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Author's Chapter Notes:

Summary: A very handsome man beamed aboard the Enterprise and things are not the same.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Masters and Williams are walking down the corridor to his quarters. As they walk, Masters observe the looks from the crew, well the female crew. Women would stop and their mouths will drop, and forget where they are going and crash into another person. Masters realize that walking with Tennessee is a hazard to your health.

"So Tennessee, why did you pick engineering?"

"I always liked Math and nuclear science Masters, it's second nature to me."

Charlene mumbles under her breath: "That's not all that's second nature to you" as she continues to watch the women stop in their tracks to watch Tennessee walk.

"What was that Lt?"

"um, we need more men like you."

They enter the turbolifts to the officer's deck, as they turn to face the corridor, three women are standing in front of them as the door closes. They had dreamy eyes staring at him, as they watched the door closed in their faces. Tennessee drops his duffle bag and stretches his collar on his shirt and turns to Masters.

"Sorry Lt, I... seem to get that a lot," he says nervously.

"So I've noticed," Charlene says smartly looking up into those green pool eyes of his. Damn the man is gorgeous.

They got off the turbo-lift and exited down the corridor: "Tennessee, this deck is usually quiet and non-commissioned officers are also live on this deck." Charlene stops at a door and taps in a code and it opens and they enter.

"Welcome aboard the Enterprise Lt. Williams, and here are your quarters. I hope you find them satisfactory. If not you can put in a request to change room, it might take a while unless if it's some sort of safety issues."

Tennessee walks in and drops his bag on the floor.
"Thank Lt. Masters."

"You can call me Charlene if you want."

"Thank you, Charlene, this room is OK. I don't take up much space."
"OK then, I'll let you get settled and I will come back for you so... don't leave here unless I come to get you."

Tennessee looks at quizzically and rubs his hand in his hair, wonder if he did something in error.
"Sure, is there anything wrong Charlene?"

Charlene is imaging him wandering the ship and making the women pass out as he goes. She has to keep that man safe from the women, they would attack him in a minute.
"No, I don't want you wandering around the ship until everything is logged into the ship's computers for you get access to critical levels."

"Oh, that makes sense, then I will unpack first."

Charlene turns to leave and stands at the open door and looks at Tennessee. DAMN, that man is sexy; "I'll be back and remember? don't go anywhere."

She leaves and walks about ten feet and leans against the wall. Taking deep breaths and talks to herself: "Boy that was close, I didn't know if I could keep myself together. That man is sexy to the 'T'!"

Charlene gathers herself, and heads back to engineering and chuckles and could hardly wait to tell Nyota.

Meanwhile, in sickbay, Dr. McCoy runs a scanner over Evers' elbows. Nurse Chapel standing next to him with a tray of medical equipment.

"Now Yeoman, tell me again how this happened?"

Evers gives a warning glance at both medical people. "I was... just being clumsy doctor, I wasn't paying attention."

McCoy takes the hypo from the tray and gives a shot near the wound.
"This should take care of the pain and inflammation" McCoy looks at the young woman and gives gentle smile. "Now take it easy next time, we need all our personnel ready for duty. You may go, yeoman."

She practically jumped off the bio-bed and raced to the doors, she stops and turns: "Oh, um thank you doctor." and leaves.

"What's the hurry?" Chapel says as she put the rest of the medical equipment away. McCoy looks at the exited yeoman and shrugs his shoulders.

"I don't know?"

They were about to turn when two more women entered sickbay with red swollen bruises on their foreheads.
"What the devil.."

The word about Tennessee Williams the 6th is spread like wildfire throughout the ship and here are some their comments, the recreation room conversation gathered at large table 6 love-struck crewmembers:

"OH MY GOD! Did ever seen such a dreamboat." 1st woman.

"Those eyes are to die for"2nd woman.

"Those lashes with those green eyes just melt your heart" 3rd woman.

"Forget the eyes what that body?" 4th woman

all of the sigh and breath deeply.

"What are the chances hooking up with him?" 5th woman.

"All I want is to just touch those biceps, triceps and all the other ceps."6th woman.

They all laugh and giggle

"Girl you got that right" 4th woman.

"I wonder if he's attached" 3rd woman

"He has to be, who would pass him up?" 2nd woman.

"I wonder what he looks like underneath that shirt" sighs 1st woman.

"We need to find out when he goes to the gym!" 6th woman.

They all looked at each other and their eyes widen and start fanning themselves.

"I don't' think I could take it if I see those rippling muscles." 5th woman.

"We need to find his schedule and you know, work out with him" 4th woman, giving them a seductive look.

"It would break my heart if I didn't get a chance to be with him." 3rd woman.

"That's crazy, we all want to be with him and it would break all our hearts." 5th woman.

"It would help if we knew his name?" 6th woman.

"Tennessee Williams I heard" 1st woman.

All of the sigh again.

"Tennessee Please come to me!" 2nd woman presses her hands against her chest in a plea.

They all chuckle.

"Girls, I've heard Evers was injured just by looking at him" 3rd woman.

"I wanna be hurt by him too!" 5th woman.

"Well, we don't even know what kind of taste in women he likes?" 1st woman.

"or guy?" 4th woman.


"Well, you just killed my image of him, see ya." 6th woman gets up to leave.

"We have to see the outcome of that to be sure." 5th woman says sadly and also gets up to leave.
The rest shrug their shoulders and leave for their next destination.

A little while later, Tennessee had settled his gear and patiently waiting for Masters. His door chimes and he answers.
"Hello Ms. Evers, I hope you are better?"

"Oh yeah, I was just checking on you to make sure you're all settles." Evers walks into his room without asking and stands in front of Tennessee staring into his eyes.

"Ms. Masters took care of everything and I'm waiting for her." Tennessee sees the girl staring at him way too long.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Oh.... Yes..."

Just them Tennessee's chimer rings and he answers to Charlene. She sees Evers in his room and wonders why she's there.
"Yeoman Evers, why are you here?"

"I was... just... checking.... On Williams."

Charlene folds her arms in front of her chest, knowing that it was more than that.
"Thank you, Evers, you are dismissed."

Her countenance drops and reluctantly heads to the door, giving one last look at the handsome man and leaves.

Charlene looks up at Tennessee and gives a disappointing look.

"Ms. Masters she said she was checking on me, that's all I know" Tennessee shrugs his shoulders.

"Come on, Mr. Scott is waiting for you." Charlene leads Tennessee out of his room into the corridor to face the gauntlet of women again.

"So why are named 'Tennessee'? Are you named after the famous writer?"

My ancestors liked naming the family from the former United States. My brothers are named Kentucky and Washington, and my sister is named, Montana."

"Really? Now that sounds interesting."

"I also have cousins too' like Dakota, Mississippi, Michigan and Colorado!"

"How about someone named 'Connecticut'?"

"In fact, I do have a cousin named that, we call her Connie."

"Do your brothers look like you?"

Tennessee stops and turns to Charlene, takes a deep breath.
"I guess so, both are married, we are close and I do miss them. But I have the space fever from the four of us."

"Sorry that you miss them, and I'm sorry for teasing too."

"It's Ok I get that a lot"

As they were walking the women took note of Tennessee's appearance and presence, giving him winning smiles and even wolf calls. When they reached engineering, things settled down.

"Mr. Scott, Lt. Williams is here."

Mr. Scott came from behind the panels to greet the man and sees a tall young man.

"You're not a laddie you're a lad, so you're going to tell me about schematics aye."

"Yes Mr. Scott, you can count on me for help anywhere, I am willing and able sir!"

"Now that's what I like to hear, come on lad, let us show ya around and get ya to work!"

Scotty took a liking to the young man, and Tennessee was impressed by how Mr. Scott's engineering techniques were different from other engineers in the fleet. Tennessee was learning from both Masters and Mr. Scott.
"Now listen here lad, I know my engines when they get to purring I know they can handle any situation."
Scotty turns to Masters and pages Brent; "Now you two go the section 212 Jefferies access and show Williams those connectors and bypass."
Scotty turns to Williams: "Pay attention lad, they will show you how to bypass the anti-matter flow."
"Yes, sir Mr. Scott."

The three of them went with their pads and the anti-matter monitor.
Tennessee Williams the 6th fits just right in.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.