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"I like you" she confessed


"I like you" she repeated, "I like you Luke"

"You like me?" I asked as if she didn't say it twice already


"Really? Nobody ever likes me"

Okay now I was starting to sound like an asshole and didn't mean to either. But I've never had a girl tell me that she genuinely liked me. They've admitted that they found me to be physically attractive but aside from that nothing.

"I think you're cool"

I had to admit that touched me and coming from her it sounded sincere

"I think you're cool too Sammie"

"Well...I was wondering...hoping...if you want to..."

I turned off the car engine and looked over at Samantha who shifted in her seat a little. She started to blush as if she were embarrassed about what she was about to ask me.

I can't imagine what she would be shy about saying after all this was the same girl who just relieved that she had a crush on me for the past three years. Even I wouldn't have the balls to admit that if the situation was in reverse.

"What Sammie?" I asked again

Samantha bit her lower lip and fiddled with her glasses and finally got it out

"Do you want to have sex with me?" she asked nervously "I um don't have any condoms but there's a Rite Aid down the street and I can go get some and...."

Samantha stopped when she realized exactly what she just asked. It's not that she didn't want to ask that it was just that she was surprised to have actually said it.

"Sammie look at me" I said softly "is that what you really?"


"Alright" I replied, "can I ask you a question then?"

"I guess so?"

"How come you don't already have condoms?"

"I never needed them oh----I mean it's been a while"

She was lying about something and I couldn't put my finger on it

"Has it been a while Sammie?" I asked "or are you a virgin?"

That's where I had her stumped and she knew it and then said

"I think it's the latter of the two"

"Luke please-"

"No Sammie I'm not going to have sex with you"

"Why not? Is it because I'm not pretty or is it because I'm black"

I sighed knowing Samantha was a sensitive girl but she knew the reason why but seemed to be ducking and dodging the real answer. We both knew why.

"If I thought either of those things I wouldn't have taken you out at all Sammie," I said sincerely

"Then why?"

"You know why Sammie" I replied "are you really even ready to have sex? Do you really want me to be your first?"


"I can't do it" I said "it wouldn't be right I don't want to hurt your feelings Sammie but I don't feel the same way about you"

Samantha turned away from me now looking out the window there was no doubt now that she was completely embarrassed.

"I do like you Samantha" I said using her full name now "as a friend though when people have sex they both like each other as more than friends"

"Wouldn't you want to do that with somebody who feels the same way about you?"

"I don't care"

"Yes you do" I said "you don't seem like the type of girl who would just jump in the bed with just anyone especially for your first time"

"But Luke I want you" she said, "this can be no strings attached, no feelings it can be strictly physical"

As hypocritical as it sounded I didn't like the way that sounded coming from Samantha. I've had plenty of unattached no strings sex in the past but most of those girls were only just physically attracted to me.

They weren't virgins who had feelings for me emotionally on top of being physically attracted to me. Samantha deserved more than just a roll in the hay and a ghost the morning after; she was a sweet girl and that would crush her.

To me she came across as the type that would catch more feelings in the act of coitus than less.

"I have a feeling you want it to more than physical and I can't promise you that Sammie I know I can't"

"Please Lucas" she insisted using his full name now "you might be the only one...I mean.... I don't think I'll ever get an opportunity like this again"

"Samantha....are you crying?"

She quickly wiped away the stray tear that escaped from her eye; but it wasn't enough as the full on tears came now.

"I just want to feel wanted" she admitted, "I want to feel desired. You're the first guy who has ever even wanted to take me out and I'm scared you'll be the last"


"I'm serious Luke this might be my only chance I get. Nobody else wants me because I'm fat and ugly and I'm too awkward and shy; even if it's just a pity fuck please just fuck me"

"I don't do pity fucks" I told her "when I have sex I actually mean it"

"Can you make an exception?"

"No exceptions"

"Okay" she said feeling defeated and even more embarrassed.

"Hey" I said, "look at me Sammie"

It took a lot for Samantha to look back at me but when she did she gave me her full attention.

"I may not feel the same way about you" I said honestly "but don't you dare say that there isn't anybody who wouldn't want you; there's somebody out there who wants you"

"You're a sweet girl and you're gorgeous please stay that way and I guarantee you the right man will scoop you right up"

Samantha smiled a little at that and she was definitely feeling a little bit better

"Thanks Luke"

"You're welcome Sammie"

"Um...we can still be friends right?" she asked nervously

"Of course" I said

"I'm going to miss you," she said sincerely

"I'll miss you too"


It was like I was looking at a whole new Samantha Merritt Of course I haven't seen her in eight years and people do change a lot in eight years without a doubt but it was still a shock to see her in a new light.

I watched her as she mixed and mingled with fellow artists and agents as she hosted her first gallery show. She looked great and had obviously lost a tremendous amount of weight. Samantha went from wearing oversized sweaters and jeans to fitted black dresses and heels.

I was certainly curious to where this change came from and I really liked it. One thing that hadn't changed was her artwork if anything it was more mature and more enhanced.

Samantha was the only artist I knew even in college who knew how to work watercolor and ink; two of the most challenging mediums to manipulate. Anyone who could tackle those head on was talented in my book.

"...yes I've been wanting to illustrate books for a while now!" she said excitedly "I'll give you my business card"

I smiled.

Samantha was still that sweet young woman deep inside and it was the one thing that I was happy to see that was still the same. I'm glad somebody was finally recognizing her talent and giving her work.

"How does it feel to get your first major client Miss Merritt?"

Samantha spun around in confusion and her face lit up when she recognized me

"Oh my god Luke? Is that really you?"

"Hello to you too Sammie"


It had been eight years since the last time I saw Lucas Jennings and I could still feel my heart beat fast. He was definitely the last person I was expecting to see at my very first gallery show.

"It's great to see you," I said suddenly feeling shy

"It's great to see you too Sammie" he said, "you look amazing by the way"

"Thank you" I said trying not to be giddy "how did you find out about my show?"

"It's all you've been talking about on your Instagram stories"

"You follow me on Instagram?"

"Of course you know I've always admired your work Sammie" Lucas said sincerely

I didn't know what to say to that I was flattered by that; not a lot of our classmates followed me I would have never expected it from him.

I also remembered that I also posted other things on my Instagram besides my artwork like my weight loss journey and confident pictures of myself in general.

My cheeks flushed at the thought of Lucas seeing those pictures it wasn't anything explicit but it was a far cry from the baggy clothes I wore in college.

Speaking of which was it just me or did Lucas look even more sexy now than he did eight years ago? His deep forest green eyes and messy dirty blonde hair. The boyish grin was still there along with the dimples to go with it. His beard neatly trimmed. His physique....Lucas had always been a gym rat but was there such thing as too much gym?

There was no ounce of fat on him and his dress shirt fit him like nobody's business.

"Thanks Luke I didn't know that"

"Well now you know" he chuckled "you mind showing me around? I'd like to get a special commentary from the artist herself"

"Yes of course"


Samantha had a way of describing her artwork the way no other artist I knew had. It was personal and intimate as if each painting were a child of hers. I could listen to her all evening. Samantha had changed a lot but underneath she was still the same sweet girl I took out for a simple water ice at Rita's eight years ago.

"Oh and what are these?" I asked walking up to a glass case with tons and tons of sketch paper

"These are some prelimary sketches for my next book"


"Yes I was commissioned to illustrate an African American version of Alice in Wonderland"


"It's not as impressive as you" Samantha said modestly "you were an animator for Cartoon Network; My Pet Pterodactyl has been a hit for five seasons"

"Sammie come on" I said "I told you this back when we were in school my style is more suited for cartoons and animation and yours is more suited for the children's book market clearly you're doing well in it"

"It took me ten years to find work though" she said feeling embarrassed "meanwhile it only took you four years"

"There's no shame in that Sammie"

"I know but...well my parents were really starting to give up on me" she admitted, "After we graduated I didn't have anyone to lean on for moral support"

I understood that and I was not at all blind to the nepotism that was laid in front of me as a white man. Samantha was talented but who was going to give her a chance being a black woman.

Hell even at Cartoon Networks Animation Studios it was mostly if not all white men.

This was why tonight was so special for her; her work was finally being recognized.

"I'm proud of you Sammie," I said sincerely


The dimming lights were a signal that the gallery was closing for the evening and people were starting to leave. I wasn't done with Samantha though and I found myself wanting to spend more time with her.

"Want to grab a bite?"

"Actually yes" she admitted "I didn't eat much today"

"You're going to love Ruth's Steakhouse then"

"Ruth's? Oh no Luke that's much too expensive"

"It's a special occasion" I insisted "I think we've moved up from a simple water ice date don't you think?"

"I liked that Luke it was sweet"

"Yeah I did too but we're not broke college students anymore I can treat the artist who just had her first gallery show a steak dinner"

Samantha bit her lip trying to hide a smile



I find myself gazing at Lucas casually through out dinner. Jesus Christ he was still hot even more so now and those giddy bubbly feelings began to surface once more. I had to remind myself that he was just being nice just like he had been all those years ago.

"I'd like a signed copy of your book Sammie"


"I sure would"

"You have to give me something in return," I said

"And what would that be?"

"A signed copy of a character model sheet of My Pet Pterodactyl"

"Spoken like a true illustrator Miss Merritt" Lucas chuckled "in fact I actually have a few in my studio now if you'd like to stop by and get one"

"You have your own studio?"

"Going on three years now"

"I still work from my basement"

"As long as you're making good quality work that's all that matters and you don't seem to be having any trouble with that Sammie"

I must have blushed for what seemed like probably the millionth time that night but I couldn't help it the way Lucas made me feel hadn't changed one bit.

"So what do you say?" he continued, "I got to see your most recent work it is only fair that you get to see mine as well"

"I don't know Luke it's getting pretty late"

"It's Friday

"Luke I don't know...."

"Do you have a boyfriend I don't know?"


Damn it looks like I wasn't going to really be able to talk my way out of this one.

"Then what's stopping you?"


Lucas leaned back in his chair and raised his eyebrows at me teasingly something that always worked when we were in college.

"Don't tell me you're being shy again Sammie" he chuckled "you know I don't bite"

Needless to say my feathers were a bit ruffled

"You've seen one artist studio you've seen them all" I said brushing him off

"You haven't seen mine though" he winked at me "it's quite the artist's wet dream"

Coming from the man who was my wet dream in and still is sometimes.

The lights were dimming in the restaurant signaling that they would be closing pretty soon.

"It's a shame we didn't even get to order dessert" Lucas went on to say, "luckily for you I have some pie and ice cream stocked in the fridge of my studio"

"I'm only coming for my model sheet you promised"

Lucas chuckled at that and I wished that I had phrased that a little better than again he's the one who started teasing me about the quality of his "studio" and it being an artist's "wet dream"

"You know what I mean"

"I know exactly what you mean Samantha"

Butterflies that I thought died a long time ago took flight all over my stomach damn Lucas Scott Jennings. Damn him to hell for making me fall for his charms all over again and he still had it too.


I was a hypocrite.

A hypocrite with a hard dick but damn I wanted Samantha Nicole Merritt. Now I do plan to be a gentleman because that's what she genuinely deserved but I'd be a liar if I said I had no plans on seducing her.

I was a hypocrite because I was the one who told her eight years ago that I wasn't going to take her virginity in a pity fuck and that she was confusing her feelings for me with physical passion.

I was a hypocrite because I put Samantha on a pedestal because she was any other woman I would have been between those thighs already.

Granted at this point she probably wasn't a virgin anymore but I was still going to tread the water lightly.

"You have a studio downtown in Rittenhouse?"

"One of them anyway"

"One of them?"

I chuckled

"I have three total" I said "one right in downtown Philly at Rittenhouse, one in Manhattan, and one in Los Angeles"

"Oh that's more than just privileged artist" Samantha smirked at me "that's white male artist privilege; do you know how many artists would kill for just one studio"

"Yes I am blessed," I said sarcastically earning a playful shove from Samantha

"Seriously I do love that I am able enjoy doing my work anywhere at anytime" I said "I actually have a show coming up at the Society of Illustrators so my Manhattan studio will definitely be of good use"

"You have a show at the Society?"

"I sure do I can get you in opening night if you want"

"I'd like that"

The night air blew gently and Samantha zipped up her jacket to keep warm; luckily it would be pretty toasty in my studio on this chilly November evening. When we got to the building of where the studio was I opened the door for her to go in first.

"After you Samantha"

"Thank you Lucas"

That's what I remembered liking about Samantha; we could always play and joke with each other even when we were in college I loved to make her laugh. Samantha had a laugh that made everyone around her feel warm and good inside even if she was reserved most of the time.

"You can leave your jacket here my studio is on the top floor and heat rises"

"Luke I'm only staying for a little bit"

"I have a rather vase collection Sammie it may take a while"Samantha rolled her eyes at me and I smirked but she gave in and put her jacket on the coat rack next to mine.

I led her upstairs the dark stairway since it was about a week before Thanksgiving the other two artists I shared the building with were out of town so it would just be her and me tonight.

"Are we in the Shining right now?" she asked, "is that really your studio at the end of the hall?"

"Yes" I chuckled taking her hand in mine "it's okay it won't bite Sammie"

"I'll proceed with caution just in case"

When we got to the door I opened it for her and the look of awe of Samantha's face made it all worth bringing her here.

"" she gasped "this is amazing"

Samantha made her away around my room of creativity as she examined the wall with sketches, drawings, thumbnails, paintings, color studies, concepts, and designs. She scanned all of the pencils, pens, brushes and the digital drawing tablet.

"You like it?"

"I love it" Samantha said as she then tuned her attention to the view outside the window that had the skyline of the city and all of it's nighttime glory "I would never want to leave here if I had a studio like this"

I know she wouldn't because that was the type of artist that Samantha was if she was allowed to work on her art all day she would. Her hands, fingers, arms would be caked with paint or ink from constantly creating things. Even the lens of her glasses might have a flick of paint on them.

Hell when we were still in college she spent most if not all of her weekends in the studios that the school provided us with. I would sometimes keep her company all those times too.

"I know" I said sincerely "you'd spend all your time here if you could; I wouldn't mind having a studio mate"

I gave Samantha a smile and she blushed and started looking down at her boots.

"So do you have the model sheet?" she asked changing the subject.

"I sure do" I said going over to my concept art file drawer "which character do you want?"


"Of course"

"I like her she's cute plus she's Triceratops that was one of my favorite dinosaurs" Samantha said "plus Kayla is her owner thanks for making her a little black girl too I swear all of the cartoons we had growing up only mostly had white kids"

"Do you want her model sheet too?"

"Can I?"

"Of course Sammie" I said taking a fine point Sharpie pen to sign both of them for her "you know I based Kayla's character off of you"

"Luke stop" she rolled her eyes laughing, "no you didn't"

"Yes I did" I insisted slipping both model sheets into a paper bag for her "why do you think you relate to her so much?"

For the first time that evening Samantha didn't have anything to say and I could tell she was flattered.

Before she could say anything else the sound of rain began to fall on the roof.

"Shit" Samantha cursed "I didn't know it was going to rain I have to go---"

"What's the rush Sammie it sounds like it's going to be raining for a while"

"I told you I wasn't going to stay long"

"Looks like you don't have a choice" I said "just relax and I'll get that pie and ice cream for you we can look through the rest of my work too.


I couldn't argue with Lucas because it was pouring; but it was warm and comfortable in his studio. The vanilla ice cream and apple pie was very good and Lucas wasn't shit for making it deep-dish Dutch apple pie too.

We were currently going through a slide show of his portfolio on the projector. Taking all the pushpins off the wall took us back to our college critique days when would ready the wall to get ready to talk about our work.

"I remember that one!" I exclaimed as Luke went to the next slide

"You do?"

"Yeah it was from the senior show" I said, "you asked to borrow my flash drive to make a print remember? I still have a jpeg of it too"

"I'm flattered Miss Merritt" Lucas teased me "I didn't know you admired my work so much"

"I always did" I said "I love the way you aren't afraid of bright and warm colors and you know just how to work them"

"Sammie I'm touched" Lucas smirked placing his hand over his heart and I playfully shoved him. We continued his slideshow when I noticed that the rain had stopped and saw that it was well past midnight.

"Shit I didn't realize how late it was"


"Luke cut it out you know it's late"

"I also know that we're not two sixteen year olds who have to run back home to make curfew either" he said cutting another slice of pie and offered it to me

"I've had enough" I insisted

"Have you?"


"What is it Sammie?"


"What's his name?"


"What's his name?" Lucas asked again giving me a grin "I'm all ears"

Damn him.

When we were in college Lucas used to ask me that whenever I was sad because he always assumed that some douche or asshole hurt my feelings or played me.

It used to always make me feel special when he would ask me that because it showed that he genuinely cared about me. For Lucas to use that again now he definitely knew how to get under my skin


"....Luke it's you" I whispered, "it's always been you"

"Look at me Sammie"

I did and those kind green eyes greeted me back

"I know" Lucas replied "I've always known"

It wasn't until then that I noticed that Lucas's face was really close to mine.

"I've always known" he repeated "I just wanted to hear you say it"



I could tell her heart was beating fast and her soft breath tickled my nose. It still smelled of apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Samantha was slowly but surely getting aroused.

"Can I kiss you Sammie?" I whispered on her lips


I leaned in a little more and gently pressed my lips on hers and wow. I've kissed a lot of women before but Samantha had the softest pair of lips of them all and the electricity that flowed between us was unlike no other.

Damn she felt so good and my lust for her was going into full drive now. I found myself kissing her once, twice, three times and more. The way a honeybee buzzes around a flower for pollen. Samantha was that flower.



"I don't think---"

"Don't think just feel"

Just like that our kisses went from playful and gentle to passionate and assertive. My pants were getting tight from the erection that was now pushing at my zipper to be free.

I got bold and scooped Samantha up and placed her on one of my clear tables in doing so she brushed against my erection and she gasped in surprise.

"That's all for you Sammie" I whispered in her ear "you did that to me"

"I did?"

I frowned a little at that and I didn't want to make any assumptions but I had to ask

"Samantha are you still a virgin?"

She didn't say anything but the guilt was written all over face plain as day


"Sammie don't lie to me"

"I'm not" she insisted, "I use my vibrator regularly"

"I'm not talking about a sex toy" I said caressing her face in my hands my thumbs were running up and down her cheeks "I'm talking about sex with an actual man not piece of silicon"

"Does it matter?" Samantha tried to brush the subject off "either way my cherry is gone"

I pushed her chin up making her look me in the eyes

"So you're telling me you've just been ramming a toy inside you and you've convinced yourself that it's actual sex?"

"You make me sound like a loser," she said turning away from me again she even tried to wiggle away. Not on my watch I tightened my grip on her hips.

"No Sammie" I said genuinely "you're not a loser after all the works I've seen you accomplish you're far from it. You're just feeling sad and lonely"

"I think deep down inside you're still that same insecure girl I took out eight years ago who still doesn't even realize how beautiful and worthy she is of a man's love"

Samantha didn't say anything because she knew that I was right. I leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"Cherry or not that doesn't matter you're still a virgin Sammie and I want you"

"You do?"

"Yes I do" I said kissing her again "and I know you want me too"

Samantha began to react to my kisses and I even heard her sigh. There was no mistaking it I knew that her pussy was wet and she needed me as much as I needed her.

I lifted her up and wrapped her legs around my waist and proceeded to walk us from my studio to my adjacent room where I would rest and take breaks. It was basically a bedroom for late nights of being in the studio.

"Where are we going?"

"To my bed" I said simply "I'm not going to take you on one of my tables at least not for your first time"

The minute we both laid down on the bed we began to undress each other. I could tell Samantha wasn't used to this type of body worship she couldn't do this with a vibrator.

I pulled her sweater dress off and undid the clasp of her bra and she hissed at the cool air hitting her breasts causing her nipples to pebble and I kissed a trail from her neck to those nipples. I could feel Samantha tremble all over with pleasure and I whispered in her ear

"You like that Sammie?"


"Do you feel good?"


"You're so beautiful" I continued to swoon her "so sexy your skin is like the sun and chocolate blended together"

"Luke please I need..."

All that sweet-talking I was doing Samantha didn't even notice that I slipped my hands between her legs and my fingers snaked under her panties to her sweet pussy.

"Luke!" she gasped as I pressed my fingers against her clit and rubbed in tight circles

"You're so wet for me"

Samantha wiggled against my fingers trying to reach her orgasm faster which only made me harder since her ass was brushing against my crotch.

I was going to cum if she didn't stop and I had no plans on cumming right now. Samantha was going to cum first and she was going to cum hard too. It was literally a game of tug of war now and I was going to win.

"So wet" I repeated in her ear my voice getting rough now

"Lucas please I'm going to cum...."

"Cum" I encouraged her applying more pressure to her clit my fingers strumming it like a guitar "cum for me Samantha"

Samantha let out a gasp of pleasure as her orgasm rippled through her body and I could tell she never came like that before. I kissed her as she came down from the high of her orgasm.

"That felt good huh?"

"Yes...Luke stop I'm really tingly right now....ohhh"

"I know" I chuckled "your clit is so sensitive and your pussy is pulsing like crazy it's hungry for my dick"

"Luke you have too many clothes on"

"And you don't have the rest of yours off but we can fix that"

We stripped all the way down until both of them were as naked as the day they were born. I was floored by all of Samantha's glory and of course her attention went right to the source that lay between my legs.

My cock stood at attention for her with its mushroom head blushed purple

"You look awed" I said "is everything to your liking my lady?"

"Lucas you're beautiful," she admitted

"I appreciate that but I believe that you're the beautiful one"

She blushed, as I looked her up and down taking all of her in like a tall glass of water.

I gently laid Samantha back onto the mattress and leaned in to whisper in her ear

"You ready for me Sammie?"


Samantha could feel the head of my cock rub against her moist folds now.

"Luke I need you"

"Shh" I whispered, "I know what you need"

I reached down and tickled her clit and she withered with pleasure it was still very sensitive from her last orgasm earlier.

My erect member aligned to her wet center, and Samantha's breath hitched in anticipation.

I thrust into her slow and steady. My thick cock stretching into her tight pussy and even though she was wet it still felt like I was ripping through her.


I whispered words of comfort to her to ease her pain. As pain slowly turned to pleasure Samantha could feel her walls being stimulated by the ridges of my massive cock

"Look at me, Sammie. I need those pretty brown eyes on me."

"Luke!" she panted bucking her hips beneath me trying to bury me even deeper inside her.

My response was to fill her all the way to the hilt and her body welcomed all of my girth

"Are you going to cum for me again Sammie?"

"I want you to cum for me" she challenged me

"Is that so?"

I picked up the pace and it was driving her crazy. It felt like I was expanding and growing bigger inside her. The passion between us was sweet yet raunchy at the same time.

It was sweet because she would always be my Sammie the sweet soft-spoken girl who took studio classes with me. It was raunchy because never in a million years did I ever think I was going to fuck Samantha Nicole Merritt yet here she was right underneath me.

I was so deep inside her that I was hitting spots that she never even knew existed. She grew wetter and hotter him moving her pelvis in a pattern that matched mine.

"You're so sweet Sammie" I told her my voice thick with lust and passion "so sweet"

Samantha couldn't utter anything besides approved moans as I plunged deeper and deeper she damn near fainted. My hands explored her whole body and seemed to going back and forth between both her breasts and her clit. At this point this felt like more than just sex at this point it was making love.

My lips were at the hollow of her throat, sucking hard enough to leave a love mark. Samantha groaned and begged me not to stop.

"Fuck" I swore as rammed into Samantha faster and harder "I wouldn't be able to stop even if I wanted to baby. Your pussy has me in a vice grip"

"Fuck..." Samantha gasped "Luke fuck me...fuck me..."

She had never been taken with such rugged force and her body streamed with juices that coated my cock allowing me to give her more pleasure than she could handle.

The orgasm hitting her now was a force to be reckoned with and she knew she was losing a battle.

"Lucas!" Samantha cried out, her body moving in jerks and spasms as she came and came. My breathing grew thicker and harsher as my own orgasm was coming up as well.

I felt the distinct sensation of my shaft throbbing and filling Samantha up to the hilt with his seed as he came. It was the most fulfilling moment ever. The two of us fell back onto the mattress catching our breathes from the very intense coupling we just had.

A few minutes passed before I broke the silence again

"So how about the rest of my portfolio? Still have a few slides left"

I was answered by the gentle sighing sound of Samantha fast asleep. I chuckled guess all that loving must have tuckered her out.

I pulled the covers up over both of us and kissed her forehead

"Goodnight Sammie"


I woke up to sunlight tickling my face. I woke up aching but aching in a good way.

I sat up but not all the way up as I realized I was naked. Hell I was naked and I sure as hell wasn't in my own bedroom.

"Sleeping Beauty finally awakens from her slumber"

I turned around to see Lucas enter the room shirtless with a cup of coffee in his hands. The same hands that worshipped my body just a few hours ago. Shit last night was real Lucas really did make love to me.

I bashfully I tried to pull the covers up to my breasts and Lucas chuckled as he sat down next to me.

"Don't you hide from me Sammie" he teased giving me the coffee mug "I loved every inch of your body and nothing less you remember that"

"I only came for the model sheet"

"Looks like you got a lot more than what you came for"

"Luke stop it!" I giggled as he kissed me on my jaw line and wrapped his arm around me

"So last night was good?"

"Yes" I admitted, "it was good"

"You love me Samantha I know you had a crush on me but this is much deeper" Lucas said sincerely "no woman's body responses like that to a man unless she loves him"

"Yes" I blushed "I love you Lucas"

"There's my brave Sammie," he said kissing me again "you're still that sweet girl"

"So this wasn't a pity fuck?"

"A pity fuck?" Lucas shook his head in denial "oh no Samantha this wasn't even a fuck I made love to you and that is so much more than a pity fuck"

"I wasn't kidding when I said wouldn't mind having a studio mate Sammie" he went on to say "I would very much appreciate your presence and company as I'm sure you would also appreciate mine in return"

"I'd like that" I said "of course we would have to actually get work done this little bedroom area you have is tempting to distract us"

"I'd appreciate those distractions too"

"I bet you would"

"Looks like I'm the one who scooped you up Miss Merritt"

I smiled feeling as tingly and warm as I did in that car ride home from that date eight years ago. Lucas had always been the one and no other man would be able love me the way he did.

"Looks like you did Mr. Jennings"



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