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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey all, I'm Back! Well, I know promised you guys this sequel way back...but I thought October would be perfect timing. So here goes, 



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Eyes flashed opened, alarmed by a sudden scent. Iron-filled and rich, the smell intoxicated her stomach and woke her mind. Quickly, she stood amidst fallen debris and frozen dirt. Eyes, heavy and tired, strained against the bright morning sky. She looked to her right and left, but everything was barren. Winter had swept through the land with a vengeance; its tight grip kept everything frozen and on the brink of death. Instantly, a hunger took over her body and her mouth began to water. The cramps were light, but came at an increasing rate; food was top priority.

Subconsciously, she rubbed the flat panes of her stomach, void of any evidence of her pregnancy, and moved forward. That scent called, her, made her boot clad feet pick up at an alarming pace. She began a slow run, careful to observe the grounds around her.  She listened as thin, dying branches clashed against their neighbors and snapped toward immediate death. She looked through the abandonment around her, only the dark smoke signaled what happened to the mountain side, and…

Suddenly, she stopped. While the need to feed was great, she realized that she was alone; woke up alone and ran from the safest place to find others. This time when she looked around, it was not for food, but survival. Where was everyone?  Where was the van?

Quickly, feet retraced their steps; however the direction led her astray. She looked at the scenery unfold, still and identical, but nothing seemed familiar. The cramps grew in intensity, made her double over and reach out for a dilapidated bark to keep from falling. No, she whispered, her hands created circles across her abdomen. Not like this…she thought. She must find the others; she had to make sure they were alive. However, her body was no longer her own.

As soon as she stood to continue her journey, a pain shot from her stomach and exploded through her center. Uhh, she gasped as her head flew backwards; her vision went red.

Like an electric, a spark tapped her heart, and it stopped. She convulsed, tried to recover from the pause, but one last pulse kissed her ribs and sent her motionless and weak. Through blurred vision, she watched the world spin before her head slammed into the ground. Ahh, she whimpered; sent a soft whistle for help, but silence came back to comfort.

Face down, a sharp coldness spread through her cheek and yet, she couldn’t tell if the ground was the source of her wet face or her tears, but all she knew was that she could die her; alone.

Please, she whispered, on a last breath.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw movement to her left. She managed to drag her head that way, as the world glowed through that strange red hue. For seconds, she stared through the trees, tried to distinguish innocent shadows from potential threats. Her fingers twitched at her side, scratched against the ground for a weapon, as she continued to watch.  

Harsh breaths intensified as those red eyes scanned every surface, every crevice, and came up empty. Exhaustion pulled her from the threat; too tired to made an escape and too feeble to fight for survival. She gave up and crashed; allowed her body to sink deeper into the cold earth and hoped that snow would come soon.

With a slow blink, she opened her eyes and blanched…

There, in the middle of the woods, right in her view stood a dark silhouette. Her eyes widened, as the shadow man tilted his head in recognition.

By the sheer size of him compared to the landscape he seemed to be a big, brawny man; broad shoulders lead to thick sculpted arms by his side, while long legs held the weight of firm thighs and bulging calves. She studied him, tried to identify a weak spot but came up empty. She played dead; kept her eyes glued to the figure without a blink and slowed down her breathing. She watched him.

He stood there, almost with purpose, his body erect with alertness and danger. As he continued to watch, she started to feel desperate. She had to run; she must escape…she thought. With all her energy, she prepared to move quickly, but only ended up on arms and knees. Once more pain shot through her abdomen, but she ignored it. Quickly, she looked back at the figure; he moved. Heavy foot after heavy foot, he approached.

No, she whispered, and pushed off the ground, only to fall back down on shaky knees. Ahh…her scream was almost silent, her energy depleted. She turned her head and watched the man’s pace increase, determined to reach her within a few strides. Not one to back down, she kept her attention on him, kept those mutated eyes on him, and the rest of the world blurred around them.

Something slid down the man’s arm into his right hand, a sharp knife. The daylight sky reflected from its polished face; the light blinded her.  She’s dead…he will kill her.

Once again, she tried for escape, but her body burned from the inside. Chills spread like fire across her skin; she dropped to the ground for relief. He would realize she was no longer human, and like she’s done so many times, he will end her suffering. She laid her head against the dirt, content with her finale.

She watched him, until a ski mask could be seen across his nose and mouth. His pale skin glowed under his thick, dark hair, as the tendrils swayed in the winter’s chill. His long strides brought deep set, hazel eyes closer, and for a second, he looked familiar…

With a name on her tongue, she looked away, afraid of the truth. This was the end, everyone died alone in the end… Her eyes closed, and she waited…



Curiosity opened fearful eyes and exposed no threat. The man stopped. While his eyes were no longer on her, she took in his bleeding left hand and the tarnished knife. She looked to his face in confusion, but he looked beyond her fallen body. Painfully, she turned her head to the right, only to see another person…no, a child.

Tawny skin shimmered underneath an unruly bed of light curls, while a dark uniform adorned her person. The girl’s face, framed by the luscious locks, was round like her own, and held full color stained lips which balanced out cherub cheeks. She watched the girl in awe, as glassy eyes looked back. Suddenly, the girl smiled and deep set dimples carved perfect half-moon shaped caverns. Gradually, the girl’s smile widened until the first sign of pearly teeth glimmered. The girl paused, looked at the man in hesitancy, before her expression strength to the max, and the air froze around them.

The last bit of blood that kept her alive, quickly stopped in her veins and her heart followed. Impossible, were the only words she could comprehend as her mind exploded. No…

Those innocent pearly whites, on the youth, morphed into deadlier weapons as the girl exposed more. A face, so angelic that she thought the girl was an angel, now held something so frightening even she was afraid to acknowledge. Out from behind those beautiful lips were two, inch long incisors. The girl had…fangs.

She let out a scream, a blood curdling scream as the pain shot through her abdomen, her head, and caused her eyes to close. This time when they flew open, her vision was no longer red, the beast inside her gone, but the monster in front, was now crotched beside her.  No, she whimpered.


With sad, innocent eyes, blood tears rained down the girl’s face as the youth dropped to her ear. I’m sorry, mommy, was the whisper she heard and then the bite.

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for coming back for more, and more is what you will get.  All of our favorites, and not so favs, are back. I'll also introduce some characters and scenery. Questions will be raised and answered. So sit back, and enjoy the ride. 

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.