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"Maybe I should change the last lyrics", Brittany sat up on the couch from slouching, and she just wanted to find the perfect melody of this song she had been writing basically all day. The sun had set and all of the guys are back at the mansion from their meeting. John sat next to Brittany as she struggled with her lyrics, he had thought the song was perfect as well as Aiden which is rare considering Aiden is the worse critic. No matter how much Angel and John would ensure Brittany her lyrics are great, Brittany herself is unsure.

"I'm telling you this is great. Do not change anything Britt, I'm telling you", Angel now sat in the accent chair next to the fireplace with a faux brown fur blanket that Jamie had given her due to her being cold.

"Exactly, you are thinking too hard about it", John gave Brittany a small smile, he didn't want to piss her off because he could tell that she was sensitive to this new experience.

"Maybe you need food", Jamie spoke as he came back into the living room, hands in his pants pockets.

"Yes! I am so glad you have made a valid point, we haven't eaten since we got here right Britt", Angel said while giving a knowing look to Jamie. Her stomach had been growling for a few hours now.

"Maybe you guys are right, food will probably help this fog", Brittany tried to mask her disappointment, this would be her debut as a singer and the guys are really taking a chance to be honest.

"Hey don't look so down", John placed a hand on Brittany's chin to lift her head up. Brittany gave him a small smile.

"Well, we do have reservations tonight and I should probably get you two back to the hotel so that you can prepare to get ready", Jamie asked.

"Yeah, I almost forgot about that well it's past five so yeah let's get going", Brittany agreed.

As John walked Brittany to the car, Jamie stayed in the living room waiting for Angel who neatly folded the blanket.

"What are you smiling at", Angel asked looking up into Jamie's eyes.

"You are so polite, I think throwing it on the chair would be fine enough. Aiden has servants and things of that sort"

"Yeah, well that would be rude to just leave it"

"Yeah, hey I know this may sound weird because we are both going to dinner already but I would really love", Jamie stopped his sentence unsure if he should ask Angel this lingering question.

"What", she folded her arms across her chest and slightly looked away from Jamie intense staring.

"Would you be my date tonight and maybe we could go out after the show tomorrow"

"Oh well, I mean Jamie", Angel was caught off guard.

"It's alright I don't know why I asked"

"Yes, I will be your date tonight and if you guys have time after the concert then maybe we can hang out you know", it wasn't that she was not flattered but she wasn't looking for anything serious. She felt herself let her guard down, she wasn't so uptight and Jamie is really sweet.

Jamie and Angel eventually joined John and Brittany in the SUV as the two ladies were on their way back to the hotel. As they were driving through the Vegas streets, Angel sat quietly looking out the windows at the night scene. There was this ache in her chest that overcame her, she had settled on the nerves that she may be feeling due to this being a new environment for her. She wanted to blame it on this but then this ache felt familiar but from where she can't quite remember. Once back at the hotel both she and Brittany immediately showered and prepared to get dressed. John had stated he didn't think the dress code mattered but Jamie vocalized how jeans were not allowed no matter what John said. Jamie had said he didn't want to cause a scene of there would be an issue with getting inside the restaurant. Angel applied her mascara to her neatly no make-up, makeup look her eyes appearing larger due to the brown liner she settled for under her eyes. She flat ironed her hair and settled for a middle part, thankful for her new layers her hairstylist had put in her full hair which she knew would grow back out by the end of the year. She debated about which shoes to wear but decided that black peep toe booties would be fine considering she wore black leather pants and a off the shoulder black bodysuit. When she made her way into the living room she noticed that Brittany, Jamie and John were all waiting on her to finish getting ready apparently.

"Oh wow, I'm the last one ready. Nice", Angel stated as she placed her black cross body on her shoulder.

"No you're fine, I honestly just came out and let the guys in", Brittany had settled for a black knee length dress with clear peep toe heels. Her hair was in a high pony and her smoky eye was impeccable, and her pink sheer lips setting the lasting touch to complete her outfit.

"You look great", Jamie couldn't take his eyes off her since she came out the room. She gave him a small smile.

"Thank you, you clean up good", Jamie had a silk black button down and black pants and black loafers to match. His chin length brownish blonde hair pushed back out of his face, he was handsome, any women walking this earth could agree to this. She wouldn't mind if she let the liquor give her courage to take him down tonight.

"Okay let's get some food before you two start making out, you two are too cute", Brittany's outburst caused Angel to come out of her inappropriate thoughts.

Angel felt herself shade a slight red at being caught red handed, she took Jamie's offered hand as they left the hotel room. She and Jamie sat on the second row of the SUV to continue to talk, Angel did notice her starting to stare at him as he talked about family, the band and the women and just life of being in the constant public eye. She found herself laughing more and becoming more comfortable to him. When they reached the restaurant, she didn't mind walking in hand in hand with him, as they passed countless tables and made their way to the second floor of the restaurant her breath caught in her throat at the grand dinner table. There were a few people already seated, she spotted Rose and Jimmy talking to each other.

"About time, I was starting to wonder about you guys", Evan said before he took a sip of his wine.

"There's our leading lady", Asher spoke in Brittany's direction as she took a seat next to John. Asher had two woman touching his chest, they sat set to him and he in the middle. Angel's eyes took in everyone at the table when her eyes landed on Aiden's cold ice stare, he looked angry for some reason. A brunette sat beside him talking to him, when she suddenly realized that Aiden was not paying attention to her she realized his focus was on Angel and his brother. Angel suddenly let go of Jamie's hands nonchalantly and played it off as nothing, Jamie didn't realize but only pulled out a chair for Angel to sit next to him. Angel's eyes never left Aiden, there was so much communication amongst others around them that no one noticed the two in a staring match. Angel felt as though time had slowed down as she stared into his eyes, she felt that feeling in her chest again. She was just happy moments ago with Jamie and now she felt as if she had done something wrong and the way Aiden was looking at her made her feel guilty about something. The brunette appeared to be annoyed at this continued starring match so she placed her hand on Aiden's chin and pulled his focus to her and gave him a kiss which he returned, Angel suddenly looked away. This ache in her chest feeling more intense seeing him kiss that women. She was with Jamie, he is a good guy. Aiden is just his brother who she feels intimidated by, Aiden doesn't talk much, yet she dreams about him.

"Did you want to order something", Brittany sat to Angel's left and her whisper brought her out her trance.

"Yeah, I need wine", Angel's voice came out in a rasp, she felt breathless all of a sudden.

"You okay", Brittany became concerned at Angel's sudden change in mood, and everyone was unaware of the staring match that had just transpired except the brunette.

"Yeah, I just need something to eat and a nice glass of wine", Angel dismissed her best friends concern, glancing across the table to get another glance at Aiden but it was the brunette who glared at her this time. She was making a statement judging by the eyes, she wanted Angel to know this one was hers.

Angel looked away and stared at Jamie who didn't have a clue what is going on was talking to Evan. The sound of glass clanking brought everyone to a mumble, Rose dressed in a red spaghetti strap shimmer dress stood from her seat. Her red hair curled to perfection with a side part and deep waves. Jimmy looked up at his wife with admiration, the way he looked at her with love radiating from within his entire soul. Angel could see that he loved her with everything in him, she didn't know their story but from the outside looking in it looks like the most beautiful ending.

"Okay fellas, I just want to say how proud I am of you and how far you have come. Tonight don't party too hard because tomorrow will be another record breaking show", Rose smiled as she looked around the table.

"Well, we would certainly try to be on our best behavior, right Asher", Evan directed his statement towards his brother who always got the trouble started.

"I'm always on my best behavior", Asher laughed causing a slight laughter to go around the table.

"I am so looking forward to Brittany's lovely voice tomorrow night. I'm told that you have a gift, thank you for sharing it", Rose directed her attention to Brittany who raised her glass at the acknowledgement.

"Thank you, I am so honored to be given his opportunity and hope you all love the song"

"I'm sure we will. Aiden, I hope you are also on your best behavior as well, letting someone else have the change to lead the way must have been difficult but you are a fair man", Rose made sure to make eye contact with Aiden who appeared to be ready for this dinner party to be over. His long hair pulled back in a low ponytail, his white button down had two buttons undone, he had been agitated.

"Everything will work out. Everything always does", Aiden said and looked away from his mother who slightly scolded him, and Angel had caught the silent exchange that everyone else seemed to miss.

"Well, here is to a good night", Rose raised her glass and everyone else soon followed.

Angel had spent most of the night talking to Jamie to avoid making eye contact with Aiden, she couldn't just fucking shake him off her mind. She also could tell she had a little too much to drink, her body felt hot and the more she looked at Jamie the more she craved the ache between her legs to go away. Something simple as watching him talk and watching his hand mannerisms when he spoke did things to her body. It had been a long time since she was intimate the fact that she was turned on was definitely due to the liquor. Jamie was unaware at her flirtation she was doing to him with her eyes, or maybe he was and being a gentleman about it.

"I am stuffed, you ready to go. Jimmy is paying and told John we can go if we wanted", Brittany whispered to Angel.

"Yeah, I'm so ready to go", Angel stole a quick glance at Aiden who instantly looked over at her.

‘I hope he doesn't fuck her', Angel thought to herself as she stared at Aiden, at this point she didn't bother to look away from him. She wanted him to catch her looking at him, he didn't look away and no matter how cold his eyes are to her she was unfazed.

"Hey, John is going to start the car for us", Brittany's voice brought Angel out of her staring match.

"Okay", Angel whispered as she looked down into her lap, just to breath for a second. Those eyes were getting to her, he was getting to her and so was this red wine flowing through her veins.

Angel cringed when she looked back up and across the table to see Aiden and the brunette standing and preparing to leave, he had grabbed her eager little hand and she turned to glare at Angel.

"You ready", Jamie was standing already and grabbed Angel's hand as if to help her stand. Angel took his hand and gave him a small smile, she didn't understand why she was feeling this way. She felt herself being sensitive, she felt this feeling in her chest again, she felt rejected and why should she? He didn't owe her anything.

"Yes, I think I'm alright. Jamie, darling would you help me back to the suite. Your father could be a bit forgetful", Rose could be heard saying. Jimmy was holding her up with the help of Evan and John.

"Well sure but", Jamie could be heard. Angel was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't fully process the scene before her.

"Aiden can drive them back, I'm sure he wouldn't mind", Rose spoke in short breaths.

"We were heading in for the night", the brunette said, she had a look of annoyance on her face as she looked at Aiden as if she dared him to leave her side.

"Aiden can drive them, John and Jamie can you two see it we get back safely, Evan would you please go keep an eye on Asher I don't want him getting into any trouble. You don't mind do you Aiden", Angel could see Rose wouldn't take no for an answer. Aiden had Evan drive his car and instructed him to take the Brunette back to his place before going to find Asher.

"I hate that dick left me", Evan could heard saying as he took the keys from Aiden. The brunette gave Angel a glare and Aiden a kiss before leaving.

"I'm sorry", Jamie said to Angel who assured him that everything is fine.

Angel watched as John and Jamie followed their parents in the direction of their car, Jamie in the driver seat and John in the back with his mother. Aiden looked annoyed as he lead the women to the SUV, Brittany got into the front seat and Angel in the back. The car ride was silent all the way back to the hotel and Angel didn't mind it at all. Brittany on the other hand would try to talk to Aiden but didn't get much out of him except a yes or no. When they reached the hotel Aiden insisted on making sure they went straight to their rooms so he accompanied them all the way to their suite.

"Thank you so much. I will see you tomorrow I guess, see you in the morning Angel", Brittany yawned as she made her way to her room leaving Angel alone in the living room with Aiden.

The air felt so thick, Angel stared at him for a moment and opened and closed her mouth but no words coming out. She was sure the liquor had worn off, she also didn't feel this pain in her chest anymore.

"Thank you", she said out loud and stared into his eyes, he was watching her intensely.

"Okay", his deep voice radiated through her entire body and he was unaware at what he does to her. Angel could tell he was preparing to leave, he had done his part and brought them safe and sound.

"Wait, please", she whispered the last word but he heard her and for the first time since she met him those ice cold grey eyes were slightly softer as they stared at her which caused her to smile.

"Look, I have to get going"

"Okay but I need to say something to you. Give me a few minutes", Angel asked and she could see him fighting with should he stay or go.


"Well, do you want to go over in here, I don't want to disturb Brittany by talking in here", Angel placed her hand together in front of her as if she was hoping he said yes.

"You want me to go in there, where you sleep", he slightly closed his eyes as if to ask why when she had already explained herself.

"Well yeah, I don't want to wake up Britt", Angel was about to ramble but he agreed. Angel smiled as she led him into her room for the week, he complemented the space especially the view she had of the city.


"I just want to fix whatever this is", she said as she took off the booties.

"Whatever what is", his voice was getting lower.

"I can't stop thinking about you. Ever since I met you, you don't like me and I don't know what I said or what I did but I want to fix it", she admitted as she looked up at him, he was standing in front of the closed bedroom door and she hoped he didn't think she was crazy but she had to let him know how his rejection was affecting her.

"Look, you seem like a nice girl", he couldn't even look at her, he knew what she was going through and she doesn't need to explain. Since he met her that day in the club, the mate pull activated and everything she is going through is because of that. He knew what she felt today because he smelled it, still smells it and for a moment she let her guard down for him to read her thoughts. He can't have her be around him, he has enemies, centuries of enemies and now he has someone that he can call his but she was just not safe with him.

"I'm not a child, Aiden. I just want you to stop acting like you hate me. I want you to....I want you. I'm trying to understand what type of man you are, I've known you for what a few weeks and I sound like an obsessed freak. This is not the woman I am. I have never felt this with anyone, I don't get this into anyone. I think about you, every day and I don't know why. Do you think I'm going crazy", Angel wanted to just spill everything to him and hope he could understand. She hoped that he wouldn't put a restraining order on her, he probably thought she was bat shit crazy at this point.

"Listen, it's called a crush. Look, let's just pretend that this little exchange didn't happen okay", he was trying to undermine what she was feeling. His wolf was fighting him on claiming her, the sadness she is giving is making his wolf very upset. Aiden couldn't allow what others say faith destroy her, protecting her from him is the best thing he could do for her.

Angel felt so stupid, she is pouring her heart out to a man who doesn't even know her. He probably think she is mentally unstable, Angel wrapped her arms across her chest and looked away from him as if she was hugging herself.

"A crush. I feel so stupid", her voice was breaking but she didn't want to cry but it hurt. She couldn't explain to him what she felt, the pain in her chest and he was right they are basically strangers and this silly school girl crush is all that this is.

Aiden felt like shit, watching her try to comfort herself as she is baring literally her soul to him. "Fuck, look don't cry", as soon as he said that she buried her head in her hands and softly sobbed. Without a thought, he pulled her into his arms and he had to remain in control as his wolf fought to take him over. His wolf felt that he should be comforting her because he is the only one who cares for her. Aiden tensed when he felt her head against almost to his chest, she was so fucking tiny. So much for not giving a damn, the moment she melted to him he felt this warmth in his chest, slightly.

"I feel like I'm going crazy", She whispered to him as he held onto her.

"Okay, I have to get going", he didn't want to leave but he knew that he had to before he did something he may regret.

"Okay", Angel whispered as she stare dup at him, his eyes were filled with concern. Angel looked at his lips then back to his eyes.

"We can act like this never happened if you want", he almost laughed at the glare she gave him.

"No, I want to remember all of this", she whispered.

Neither of them said a word for a moment, without a second thought Aiden craned his head further down and gave Angel a peck on the lips. Angel said nothing and pulled his head back down to hers to give him a kiss which he didn't pull away from. Somehow they were fighting for dominance and he back was against the wall and he was holding her up as her hands massaged his scalp.

"Fuck", he whispered as he kisses her neck, suckling in one particular spot. He could hear her hear-beat, he could practically taste her blood. He felt his wolf gaining control, he wasn't sure is he could stop himself this time. Seeing her with someone else, his brother, he couldn't have that.

"Don't stop. Please don't stop", she whispered between moans.

"Shit", he growled as he laid her on the bed. Aiden watched her tug the shirt over her head leaving herself in a strapless black bra that fought to contain her breast. Angel watched him as he unbuttoned the rest of his button down, her eyes landing on the budge in his pants.

"Hurry up", she whispered to herself but said aloud as she rubbed her toes against his crotch.

Aiden began to tug on her pants, the zipper being in the way, he could smell her sweetness, practically parched for her. Angel turned over towards her stomach as Aiden fought to get her pants off her, his finger immediately touching her covered pussy. His thumb rubbing at the damp lace, he eagerly pulled her panty to the side and knelt to have his first lick which sent Angel face down into the bed. Aiden pulled her by her thighs back to his face as he tongue fucked her, trying to get any drip that came down her thighs. When she jerked away from him he took his frustration out on her shy clit, sucking furiously.

"You taste so fucking good baby", he growled into her pussy. He made her come but held her into place as she gushed onto his face, into his mouth. Aiden didn't let up on his assault as he instructed her to roll over so that she was back on her back. He spread her shaky legs future apart, placing them on his shoulders.

"Yes, yes", Angel squealed as she looked down into those grey eyes. She could have sworn they flashed gold for a second.

"Look at me", Aiden demanded as he look a lick at her clit again then suckling. Angel's hooded eyes quickly met his as he feasted. She put her hands in his hair as if to brace herself, the more she tugged the harder he pulled on her sweet jewel.

"Aiden", she could only say as one hand reached to squeeze her breast and then she felt one finger toying with her entrance, she was loosening up for him. She jerked when she felt him finger fucking her, arching off the bed only to have him bring his hand that was playing with her nipples settle on her lower stomach as if to steady her.

"This my pussy?" he asked waiting for her to respond.

"Mhmm", she could only say as he fucked her with his finger, then another.

"Prove it. Come again", he demanded as he pumped two fingers in and out of her tight pussy.

Angel loved him talking dirty to her, she loved the aggression he gave as he suckled and pulled at her clit, and there was no way she was going to let this be a one-time thing.

"Aiden", Angel became angry at him at the sound of a wet ‘pop' when he withdrew his fingers from her dripping pussy. Angel watched as he stood up to pull his pants down, his rock hard dick springing free, precum seeping from the tip. She was slightly alarmed at the size, she had seen it before but when he rubbed it up and down to tease he she tensed. What if it hurt?

"If you want me to stop baby just tell me", he said hoarsely as if he were straining as he rubbed the tip back and forth.

"No, I'm okay", she tried to relax after she felt the tip trying to enter.

"Fuck", Aiden was defiantly fighting for control as he toyed with her entrance, she was too tight even after getting her ready.

"Fuck", Angel squealed as he put the head in again and gently inched more inside her but halting to give her time to adjust to his size.

Aiden reached down kissing her lips again as he inched more inside her, causing her to cry in his neck. She was clenching around him to the point that he would explode.

"It's okay", he wasn't sure if those words are for her or for him. Angel slowly started to relax as she gave him kisses on the lips and face. Aiden couldn't control his wolf as he felt control slipping away, he slammed into her and instead of her screaming out, he silenced her with a kiss as he fucked her brutally. She clawed at his back as he lift one of her legs on his shoulders.

"Aiden", was all she could say as he fucked her into this bed, there was no turning back from whatever plan he thought he had in mind.

‘Mine', Angel gasped as she heard an animalistic growl in her head, she agreed with the voice. There is no way she was letting him get himself out of whatever this is.

Aiden stared down at her neck as her heart continued to race, this will seal him to her for eternity. He will protect her and hope that he can learn patience from her. He had to remain in control with her.

"Oh my", Angel felt the heaviness in the pit of her stomach and in an instant she felt a sharp pain in her neck but she couldn't scream but she shuddered as she came. Before the darkness took her over she felt Aiden holding her as she shook, his eyes they weren't grey but red.





Chapter End Notes:

Angel is feeling the pull due to her being Aiden's soulmate. Aiden knows this, remember she does not. Although he let it go this far, will he accept it or fight with his own demon. 


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