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The Keybearer has vanished, and the darkness is spreading beyond the rifts that connect each world. Without the Keybearer...darkness is consuming worlds without mercy...someone new must wield the Key.

Enter Ariel Rance, average college student completeing her first hectic year of college in the heart of New York City. With her best friend since childhood, Michaela Yuri, Ariel has dreamed of traveling the world to escape the constraints of everyday life. However, when an out-of-place hurricane hits NYC, Ariel's normal life takes a quick turn. 

The fate of the universe is now on this stylish 19 year-old's shoulders.

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Published: July 05 2014 Updated: July 10 2014
Story Notes:

Hello! This is my first story on here, so go easy on me. Please comment/message your thoughts and opinions no matter what!

This story is a reboot of the great video game "Kingdom Hearts," and I tried to spin the concept and story of the video game to become more realistic...though people running around with Keyblades fighting the evil of darkness while chilling with Disney characters is as far from realistic as possible. But, I tried!

1. KH Cast Photos by GrlInGlasses546 [Reviews - 1] (35 words)

Here's the characters I envisioned so far! Obviously, the photos don't belong to me, but to their respective owners.

2. Kill the Stars by GrlInGlasses546 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (3833 words)

This chapter is kinda long, don't blame me! There's a lot of emotionally heavy stuff in KH, and I'm trying to match the tone.

3. Clique by GrlInGlasses546 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1900 words)

This chapter is short to help you guys recover from my last chapter. This chapter really has the point to introduce Ariel's friend's and help you guys get a feel for their own personalities. The music featured in this chapter is ScHoolBoy Q's Man of the Year. Enjoy!

4. White Noise by GrlInGlasses546 [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (4625 words)

There's a lot of music in this chapter that helped me visualize scenes better, here's a list:

"Believe Me," -Lil Wayne & Drake

"Godzilla is FIERCE" -VoiceOfJohnny

"Cream Team" -Jungle Pussy

"Feelin' Myself" -Jungle Pussy

"Move That Dope" -Future

"Round of Applause" -Waka Flocka & Drake

"Collard Greens" -ScHoolBoy Q

"Show Out" -Juicy J


Enjoy and Review!

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