A Love Story by Mello2014
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Simply put; their coming together, and falling apart.


ALS Series


He found her. She found love. But she was damaged; he promised to fix it. She believes him, and adores him. But she knows herself, and wont trust herself, so how can she trust him? He asks her to stay anyways. She does, but she doesn't know why, and the uncertainty kills her and starts killing them. But he loves her, hard, and refuses to give. And she loves him, but its surface now. He's so good to her but she doesn't know how to be that for him; not anymore. Their in trouble. But he doesn't leave. Now, he's got to break free from all the sweet nothingness because that's all she has to give. He leaves her. And a decade later their trying to remember each others names. 

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Characters: Abigail Mills, Bonnie Bennett, Cassie Robinson
Classification: Alternate Universe, Cannon, Crossover, Drabbles , Supernatural
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Pairings: Cassie/Dean (Supernatural)
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They were always a "could of been"...

A collection of storts/drabbles about their love story; all it was, wasnt, and could have been...

Cassie Robinson & Dean Winchester

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Categories: Primetime Television
Characters: Cassie Robinson
Classification: Alternate Universe, Cannon, Drabbles , Off Cannon , Supernatural
Genre: Comedy , Drama, Family, Friendship, Romance
Story Status: Active
Pairings: Male/Female
Warnings: Character Death, Fluff, Un-betaed , Work in Progress
Series: A Love Story
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Published: December 18 2014
Updated: June 24 2017

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