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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

It's been a month since stripper convention, Mike and the boys have decided the best thing for them to do was to join Rome's club, since Xquisite was a lost cause now. What was supposed to be their last show, turned out to be a wakeup call for them. They couldn't leave this lifestyle if they wanted to. They still had their side businesses, but they knew that stripping and fucking tons of horny women was what they lived for. Rome's club raked in a good amount of cash, hell it did better than Xquisite after him and the boys joined.  It was hard to leave his business in Tampa, but he'd go back during the weeks to make sure everything is fine. Now that he was making a new life in Savannah, Richie decided they all needed to explore Savannah's other strip clubs. Mike wasn't really in the mood for any of that, as he and Zoe had broken up before they could even further their relationship. Why? She "Just couldn't deal with the stripping anymore," as she said. At first she was cool with it, but as days, weeks went by, the more she saw those women flirting and touching on him, she couldn't handle it. Mike didn't expect their relationship to end so suddenly. He just didn't have the best of luck with women. Not with Joanna, Brooke, or Zoe. He just needed a woman who could understand that at the end of the day, it's just a job. 

"C'mon man, it'll be good for you to forget ‘what's her name'," Richie begged. They stood in the dance studio, sweaty after rehearsing their moves for tonight. 

"Richie..." Mike trailed off, then Tito, Tarzan, Ken, and Malik walked in laughing loudly. They fist bumped, then finished the rest of the rehearsal. 
"I'll see y'all tonight. I'm gonna try to finish up here." Mike said as the rest left. He started the music up again, Chris Brown's ‘Countdown' playing loudly throughout the studio. He was focused on the music, not thinking about the steps, and letting them all flow out. He didn't even see the girl watching him dance in the mirror until she walked into the room, and sat on the wall, watching him pelvic thrust the ground. She giggled causing him look up at her. Startled, Mike turned the music off. "Jesus!" he shouted. 
"Sorry to scare you, I usually come when no one's here. I heard the music, and got curious." The girl said holding up her hands in defense. "I'm Charity Blaque. I come here most nights." 


Mike eyed her a bit before introducing himself, "Mike. Mike Lane." Charity was pretty cute, she had the face of a doll, medium brown skin, and a petite yet curvy body. 
"I see you're dancing to Chris Brown. I don't really like his music, but it looked like you were doing pretty well. You know, humping the ground," Charity said. Mike nodded, "Thanks. Well, I guess I'll leave you to it then." He gathered his music and things, preparing to leave, but Charity stopped him. 
"Hold on, I didn't mean to impose. We can share the space since it's only two people." She said. "Besides, I need another perspective on my dancing." 
"OK, whatever." Mike replied, putting his things back. "Ladies first." 
"What a gentleman." Charity said with a smirk. "Now, I only have a little bit of this down, it's not finished." Getting her music ready with her laptop, she stood in the center of the studio, eyeing herself in the mirror. The sound of Jason Derulo's ‘Wiggle' was playing, and she jumped right into the choreography. While she was tooting her booty and gyrating her hips, she and Mike would lock eyes. She'd throw him a sexy yet sassy little smirk, then flip her hair. Mike chuckled to himself while shaking his head. Her dancing was seductive, and he didn't want to get into this again. She stopped dancing, though the music was still playing. Stopping the music, she stood in front of him. 
"Well? What do ya think?" she asked, panting slightly. 
Mike licked his lips, "Very...nice." 
"Just nice? Admit it, I was sexy," she uttered with a laugh. 
Mike laughed, "Yeah, you're right." 
"I just need to finish it," she mumbled with annoyance in her voice. "It's not the cleanest choreography right now." 
"I could help you finish it," Mike said, scratching the back of his neck. Charity jumped up and down excitedly. 
"REALLY!?" she shouted. "Thank you so much!" 
"Come on." He said, pulling her back to the center of the room. "We're gonna start where you left off, just do as I do." 
She nodded, watching him perform the steps slowly, then they tried it a little faster step after step. They were in sync with each other, and it would look even better with the music. 
"Ready?" Charity asked before starting the music, Mike nodded. She started the music, and they began dancing together. While dancing, Mike couldn't help but watch her dance, she could actually keep up with him, while adding her own style to it, and it was fun. Not only was it fun, but sexy; dancing with a sexy woman instead of dancing for a sexy woman. They laughed once they finished, "Damn Mike, that was awesome. We gotta do this again!" She said with the same excited tone from before. 
Mike laughed awkwardly, "Yeah, maybe." Her face fell. 
"Hey, I'm not asking you to fuck me. I just wanna dance with you." She said. 
"Then we'll do this again." He said. "Well, I better go." 
"Wait, don't we need to exchange numbers?" Charity asked. Mike rubbed his chin, then got his phone from his bag. 
"Put your number in, and I'll text you." He said. She typed her number, then gave the phone back. "Seeya." He said before leaving. 


"Cherry! Can you be a good best friend, and take ya ass to this joint with me?" Charity's best friend, Lia, asked. "All you stay doing is dancing and working. AND YOU DANCE AT WORK!" 
Charity was a choreographer by day, and a burlesque dancer by night. Going by her stage name, Cherry Blaque at Synful Seduction, a little club owned by a lovely woman named Rose St. Syn. She hired Charity last year as she needed extra cash. That was before she met Lia in the studio, and they became roommates and best friends. 
"Li, you know damn well I don't wanna go to a strip club." Charity said, staring at her phone. 
"You practically a stripper. You just gonna sit here all night, waiting on prince Charming to text you back, or you gonna enjoy some fine ass shaking at Rome's?" Lia asked. Charity regretted telling her about Mike. Lia thought she was crazy to give her number to some guy she just met, "But more power to you, if you gonna get some dick," she had said. 
"Fine, I'll go. But don't be pushing me to get a lap dance. I don't do that shit." Charity said. Lia snickered, rolling her eyes. 
"Whatever, just wear something sexy." Lia said. In the car, Lia was chattering about Rome's club, and especially the men. 
"Girl, it's some sexy ass men stripping there." She gushed. "I mean, Gina's ex, Malik, works there. He can get it too." Charity could swear she was creaming her panties already. They were parked outside the building; Charity was reluctant to get out, as she had never been to a male strip club before. The man outside opened the door for them, "Enjoy, ladies."  Lia smiled as she led Charity inside. They could hear the many screams of women, and a sexy R&B song playing. Lia gripped her hand, pulling her towards the screaming. 
"Oh dear god." Charity muttered under breath. There were women surrounding a black man as he was gyrating his hips, his knees were on the ground, and he thrust his hips as if were fucking  the ground. Dollar bills were thrown all over him, like he was in a money hurricane. 
"Damn, that's Malik." Lia said. Lia was right, he could get it. Malik had pulled a heavy set woman towards him, grinding into her. The woman looked so happy and turned on, it almost made Charity smile and laugh. The music ended, and Malik had left. 
"Queens! Did y'all like that?" A petite black woman had walked into the center of the room where Malik had stood. The women shouted an enthusiastic ‘yes'. 
"That's Rome." Lia had whispered to Charity. 
"I got something I know y'all gonna really enjoy. I need a beautiful queen to sit in this chair." Rome said. 
Almost all of the women were shouting and screaming for them to be in the chair, even Lia. Charity rolled her eyes, attempting to back away slowly and leaving her friend to die of destroyed ovaries. 
"Hold on, hold on! Do I see one of my queens leaving?" Rome said, everything got quiet, and Charity stopped in her place. "Come here." Rome was pointing at Charity, and she looked like she meant business. "Damn." Lia cursed. 
"You must be new here cause you don't know how we do things here. Sit here and prepare to be treated like the queen that you are." Rome said to her. Charity slowly walked to the chair and sat down. Everyone's eyes were on her, but she was used to having eyes on her. "Ladies, I present to you...Magic Mike." 
Charity could hear the Chris Brown song she heard in the studio earlier. The women parted like the red sea when she saw abs first, then his pecs, then his face. She knew his face right off the bat, even with the dim lights, and even with the hat shading his face. Mike was rolling his body to the beat, and he made his way towards her. He stopped in front of her, ticking and winding his hips.The women cheered him on as he straddled her, grinding into her. He looked in her eyes, and she did the same. He smirked at her, putting his hat on her head, and getting up to pull her to her feet. He spun her around, bending her over, and ground into her ass. Charity was both shocked and turned on as she gasped, feeling his front rubbing her back. Women continued throwing dollars, and screaming, though she was the one getting this guy's dick rubbed against her ass. Suddenly, she was on her back, and her legs were in the air. Mike had pulled them apart, grinding into her again, and then turning as if they were in a 69 position. The women were going crazy, they were eating it up. Mike had pulled her up when the song ended, she had walked away from him when Rome came back to introduce the next dancer. Her heart was beating so fast and hard, she was stunned. 
"Charity!" Mike said as she walked to the back of the crowd. Lia was nowhere to be found. "You don't look like the type to come to a place like this." 
"I don't actually. My friend thought it was a good idea to bring me. I didn't know you were a stripper." She said. Mike shrugged. Then Lia pushed her way through the crowd, coming towards them. 
"So this is him? Mike is THE Magic Mike. Damn." She said looking him up and down. "I'm her best friend, Lia." 
"Nice to meet you." Mike said, then turned towards Charity. "Um, I'm gonna be back real quick, stay and watch the rest of the show." 
"Okay." Charity said bashfully, surprising Lia and herself by her shy front. Once Mike went upstairs, Lia smiled. She pinched Charity's butt. 
"'Okay, Mike'. ‘Whatever you say, Mike.' " Lia teased, imitating Charity. "Girl, you want him." 
"I don't want him. He's a stripper, guys like him don't want commitment and relationships." Charity said. 
"Bitch, you a dancer too, and you barely can keep a man." Lia said. "All I'm saying is, ain't nothing wrong with being fuck buddies." 
They heard the women scream again, louder this time when a big and tall sexy man lifted a woman. 
"Damn, Where did Rome get these sexy ass men?" Lia questioned. 
Mike came back fully clothed with two drinks. He offered them the drinks, Lia happily took the drink, while Charity declined. "I'm gonna have to be designated driver tonight." She said. Mike nodded understandingly. 
"OK, I got you. How 'bout water?" He asked. 
"That's fine." Charity replied. He was gone in a matter of seconds, and Lia and Charity continued to watch the show. 
"Oooh girl look, that's Andre. That boy can sing me out of my panties." Lia said as Mike came back. He and Charity laughed. 
"I swear her libido is high as fuck." Charity said, Lia flipped her off in response. 
"Hey." Mike said, nudging her. 
"Yeah?" She replied. 
"Let's go talk somewhere, without all the screaming." She smirked. 
"Do you think Lia'll be alright by herself?" Charity asked. "With all of these sexy men?" 
Mike chuckled, "Pretty sure she'll be more than alright." 
"Li, I'll be back, OK?" Charity said. 
Lia winked, "Take as much time as you need, girl." 
Mike grabbed her hand, and pulled her to a door leading to a outdoor patio. They both say down, waiting for the other to start a conversation. 
Charity started giggling. "What's so funny?" Mike asked. 
"I still can't believe you're a stripper." She said. 
"Hey, it's male entertainer." Mike said with a wink, making her giggle. 
"Right. So you do this every night?" She asked. 
"No. I have business that I run as well." He said. "What do you do besides come to strip clubs judging innocent male entertainers?" 
She laughed, "I'm actually a choreographer and'm also a burlesque dancer." 
Mike's eyebrow rose, "Well, well Charity, this is surprising." He said with a smirk. 
"Oh don't look at me like that. It's sexy and empowering." She argued. Mike held his hands up in surrender while laughing. 
"I think that's sexy." He admitted, scooting a little closer to her. "One stripper to another." She playfully slapped him. They continued to talk quietly, he'd brush his hands against her soft skin. Just when he was leaning in, his lips hovering inner hers, the door opened. Malik and Lia were snugged against each other. 
"Oh, Mike! I ain't know you was out here."  Malik said. 
"I did! That's my bestie getting booed up." Lia said. "I just wanna let you know I won't be home tonight." Charity rolled her eyes, but smiled at her friend. 
"Have fun, girl." Charity said as Lia tossed her the keys, she and Malik left hand in hand. 
"Well, I guess I'm going home alone for tonight." Charity said. 
"You don't have to go home alone." Mike told her. 
"As much as I'd like a one night stand with a guy who dances like he as good stroke game, but these things never work out for me." She said. 
"I get it. I understand completely." He said feeling rejected, but there were more beautiful women that wanted to have sex with him. He shouldn't just be hooked on one. 
They stood up, "I should go. Tonight was...very interesting. Let's meet up tomorrow to dance, yeah?" She said. 
"Yeah. I'll text you the details." Mike said, watching her leave.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.