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Story Notes:

This story is in response to the Song Title Challenge. I'm am soo excited to write this!! Hope you ladies enjoy it. This is a fictional story, so some of the societal situations may not be true. If I offend anyone from St. Lucia I apologize in advance. My inspiration for Daken is from the Marvel Universe, Daken is Wolverine's half japanese/ half canadian son ( side note: he is an awesome character concept and I think Marvel could have done a hell of a lot better job with his story). My inspiration for Gwendolyn is Gwendolyn for the graphic novel Saga (side note: fucking awesome story. intergalatic romance. check it out if you are into comics). That being said these characters are only inspiratonal not the actual characters although I did borrow their names.

stories/3936/images/saga_gwendolyn.pngsaga Gwenstories/3936/images/comic_daken.jpgMarvel Daken





Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

I fell in love at 18 years old on May 27th at 6:10 am. It is my first morning at my Uncle Victor's massive estate on the island of St. Lucia. My cousin and best friend in the world bought me a plane ticket to spend my summer in his tropical home. Marten is  2 years older than me. Ever since he was 10 and I was 8, Uncle Victor and Marten would come visit our family in Texas for the summer. Uncle Victor would conduct numerous business meetings all over the United States and Marten would stay with us. Uncle wanted Marten to get a feel for American culture. I loved it since I didn't have any siblings or close friends and Marten loved it because he said his sisters were bitches. We were like two peas in a pod, completely inseparable. Uncle Victor is in the business of exporting bananas from St. lucia to the U.S., he also has investments in the local resorts, but the majority of his staggering wealth comes from illegal drug trade. Two years ago, when Marten turned 18, he started going with Uncle Victor to the company conferences in the United States. Marten would always stay a month after Uncle returned to St.Lucia. We would spend the whole month together like old times. We speak on the phone at least once every 30 days. When my high school graduation arrived, Marten was present. He informed me he would never miss any important milestones in my life. His gift to me is to spend my summer with him in his beautiful Caribbean home.

Our family is American born and raised in Texas. When Uncle Victor went on vacation to St. Lucia at 25 years old, he ended up staying and marrying a native woman. They had three children, one boy, Marten, and two girls, Bianca and Bethany. I'm not sure how Uncle amassed such a huge fortune or how he got invloved in his businesses. I just know when he offered my father, his brother, to be part of it, my dad adamantly refused.


I woke up to the morning song of roosters cock-a-doodling. I looked at my watch which informed me it was 6:09 am. I was excited to be here, so I ran to open the door size stained glass windows. A pleasant breeze blew through the jail style bars on the framework as I took in the surreal scene. Beautiful exotic trees and vibrant colored flowers littered the yard, past this was greenery, it looked like acres upon acres of it. I assumed these were the banana farms. Past the farms, like little specks of blue glitter you could see hints of the ocean. All this was impressive but what held my attention was a figure dressed in loose jeans, flip flops, and bare torso. He was raking the fallen leaves into piles. He turned to face me as if he felt my presence. That was the first time I saw his face and I knew I was in love. I thought to myself, this must be what werewolves feel when they meet their mates. I wanted him, all of him. I had a mystifying urge to bond with him: my mind, my body, and my soul. His dark slanted eyes reflected the same desire. How I wished we were werewolves. He could just come in here, fuck me doggy-style, mark me with a harsh bite to my neck, and claim me as his forever.

Instead, he walked to me with a mischievous smirk.

"Hi there beautiful, I'm Daken." He extended his hand still mesmerizing me with his pitch black eyes.

"HH..Hi." I stammered out. I took his hand in mine. I almost let go when a tinge of pleasurable electrical current coursed through my body. Daken held it tight in his rough weathered hand.

"Gwendolyn, Gwen Parker." He started massaging my palm with his callused thumb. It felt damn good. Daken's eyes roamed down to my perky breast. I looked down and realized I slept in white panties and a thin, white tank top. In my aroused state, my dark nipples were poking through.

"Shit! Sorry!" I was so embarrassed. I disengaged our hands and closed the giant windows abruptly.

So, here I am now, lying in my bed completely mortified. There's a knock on my door.

"I'm coming." I quickly grab a red terry cloth skirt and a black tank top before I open the door.

"Miss Gwen, breakfast will be ready in 10 minutes." It is an older black woman wearing a maid uniform.

"Thank you. What is your name?"

"O. Beatrice." She sounds surprised.

"Well, thank you Ms. Beatrice. It's nice to meet you."Ms. Beatrice appears so confused.

"Yes, Miss Gwen."

I put on some flip flops, except I realize I don't know where to go. I step out of the room and recognize Bianca and Bethany from pictures. I have never met them in person. Bianca is 17 years old and Bethany is 18. Both are gorgeous light skinned black women but have an air of arrogance to them as they turn to observe me. They are dressed in long flowing maxi dresses. Bianca's is a green halter top and Bethany's is a magenta strapless one. They both have exquiste jewelry. Their caked on makeup looks like they are going to a Hollywood award show. Their hair is straighten and falls to their waist. I feel utterly underdressed until I see Marten. I let out a sigh of relief as he comes over to me. He's wearing basketball shorts, white undershirt, and flip flops.

"Good Morning, Gwen." Marten gives me a big hug which I give back.

"Good morning, love." His sisters roll their eyes at us.

"Gwen, these are my sisters Bianca and Bethany. Ladies, I use the term loosely, this is our cousin Gwendolyn." I go to give them a hug despite the disgusted look they are giving me. They stop me with their hands and do air kisses to both cheeks.

"O. Okay."I say." Well, it's nice to finally meet you two."They assess me from head to toe and huff simultaneously.

"At least you will fit in with the help at breakfast." Bethany says and they both laugh. Marten puts his arm around my shoulder.

"Biotches, I told you." I guess I won't be spending too much time with them. They continue their trek ahead of us.

Bianca says."I do not know why father insists on us eating with the help everyday. They are so beneath us. It is embarrassing to have to sit there and converse with them as if they are our equal."

"They ARE equal you ignorant bitches. If it wasn't for them, you two wouldn't have a fucking pot to fucking piss in." Marten retorts and grabs my hand. I am absolutely shocked. I know there are people in the world with my cousin's mentality, I just never thought it would be in my family. Ignorant is certainly right.

We press pass them and head to the outdoor kitchen. The alfresco kitchen is colossal, bigger than any I have ever seen, the dining table can sit about 50 people. It's state of the art shit, stainless steel with modern electronic gadgets.

I'm getting butterflies in my stomach anticipating Daken's apperance.

"Come on Gwen, let me introduce you to some people." Marten presents me to about 30 people. There is no way I'm going to remember everyone.They are uniform coordinated. House and kitchen staff wear traditional white and black uniforms. Outdoor employees are in khaki shorts or pants and either a sleeveless or short sleeve white polo. The polos are embroidered on the left breast with the Parker Inc. emblem which is St. Lucia's flag. A yellow triangle within a larger black triangle with a white border. Daken did not have either uniform. Why? I think to myself. Who is he?

"There's one person I really want you to meet. I know you probably won't remember all these names but you need to make an effort to remember Daken. He's my right hand man. If I'm not with you, he will be." Yes! Yes! Yes! I think.

"Umm. Okay. As long as you don't leave me alone with your sisters."He laughs and hugs my shoulders.

"Daken! Daken! Come here! Come meet my Cousin!" His 6 foot 4 inch or so frame  strolling to us, away from a group of young and old woman who were vying for his attention. His inky hair falls just below his neck in layers, it is currently slicked into position behind his ears by his sweat. He managed to put on a white wife beater that does very little to hide his hard chest and defined abs. My man is fucking sexy as hell.

"Daken, this is Gwen, my cousin. She'll be here for about 3 months. If I'm not with her, you will be." Marten says the last sentence as a serious order.

"Of course, Marten. It will be my pleasure."He winks at me with that evil grin that reminds me of a little boy who is up to no good.

Marten nods." Let's go eat."

"Marten, you mind if I sit next to Gwen to get to know her better?"

Marten raises an eyebrow at me in question."It's fine." I affirm. I'm so nervous and excited. I like it but on some level know it's kinda wrong.

The breakfast buffet is extraordinary: scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, pancakes, tropical fruits, assorted breads and muffins, milk, water, various fruit juices. My God the amount of money needed to feed all these people is unimaginable. I fill my plate up with a little of everything. I sit down at the enormous dining table, Daken next to me, Marten next to him. Bianca and Bethany are across from Daken and I. Daken looks at my plate, leans into me to whisper in my ear.

"I love a woman that can eat."  

The proximity of his pink juicy lips next to my skin gives me chills. I give Bianca and Bethany a quick grin.

"Hi." I say. I notice their dishes are pretty empty, just fruits, a croissant, and water to drink.

Daken greets them also."Hello ladies."

Marten interjects." I told you not to use that term with them. Bitches, cunts, stuck up, anorexic ..."

"Marten!" I scold him. Even though they probably deserve it, it still isn't appropriate.

He glances at me and shrugs his shoulders. Bethany bores her eyes into Daken.

"Hello, you son of a whore." she says sweetly. Now, THAT pisses me off.

"Bethany! The fuck is your problem?!" I slam my utensils down. Marten starts laughing. Daken slips his hand on my naked thigh rubbing it gently. I can no longer remember what I was yelling about. His hand slowly inching higher, my pussy gushes fresh fluid. Fuck! His hand is still climbing up, there's nothing I can do to stop it. His long thick fingers separate my folds and slither into my drenched hole. I hear him groan.

"O my God."Bethany thinks I'm speaking to her.

"What? It's true." Daken pays her no mind as he starts pumping his two digits in and out of my opening. The two instruments are so big together they feel like a normal size dick that my pussy is accepting greedily. If these are just his fingers, O Jesus! His cock must be phenomenal. My womanhood is throbbing with hunger.

"O God." Bethany continues to speak but it's all background noise to me.

"His mom was a white prostitute who fucked a Korean business man. That's no secret." I'm fighting a desperate sensation to buck my hips into his fingers.

"O my fucking God." I breath out as his thumb starts forming rapid circles on my engorged nub. I'm about to come.

"He doesn't even have a last name. Daken just Daken. No one wanted to claim him." I hide my face in my hands as I bite my lip hard to suppress a moan and try my best to keep my body from trembling as my orgasm takes over.

"Sweetie, it's not that serious. Daken knows who he is." I'm breathing heavy, panties completely sopping wet. Daken finally removes his fingers, locks his dark eyes with my gray ones as he sucks his fingers enthusiastically.

"See. That's gross. You know we have something called forks so civilized people can eat food. We are not cavemen. We do not eat with our hands." Bianca tells Daken who continues to ignore her and her sister. He bends towards me.

"So sweet, Gwen." His voice husky. He takes one last languid lick of each digit.

"O God." I have an aftershock orgasm as I squeeze my thighs together. Fuck! So good. I close my eyes.

"Can you say anything else, Gwendolyn?" It's Bethany.

"Sorry. But, you two are very disrespectful." I say without much conviction. Trying to play it off. Daken gives me a knowing smirk. Asshole.


After breakfast, Marten tells me he has to meet Uncle Victor for some business stuff but will be back in one hour. He offers to have Daken give me a tour of the property but I decline.

" I should shower first. I can meet you in an hour and a half and you can show me around."

"We can do that. Daken, I'm going to meet with my father. Meet me back here in an hour and a half and we'll take Gwen around the estate."

'Will do, Marten." Daken leaves to help the other workers pick up after breakfast.

Marrten and I walk into the house together.

"Why do your sisters talk to Daken like that? I don't like it."

"Daken's an employee as well as a really good friend of mine. We grew up together. They try to get under my skin by being rude cunts to him. They do it so much it doesn't phase me or him. He's a good man. He doesn't let any of his past dictate the person he is now. He doesn't feel sorry for himself and he hates pity, so don't."

"I won't."

"See you later, Gwen. I'm glad you're here." Marten hugs me when we get to my door.

"Me too. Love you, Marten."

"Love you, too."



I dress in white linen shorts that come to midthigh showing off my long silky legs, a sleeveless rocker style fitted shirt with a cute Siberian puppy on the front, and black tennies shoes. I am tall for a woman at 5 foot 11 inches. Unlike my female cousins, I have a dark complexion, wear my hair short in an afro, only put on lipgloss to prevent chapped lips. The one piece of jewelry I wear besides diamond stud earrings, is a black leather fossil watch. I am not as thin as Bianca and Bethany nor do I want to be, I love my curves. My small C cup breast, tiny waist that gives way to ample hips and ass are very much to my satisfaction.

I have half an hour to kill before Marten returns. I decide to explore some of the property by myself making sure not to stray too far from the familiar kitchen.

"Ahh, there you are Miss. Gwen." I turn around to see Ms.Beatrice.

"Hi Ms. Beatrice."

"Mrs. Parker is requesting to meet you."

"Sure." I say happily. I have never met my Aunt Brigitte. I follow Ms. Beatrice to the front of this humongous mansion. She knocks on double wooden doors etched with two angels, wings spread in a welcoming manner. It creeps me out because I get a vibe that it's going to be anything but welcoming in there. I gulp. Ms. Beatrice gives me a sympathetic smile.

"Thank you." I tell her. She nods.

I walk in, the bedroom is the size of an apartment. I pass through a foyer with high ceilings and marble floors, into a sittting room. There are two white leather loveseats facing each other separated by a glass coffee table. Aunt Brigitte is sitting on one of the couches sipping some tea. She stands up, I go to embrace her but like her daughters she stops me and greets me with air kisses to both cheeks.

"Hello, Aunt Brigitte. It is wonderful to finally meet you."

"Yes, dear. You too."Bianca and Bethany take after their mother, the fair skin, slinky bodies, and better than thou attitude. She is wearing an elegant silky pink robe and matching heeled slippers reminiscent of Mae West/Mariyln Monroe era. She let's out a sigh and stares at me like I'm a stray puppy.

"Dear, during your stay here we can fix you up a little. Money is of no consequence."

She gives me a pitying smile. The fuck is she talking about fix me up.

"What exactly do I need fixing up, Aunt Brigitte?"

"O my, poor dear, you are oblivious. First, we are going to fix your hair, relaxing it and extensions will do wonders. Then, I'll take you to the best dermatologist here, I'm sure there is some kind of treatment to lighten up your skin tone. Brown contacts for those scary silver eyes. Genectics were not kind to you or my son. We'll buy you some makeup, jewelry, and better clothes. I know your parents do not have a lot of money but I can not have you blending in with the staff. As I said, you need not worry about money. We will take care of everything."

I'm appalled. This bitch just insulted everything about me and she thinks she's doing me a fucking favor. Calm down. I tell myself. What to say not to be rude because I'm not like her, I was raised better.

"Aunt Brigitte, although I appreciate your offer. I assure you I am quite happy with my apperance and my attire." I say through gritted teeth. She regards me with a confused look like how could I refuse such a generous offer. I want to slap the piss out of her but stand up instead.

"Thank you, it was nice meeting you Aunt Brigitte. I'll see you around." Hopefully not. As I'm walking out, she says.

"Offer is still available dear. Think about it." I hear her mumble."Poor child, doesn't even know how bad she looks." It takes everything to restrain myself from rushing back in there and cursing her out after kicking her ass. 

I storm out taking long determined strides to get away from her. In my urgency to remove myself from Aunt Brigitte's vicinity, I don't notice Daken. I bounce right off of his large firm chest. His strong arms capture me before I stumble and pull me close to his body. I unconsciously sniff the front of his neck as I wrap my arms around his waist.

"Mmm. Smells good." The fragrance is of the earth and tropical flowers that claim the island. It's like he's been rolling around in the exotic foliage.

"Delicious." I moan. I feel his body shaking and know he is laughing.

"Shit!" I look up at his amused orbs.

"I said that out loud, didn't I?" If my skin was lighter, it would be a bright cherry red.

He nods. Cocky grin intact."Yes. You did. I'm glad you think so, Gwen." Fuck. The way he says my name like his fucking me demanding me to cum for him or maybe it's just my own perverted fantasy. Either way, it's making my panties a helluva moist right now.

"Are you alright, Chere? You looked pretty upset before you tried to run me over."

"Huh?" I furrow my eyebrows trying to remember what he's talking about.

"O yeah." I sigh. Staring into those dark eyes watching me with concern. My arms still surrounding as much of his middle as I can.

"Nothing important. Just trying to stop myself from giving Aunt Brigitte a beatdown for basically calling me an ugly, subpar human being."

I see rage shape his gorgeous features and it's turning me on.

"Fuck her,chere. You are 100 times more beautiful than her and her daughters. You are fucking perfect. From your natural black hair." He kisses my head.

"Your flawless ebony skin." Each word said slowly. He kisses my neck.

"Luscious, delectable lips." He kisses my lips lightly.

"Perfect size breast." His fingers graze over them. He bends down to kiss each one over the shirt. My hands clench his shoulders for support, my knees weak at this point. Dakens grip firmly on my hips.

"To your flat stomach." Kneeling on the floor, he lifts my shirt. He tenderly strokes my abdomen before licking my navel. Jesus fucking Christ on a pony! My pussy is weeping like my mama died.

"To this perfect ass." He slides one hand underneath the bottom of my shorts, softly rubbing my naked butt.

"To these nice, smooth, chocolate legs." His right hand continues massaging my bare ass, left one holding my waist, lips trailing delicious wet kisses down my thighs, knees, and calves. So sensual.

"To this tight, wet, pussy."He positions his face in my crotch and inhales deeply.

"Mmmm, Gwen. You smell heavenly. I can't wait to taste you again." My core is aching to be filled.

"Fuck me, Daken." I breath out.

He growls, seizing my hips. I slide down until my forehead is against his and my lust filled gray eyes are gazing into his hunger filled black ones.

"Fuck me, Daken." I repeat.

His response is to devour my mouth. He kisses me fervently: biting, sucking, licking my lips and tongue increasing my desire for him with each expert maneuver of his skillful mouth. He finally pulls away.

"You will be mine, Gwendolyn." He declares." But, not right now, love. We have to go meet Marten."






Chapter End Notes:

Thank you. Hope you liked it so far.

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