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Author's Chapter Notes:

HEY FAMILY! In my hiatus (which is going well by the way) I've come up with three new ideas...Well two completed ones, one still in the brain cell. I have so many ideas that I'm sharing for a reason LOL. I've reconnected to my love for Mando-pop and with being drawn to more fictions and works involving Chinese/Taiwanese men as of I was like bruh. BRUH. I don't intend for this to be very long...As you guys know my drill, this is just an idea. I don't have any intention of starting this full fledged or anything. A teaser of what's to come in the future. Hope y'all like it hehe. I miss you guys! 







Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chinese-American Elijah Chang’s life changed dramatically when a new script was dropped into his lap one fateful November morning. Set in 1918, the story tells of a patient named Samuel Zhang who was forced into one Garden Brooks Asylum for a case of ‘madness’.  Shut away from society, he struggles to exist amid the long rumored abuse patients received as ‘treatment’. Grisly murders soon begin to spread throughout the asylum and he finds himself accused. He struggles to prove his innocence and fears that indeed he might very well be ‘mad’ as they claim. 


    Elijah immediately falls in love with the story, but, as he roams through the script, he notices his unconventional love interest. An African-American female stars as one Virginia Callum, a young freedwoman who had been sent to the same asylum by her estranged husband. Suffering from a case of ‘shivers’, she is deemed unfit to live in society and therefore is given the same fate that of Samuel. He comes across her one early morning as he heads back to his dormitory. As the story goes, one glance at her and he almost immediately falls in love with her. 


    Truth be told, Elijah grows nervous, having never before played a romantic lead with an African-American woman and he knows his traditionalist family will not be pleased. He’s given them what they’ve wanted thus far and rebelliously decides to do it anyway…despite the backlash he most definitely will receive. Once he meets Ainsley Matthews, a fresh face in the acting world, they begin to take the journey delving into the unique but powerful story. The further they get into production…the further they remain in character, the more they begin to lose grip on reality. Is it a struck of chance? Or perhaps…a reunion of past loves?




Song Wei Long as Elijah Chang (29) 

Janet Akorikin as Ainsley Matthews (26) 



    “Eli, you’re sure this is what you want to do?” Frustrated eyes lifted to his brother, younger by a few years. 

    “Did mā ma send you to talk me out of this again?” Though he didn’t answer, he got it plain and clear on his face as his eyes focused not on him but on the floor. 

    “It’s been a month already. I’m not backing out now.”

    “But g“ ge…she’s…she’s black. Can’t you…request they change the girl?” He pinched his nose together. 

    “You can’t possibly be considering kissing her…don’t you have a few sex scenes in the movie too? Have you thought about how that’s gonna look? What everybody will be saying? Mā ma and Bà ba will be so disappointed in you.” 

    “You act like it’d gonna be real…it’s not gonna be real. That’s the whole point of acting.” Letting out a louder sigh of frustration, he eyed one of the producers who had peeked his head in to signal it was time to rehearse. 

    “Look…think of this as one last gig. I’ve been testing the waters in the industry for years now… years that I know you think I’ve wasted. If it doesn’t work out then I’ll leave it alone for good. Tell mā ma and bà ba that.” His younger brother did not look convinced but he nodded, jaw tight. 

    “ Trust me di di…trust that as your oldest brother, the decisions I make for myself I also make for you. For once, all I ask is that you give me your support.” Getting up, he gently clapped his younger brother on the shoulder and soon followed the producer to the set. 






    “Bà what’s the problem?” 

    “Why is she here Eli?”

    “She’s my co-star. Why should she not be?”

    “You know how your mother and I feel about people like her. We won’t have it. She will leave right now.” For the sake of all that was good and holy, he had never once talked back to his father. He’d never challenged him in any way, almost robotically obeying his every word for fear that he would turn on him. But right here and right now, he’d simply had enough. 

    “If she leaves then I leave too.” At the verbal challenge, his father’s eyebrows lifted and his face started to grow red. 

    “You wouldn’t dare. Not when your mother worked so hard to gather together all of this connections for you.”

    “Eli?” Drawing away from the enraged face of the man he’d once respected, he peered into a much lovelier face, that of Ainsley. She had dressed up for the occasion, even though he hadn’t asked her to. She stood in a full ballgown, deep gold with shimmery accents threaded throughout the dress. It fit perfectly against her, accentuating her delicate waist and stopping just right at the floor. On her head, she wore a rose gold circlet, feminine little gems and elegant swoops of metal decorating her thick swept back coils.  All of her other petite features such as her neck, arms, wrists, and shoulders were also on display and he thanked God she decided against wearing any neck jewelry. Her bosom had been pushed up, providing a quite delectable display of cleveage. 


    “Everything okay?” Smiling he lifted a hand to press against her waist. 

    “Yeah, everything’s fine.” Taking those decadently brown eyes away from him, she eyed his father in front of him, barely throwing together a smile, his lips pinched, white and thin. 

    “Is this your dad? He looks like you.” Laughing, he pulled her closer, action not going unnoticed by his father and most definitely not by his mother who had eyes on them from across the room. 

    “Yes. This is my father, Shingwen Chang. Bà ba, this is Ainsley Matthews, my co-star from the movie.” 

    “It’s nice to meet you Mr. Chang.” She smiled prettily and outstretched her hand in invitation to shake it but was rudely declined. All he simply did was stare at it as if the very thought of touching it or her disgusted him to the highest degree. 

    “Okay maybe not then.” She remarked, drawing her hand back. She cleared her throat and turned to him. 

    “Um… I’m gonna find the director’s table. See you up there?”


    “Kay.” Three pairs of almond shaped eyes watched as she was helped up onto the elevated platform, the director and other members of cast and crew already seated. 

    “She looks like a stuffed pig in that dress.” The comment came from his brother but yet his eyes seemed a bit too focused on a particular part of her anatomy. Or rather…parts. 


    “You’re trying to be nice about it but I unfortunately don’t have to be. You know her tits look like two overfilled water balloons. It’s amazing actually that they haven’t popped by now.” Feeling the veins in his neck bulge, he turned and grabbed onto his collar, nostrils wide and flared. Eyes narrowed. 

    “Yet you’ve still found your eyes drawn to them di di.” He replied, voice a low hiss, Mandarin sharp and biting. At that, his brother grew red in the face, so reminiscent of their father but a moment ago. 

    “Er zi. Control yourself.”

    “Were she Chinese you wouldn’t have one fucking problem about her so-called ‘tits’. If I didn’t know any better di di, I’d think you were attracted to her.” At that, a look of disgust drifted up on his face. 


    “No Bà! It’s unacceptable. The poison he speaks against an innocent woman is disgusting and I’ve had enough.” The second verbal challenge for the evening made a record and that pissed flushed red face and eyes narrowed stared back at him. But his balls had finally dropped and now they weren’t going anywhere. After years of being castrated in front of peers, classmates, neighbors, teachers even his other relatives by his father… tonight he would draw the fucking line. 

    “Look…we’re just not meant to get with women like her. Her hips are like that of a hippo. Her ass is gigantic and no matter how much gel she’s used to slick down those nappy ass curls, you can clearly see them. Only a black man would want such filth.” Perhaps his brother had been drinking entirely too much wine but he was sober enough that he wanted to punch all of his teeth down his throat. 

    “That’s three insults in one night Jian. I won’t give you an opportunity to say another.” At that, embarrassment and anger flushed his face.     

    “If you’ll excuse me… that beautiful ass woman is waiting for me up there.”

    “Beautiful? You…you’re actually attracted to her?”

    “Yeah. Imagine that. Unlike you, I’m a big enough boy to admit it. Excuse me.” Pushing past his immature little shit of a brother, he forced the anger he felt down his throat and gave the inquisitive little woman a warm reassuring smile. 




TEASER THREE (bonus): 


    Her whole body was chilled with anxiety. Her palms were sweaty and she felt like a golf ball was stuck in her throat. 

    “Ainsley, we’re going to shoot the love scene in five.”

    “O-okay…” Inhaling, she tried to swallow her growing nervousness when a pair of hands took hold of her shoulders. Jumping, she looked up into the face of Elijah, his brows creased in confusion. 

    “Everything okay?” Her cheeks grew warm at his shirtless form and and she drew her eyes away from him, gently pulling his hands off of her. 

    “Yeah…I’m fine.” He chuckled some, features soft as they gazed upon her. 

    “That doesn’t look like fine. You look scared shitless.”

    “Yeah…you could um…say that too.” He smiled some, seeming to understand what the cause of her anxiety was from. 

    “You’re nervous about the scene we’re shooting today.” She nodded. 

    “That’s completely normal you know… to tell you the truth… I’m nervous too.” Looking at him, she roamed her eyes over his body. Until now, she’d never much seen him without a shirt on but it was very clear that he worked out, biceps, triceps, pectorals… even the entire of his abdomen were covered in thick hard muscle. 

    “You’re nervous? You sure don’t seem like it.” She said crossing her arms. Grinning boyishly, he playfully took her cheek in between his index finger and thumb and pinched gently. 

    “Doesn’t mean I’m not.” Pouting, she swat his hand away from her. 

    “Boy…next time you do that you gon die hear me?” If his grin would get any wider, it did and his playful gaze damn near sparkled. 

    “See now you’re loosening up.” 


    “Guys… we’re on in sixty seconds. Head to the set.” Like that, she felt that golf ball start to form in her throat again. 

    “Hey.” Eli took hold of her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. 

    “I know how nerve wracking this must be.. for you and for me. We’ll both be completely vulnerable to the world… to everyone watching us. I get that.” Slowly, he pulled her towards him. 

    “But I can only hope that in all this time that we’ve spent together… trust has been developed between us.” 

    “Eli! Ainsley!” 

    “You can trust me with this moment. You can trust me with your vulnerability and with your body Ains. Know that. I won’t let anything happen to you okay?” Swallowing, she let him pull her to set and once she felt the hot lights burn her skin, her heart beat against her chest like a hammer. Smiling, Eli took hold of her face and pulled her flush against him. 

    “You can trust me sweetheart. Just focus on me hm? Focus on me.” 


    The director of the film found himself in awe as did everyone in the room. The two actors had transcended to another planet and for yet another time out of many the two allowed their characters to come to the forefront. This time though, they were intricately entangled, naked glossy flesh speaking louder than words. He was in his heart touched and very proud of the two of them… the tender touch of their lips began the catalyst of passion that seemed so real… so palpable.

     Little by little, he began to see Ainsley’s nervousness fade with each gentle touch of Eli’s fingers to her skin, each soft reassuring kiss to her lips, throat, shoulders. Her inhale of breath was audible, loud and filled with surprised pleasure at the the tentative kisses he pressed against the swells of her beckoning breasts. 

    It was a scene that he could not interrupt, for the two demanded intimacy, raw and unfiltered. Even the hair that fell into his eyes was something he could not make happen as his almond shaped eyes lifted, gaze within them obsidian with desire, gentle with patience and full of promised ecstasy. 

    “Do you trust me angel?” His baritone voice rumbled against her, sending chills down his spine and down the spine of other members of the film crew. Her answer was the exposed column of her neck, head leaned back, more than welcoming the soft wet tongue that tasted the skin, drifting upward in a slow playful tease. His fingers danced across the smooth voluputous curves of her body, gliding his hands around her waist. 

    “Answer me Ginny.” He hushed and the first sound to depart her mouth was a soft little moan as his lips enclosed around her earlobe. 

    “I…I t-trust you…” Fingers drifted up and pulled the gossamer strings to her night rail apart and breaths collected in throats as her breasts were brought into view, bare and deliciously full. 

    “Understand one thing…” His gaze, hungry and renewed with a deep dark desire drifted upward to hers. 

    “Tonight you shall be mine. In every sense of the word. Should I have to kill for it, to have you again night after night from now, I will.” 

    “Surely you will not harm another to have me Sam.”

    “One as beautiful as you, a man would be a fool not to.” Gently taking a round breast in his hand, he lowered his mouth to kiss the enticing flesh, tongue teasing the tempting nipple drawing the second titillating sound of pleasure. He took his time devouring her, letting go to softly coax the other nipple in between his lips. Her small hands pressed against his chest and soon their lips met, tongues tangling softly. His hands pulled the night rail from her shoulders, bringing her beautiful body into visage, dark flesh encased in shimmery moonlight. From there, no words were spoken between them… no physical words that is. 

    He laid her across the cool surface of the fountain edge, bare pale body contrasting sharply against her voluminous umber as he slipped in-between her small shapely legs. In the room, under the blazing hot lights and camera lens, his implied entry was felt, delicately…with bated breath. And soon, sweat started to form on the writhing bodies, his much larger form draping across hers, seeming to make hers seem so small, so delectable, glad for the implied control he seemed to have over her. The friction between them reached an all time high and at the moment they were supposed to climax, she let out a choked sob, tightening her legs around him, the ball of her foot pressing into the tight round cheek of his bottom. His body grew stiff and he panted, a slow elongated moan slipping past his lips as he pressed his face against her hair. 

    “CUT.” For a while, they just remained like that, unable to move… unable to let go of each other just yet. When the moment passed, he’d helped her back into her night rail, lifting his provided shirt to give her more modesty. She didn’t say much of anything, even when the crew asked if she was all right. Asked if he was all right. Her eyes followed him as he headed towards his dressing room and she felt that strange twinge in her chest… a longing that only seemed to increase the more she was around him. 

    “That was one hell of a scene Ainsley! Damn. You and Elijah were great! I think this scene is going to win us an award! We gotta go to dinner tonight to celebrate your job well done.” She smiled at the director and forced herself to go to her dressing room. She felt moist as she peeled the clothes from her body, taking in the freshly nipped skin, the glossy nipples and lips that he’d kissed, bitten and sucked on until they grew flushed with rosy color. Indeed, that was one hell of a scene. Elijah Chang was one hell of an actor. And she didn’t know now where she fared… where her sanity fared. For she wanted him to love her…love her body in the exact same way that Sam did Virginia…perhaps even more…even deeper. 

Chapter End Notes:


A/N: With everything going on in the news, media, in the world, I think it would be a disservice to not use my gift to address elephants in the room. One of them being anti-black sentiment and attitudes in fellow POC's households.... primarily within Asian households. Hear me very clearly. I'm not saying that ALL households of Asian descent carry anti-black sentiment but from what I've heard from Asian associates, friends, etc. it is very prevalent here in the States. It makes me sad and it's unfortunate. With stories like the one above, I hope I can challenge that.

What do you think of Eli? Ainsley? Their characters Sam and Virginia? I have another idea that does not have teasers yet but I think you guys will jump on. I might upload it soon! Leave y'alls comments, concerns, questions, etc below y'all. Love y'all. I miss you all. Praying for you all. God bless. 


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