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"Forget all the rules

Forget about being published

Write for yourself and celebrate writing"

by Melinda Haynes


(My pen name was formerly smolley)

Just an ordinary lady who recently discovered the joy of writing.  I write stories that I would want to read.  Thnx to all those who read my stories and to those who comment on them. 

I surprised even myself in Aug 2018 by self-publishing my first book titled From Broken Heart to True Love, available on both amazon and barnes and noble websites.  It is an international romance story.  

Most of my stories are also posted on

Reviews, favorites, follows and just plain reads are very much appreciated. My creative juices ebb and flow but it is so much fun to create this alternate reality for such great characters. Nice to know there are folks out there who are fans of them.

7/7/20 - Get to know Evangeline and John (JOVAN) from the now defunct soap opera One Life to Love.  Check out this video on YouTube

NCIS is on CBS on Tuesdays at 8 pm EST.  Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the lead character on the series.  My stories pair him with a character of my own creation, Alexis Marjorie McGregor.  They are quite a pair.

1/13/21 - Thnx everyone for your tremendous support during my stay here at valentchamber.  I have enjoyed sharing my stories with you all.  As I always say, I write stories that I would like to read and I am glad to say that I did just that and am so humbled that you also liked them.  Don't know if or when I will write again but just wanted to say that it's been such a journey for me, with ups and downs, but nevertheless it was enjoyable.  Stay safe and encouraged.

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