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This is in response to the Song Title Challenge. Gwendolyn is from Texas. She is visiting her cousin and best friend Marten who lives in St. Lucia, one of the Caribbean Islands. Marten's family owns a huge estate there and are one of the wealthiest families on this side of the world. His family is in the business of exporting bananas to the U.S., investments in the local resorts, and drug trade. Her first morning there she falls in love with Daken, Marten's right hand man, best friend, bodyguard, and the family's hitman. But, in a society where social status is everything and mixing of socieconomic classes is unacceptable, will these two lovers ever be able to truly be together?

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Published: April 30 2014 Updated: May 20 2014
Story Notes:

This story is in response to the Song Title Challenge. I'm am soo excited to write this!! Hope you ladies enjoy it. This is a fictional story, so some of the societal situations may not be true. If I offend anyone from St. Lucia I apologize in advance. My inspiration for Daken is from the Marvel Universe, Daken is Wolverine's half japanese/ half canadian son ( side note: he is an awesome character concept and I think Marvel could have done a hell of a lot better job with his story). My inspiration for Gwendolyn is Gwendolyn for the graphic novel Saga (side note: fucking awesome story. intergalatic romance. check it out if you are into comics). That being said these characters are only inspiratonal not the actual characters although I did borrow their names.

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