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Summary: Spock finally broke and asked for forgiveness for what he did to Nyota. The plan that Charlene and McCoy executed worked out, the crew are still attracted to Uhura and Williams. Spock and Nyota agreed to keep their love a secret, let's see how that works out, sometimes hiding something can be more damaging than the truth. Let see where are two lovebirds worked it out.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Nyota and Spock reported to work the next day, and all is right on the Enterprise. Kirk was the first notice that it is less stress on the bridge. He looked at his friendly Vulcan and Uhura and notice their demeanor and performance. Kirk thought to himself that they must have made up, Spock felt someone is watching him and turn to see Kirk looking at him. Spock gives his one arched eyebrow and went back to work. Kirk smiles to himself and a low chuckle breaks out.

Nyota was excited about getting back together with Spock, she called down to engineering to speak to Masters. Kyle took the call:

"Masters the bridge is calling you."


Masters answers the intercom from her position.
"Masters here."

"Charlene this is Nyota, when are you going on a break?"

"Oh, about 2 hours from now, why?"

"I need to see you ASAP!"

"Ok break room deck 5 at 011-30hrs"

"See you then bye"

Masters go back to work and encounter Williams: "Was that Ms. Uhura you were talking too?"
Williams wants to spend as much with Uhura when he can, didn't really know her schedule, and this was a good opportunity.

Charlene looks up at 'Bedroom eyes' "yes, we're going on break together."

"Is it ok if I join you?"

"I sorry, I need to pass on this one Tennessee, she wants to talk to me about something personal."

"Oh, I see, I would like for us, I mean the people that we were with to go out again."

"I let Uhura know, sometimes she keeps to herself, but I'll check for you."

"Thanks, Charlene for helping me fit in and taking care of those groupies."

"Not a problem."

They both go back to work.

When their break came, they intercepted each other in Charlene's quarters instead. Charlene took one look at Nyota and knew her situation, she sees a glow on Nyota's face of happiness.

"Char I have good news!" as Nyota turns and grabs her friend into a hug.

"By the expression on your face, I take it you and Spock made up!"

"Oh yes, yes and he told me the real reason too, Char, Spock was married!"

Charlene gave a shocked look as if she was surprised to hear it for the first time.
"What? Really?"

"Yes, it explains his reason for what he did to us, it makes sense."

"Now that's out of the way, what's next?"

"We both agree to still keep it a secret for now until we both are, I mean until he is more confident in our relationship. The divorce really shook him up more than he realizes."

"I kinda agree with you, it kind of hold back their full potential in future relationships. You see McCoy is divorced too and he is still dealing with effects of it."

"Doesn't he have a little girl?"

"Yes she's about 10 years old, her name is Joanna, nice kid."

"Char, I'm so happy that we're back together again, he knows how I feel and things will be different if something else happens."

"That's good, now what about Tennessee?"

"What about him?"

"I think he's taking a liking to you."

Uhura looks at Charlene and gave her a quizzical look.
"I know I haven't' led him on, he's a nice man so I don't see how he would think anything?"

Nyota, I think we are the only two women on this ship that's immune to his 'Bedroom eyes'."

"Mind you he is good looking and very charming, but seen that most of my life. But I give Tennessee so much credit, he's not arrogant or stuck-up on himself."

Nyota shakes her head in agreement. "You're right, he's very respectful despite that women throw themselves at him."

"Well, my break is over, and I do have a date tonight."

"With your 'Sugah Bear'!"

"That's right! See you later Ny."

Both women depart back to their stations.

Later after duty, Spock and Uhura hang in his quarters to continue their restoration. McCoy and Masters continue with their date on the observation deck. They walk hand in hand strolling in the dim-lit space, with a running water fountain for ambiance effect. McCoy leans down and gives Masters a meaningful kiss.

"What's that for "Sugah Bear'?"

"I don't' know, just that you take the time to be with this ole country doctor."

Charlene chuckles: "Sugah, you are not old, you do have a drawl, and great hands."

"Well darling, that deserves another one." He gave her another kiss on her lips with more force. Charlene reaches for his neck and shoulder for more impact.

"You keep that up Sugah, our date will end early."

McCoy smiles and chuckles at her light brown eyes. " I hope so, that's my intention."

"Sugah, I have some good news, Spock and Nyota made up today."

"That's why Spock was happy today, back to his old chipper, logical by the book Vulcan."

"Yes, Nyota told me today during our break, thank you for your part in bringing them back together. Now their both happy again."

"Now what do I get for doing my part again?"

"Why Sugah, I promised you Peach Cobbler pie with Mint Julep. Just let me know when you want me to serve it."

A sly smile widens on McCoy's face, like a cat that just swallowed a mouse.
"Why darling, let's take it on our next full day off, at your place."

"There you go," Charlene reaches up and plants a kiss on his lip and arms wrap around his waist.

Things went back to normal for Spock and Uhura, they would rendezvous in each other quarters. Tennessee wasn't able to hang out with his newfound friends because of duty and the women still found a way to find him and stare at him. Which he still finds disturbing, one day Felicia became bold and asked him out. Which he declined, that his duty kept him busy in engineering. He was happy that he eluded her, but then another female asked him out as well the next day. They would try to press their body against his, he was hoping he could ask Uhura out, he had trouble getting on the bridge or even finding her alone. He was unaware of her relationship with Commander Spock. The men on the ship still felt intimidated by Tennessee's good looks, but some warmed up to him when they find out he participates in sports and play cards. They start to see a different view about him, which relieved Tennessee. It was during those male bonding times he found out his new nickname which he didn't like at all. "Bedroom Eyes" was his unofficial name, now he had two things to live down. But he did connect with Charlene Masters, she wasn't' intimidated by his looks and she is approachable compared to the other women who just swoon. He found her a gentle soul who worked hard with him in engineering, alongside with Brent, Kyle, and Mr. Scott. Tennessee found some sort of family with them. But still had to contend with to groupies that just drool in his presence, which he didn't find attractive in a woman. But one woman he is waiting for has been eluding him 'Nyota Uhura', Tennessee wonder what kind of real woman she is, but won't know until he makes his move.

It's been 10 days since Spock and Nyota got back together, and now it after duty for the alpha shift crew and most of them are in the rec-rooms, gym or social club throughout the ship. But mostly the talent show was coming soon and many signed up to participate and Sulu was elected 'Master of Ceremony'. In the break room, the atmosphere was active with chatter about talent night, we take you there when Tennessee just entered and approach Chekov playing an alone game of 3D chess;

"Good evening Chekov, mind if I join you in a game?"

"You play chess Villiams?"

"I play some, not the greatest, I hear that Commander Spock is our universal master?"

"vhat, I taught Mr. Spock!"

both men chuckle as Tennessee sit down and help Pavel rearrange the piece in place and start their game. Then a flock of women came over; one twirling her brown hair.
"Tennessee, would you like a drink or something?" then she mouthed "ME" with a seductive smile.

Pavel and Tennessee look up at women as they flirt with him. Tennessee sighed with disappointment.
"No thank you miss or ladies," Tennessee said sternly and politely as he could.

They left disappointed and Tennessee looks up at Pavel.
"My apologies Pavel, they were rude."

"Vhat's going on?"

"I assure you I don't encourage them at ALL, they are causing problems in my department. I'm not surprised that I'm not written up from Mr. Scott. You know how he likes things in order down there."

Pavel laughs; "I vish that was my problem, I vouldn't mind ladies giving me attention."

Tennessee gave him a stern look; "Yes you would"

They both laugh together and continued their game and did some small talk. Someone in the rec-room went to the monitor console and played a familiar song, that piped through the room. Everyone instantly gravitated to the song and started humming and swaying to the music. For the first time, Tennessee felt comfortable in his surroundings and starts to sing with the song. His voice was rich, deep and hypnotic, he closed his eyes as he followed the song. Unaware that everyone else in the rec-room stopped what they were doing and listen to Tennessee belt out this song like it was nothing.

Meanwhile, McCoy was walking by and heard the singing, stops, enters to observe Tennessee singing. McCoy watched not only him but the rest of the crew enjoying his singing. Then Charlene and Nyota were also walking by the rec-room and they too heard the sultry singing and they also too stopped and stood in the doorway observing Tennessee sing on key and smoothly as the women start to swoon over his voice. Both women looked at each other in shock and amazement. The man can sing, Nyota never heard anything like that from a man, Tennessee hit every key with precision and his voice carried throughout the room.
Chekov not only staring at Tennessee, but the of the crew watching him. When the song finished;

"That was my favorite song," Tennessee said to Chekov. He sees the blank stare in Chekov's eyes and then Tennessee slowly turned around and notices every single person looking at him. The moment he made contact with the crew, smiles formed on their faces, and applauding commenced.

"Oh-NO" Tennessee realizes his mistake and sees the women advancing towards him.

The women swoon towards him; towards those bedroom eyes and now siren voice.
Charlene looks at Nyota;
"This is not good, he doesn't know what he just did."

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.