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"Oh my god aren't you Sean Sullivan?"

It took a lot of effort for thirty-year-old Sean Patrick Sullivan not to roll his eyes; instead he offered a smirk to the scantily clad red headed waitress.

"Here" he said giving her a crisp fifty-dollar bill "we can keep that between the two of us alright sweets?"

"Okay" the waitress, said happily "is there anything I can get you Mr. Sullivan?"

"Yuengling" Sean replied "on the rocks"

"Coming right up"

Sean could only hope that the giddy young waitress didn't go blabber to her co-workers that he was at this particular strip club on a rainy Friday evening. He leaned back in his chair as he waited for the show to start.

Here he was at square one he supposed back where he started. Back in his hometown and the first thing he wanted to do was drool at some ass and titties.

Sean knew eventually he would have to go see his parents since this was a small town people would talk.

His mother would find out from gossiping ladies at church during mass service on Sunday, his father would find out from the guys at the construction site, and his very self centered twin sister would find out through all of her friends who either crushed on him or lusted after him.

Sean was willing to bet that his ex girlfriend/fuck buddy Lauren Fisher would be hunting him down soon too. Not because she missed him more like she missed his cock.

Speaking of his cock Sean looked up when he heard some of the men around him begin to jeer as the ladies made their way on stage. It would only be a matter of minutes that the washed up football player could forget about his worries and have one of those ladies show his erection no mercy.

So far Sean wasn't really impressed. Most of these women looked just like the women he used to bed while on the road; sure they were pretty but they were your stereotypical blondes and brunettes.

The names of the strippers were cliché as well. Sean heard names like Bambi, Crystal, Amber, Brandy, Lola, Angel, and Candy the list went on and on. Sean was considering closing his tab and calling it a night when the announcer called the next stripper to the stage.

"Alright gentlemen give up for our final girl of the evening Aurora!"

"Yeah bring that chocolate beauty out here!"

"Damn look at her ass!"

The name sure sounded familiar and all of the other strippers were white so this one certainly stuck out to him. The stripper had her back turned to her audience hence why all the men were going crazy over her gluteus maximus. Sean had to admit it was a breath of fresh air as opposed to looking at all of the pancake butts and stick figures.

The thong she had on certainly didn't do a good job covering her ass anyway with the cheeks spilling out of the thin fabric material

She was all curves dipped in milk chocolate syrup.  A sugar rush waiting to happen to everyone in the room who had a sweet tooth for her. Her hair in long weave down her shoulders as if teasing your eyes to gaze on her body more.

The stripper turned around to reveal her face and Sean's heart got caught in his throat. No wonder the name sounded familiar.

Aurora Jolie Campbell otherwise known as Rory.

His Rory.

Aurora strutted down the walk way shimming her shoulders making her breasts jiggle and Sean swore one of them almost popped out of that flimsy thing she called a bra. 

Eventually Aurora did unfasten her bra for breasts to be let free and loose for all the guys to say hello.

Sean felt a weird mix of emotions of being both aroused by his childhood friend and angry with her too. He knew he was being a huge hypocrite since he was just checking out the other strippers before her. 

Sean was angry because he knew that Aurora was better than this.

Unaware that Sean was in the crowd Aurora continued to perform and except for her thong she was already pretty much naked. Wrapping her leg around the pole Aurora shook her ass for her audience, which earned her dollar bills being thrown up on the stage at her.

Aurora crawled on the stage to collect the money very seductively. She teased her audience by rubbing the bills on her breasts and even dug some of her fingers in the crotch of her thong too.

At this point Sean wasn't even aroused anymore he was disgusted. Aurora was masturbating for all of these men who were strangers to her; while they in turn begged her to take her thong off.  One of the men even had the balls to reach out and tug at one of the straps of her thong attempting to pull it off.

Aurora slapped his hand away and gave him a stink look, which did amuse Sean a little, but nonetheless he was going to have a word with her. His Rory was much more than a stripper and she knew it.


Aurora licked her finger to quickly count all of her bills and counted up six hundred dollars. With the extra two hundred she made the previous night at home she had enough for rent this month so she breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'm sure you can make the same amount of money in a more productive way"

Startled Aurora looked up to see a face she hadn't seen in years



Aurora zipped up her pea coat over her skintight dress making sure her cleavage was out of view. She was just practically naked a few minutes ago but Sean somehow made her feel even more exposed.

"I go by Aurora now"

"Do you?"

"Yes" she said firmly "it's my given name and you know that besides I'm not a tomboy anymore"

Sean gave her a hard look as if she were lying to him.

"You sure about that Rory?"

"Fuck you"

"You don't mean that"

"Yes I do now please move"

Sean blocked the doorway with his tall and solid frame

"Where are you going?"

"To catch the bus"

"It's two in the morning kind of late to be catching a bus"

"I'll be fine"


"Aurora" she argued with him "now if you'll please excuse me---"

"This guy bothering you Aurora?"

Sean turned to see the beefy strip club owner whose beady eyes focused on Aurora, which Sean didn't like.

"Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm the owner and you better watch what you say to me" he said, "you're bothering my employee---"

"Everything's fine Mitch" Aurora spoke up for Sean's defense "he's my friend"

This Mitch guy snorted at Sean and Aurora held back his fist

"Anyway Aurora I'm closing up in a few be here same time tomorrow"

"Alright Mitch I will" Aurora replied "see you tomorrow"

Once the two of them stepped outside in the cold December air Sean gave Aurora a frown of disapproval


"Are you fucking him Rory?"

Aurora crossed her arms over her chest and bit her lower lip but she wasn't about to let Sean fucking Sullivan of all people feel like shit for her choices in life.

"That's none of your business---"

"Come on Rory you're better than that"

"Why do you care?"

"Don't you care? What did he threaten to fire you if you didn't?" Sean pried "it doesn't help that you're the only black woman working for him so essentially you're just a plaything to him"

"You sound like a huge hypocrite right now" Aurora spat back at him "I'm sure you've bedded plenty of women that are nothing but playthings to you"

Sean knew that Aurora wasn't lying but this was a different situation. She wasn't just some random chick that he would fuck for a few days and forget her name in the morning. She was Rory more specifically she was his Rory.

"Anything more you'd like to know about my sex life which isn't any of your damn business now?"

"I missed you too Rory" Sean said sarcastically with a bit of a smug smirk

Aurora rolled her eyes and much to her annoyance as soon as she turned around the bus that she was supposed to catch went rolling right by.

"Shit!" she hissed "that was the last bus tonight!"

"Like I said it's too late to be riding the bus " Sean said "you aren't dressed for this weather anyway I'll give you a ride"

"Haven't you been drinking?"

"Do I look drunk to you?"

Aurora rolled her eyes the sarcasm that Sean had since they were kids was still very strong

"I'd rather not---"

"You don't have a choice I already decided for you" Sean said "you can spend the night at my place and go home in the morning"


Sean periodically stole some glances over at Aurora in the passenger's side but she didn't return the glance instead she kept her head turned to the window.

Stubborn as ever just like he remembered some things never change.

"Mitch ever offer you a ride home out of the goodness of his heart?" he asked breaking the silence

"You don't know when to call it quits do you?"

"I'll take that as a no then"

Aurora didn't answer

"How long have you been stripping?"

"Seven years"

"So right out of college then?"

"Student loans don't pay themselves Mr. Football Scholarship"

"What about your dream to get a career in STEM?"

Aurora shrugged

"Come on Rory----"

"I gave that up a long time ago" she admitted "nobody wants to see a black woman in STEM but they sure as well want to see her shake her ass"

"You've always played to the beat of your own drum though"

"I grew the fuck up Sean; things aren't always so damn black and white"

"You're right the world is a shithole" Sean said "polar ice caps melting, global warming, overpopulation, not to mention we just voted for a pussy grabbing Cheeto to be our president elect and we're going to hell in a hand basket"

"Speak for yourself I didn't vote for that fucking bastard"

"Neither did I" he chuckled a little "the point I'm trying to make is life is too short so why not go after what you want in life? Because it's obvious you don't like stripping"

"I don't like being broke either"

"Like I said earlier you could be making an honest living doing something you like"

"Nobody wants an educated black woman with a career"

"So you go from confident headstrong tomboy to stripper?" Sean asked trying to question her logic "seems like a huge 180 to me"

Sean knew he struck a nerve when Aurora bit her lower lip and said softly

"I saw how you slapped that one guy's hand away"


"So I think that says that deep down you still have a level of respect for yourself"

"You're reading too much into it" Aurora said wanting to dismiss it "I simply have a look but no touch policy on stage"

"If you say so," Sean said "you hungry? I can make you some pancakes before we go to sleep"

"Pancakes at two-thirty in the morning?"

"Why not? I could fry up a couple of bacon slices too I've got a taste for them right now what do you say?"

"Fine" she said, "I could use a little something to eat"


Aurora sat at the island table in a t-shirt and pair of sweatpants that Sean let her borrow as she watched him flip another pancake. Watching somebody cook breakfast food shouldn't be this distracting but it sure as hell was when it was Sean in some sweatpants and a damn wife beater.

Football certainly had been good to him his body was a tall glass of water then again Sean had always been attractive. Old feelings came crawling up from a place that Aurora thought she had abandoned so long ago.

Sean placed two plates of heaping pancakes and bacon on the table between them

"What do you want to drink?" he asked breaking her from her thoughts "I've got milk, orange juice, apple juice, fruit punch"

"Orange juice is fine"

Aurora began to cut into some of her pancakes when she noticed a sweet treat

"You put chocolate chips in?"

"Yup just like my Mom made when we were kids" Sean smiled as he sat across from her "I know how much you loved them when you used to sleep over with Sarah"


"I also figured since you're a lady now your cheeks won't be smeared with syrup and you'll chew with your mouth closed" he teased

"I was five or six" Aurora said "don't hold that against me"

Sean chuckled as he bit off a piece of bacon. The two of them ate in silence and after they were finished Sean gathered the dishes to clean.

"Thanks didn't realize how hungry I was"

"Dancing pratically naked on stage tends to work up an appetite"

"So you're going back to work tomorrow night?"

"Sean please---"

"If you're really struggling Rory I can help you out until you get a job in your field"

"Are you going to help all the other strippers too because if you're not your hypocrisy is showing again"

"I don't give a damn about those other women I care about you Rory" Sean said firmly "because I know you're better than that"

"I'm not a fucking nun Sean," she said "I actually have a sex drive"

"That's not what I'm talking about and you know it"

Aurora put her fork down and made her way around the table to Sean and wheeled him around towards her.

To Sean's surprise Aurora then proceeded to push his knees apart and nestled herself between them.


Aurora slipped her hands underneath the waistband of Sean's sweatpants and boldly grabbed a hold of his cock through his boxers.

"Let's fuck" she said "isn't that why you brought me here?"


"Don't Rory me" she cut him off as she began stroking his cock which was growing harder and harder by the minute

"You're hard as a damn rock you want this"

"Aurora" Sean said firmly using her full name now "I said no"

He took both of her hands away his body leaving her confusing

"Why not?"

"Because I said so," he said, "I don't want to hurt you"

Aurora gave Sean a look of disbelief and once that wore off her eyes got misty with tears.

"You don't want me?"

"Rory's not like that..."

"But I'm a woman now" she cried "don't you think you I'm pretty? I'm not a tomboy anymore"

"Aurora look at me"

Sean lifted Aurora's face up to meet his and began to wipe away some of her tears with his thumbs

"You're gorgeous" he said sincerely "you really are"

"Then why don't you want to fuck me?"

Sean had many women throw themselves all the time begging him to fuck them. However it sounded dirty and wrong coming from Aurora so cold and detached.

Looking in her eyes Sean could see still see the insecure tomboy who wanted to desperately be seen as feminize and desirable by her male peers. Those eyes were used to rejection.

Sean didn't just want to "fuck" Aurora she deserved more than that but at the same time he wasn't going to make love to her right now either. Not in this distressed state.

"Please Sean I want you" Aurora insisted, "I promise I'll make you feel good"

Sean fought with Aurora's fumbling hands still tugging at his waistband as she kept repeating about making him feel good.

It was well past three in the morning at this point she was probably tired too as her words became incomprehensible it just sounded like a mix of crying and begging. Like a toddler arguing that she wasn't ready for bed but clearly she was.

"Let's go lay down okay?"

"No I want...I want you"

Sean ignored Aurora's pleas and picked her up cradling her in his arms. He turned the kitchen light off and made his way to his bedroom.

"Rest" Sean whispered as he laid Aurora down on the bed "go to sleep"



He tossed the covers over her and climbed in the bed beside her just like when they were little kids. Sean wrapped his arm around her and listened to her whispers as she fell asleep.


"Sleep Rory"

Aurora's eyelids began to droop and once they did her soft even breathing followed suit. Once she fell asleep Sean studied her face for a bit and saw that she was still the same Rory.

His Rory.


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.