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Author's Chapter Notes:

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

He had won the election. He was now the President of the United States. But more importantly he had won her heart. President-Elect Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III held the heart of the love of his life, Olivia Carolyn Pope, in his hands and she his. Before he was fully owned by the great people of this country, he wanted to spend one last Christmas at his ranch surrounded by those he loved. He wanted to wake-up Christmas morning with his Livy in his arms.

Fitz knew if he asked Liv outright, she would come up with a thousand reasons why she couldn’t come to the ranch. Her reasons would be logical, but he wasn’t spending their first Christmas apart. This was non-negotiable. So he didn’t ask her to spend the holidays in Santa Barbara, instead he worked around her and made it impossible for them not to be together.

It doesn't show signs of stopping
And I've bought some corn for popping
The lights are turned way down low
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

“We leave in three hours,” Cyrus Beene announced.

“Cy, I can’t go. I’m not going,” Olivia Pope reminded her mentor/father figure/friend/work husband.

“James’ father hates me and I’d shoot myself if I had to listen to my crazy liberal cousins talk about the ills of this country and how to cure them. Your mother thought you’d be working on the Inauguration, Inaugural Balls, so she happily agreed to join her three best friends on a two week cruise from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Who would have thought the mystery prize at Tuesday night Bingo would be an all expense paid cruise for four and $10,000 in spending money? Do you really want to follow four widowed and divorced senior citizens around a crowded cruise ship and Hawaii?” he countered.

Liv sighed as she readjusted the phone at her ear. She headed to her bedroom and took the suitcase out of her closet.

“It’s in the 60s, so pack accordingly. Gerry and Karen said to bring your bathing suit. They want to take you to their favorite beach spot.”

“You told them I was coming?” The fixer questioned. She never made promises to the kids she wasn’t 100% sure she could keep.

“No, of course not. They wisely assumed you were coming and look they were right. The car will be at your place in hour and half. See you then,” Cy concluded, hanging up.

She had been heartbroken at the idea of spending Christmas without Fitz. And if she were going to lay all her cards on the table, she had been truly hurt that Fitz hadn’t invited her to the ranch to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. Of course, she would have refused his invitation, but an invitation would have been greatly appreciated. Instead for the first time in their relationship, Fitz had been the voice of reason and told her he looked forward to hearing about the hilarious adventures she and her mother seemed to get into every Christmas. Pulling down casual pieces to take with her, she thought it seemed like the fates wanted her and Fitz to have their own Christmas miracle.

When we finally kiss goodnight
How I'll hate going out in the storm!
But if you'll really hold me tight
All the way home I'll be warm

“I hope you don’t mind, but I brought a guest,” the future White House Chief of Staff announced walking through the front door of the Grant mansion.

“Livy,” nine-year-old Karen and twelve-year-old Gerry shrieked with delight as Olivia Pope appeared behind Cyrus and James.

The children bypassed Cyrus and James and ran directly into Liv’s arms.

“I told you she was coming, Gerry,” Karen, the perfect blend of Fitz and Mellie Grant, reminded her brother, as Olivia showered them with hugs and kisses.

“I didn’t say she wasn’t coming. I said, she might not be able to make it because she has a family, Kare,” Gerry, a miniature Fitz, informed his younger sister.

“I know and we’re part of her family. Right, Livy?” the nine-year-old questioned, gazing up at Liv with blue/grey eyes identical to her father’s.

“Yes, Kare, you are part of my family,” Liv answered. She loved Fitz’s children because they were a part of him, but she also loved them for who they were.  They were two wonderful children who were the best of Fitz and Mellie.

“And you’re part of ours, too,” Gerry murmured.

As Liv lifted her head, she saw Fitz standing in the entryway with a bright smile on his face.

He had overheard his daughter’s statement and he loved Livy’s response to it. He wasn’t sure how yet, but he knew he would have Liv and his lifelong dream to be President. This first Christmas together was their first of a lifetime to come.

The fire is slowly dying
And, my dear, we're still goodbying

The knock on the door disrupted her viewing of her favorite Christmas movie, Scrooged. Opening the door, she knew exactly who was on the other side as James and Cyrus had left for their own guest house a half hour ago. “Mr. President, you can’t be here. Your entire family is in the main house,” she reprimanded.

“Firewood delivery,” the President-elect said, ignoring her comment and walking into the guest house with an arm full of wood.

“Mr. President,” Liv tried again. This was dangerous. His father, mother, two sisters, their husbands, and children along with Mellie and their children were all in the house hundreds of yards away. Cyrus was staying a few hundred yards in the opposite direction. Did he want to get caught?

Continuing to ignore his younger lover, Fitz walked around her and went into the kitchen. He emerged a short time later with two flutes of champagne. “Here you go,” he said, handing her a flute. “In ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, Merry Christmas, Olivia Carolyn Pope!”

He clinked her flute and drank his champagne. “Liv, drink up, I want to unwrap my Christmas present.”

“Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the Third, have you lost your mind? Your entire family is- -“

“You don’t want to drink I see. Good, I was always horrible at waiting to open my gifts,” the blue/grey eyed politician said.

Before the brown skinned beauty knew what hit her, the flute was out of her hand, she was flush against his slender, fit body, and his lips were upon hers. His kiss wasn’t gentle or sweet as they sometimes were. No, this kiss was fiery, demanding and consuming. His tongue wielded a magic that should have been illegal. It was persistent and required that you gave as much as it gave. She was on fire and all he had done was kiss her.

She couldn’t fall down the rabbit hole. This was dangerous and stupid. They didn’t work this hard to save his campaign, to get him elected, for a sex scandal to ruin it all. She had to be strong. “Fitz,” she moaned, when his lips released her for much needed air. “We can’t- - “

Fitz ripped open her blouse, shoved her bra up, and took her nipple into his mouth.

Liv placed her hands on his head to push him away. He bit her making her cry out in pain, then quickly suckled her bringing pleasure. Any thoughts of protesting completely died when his fingers started rubbing and twisting her other nipple. On more than one occasion, he had brought her to completion just by playing with her nipples.

The future POTUS smiled as he switched over to Liv’s other nipple. He had her.

But as long as you love me so

“Thank you for my Christmas present,” he said leisurely planting kisses and gentle bites on her back.

Exhausted, physically and mentally, she didn’t have the energy to reprimand him. And his lovemaking was so consuming, she couldn’t have stopped him, even if she had wanted to. How had she ever lived without him? “You’re welcome. Thank you, I haven’t started Christmas with a vigorous cardio workout since I was eight.”


“I woke up early, tried to wake my parents, and they told me to go find something to do until it was time to open presents. I turned on the TV and I found an exercise show. I worked out for nearly an hour,” Livy said, smiling at the Christmas memory.

Removing himself from her back, Fitz rose to his knees and put her on her knees.

“Fitz, we can’t,” she protested. He wore her out the last two times.

“You know I can’t resist a challenge. We have to beat your previous record,” he said and the next second, he was filling her completely in her favorite position as she lifted her hands to hold on to the headboard.

Let It Snow!


“Fitz, you’ve got to go back to the main house. You can’t sleep here. You have to go back before you’re missed,” she said sleepily, as her body begged to rest.

Fitz pulled her into him and kissed the side of her neck. “Merry Christmas, Liv.”

Feeling secure and relaxed in her lover’s arms, she murmured back, “Merry Christmas.”

The President smiled. What a perfect way to ring in Christmas with the woman of his dreams in his arms, in his bed, sleeping the sleep of the dead due to the workout he had given her. He didn’t care what he had to do and how much she protested, there would be a lot more nights like these, President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III thought as he drifted off to sleep.

Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.