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Author's Chapter Notes:

Summary: Tennessee is unknowingly causing distractions as he goes throughout the ship.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

The next day; the men on the ship noticed Williams is getting all the female attention, and they are handling, not too well. They are gathered in the gym room discussing Williams' situation.

"Can you believe that guy?" 1st man

"He has all the women dropping for him" 2nd man

"I wonder what line he's using to get the girls?" 3rd man

"I've been talking to the one woman for a while, now she sees only him" 4th man

"Man, we don't stand a chance, do you see the looks he gets!" 2nd man

"He ain't messing with the one woman that I have been dreaming about for a while." 1st man.

"Who's that?" 4th man

"Uhura, I've kinda have a crush on her." 1st man

"Well, you better make your move, if this guy got game, he'll definitely snatch her" 4th man.

"No way, she won't fall for a pretty face like him." 1st man

"Good luck with that! I never see her with anybody." 3rd man.

"What kind of mojo does he has, that all the babes are dropping like flies!" 2nd man.

"His mojo is putting babes to total distraction, they follow him everywhere!"4th man.

"What?" 1st, 2nd, and 3rd men say at the same time.

"Kyle told me that he finds some hiding in the engineering dept, trying to hook up with Williams." 4th man. "So far, Mr. Scott hasn't found out about it yet."

"Stalker much" 1st man

Lt. Brent walks into the conversation, "what's up guys."

"Brent, what do you think of that Williams guy?" 2nd guy.

"He's not a bad person, he does his job. What about him?"

"He's stealing all the women, we don't have a chance." 3rd guy.

"If that what the ladies like, there's nothing you can do," replied Brent.

"Are you on his side Brent?"

"Since you put it like that, yeah! I work with him and he knows his schematics and science. He makes my job easier.": snarled Brent.

"OK don't get so defensive, we were just asking what kind of mojo he has over the women." 4th man.

"Well get to know the person first before you judge."
With that Brent turns to leave the disgruntled group.

Meanwhile in the debriefing conference room; the head departments are giving updates to the captain. Mr. Scott, Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk, and Dr. McCoy are giving their reports. McCoy is kind of leery about his information.
"There's been a steady increase of minor injuries being reported from all our sickbay locations. The injuries are not serious, but enough to take observation of it. Bumps, bruises, scratches, and contusions that sort of things."

"Do you think it some sort of viral doctor," asked Kirk.

"No captain, ... but..."

"But what doctor?"

"Well, according to the reports, testimonies, and observations, it stems from the new crewman Williams." McCoy clears his throat.

Kirk and Spock look at each other and registers about Captain Maxwell had said.
"Is there something wrong with the man McCoy?"

"Is this off the record, because it's really hard to explain."

Spock and Kirk look at each other again quizzically. "It depends on the information you provide doctor. Continue."

"Well gentlemen, it appears that Lt. Tennessee Williams VI has a magnetism that draws women to his attention, leading to injuries when they become unaware of their surroundings."

"What? Are you saying, that this man caused all those incidents in your report?" snaps Kirk.

"Fascinating," says Spock.

"I'm saying... yeah, I'm saying that."

"I was wondering why I've seen women hanging around the engineering."

Everyone turns to Scotty. "Really?"

"Aye, I've been shooing them out"

Kirk turned to McCoy and gave him a look of disbelief; "Are you telling me that one man is doing all this damage?"

Spock looks up Williams's profile on the monitors in front of them, to find any more details;

"Captain, Lt. Tennessee Williams VI has an exemplary record from Starfleet Academy, completed the engineering program with standard grade. He has served aboard several mining vessels and on the cruiser "Pegasus". There are no infractions indicated in his files."
Spock projected a picture profile to reveal a handsome young man, and Spock moves up one of his brows.

"OK, he looks like a regular guy to me," states Scotty. " I don't see the problem."

Kirk sees it, the man's sculptured face, and green eyes. He could see the attraction that the woman would have for the man. A bit of envy stirred in his mind, especially that he can put a woman in sickbay by just looking at him. Williams got game, and he has a competitor.

"Jim remember Harry Mudd* when we brought those women aboard the ship? Remember the magnetism that they had against the men? Well, Williams has the same thing without enhancers, but only with the women crew." chuckled McCoy.

Spock remembers that mission, the male crew had trouble concentrating and the females were distracting to the least. Spock wonders if Williams would have any effect on his Nyota.

"First of all, is it a problem? If it is a problem, how can we fix it?" asked Kirk.

The men all looked at each other.

"Gentlemen, I don't see the seriousness of the situation, males and females have worked together on this ship and incidents have occurred as part of normal interaction among the crew, these accusations are unwarranted," states Spock.

"Ok, Mr. Spock thinks it's not a problem, so Bones just keep monitoring and keep data of incidents that refer to Williams. Then we see how it's played out," states Kirk. The meeting ended with Kirk starts to wonder about his competition.

Later on that day, Scotty was giving a tour for Tennessee, giving him the expectation of his department. As they were walking down the corridor Scotty became more aware that the females were indeed watching Williams as he walked. They would sigh, whispers and wolf calls in their directions, Scotty would redirect the distracted females to their duties.

"So laddie, you seem to have a way with the ladies on the ship."

"I don't think so Mr. Scott, but they are distracting to me. I do feel uncomfortable when they interfere with my work in engineering."

"Most men would feel on top of the world to be in your shoes lad." chuckled Scotty.

They both entered the turbolift, they both turned to see two women winking at Williams as the doors closed.

Tennessee pulls on his collar in embarrassment and turns to the Lt. Commander.
"Sorry Mr. Scott"

Scotty turns at the young man and stares at the fact the women are attracted to the man.
"Bridge" the lift shoots off towards the bridge.

The bridge crew were all at their stations either doing data collecting or monitoring the ship's position. Spock has completed an astroid belt data and complying information into the ship's computers. Uhura is uploading Starfleet command messages on her pad and monitoring the frequencies as her earpiece sits snuggling in her ear. While the other departments are working on maintenance and updates. Kirk is in his command chair, reviewing Starfleet commands messages when the turbo doors open.
Scotty and Tennessee walk on the bridge and step down towards the captain to introduce him.


Kirk turns his chair towards the engineer and is confronted with Williams standing next to Mr. Scott. He observes the man's height, which Williams is taller than him, the chiseled face and broad shoulders. It looks like this man has the drop on him, Williams is a tough act to follow. Kirk puffs out his chest and sits higher in his command chair.

"This is Lt. Tennessee Williams sir."

Kirk gives him a quick glare and gives the standard greeting.
"Welcome aboard Williams, I hope you find our ship and crew satisfactory?"

Williams stands up straighter; "Yes captain the ship and crew are satisfactory."

"Good Mr. Scott will introduce you to the bridge crew. Continue Mr. Scott." Kirk watches them walk away, and he glares at the young man. And understood why women are drawn to him with those eyes.

Scotty goes to the engineering monitoring station and introduces the crewmen. Then Scotty steps down towards the helm and introduces Sulu and Chekov.

"Laddie, here the two best men that help stere the ship. Sulu and Chekov."

Gentlemen, nice to meet you."

both men stare at the tall man and realize this guy will grab all the women's attention.

"Hi there Williams welcome aboard." they both said.

At that moment Mr. Spock steps down and stands near Chekov to acknowledge Williams with his long arms folded behind his back.
"Welcome aboard Lt. Williams," said Spock "I read your theory on dilithium quartz fusion and found it interesting."

Williams goes into shock and stares at the Vulcan on the information.

"Thank you, commander, it's formula is still an idea and other prospects are also in projections sir."
Williams is truly impressed with the Vulcan knowledge of his theory of the continuing uses of dilithium.

Mr. Spock turns to stand next to the captain's chair.

Then Mr. Scotty took Williams up the stairs where a yeoman with a tray of drinks blocks them, and stares at Williams. She gives a winning smile and blinking eyes at him, then she offers him a drink on the tray;
"Coffee, tea..." the woman mouths the word 'ME' Scotty took note of it and rolled his eyes.

Sulu and Chekov snickered. "We're done in," Chekov says underneath his breath to Sulu.

"Who can compete with that!" commented Sulu as they observe what is happening in front of them.

"Uh, no thanks" and continued to walk passed her with Mr. Scott towards the turbo doors.

Then Scotty stopped and turned to Uhura's station where she was deep in her work.
"Mr. Williams this our communication officer, Lt. Uhura."

Tennessee steps forth to greet her and pauses at her beauty, and Uhura looks up from her pad and stares into the deep green sea of eyes. She too was speechless, Charlene was right the man was a total knock out. They both stare at each other unable to acknowledge each other presence. The bridge crew all turned to see the stillness of two people in a staring contest.
Spock also turned to see his girlfriend enthralled by Williams, unsettled him. He notices Williams staring at Nyota way to long.

"Welcome aboard," she says softly, still staring into his eyes.

"The pleasure is all mine," said Williams as his eyes flashed even brighter for her, feeling the attraction towards the lovely dark skinned woman with the angelic face.

Nyota gasped and her hand flew to her breast, she was in big trouble, more ways than one.

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TOS: Mudd's Women

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.