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Story Notes:

Ironically enough Rhett means 'advice'

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OCTOBER 11TH 2007 Sixteen Years Old

"Are you coming to the practice after school today Rhett?" Scott asked

"I have to meet Indy for our project"

"Oh yeah I still can't believe you got paired with that black girl"

"Indy is nice besides it's just a bag of sugar not a real baby"

Although Rhett Jennings usually had football practice on Thursday afternoons he had to meet with his health education partner to take care of their "baby" and he just so happened to be paired with Indigo Spellman.

Indigo was a straight A student while Rhett was concerned with keeping up his B plus average to stay on the football team. So it was a win-win situation for the both of them.

It looked like they were each going to get a good grade they only had two more days.

Needless to say it had been a long two weeks and Indigo was catching hell from all the other girls for being paired with Rhett.

"Let her live out her little fantasy because it's not like Rhett would ever think of touching her with at ten foot pole; would you Rhett?" his other friend Mike asked

"Wow really guys?"

"So you actually like her?"

Before Rhett could say anything else; laughter could be heard from down the hall.

"What's going on?"

"Dude somebody stuffed a bunch of brown sugar in Spellman's locker!"

Pushing his way through the group of laughing students Rhett saw Indigo on the floor with her face covered by hands crying.

The floor was cover in brown sugar that was still spilling from her locker all over her books and other school supplies. The sixteen year old was completely embarrassed and humiliated as she crouched tighter into a ball.

"What's wrong Spellman don't you like brown sugar?"

"....leave me alone..."

"Eat it!" one of the students forced a handful of the sugar into her mouth "bet you eat Rhett's sugar!"

Indigo coughed and choked up the huge dry mouthful of sugar and the students continued to tease her.

"Knock it off Shane!" Rhett said coming to Indigo's aide

"Here to save your little black slut Jennings?"



OCTOBER 11TH 2019 Twenty-Eight Years Old

Rhett Jennings put his dish in the sink when he heard his cell phone vibrating on the counter. Wiping his hands he quickly took the phone and was pleasantly surprised to see who it was too.



"Hey Indy how are you?"

"I'm good and you?"

"I'm good"

Rhett took a seat frowning a little

"You sound a little tense Indy; I haven't seen you in a while"

"Can I talk to you Rhett?"

"Of course you can" he replied, "we're talking right now aren't we?"

"I...I want to you in person I'd rather not say over the phone"

"Did you want to come by?"

"...are you busy?"

"No I'm not busy" Rhett assured "I got home late from work and just finished eating so I'm pretty much done for the evening"

"So you don't mind if I drop by?"

"Of course not" Rhett said, "what time do you think you'll be here?"

A knock sounded at the door and Rhett chuckled

"Is that you?"


"I'll let you in then"

Rhett hung up the phone and quickly put a t-shirt on. The last thing he needed was his best friend seeing him shirtless. 

Rhett unlocked the door to see Indigo Spellman give him a nervous smile. She was shaking a little understandably so it was a pretty chilly October evening outside.

"Bad timing?"

"Well I have to be honest I didn't think you were in the hallway" Rhett said


"Come in it's good to see you let me take your coat so you can have a seat"

Indigo hesitated for a minute so Rhett knew this had to be serious. He had known this young woman for twelve years now so he could sense her mannerisms down to a T. The two of them were the most unlikely pair of friends when they met in high school.

Needless to say Rhett ended up getting suspended when he beat up the students who mocked her; but it also made him realize that he had strong feelings for Indigo. Feelings that were still present to this day but Rhett had always brushed them aside for the sake of their friendship.

The two of them sat on the couch beside each other.

"It's good to see you Rhett"

"You too Indy can I get you anything? Something to drink?"

"I'm fine"

"So what's going on? This seems pretty important if you're lurking outside my door"

"I need....I need a guy's perspective"

"A guy's perspective" Rhett said leaning back into the couch "you know a few guys right?"

"I want it to be yours"

"Oh so it has to be me why?"

"I trust you"

Rhett took note of Indigo's body language it read insecurity all over

"This must be serious huh?"

"It is" she said "I have a date tomorrow night"


Rhett was rather surprised by that and felt his green eyed monster rising a little but he remained calm and collected.

"It's sort of a special date"

"Why is it a special date?"

"I'm sort of...taking the plunge"

"Taking the plunge?" Rhett chuckled "what are you going to marry this guy?"

"Rhett I'm serious" Indigo insisted "we're going to take it to next level"

"You mean you two are going to have sex?"

Indigo fidgeted crossing her legs and ankles together and rocked back and forth

 a little a nervous habit of hers.

"No don't get shy Indy" Rhett said "look at me because you always get shy every time you have to talk about something sensitive"

"Rhett I..."

Rhett gently patted Indigo's shoulder turning her so she was facing him now and he looked her in the eyes.

"So you want to have sex with this guy is that what you're saying?"

"Yes but I...well there's certain things I've never done before"

"Things like what?" he asked "what are you worried about?"

"I never gave a guy a blow job before"

There were a lot of things that Rhett knew about Indigo Jenelle Spellman but he would have never guessed that she would ever reveal that type of information to him.

"Well if he wants a blow job it's up to you whether you actually give him one"

"But what if I want to?"

"If you want to that's different"

"What if I fuck it up or something though?" she asked, "I mean how do you go about giving one anyway?"

"I've never really described how to give a blow job before" Rhett admitted "it depends on whether he's hard or not; ultimately what you're doing his taking his dick in your hand and putting it in your mouth"

Indigo nodded as she hung onto Rhett's advice

"You're sucking on it and working it a little bit with your lips and tongue maybe even use your hands to stroke him while you're doing it"

"What if I accidently bite him?"

Rhett chuckled

"Alright well you have to be careful with the teeth just beware that you're dealing with a sensitive object"

"How do you suck it then?"

"You're really on a roll tonight Indy" he replied "I mean personally I've never sucked a dick so I can only tell you what it's like on the receiving end"

"So what's a good one like to you?"

"A good one would be the girl really being into it and clearly enjoying it and lot of it like I said is using your lips and tongue"

"Oh wow I don't know if I can do all that I'm really worried about screwing it up"

"Well don't worry about it so much" Rhett said simply this whole conversation about the idea of Indigo performing fellatio was making all the blood in his body travel down south. Too bad it wouldn't be him though.

"Practice makes perfect right?" Rhett continued "I mean the more blow jobs you give him the better you'll get; experience is the best teacher after all"

Indigo got quiet for a minute and was now thinking very hard on what she was going to say next.


".....can I practice on you?"

"You want to practice on me?"

"I just don't want to fuck this up Rhett...I really like this guy"

Rhett let out a long sigh the two of them were really getting into some dangerous territory right now as platonic friends.

"Indigo you and I have been friends for quite a while and we've never gone into that territory" Rhett tried to explain to her "I know that you want to know what you're doing with this guy but ultimately you would still be giving me a blow job"

"I'm fine with that I just didn't know who else to ask," Indigo replied "I need you to do this for me please"

"So you literally want me to teach you how to give head?"


"Okay but we can stop at anytime okay?"


Rhett supposed the reality of what Indigo just asked for didn't set in for her until he pulled his shirt off and quickly shrugged his sweatpants and boxers off. He was completely nude and already semi erect from all the oral sex talk.

"Oh wow," she gasped

"I hope that was a good oh wow"

"It's just that well you're pretty big for a white guy Rhett"

"I get that a lot"

"Um what do I do first?"

Rhett sat back on the couch and gestured Indigo to come closer to him.

"Get on your knees and rest your elbows on my thighs"

Indigo blushed a little at that to hear her friend from high school talk about what to do with his body seemed so foreign but she supposed she would just have to get used to it.

Indigo did as Rhett instructed and before she knew it she was face to face with his dick and she swore it was even bigger up close.

"You're getting harder," she noted

"Well yes I am" Rhett said "you're pretty close and you're about to put me in your mouth so I'm going to get a little aroused by that"

"You can start by holding my dick by the base; just like that" Rhett said as he worked on containing himself but Indigo's soft hands caressing his penis was already pumping his arousal even more.

"Alright now slowly begin to put it your mouth"

Indigo licked her lips to wet them and proceeded to take Rhett in her warm and wet mouth. Rhett let out a satisfying moan at the first point of contact.

"This might help you out a little" Rhett said "let's say it's a really hot day and your mouth is parched and dry and you just want to quiche your thirst"

"You're on your way home and you know that you're favorite flavor of popsicle is waiting for you at home in the freezer; all you want is that popsicle in your mouth"

"The minute you get in the door you head straight for the freezer to get it and immediately put it in your mouth" Rhett continued "it's going to feel so good and you're going to want to suck on it"

Indigo was really getting into the popsicle analogy as Rhett felt her tongue dancing around the head of his dick now so he proceeded to egg her on.

"You're going to roll your tongue on it; sliding it back and forth between your lips" Rhett explained "so basically you're doing that now but with my dick instead"

Indigo moaned a little tongue lashing him now

"Enjoy that popsicle Indy put it in your mouth...wrap your lips around it tight"

"You're doing good suck it from top to bottom"

Rhett grunted in pleasure at the way Indigo's mouth was worshipping his body

"Just remember that this popsicle has a head that's sensitive in certain areas so you can take your tongue and whirl it around and tease it"

"You can change the pace a little bit too just slowly run that popsicle across your lips"

Rhett thought he was going to cum right then and there seeing Indigo plant light kisses on the fat mushroom head of his dick and even teased him with a few swipes of her tongue.

"Just like a popsicle you're going to want to slip it right back in your mouth you can't get enough of it"

"You're doing so good Indy" Rhett said "but another important thing is eye contact every once and while you look up at me while you enjoy sucking that big fat popsicle"

Indigo did as told and raised her big pretty brown eyes up at Rhett and he swore her lips curled into a smile right around his dick.

"I see pleasure in your eyes Indy you like this don't you such a naughty girl sucking that popsicle" Rhett moaned, "you can take your hands and jerk it a little too"

Without taking him out of her mouth Indigo wrapped both hands around Rhett's dick and gently bobbed him up and down.

"That's very good almost a little too good" Rhett said his voice getting a little shaky "if you keep doing it like that I'm going to cum pretty soon I know this is your first time doing this I'm sure you don't want cum in your mouth"

Indigo took her mouth off of Rhett for a second and looked up at him in a lustful gaze and whispered in a low sexy voice

"I want you to" she said "I want you to cum in my mouth"

"Are you sure? It's up to you Indy honestly"

"I do Rhett"

"Okay but right before I cum remember to pull me out a little so it's just my head in your mouth so you don't gag in your throat or you could pull me all the way out and I'll cum wherever"

"What do you prefer?"

"Well I do like to cum inside a woman no matter what orifice it is" Rhett replied "but the way you're sucking me now is really going to make me cum soon"

"I'll try it then" she said taking him back into her mouth

"Oh shit" Rhett groaned "Indy you and that fucking tongue of yours are going to be the death of me I swear so good baby"

This encouraged Indigo to wrap her whole tongue around the fat mushroom head and give his dick one more tug.

Suddenly a hot burst of Rhett's seed exploded into her mouth and he let a loud moan of pleasure as she milked him. Indigo slurped him up like his dick was the last bit of a melting popsicle.

Rhett popped himself out of Indigo's mouth and was even more turned on to see a bit of his cum trickle from her lips and down her chin. As much as it was turning him on seeing her like that he grabbed a towel and helped clean her up.

"How was it?" Rhett teased her "it looked like you were really enjoying yourself

"I um....I wasn't really expecting that" Indigo admitted still in shock that she actually gave her best friend head.

"Is was nice though right?"

"Um is your ego as big as your dick?"

"I'd say my dick is bigger"

"Smart ass" she giggled "but yes it was nice"

"I'm glad you liked it Miss Spellman" Rhett replied "for a first timer you got the hang of it well I must say"

"I have more questions," Indigo asked now coming out of her shell a little

"You do?"

Rhett sat up now so that he was eye level with Indigo and he swore he saw a faint blush under those soft brown cheeks; this young woman just sucked his dick what else did she have to be bashful about?

"Can you least put your boxers back on?"

"If it makes you feel better I have a feeling they'll be coming back off though"

Rhett pulled his boxers back on over his semi erect dick and sat back down next to Indigo.

"Alright Indy shoot"

"Was I really that good or are you just saying it?"

"What? No Indy what are you talking about you made me explode" Rhett said honestly "I haven't cum like that in a long time it was pretty fucking amazing"

"Just making sure"

"I'm positive now do you have any other questions?"

Indigo bit her lower lip and crossed her legs by her ankles; she was getting nervous again. Rhett gently put his hand on her knee to remind her that he was still there to listen to her.


"'s stupid"

"What is? Just ask me Indy"

"What if...what if....the guy I like....what if he wants to go down on me?"

"What if he wants to go down on you? You mean eat your pussy?"


"Well then fucking shake his hand" Rhett replied, "a lot of guys don't do that"

"Do you do it?"

"Oh God yes" Rhett said and Indigo swore the room got hotter and his voice dropped a little "I love eating a sweet wet pussy so if he wants to go down on you let him"

"I never had a guy go down me though....what if I'm goofy about it?"

"What are you talking about?"

"What if I....what if I can't hold it in....and I cum in his mouth?"

"First of all I just came in your mouth so an eye for an eye and second if you're going to cum just cum don't hold back"

"Just cum?"

"Yes" Rhett replied "I guess that's our keyword for this evening but yes cum. If you want to yell and moan just do it even wrap your legs around his head do it"


"Yes really that's what cumming is all about Indy you're supposed to get lost in it"

"I can't speak for the guy you're going to see but as far as me I know that the more I hear you getting worked up the more I hear you release the more I get off on it; I fucking live for that"

"So I wouldn't worry about that having back to back orgasms just let him do it Indy trust me" Rhett went on to say "I would hope he knows what he's doing for your sake though"

"There's something else"

"And what would that be?"

"'s about's about my pussy"

"What about your pussy?"

"It's ugly"

"You think it's ugly? What do you mean?"

"Well I guess not ugly but it's not pretty either" Indigo said "it looks weird"

"Indy you know every pussy looks different right?" Rhett explained, "so saying that yours doesn't look like a porn star's or a model's is completely irrelevant"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes it's probably just you that thinks that and you're putting a lot of expectations on yourself; I've never seen a pussy that I didn't like the look of" Rhett said "I think you're being self conscious about that"

Indigo looked a little skeptical and Rhett chuckled

"I don't think he's going to look at it and go yuck unless he's gay"

"It's not funny Rhett"

"I'm not laughing at you Indy" he assured "I just think it's cute that you're worried about something like that; I'm sure your pussy looks very nice"

"...can you look at it and tell me what you think?"

"You want me to look at your pussy to tell you if it looks nice?"


"Alright let me see it then" Rhett said.

Indigo got up to take her boots and tights off; followed by her panties very aware of Rhett watching her. She lifted the hem of her sweater dress showing Rhett her precious flower where her legs met.

"It's very pretty" Rhett said sincerely "I'm not just saying it's beautiful you have a very pretty pussy Indy"


"You're welcome" Rhett replied smirking at her "but what are you still worried about?"

"What if when he goes down on me---"

"You enjoy it"

"But how do I even go about it? Do I lie down or sit back?"

"You don't how to lay back? Oh come on just lie back"

Indigo looked perplexed at the notion of spreading eagle on the couch for Rhett to feast on her but he motioned for her

"Come here and sit down on the couch"

Indigo swore she felt her body get hotter as she sat on the couch with Rhett in front of her now; his next moves were very calculated.

"Now if I were him I would kneel in front of you just like this" he explained as he gently nudged her knees apart "and you can take your feet with one there and the other here"

Indigo didn't even know she could spread her legs that far as Rhett set her feet far apart from each other on the couch leaving her vulnerable to her friend. Rhett leaned in until he was face to face with her nether lips.

"And now I'm in the perfect position to go down on you" he said "so the way you are now is perfect or this"

Indigo gasped as Rhett swiftly took each of her feet and tossed them over his shoulders until his head was nestled between her knees.

"That way I'm ready to eat you just like this too at an even better angle" Rhett said "and Indy literally all you have to do is just lay back and wait for the fun to begin"

"....can we try it?"

"You want me to go down on you?"


"Okay" Rhett said, "just relax and let me worship this pretty pussy of yours and when you have to cum just cum okay?"


Rhett leaned in and began to give Indigo light quick licks of her pussy lips so that she could get used to the feeling of having a man go down on her; he avoided her clit as he was saving it for later.

She was already getting wet though.

"How does that feel?" he asked her in between licks

"'s good" Indigo managed to say "is this how he's going to do it too?"

At this point Rhett's green eye monster was banging on the door waiting to come out and bring Indigo to her senses. The petty part of him didn't want Indigo thinking of another man's mouth on her when it was currently his on hers right now.

"I'm not sure what he's going to do" Rhett said "but I know what I would do"

"I'm going to first start off by licking the outline of your pussy just like I'm doing now" he explained "maybe kiss them taking the tip of my tongue just inside your lips I'll run it up the full length right to your clit"

Indigo squirmed a little as Rhett switched between his thumb and his tongue to tease her clit and he chuckled

"A very aroused looking clit and if your guy is smart he'll know what to do with it"

"You're digging your fingers into the couch you're liking this aren't you Indy?"

"...yes....Rhett please don't stop"

Her wish was his command after all; but he had his own conditions for her too.

"I don't want you holding back from me Indy" Rhett said now giving her clit full swipes now "when you cum you're going to sound like a fucking goddess and I want to hear it"

"Hell I almost want to make you cum right now so I can pull it out of you myself" he added quickening his pace and movements "just so I can prove my point to you"

"...make me..."

"What was that Princess?"

"Make me cum Rhett please" Indigo begged her voice heavy with desperation now

"Okay I'll make you cum Miss Spellman" Rhett said, "you're going to let go for me"

Before Indigo could say anything else Rhett took all of her inside his mouth and his tongue was going crazy on her.

"Rhett...."she moaned trying to squirm away from the intense pleasure but Rhett clamped his grip on her hips

"If he's smart he'll take one of his fingers and slide it way deep inside and start working that G spot"

Indigo felt Rhett strum his middle finger inside her; a very thick middle finger too.

Between that and his tongue still lapping her clit Indigo felt a knot begin to unravel at the pit of her stomach.

"I can feel you Indy" Rhett said huskily now "I can feel you getting ready to cum"

"....yes" Indigo replied her voice getting hitched now "I..I...I ohhh"

"That's it" he encouraged her "let go Indy I want to hear you"




"Louder Indy I said I want to hear you!"

"OH RHETT!" she cried out in defeated cry of pleasure "I'M CUMMING!"

Rhett was there to hold Indigo as she fell apart from her impending orgasm; her whole body from head to toe shook from pleasure. It felt so fucking good.

"And if he doesn't slow down when you're cumming smack him on the head" Rhett advised "because any guy should know that you're very sensitive right now"

"It didn't sound like you were holding back though"

"Was I good?"

"Yes you were very good Indy" Rhett said "and now you know what's it's like to be on the receiving end of oral and how you're going to react"

Rhett was rock all over again and hearing the gasps and moans of pleasure from Indigo certainly put him in a state of arousal. That bastard better give Indigo at least three times the amount of pleasure that he just gave her.

"He's going to want to fuck you after that for sure" Rhett added

"Well he does tell me how much he wants me on top" Indigo said as she was now coming back from her orgasm

"On top you say?" he chuckled getting a mental image of Indigo riding cowgirl "good pick I'm rather fond of it myself that will definitely be fun"

"I'm a bit nervous about that though"

"Why would you be afraid to do that?"

"I might lose control or something" Indigo said "I mean I would sitting right on top of his dick after all what if I black out from it being so good?"

Rhett chuckled and he was really starting to wonder if his friend was either still a virgin or just had bad luck in the bedroom with shit guys.

"If you think you're going to fall just put your hands on his chest and raise your hips up and down; you'd be the one in control really making for some great on top fucking" he said "not to pry but where are you guys going to fuck?"

"In his bed" Indigo replied and for some reason that slightly annoyed Rhett.

If she had say her bed he would have been fine but something about her being in another man's bed sounded a little too intimate; probably even more intimate than what the two of them just did.

"That's good" Rhett said "I prefer that myself too but you can do pretty much anywhere as long as you lean on him for support you'll be fine"

"Okay" Indigo replied still looking skeptical

A tent was now pitched in Rhett's boxers

"You know if you're about that we can always try it too"

"You would?"

"I mean why not? I'd be more than willing to do that for you" he chuckled "look at what we already did so far"

Rhett certainly had a point there they had already crossed the line so what was stopping them from going any further; after all Indigo wanted to be well prepared for her date.

"Since you're going to be in his bed when you're on top of him; we can always try that out in my bed now instead of the couch" Rhett said "because really the couch is only good for making out and oral"

The two of them went down the hall to Rhett's bedroom and he closed the door behind them. He had just gotten new bed covers and what better way to christen them than a good fuck?

Rhett helped Indigo get the rest of her dress off and unhooked her bra and she in return helped him out of his boxers once more; he preferred it that way because she was going to be riding him on top he wanted the both of them to be completely nude.

"You're gorgeous Indigo" Rhett said as he admired her fully nude for the first time; he was definitely going to be smacking that thick ass of hers too

"You don't look so bad yourself Rhett" she replied liking what she saw of him.

Rhett laid down first with his dick standing at full attention for Indigo now.

"So I just climb on top of you?" she asked her nipples as began to pebble

"Here" he gently guided her on to the bed with him "put your hands on my chest and sit up on your knees that will get your pussy directly over my dick"

Rhett was right because Indigo could feel the head of his dick poking at her entrance

"You're so hard"

"I know I'm very hard" he smirked "I know you can feel me and I can feel how wet you are too"

Indigo was now soaking from him just saying that alone.

"Now if you want I can enter you myself" Rhett went on to say "but I will say that a real turn on is having a woman reach down and guide me inside herself it shows that she's the one in charge"

"Do you want me to do that?" Indigo asked

"Of course you can" Rhett replied, "I'm hoping to fuck those insecurities away too"

Indigo reached down to get a hold of the dick she had been rather close with all evening and slowly she took him full length up inside her wet warm pussy until she was fully sheathed by him.

"You're so fucking wet" Rhett moaned "now just slowly lower yourself down on me"

"Oh yes just like that now rocks your hips into me and grind yourself on my dick"

Indigo slowly began to move her hips up and down into a rhythm that was satisfying to the both of them.

"You feel me inside you Indy?" he asked increasing his dirty talk "put that dick where you want it"

" feels so good" she managed to moan in response as the mushroom tip was now planting kisses on her cervix.

"It must feel good to you I can feel you getting wetter and wetter Princess" Rhett said "it's going to feel different at different spots just keep working it take me as deep as you want"

Indigo was filled to the brim with Rhett's dick there wasn't a space in her pussy that wasn't being occupied by it.

"Very good" Rhett moaned "you're doing so good taking every inch of me"

Indigo picked up the pace and Rhett smacked her ass which made her even more hot and bothered; she didn't know a smack on the ass could be such a turn on. To her surprise she felt Rhett move his hips up to meet hers in a perfect rhythm.

"Don't be surprised if he starts fucking you back" Rhett said taking note of her surprise "you want try that Indy me just grabbing you by your hips fucking you back?"


"What was that?"


Rhett loved the way Indigo's lips parted ever so slightly as he took the control from her driving him mad with lust.

"You wanted me to fuck you back Princess and that's exactly what I'm doing"

The only sound that could be heard now were their moan and soft slapping of skin together as their bodies meshed into one.

"Fuck!" Rhett exclaimed, "I'm going to cum soon we better cool it down"

"No" Indigo found herself begging "I want you to cum inside me"

"You want me to?"


"Well then I'm going to cum inside you then"

That was the magic word Rhett was looking for and it was the only one that he needed too. As Rhett increased his speed the tighter and tighter Indigo's pussy seemed to get and he pumped into her with no mercy.

"Yes!" Indigo cried out "oh God yes Rhett please!"

"Are you going to cum soon Indy?"

"Yes Rhett please!"

"Cum with me!" Rhett demanded "cum with me right now no holding back!"



Their bodies went through shock as they transferred electricity between each other and Rhett shot his seed deep up inside Indigo. 

The two of them basked in the aftermath of the their orgasm and Indigo collapsed on top of Rhett resting on his chest; while he was still buried deep inside of her.

"Have I told you how beautiful you are?" Rhett managed to say

"Yes" Indigo giggled, "you did actually"

"Well I'm telling you again you're so fucking beautiful"

No words were spoken for a few minutes there was no need for other words in that moment in time right now.


"Indy I have to ask you something"


"How many sexual experiences have you had really? I'm not saying you were a virgin but you just had all of these insecurities"

Indigo turned her face away a little but Rhett turned her back to meet his eyes.

"After everything we just did you know you can talk to me about anything Indy don't be that way I'm not judging you"

"It's silly"

"I'm sure it's not"

"Well do you remember in eleventh grade when some of the guys on the football team put all that brown sugar in my locker shoved some of it in my throat?"

"Yeah I remember that" Rhett said getting angry for Indigo all over again "I broke a couple of noses that day and lost a few so called friends"

"You got suspended though"

"I didn't care about that I cared about---as long as you were okay that's all that mattered was that you were okay" Rhett said

"Well needless to say I had a lot of trust issues with guys after that I didn't even go to junior prom that year" Indigo explained "I lost my virginity in college but it wasn't really a good experience since I found out the guy had a bet on me"

"Oh Indy I'm sorry" Rhett said sincerely "how come you never told me? I would have kicked his teeth down his throat"

"It wasn't your concern and I'm fine now" Indigo said "I'm just hoping I'll be able to finally be able to trust Wayne the way I trusted you tomorrow"


It was a stereotypical jock name and Rhett really hoped this guy wasn't an asshole.

As long as he treated Indigo well that's all that mattered really.

"So your date is definitely tomorrow then?"


"I think you're ready for him then" Rhett said "he better know what he's doing but if I'm being completely honest I'm a tad bit jealous of him right now"

"Why do you say that?"

"Well initially I was thinking about how he gets to do these things with you or rather will" Rhett replied, "then I was thinking well I just did"

"The other thing I was thinking was he gets you"

"Rhett I don't understand"

"It's nothing" he insisted "never mind I've already crossed too many lines tonight; you have your date tomorrow and the last thing I need to be doing is spilling out any feelings that I have"

"What feelings?"

"No I don't want to tell you about it we'll talk about it later"

Before either of them could say anything a loud buzz came from the pocket in Indigo's sweater dress.

"It's my phone" she said, "I can't reach it"

"Here" Rhett reached over to fish out Indigo's phone and handed it to her.

Rhett studied the expression on Indigo's face as she skimmed through her notifications.

"What is it?"

"Wayne sent me a text about an hour ago"

"What's it say you look upset"

"He says that...he can't make it tomorrow" Indigo said sadly as the glow that she had all evening dimmed away from her

"What do you mean he can't make it tomorrow?" Rhett asked getting concerned "weren't you guys planning this for a while?"

"He says his cousin got him and his friends VIP box tickets to go see the 76ers play"

"So he's turning down a night with you for that?"

Tears began to swell in Indigo's eyes and she fought them back as best as she could.

"Well VIP box is special I suppose we can always postpone again"

"You're more special then some damn box tickets Indigo" Rhett said sincerely "this Wayne guy sounds like a real fucking hero"

"Send him text and tell I'm still deep inside you" Rhett joked hoping to cheer her up and it earned him a playful smack "sorry he just sounds like a fucking idiot"

"Wayne is a nice guy really" Indigo tried to pathetically defend him

"I'm sure he is" Rhett said taking the phone out of her hand "I've got a better idea how about if I take you on date tomorrow?"

"Really Rhett you'd do that for me?"

"Sure why not?"

"What should we do?"

"I don't know whatever you want" Rhett replied "we could go get something to eat, we could go see a movie or we can just watch one here, anything you want you tell me what you want to do I'm taking you out on a date"

"You can have anything you want Indy just tell me"

"I want this" Indigo said boldly giving Rhett's dick a light squeeze and he chuckled

"Then you come over here and you can have it"

The two of them embraced each other once more

"Now that I know that guy fucked up your date tomorrow" Rhett whispered "and that he's a moron I'd really like to fuck you over and over again; I haven't said this since we've known each other but I've wanted to do this for so long"

"You did?"

"You're my muse Indigo," he said tracing her cheek lightly "you've literally been my wet dream since eleventh grade"

"Wow I didn't know you felt that way Rhett"

"I didn't want to mess up our friendship," he said sincerely  "I have one more thing I want to ask you Indy"

"What's that?"

"Can I kiss you?"


Rhett took Indigo's face in his hands and pulled her in for their first kiss together and it was definitely worth the twelve-year wait. The kiss sealed that spark that ignited in them the whole night.

"Why don't you just stay over tonight?" he asked "tomorrow is Saturday anyway; stay over tonight and I'll make you breakfast in the morning and we can do something during the day and come back here and have our date"

"I'd like that Rhett"

"Sounds fucking amazing to me too"


JULY 25TH 2020 Twenty-Nine Years Old

Milo Theodore Jennings was born at six-thirty in the morning weighing in at nine pounds even. The proud parents were thrilled to meet the baby boy that they had unknowingly conceived that night they sought advice in each other.

One thing is for sure little Milo definitely is not going to get the typical ‘How I Met Mommy' story when he's twelve and ready for the birds and the bees. He was going to get something even more special.

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