled on, body flushing with embarrassment. What was one to say the morning after such intense pleasure? It had felt like a dream. She traced her eyes over his figure again, eyes lingering on the sheets pooling at his waist. As she thought back to the night before she felt herself flush even more. Aksept's eyes sharpened as she began to look more and more bashful.

Sitting up so that his arm now supported his head as he watched her, he spoke, "What are you thinking about, little one?" though it was posed as a question, the smirk on his face indicated that he knew full well where her mind went to. 

"I am no little one. I am a woman grown." She huffed embarrassed. He always teased her. 

"I know just how much of a womanyou are." Aksept spoke as he pounced. 

He wrapped his long arms around her middle, tackling her down back onto the pallet they rested on. He buried his head in her neck, nuzzling the smooth skin, leaving kisses in his wake. A hand danced down the side of her ribcage causing her to squeal. 

"I must go, Aksept. I haveto!" Rhapdosis giggled as Aksept pinned her wrists above her head, making her his prisoner inside of his tent. He trailed his wet tongue down from her neck, to the valleys of her breasts. She laughed as he nipped at her rib cage, a sensitive spot that he discovered in the night before. Her laughs turned to moans as his fingers slipped to her most sensitive area. To her surprise she was already slick with want as he eased inside of her. 

"You don't have anywhere to be this early. The old man won't rise till much later. Are you running from me?" His finger curved wickedly inside of her as he worked it in and out setting off sparks behind her closed eyes. 

"Ah ah, look at me, "he whispered hungrily in her ears, "I want to see those eyes." 

He slowed his hands to a slow, tortuous pace. Rhapdosis forced her eyes open and found him hovering above her. His dark eyes looked impossibly black as he stared down at her. His full lips curved into a devilish smile as she returned his stare.

"Better, "he spoke as he picked the pace back up. 

Rhapdosis began to pant as she felt the pressure begin to build in her stomach. She tried to keep her eyes open, yet she found herself closing them again. Again, he slowed his motions and she opened them again. 

"You're so cruel, Aksept," she panted as he again began to work her up into a frenzy. 

He smiled at her words, "You have seen nothing yet."

He released her wrists and kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss passionately. A particularly rough stroke of his finger caused her to gasp aloud and he used the opportunity to thrust his tongue in his mouth. He continued his assault on her in two places. Rhapdosis felt as if she would explode. Nothing ever felt like this before. In the back of her mind she wondered how she would be able to return to her reality after experiencing this.What she wouldn't give to live in this moment forever. Her hands found his hair and she tangled her fingers in the thick, curly locks as she anchored herself to him. 

Aksept released her lips and peppered her with quick kisses. His kiss rained down on her face, neck, throat, the tips of her breasts, her stomach, the tops of her thighs and then back up, higher.

"Wait, Aksept – "Rhapdosis started as soon as she realized where his kisses were headed. 

He silenced her with another touch to that spot deep inside of her that immediately sent stars to her vision. 

"I am reminding myself how much of a woman you are Rhapdosis." he chided her as if reprimanding a child. 

Before she could respond he pulled his fingers outside of her with a wet pop and replaced them with his mouth. 

"Aksept!" she hissed, throwing her head back at the new sensation. 

He pulled her down roughly and slid one leg over his shoulder. 

"Eyes on me woman." He demanded harshly. 

Rhapdosis stared at him helplessly. She was spread for him, no part of her hidden from him and his seductive commands. Aksept kept his gaze on hers as he lowered himself back to the juncture of her thighs. He bit the inside of her thigh causing a rush of pleasure through her. He looked every bit the predator as he moved back to her center, staring her down. The first long lick of her core sent another rush through her though she was able to keep his stare and return it haughtily. 

"I am a woman" Rhapdosis thought to herself cockily, "I can keep up with him." 

Aksept saw the challenge in her eyes and felt himself get even more excited. He wanted to remove that challenge from her eyes and have her wriggling and begging beneath him. 

Aksept kept his eyes on hers as he licked her again. A flicker of pleasure ran across her face, but she quickly schooled it back into her confident stare. 

Aksept leered at her then, forced her other leg on his shoulder. She gasped as she fell back breaking her arrogant stare. Aksept eyed her as a starving man would a feast. Then he attacked. He balanced long passionate licks with short firm flicks of his tongue around her button. Rhapdosis' essence quickly began to spill into his mouth, and he drank eagerly. 

"Eyes!" he jeered. 

Rhapdosis drug her eyes unseeing from the ceiling down to him and felt more heat rush through her. He looked positively dangerous. She stared as he continued to circle her nub, leaving her gasping for air. She thought she would explode from the sensation. Then, he slid a finger back into her. 

"Aksept!" she screamed, as he continued his attack. He added another finger, curving them devilishly hitting the place inside her that made her flow like a river. She grabbed his hair roughly only encouraging him more as his mouth, fingers, and eyes worked her over. It was mere seconds before she felt her body screaming for release. 

"Gods! Aksept! I – Please!" Rhapdosis panted. She was nearly at that precipice he brought her to when they laid together. She could no longer hold her stare as she felt the tension increase in her belly. Just before she fell over he pulled his fingers from her. She brought her eyes to him in need just as his heavy manhood entered her in one long thrust. 

Rhapdosis let out a loud whimper as he filled her completely. Her legs were still on his shoulders, forcing him deeper inside of her. He leaned over her, nearly folding her in half. He pummeled her relentlessly, roughly. Rhapdosis thought she would die from pleasure. Tears welled in the corner of her eyes as he continued his steady pace. A gentle hand contrasted with his rough pace as it found her cheek as he brushed her hair from her face. Her eyes again latched onto his. He stared at her as if she was the only person in the world. There was an emotion that she couldn't name as he wiped an escaped tear. 

His lips found hers again silencing her whimpers. In his kisses she became undone, finally pushed over the edge. He swallowed her screams as she reached her release. Aksept rested his forehead to hers as he followed her shortly after. 

Spent, he collapsed on top of her snuggling into her neck. Rhapdosis enjoyed his heavy weight on top of her as she wrapped her arms around him, tracing patterns into his back. She felt the ridges of other scars. In the silence she absentmindedly drew nonsensical patterns on his back. Rhapdosis listened as he inhaled her scent as he slowly rolled off of her. She barely could move yet found the strength to roll on to her side to face him. His eyes were trained on the ceiling of his tent lost to thought. 

Rhapdosis wondered what he was thinking about. Was it her? Did he regret what they did? Was he still planning on freeing her? Did he want to keep her for himself?

As soon as her mind reached those darker thoughts, he slid his eyes over to her. Briefly, she wondered what her face looked like to her. 

"What are you thinking about?" his voice was filled with rocks. It surprised her when he opened his arms to her. Even more surprising was how quickly she felt herself slide into them. Rhapdosis leaned on his chest as he brushed her wild hair down before resting his head on top of hers. 

"You." She spoke plainly. 

"Me?" he responded surprise coloring his tone. 

"Is it always like – this?" she questioned, running a hand down his fit body, "You make me feel... things." She answered. It was easier to speak her mind when she didn't have his intense stare on her. 

"No, nothing is like this." He answered tracing her spine. 

"What do- "Rhapdosis was cut off from a sound from outside the tent. 

"Healer! Healer!" a voice called from outside of the tent. Rhapdosis sat up quickly, as fear coursed through her. She could not be caught naked, in bed with a man by any servant. Innocent rumors could mean punishment for her if they reached the wrong ears. 

Aksept sat up as well, yet slower. "Calm yourself, "he whispered into her hair, "I will protect you. A moment!" He spoke to the caller outside. 

Aksept stood from the pallet stretching long limbs. He lumbered over to a trunk in search of clothing. Rhapdosis pulled the blanket up to cover her nakedness. She watched as he shuffled through the trunk for clothes. Her eyes stared at him unabashedly realizing this was the first time she could see all of him clearly. When her eyes landed on the appendage hanging between his legs, she wondered how it was possible to fit inside of her. Aksept felt the weight of her stare on him and smirked, flexing his muscles. She even saw it jump up in greeting. Rhapdosis brought the blanket over her face in embarrassment. When his chuckle filled the room, she lowered her shield. 

"Ass." She said, making him laugh harder. 

He dressed slowly and dramatically under her stare. She knew it was for her enjoyment and enjoy it she did. By the time he pulled a turban over her hair she was smiling contentedly. He stepped out of the tent, careful to avoid it opening wide enough for her to be seen. Absentmindedly, she looked around for her clothes, briefly remembering them being torn from her person as soon as they returned to his tent from the river. She saw a familiar clothing not too far from the entrance. 

Rhapdosis stood and immediately sat back down. Her legs were as worn if she had spent the day running with weights. An unfamiliar soreness lingered at the juncture of her thighs, but it made her felt deliciously naughty. She smiled and stood again, stretching. She plodded over to the clothing and picked it up from the pile of fabric. Stepping into it lightly, Rhapdosis let out a loud gasp when she realized she would not be able to wear this out of Aksept's tent. In the middle of the beautifully made dress was a large rip that extended from the top of her dress to her thighs. Her chest was fully exposed. 

Rhapdosis felt sadness course through her. The dress was given to her by The Architect and by far the nicest thing that she owned and here it was ruined. This is where Aksept found her. When he saw the dress, he let out a bark of laughter. 

"That is a different look. Surely, you will start a trend." He laughed as he approached her. When he saw the sadness in her eyes he was taken aback, "What's wrong? It is only a dress."

Rhapdosis stared at him anger building, "It's the nicest dress I own!" Rhapdosis snapped. She was going to say only dress but that was not true for the uniform of The Vizier's house hold was a dress she owned yet she vowed never to be forced into it again. 

"I will get you in dresses better than this. You will own dresses for every day of the year." Aksept spoke as he embraced her. Rhapdosis was relieved that he could not see her face as she was fighting tears but she enjoyed the comfort of his embrace more than she cared to admit to herself. His words bothered her deeply. Her freedom would have to come first. She could not imagine a future that would allow her to own dresses. Where? How? Why? 

Reality was slowly sinking in. She no longer could enjoy the freedom she found in his embrace. They would be in the new capitol soon and Rhapdosis was due back to her owner as soon as The Architect was done his task in the Palace Temple. The Vizier was plotting against the throne and her now nonexistent maidenhood. Rhapdosis was no closer to her freedom nor did she have even the beginnings of an idea of a plan to achieve her goal. Though the Priest promised her freedom, what could he do?

A sudden thought struck her cold. 

Aksept sensed the change in her immediately. Rhapdosis stepped out of his arms. 

"I need clothes." She spoke flatly, eyes trained on the floor. 

Aksept felt her sliding away from him. She was reverting back to her servant face now. He saw it in the way she stared at the floor, head bowed. It was the way that she held interlaced her hands, thumbs crossed over one another, in front of her. It was the way servants stood in attendance. It disturbed him greatly. She was so much more than a servant.

"Rhapdosis, what is wrong?" concern laced his voice, "Is it what I said? I gave you my – " 

"Word," she interrupted, "I know. I need clothes, my lord." She deadpanned, eyes still remaining on the floor. 

He started to feel his own anger surface. Why wouldn't she look at him?

"My lord?" he barked, taking her by the chin roughly, forcing her eyes to take him in. He didn't miss the flash of fear in her eyes. Rhapdosis quickly recovered, her rage matching his own. 

There she was. The Rhapdosis that he saw in her. 

She was almost a full head smaller than him. Tough his touch was firm, he was not hurting her. The anger in his eyes contrasted with the almost imperceptible caress of his thumb. Rhapdosis felt herself getting angry. With him she did not have to bite her tongue, but a lifetime of servitude ingrained some things deep into her core. It was natural for her to hide her emotions in front of him. He was The High Priest of Egypt even though he had shared his sheets. 

"You are The High Priest of Egypt," She hissed, pushing him away from her. He allowed her to move him though she had a feeling that if he wanted to it would have been like trying to push a pyramid.

"I am a slave!" her fury was her comfort. The night was over. Her task complete. "I wanted to give myself to you. Make a choice about my body without a man owning it for once in my life! You cannot buy me dresses," she spat the word like she was spitting a curse. "I belong to someone else, my lord.

Aksept narrowed his eyes as she stomped over to the trunk that removed his clothes from earlier. She bent over giving him a distracting view as she rummaged through the contents. When she found something suitable, she glanced over her shoulder and gave him a filthy glare. He raised an eyebrow in challenge. He was most definitely not looking away. 

Rhapdosis huffed in annoyance. Aksept was insufferable. Yet, when he raised his eyebrow at her she felt herself warm from the inside out. Gods damnhim he was attractive. She did not turn as she stripped the torn dress and slid on a shapeless tunic. She took a thin strip of dyed fabric from his chest and used it a crude tie for her hair. When she turned around, he was smiling at her again. She wanted to strike him. To her annoyance, her shoes and wig were dangling from his hands raised out to her. Rhapdosis walked over to him smoothly. Yet, when she reached for her shoes, he did not release them. 

"I am not interested in playing these games with you." Her voice was cool as ice. At least she hoped. 

"Say my name." 

She glared at him before tugging at the shoes and wig simultaneously. 

"Aksept, please." Her tone was more desperate then she intended. Nothing in her life was easy or fair. 

Instead of letting go of, Aksept swept her into his arms faster than she could see. "Oh!" She gasped as her vision spun with the sudden movement. 

"Aksept! Oomph!"

In two long strides, Aksept returned to the pallet where they had lain. Rhapdosis sat on the edge of the bed as Aksept kneeled before her. Again, she was taken aback by how large he was. Even with her sitting on a pallet and him on one knee, he was taller than her. He picked up her foot and rubbed it softly before sliding her sandal on it. 

"I promised I would see you free and I mean it." Aksept massaged the other foot before placing the remaining sandal on it. Once his task was complete, he looked at her. Her cool blue eyes stared at him suspiciously her anger deflated but still present. "By harvest you will be free. I swear this to you." 

Something in his voice took the last edges of anger from her. She would try to trust him. Yet her own plans would still have to be made. 

Cautiously she reached out for him. He leaned into her hands on his face. Aksept followed her lead as she brought his face closer to hers. When their lips touched, he had to fight himself to control his urge to take her again. Her touch would always be his undoing. 

He broke the kiss first. Aksept was breathing deeply trying to control his primal urges. 

"At the tent, that was the Architect's man." He spoke as Rhapdosis looked at him questioningly. 

"What?" She spoke mortified. How did he know she was here?

"He's looking for you." 

"What?!" she repeated, this time more loudly. Rhapdosis shot up so fast that Aksept almost lost his balance trying to get out of her way. "Why didn't you say that first?!Gods!What will I tell him?" 

"Obviously, I already told the man to tell him you were with me." Aksept spoke as if he said nothing but common sense. 

"What?!" She screeched for the final time. 


"The Pharaoh has sent me to escort you to the palace at once, my lord." A tall, black cloaked Maegi spoke to Imhoten. 

The man made Rhapdosis very uncomfortable. He spoke with no inflection to his voice. He was gaunt faced and serious. Rhapdosis would have been surprised if he had ever smiled in his life. 

"And he sent you, the captain of his personal guard to retrieve me? Must be pretty serious." The Architect mused from his chair. 

Rhapdosis had flown from Aksept's tent. Her plan had been to catch the servant before he reached Imhoten. She had no idea what story she would tell but she cursed Aksept with every step. She made quite the spectacle, running through the camp in her shapeless tunic stolen from Aksept and wig in hand. Thankfully, the morning was still upon them and last night's festivities caused a late rise for many. 

"Yes, it is a grave matter." Spoke the captain in his strange monotone.

He glanced over to Rhapdosis.

Rhapdosis anxiously tucked the hair of her wig over her shoulder. She was grateful that she had time to get dressed. By reached the Architect's tents, no servants were in sight. Rhapdosis, resigned to whatever fate lay in store for her returned to her tent. She quickly washed, pulled on her travel clothes. She wrestled with her hair as the curls had transformed into thick tangles, but she managed to find enough water for her to braid it under her wig.

The Maegicaptain had not yet arrived when she entered the Architect's tent. She was prepared to grovel at the old man's feet, yet his eyes lit up when she entered. 

"My dear! I heard about your nasty spill the other day, but the Healer sent word that it wasn't serious." 

Rhapdosis stared dumbfounded. She subconsciously grabbed at her naked wrist. The wrapping had probably come off at some point in the night. She had worn the wrap to the feast, but the pain had already faded. Now, there was none at all. After her exciting night, she had forgotten that it ever happened.

"Y-y-es my lord."

"Imhoten!" he sang. 

"Yes, my lord Imhoten, I asked the healer if I would be okay to remove it this morning." As the words tumbled out of her mouth, she realized this is probably what Aksept meant. She felt a little guilty at how quickly she fled. 

Imhoten grinned at her knowingly, offering her a chocolate, "Of course! Of course, come child. I will have a visitor soon. I may need you to record things for me."

After a few minutes the intimidatingMaegi entered the tent. Now, the man's gaze was fixed on her. She shuffled her wait at her small writing desk. Obviously, he was high ranking if he was the personal captain of the Pharaoh's Maegi. He had many jewels decorating his chest. Fearsome tattoos on his arms showed his title. The Pharaoh's mark bared on his right cheek. 

"You may need to bring your scribe."

Imhoten looked surprised at that, "What is it Kajai?" 

For a brief moment the Captain's face showed a hint of uncertainty. "The Great Pyramid has fallen." Tone unchanging yet his words startled them, "The peasants report that the very ground shook beneath them and the sound of the temple crash could be heard from leagues away. All that remains is the core stone." 

The room fell silent. The legendary temple that was completed when the Pharaoh was just a boy. With its silky-smooth sides and bricks filled with conquered people. A pyramid falling was unheard of. 

"I am afraid it has... changed the Pharaoh." 

For the first time, Rhapdosis saw a crack in the stoic man's demeanor. 

"We must hurry then. Let's go." The Architect stood. Immediately, Rhapdosis handed him his cane. They shuffled out of the tent in a sober procession. Two camels and a muscular horse awaited them. Two more Maegi stood guard on horseback chatting amiably. 

The Architect graciously helped her onto the animals back despite her protests. Rhapdosis was surprised as the old man nimbly climbed on his own without assistance. 

"A man never forgets how to ride," he said to her shocked expression. 

"Hut! Hut!" Captain Kajai commanded as he nudged his war horse forward. The two Maegi snapped their back ramrod straight as their captain rode past. The made a solemn procession through the camp. The Sun was rising and preparations for the travel were being made. Many stared as the Maegi marched through the camp. Though the sun shone brightly this morning, they made a grave site and it was infectious.

"Once this news will not bode well for the Pharaoh." The Architect spoke so low that Rhapdosis had to strain to hear. 

"What do you mean?" Curiosity removed her normal manners from her tongue. 

"The Pharaoh has forsaken the Old Gods, adopted new ones, and moved his capitol from holy land. The deaths of two memeber of the Royal family is not likely to go without suspicion." 

"They believe this the work of the Gods?" Rhapdosis spoke. Connecting the dots. 

"Times are changing," the old man spoke as if speaking a warning. 

They fell into silence, each alone with their own thoughts. As they reached the edges of the camp a familiar face stood out to her. Aksept stood with behind the small crowed that lined their path. His dark eyes drank her in, and she returned his stare. Rhapdosis suddenly wished she had not fled without a proper goodbye. How long would it be before she would see him again? When she could no longer see him in the crowed, she turned back to the distant road ahead.Dread coiled around her stomach with each step they took towards the New Capitol. 

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