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"Morning Mr. Yeager"

It was the same stiff greeting every morning.

The same monotone voice.

Very Ruby-Jean Marie Washington.

"Miss Washington" Bartholomew Malcolm Yeager greeted back as he walked up to her desk.

Ruby-Jean simply went back to typing away on her keyboard as if Bart wasn't there; refusing to acknowledge him past the initial greeting.

Bart wasn't having any of that today and he promptly cleared his throat making Ruby-Jean look back at him. The blood from Bart's northern region rushed down to the southern region. Now was not the time to be getting an erection but Bart couldn't deny his deep-seated attraction to his assistant.

She looked up at him with concerned yet slightly annoyed brown eyes. Her eyes were almond shaped complementing her heart shaped face so well. Honey brown roasted skin and plump pink lips. Her hair in a messy braid out of dark reddish brown corkscrew curls paying homage to her namesake.

Ruby-Jean had been Bart's assistant for the past year now; she was an excellent and hard worker and always did her job with no trouble. However due to a little incident that revealed a rather personal aspect of her life that he wasn't supposed to know; Ruby-Jean kept things very cold and detached between them; at the same time professional.

"Yes Mr. Yeager?"

"You can call me Bart you know"

"Is there anything you need Mr. Yeager?" she stubbornly insisted

Bart needed Ruby-Jean loosen up that what he needed; more specifically with her legs spread hot and ready for him. If only she knew how badly he needed that.

"This isn't necessarily a need but a request" Bart said, "you got the email for the New Year's Eve dinner party at my place, right?"

"......I noticed it"

"Well as you know the RSVP date is quickly approaching" Bart went on to say "in three days December 23rd to be exact before everyone leaves for the Christmas holiday"

"RSVP are usually done by people who wish to attend" Ruby-Jean said politely and firmly

"And reminding someone of an RSVP are usually done by people who wish for said people to attend" Bart subtly challenged her "hence my reminding you"

"It's pretty bold of you to assume that I'm just free to attend" Ruby-Jean replied "suppose I have plans for New Year's Eve"

"Key word being suppose Miss Washington" Bart caught her "which tells me that you don't. At this point folks already have New Year's Eve plans"

"That does not mean I have to spend my New Year's Eve at your residence" Ruby Jean said polite but brisk as the same time

"It doesn't" Bart partially agreed "I would just hate for you to have to spend New Year's Eve alone"

"That's not your concern Mr. Yeager"

Bart had plans to make it his concern

"You have three more days to make your final decision" he said "and I do hope you consider attending"

"May I please get back to my work Mr. Yeager?"

"Yes you may Miss Washington" he said a slightly teasing tone turning

Ruby-Jean closed her eyes and sighed. She wasn't going to that damn dinner party and if Bart thought that she would he had another thing coming.



"What do you mean you aren't going?"

"I'm not going plain and simple"

"But we're all going"

"And I'm not stopping you" Ruby-Jean insisted "I'm just saying that I'm not going that's all"

Ruby-Jean was now regretting her decision to just go out for a few drinks after work. Apparently, Jackie, Melanie, Christie, and Leah were all going to attend Mr. Yeager's New Year's Eve dinner party; so it was a genuine shock to hear that their reserved co-worker wasn't going to.

"Ruby come on" Melanie Jones pleaded with her "it will be fun"

"Will it?" Ruby replied sarcastically

"Yes" Leah Jamieson chimed in "everyone knows Bart Yeager throws the best dinner parties"

"Not to mention he's sexy as sin" Christie Adams swooned "isn't he still single?"

"He's our boss" Ruby-Jean said trying to reason with her co-workers

"And I have eyes he's fine as hell"

"I have to agree with them Ruby" Jackie Williams the only other black woman in the group said "and I usually don't find white men attractive, but I'd drop my panties in a minute for him"

"Stimulate that bank account and that G-spot!" Leah laughed and the other ladies couldn't help but to chuckle all except Ruby-Jean of course.

"He's alright" Ruby-Jean said stubbornly "I don't look at my bosses or mangers that way"

"Ruby, I feel like this is personal" Melanie said trying to get down to the nitty gritty "did something go on with you and Bart?"


"Girl you heard her" Jackie teased "you are his assistant after all"

"I know if I was his assistant, I'd be bent over that huge cherrywood desk everyday"

Ruby-Jean bit her lower lip a little; Leah's comment made her a little comfortable but a little giddy at the same time too.

"Nothing happened" Ruby-Jean replied "I just think that Mr. Yeager is arrogant, and we all don't have to kiss his ass"

"It's after work hours you can call him Bart you know"

"I know I would be calling him Bart if he was filling me up" Leah said "balls deep---"

"Okay Miss Heather Hunter" Christie laughed

"No, but seriously, Ruby did something happen to you and Bart?" Jackie asked


"You sure about that?"


"Well then come to the dinner party then" Christie insisted "it will be fun. We could make it a whole girl's night it's New Year's Eve after all"

".......I'll think about it"

"Ruby isn't New Year's Eve your birthday?" Jackie pointed out much to her dismay

"Your birthday? sounds like a yes to me" Leah said "in fact let's put in an RSVP together as a group---"

Ruby-Jean perked up at this as she saw Leah clearly pulling up her email on her phone

"Leah no----"

"Too late!" the perky blonde laughed as she had obviously hit sent.


"Ruby calm down" Jackie gently patted her on the shoulder "it will be fun plus I need another sista to come along"

"But I can't"

"Why not?"

"I just can't"

"Mr. Yeager......Bartholomew---"

"Bartholomew?" Christie teased Ruby-Jean a little "nobody ever calls him that do you like him?"

"No it's just---"

"Aww she's flustered" Melanie said

"Ladies we have a connection we have to make on New Year's Eve" Leah said "you two would make a cute couple---"

"He's our boss though"

"Yeah he's still a red blooded heterosexual man too with a dick that's probably huge"

"We get it Leah!" Jackie laughed "let's focus on Ruby and I've got the perfect dress in mind that Bart is going to love her in too"

It looked like Ruby Jean would be at her arrogant boss's New Year Eve dinner party after all.


 One Year Ago

 Ruby-Jean hung up on her last client as he finished climaxing and looked over at the clock. One more hour to go. Ruby-Jean was still surprised that the phone sex industry was still going strong in the social media age; but she supposed that some things never really change.

 While Ruby-Jean couldn't pleasure men physically; she had a way with words that made any man get brick hard; she happened to be the most requested call girl.

 Her line rang again, and she mustered up her sexy voice for one last call.

"Thank you for calling Cumming Happily Ever After" she greeted "how can I be of service to you?"

"Funny you've been in service to me for a few months now"

 A chill went down her spine. It couldn't be.....

"Mr. Yeager?"

"Miss Washington or should I say Red Velvet Lotus 88?" he chuckled a little "fits your actual name pretty well; red is definitely your color"

 "Mr. Yeager it's not what you think----"



"I want you to call me Bart" he said, "since you're going to make me cum"

Ruby-Jean was stunned. She had just spent three hours sexually satisfying other men but the fact that her boss from her full-time day job was on the other line requesting the same was too much.

 Her very attractive German American boss.

The same boss that she had growing feelings for; he wanted her to make she couldn't do this and she broke out of character.

 "Mr. Yeager----"


" Mr. Yeager.....I um I can transfer another call girl"

"No" Bart said firmly on the other line "I want you Ruby-Jean"

 There was silence for a moment until Bart chuckled again "I know it's you Ruby, the business card fell out of your purse as you were leaving the office this afternoon"

 No she couldn't do this. No matter how attractive he was to her; no matter how many times she had touched herself thinking about him.

"Ruby" he uttered her name again and she swore his voice had dropped a little lower

"Mr. Yeager I'm going to transfer you"

"Ruby wait---"

 Too late Ruby-Jean quickly sent her boss to a different line to another call girl who wasn't his assistant in the daytime.


"Snow should be starting at around ten this evening and will continue until twelve noon tomorrow" the weatherman said "not too bad for two days before Christmas so it might be a white one after all"

"Of course, this means no school or work for tomorrow as we all should get our driveways and rooftops for Santa"

Bart looked down at his laptop and pulled up his email. He was going to have to send a mass email to the whole staff to not come in tomorrow on the 23rd due to the inclement weather.

It should be received positively it meant that they would get an extra day off in their holiday break.

Tomorrow was also once again the deadline for the RSVP for the New Year's Eve dinner party. So far Bart was impressed by the amount of people that said they would attend so it should be quite the evening.

Of course, Bart was looking for a particular quest to see if she had confirmed her RSVP; she was pretty stubborn and he had a feeling that she was going to stand by her word.

The first email that was in his inbox was from Leah Jamieson confirming her RSVP.

Bart chuckled of course Leah was going to attend she was always the life of the party no matter where she was. What caught his eye was the rest of her message.


We're all coming as a group. Me, Jackie, Melanie, Christie, and Ruby-Jean. New Year's Eve is Ruby-Jean's birthday.


What a twist of events.

So New Year's Eve was Ruby-Jean Marie Washington's thirty-first birthday. It shouldn't surprise Bart that a gem like Ruby-Jean was born on New Year's Eve. A strong Capricorn goddess. It also happened to be her golden birthday. It's not everyday a person turns thirty-one on the thirty-first.

It also was a reminder to Bart of their nine year age difference as he himself had just turned forty in October. So when he had called her number on that hotline she was only a month shy of turning thirty.

A part of Bart regretted ever dialing that hotline because it did add another brick to the wall that Ruby-Jean built between them; however a part of him was also intrigued and a little bit alpha male.

The alpha male part came in because Bart just couldn't stand the idea of Ruby-Jean seducing and talking sexually to other men even if it was over the phone. Yet Bart was not given that luxury because of his status as her boss; as if being her boss made him untouchable.

Bart didn't want to be untouchable anymore.

He didn't want that damn wall between them anymore.

It would end now.


Ruby-Jean was hoping; no she was praying that it would snow again on New Year's Eve just like it did last week right before Christmas. It didn't because of course it didn't and Bart's dinner party was still on schedule for tonight.

She rolled over in her bed it was already 12 noon and the dinner party was scheduled to begin at 7pm. Time was moving by pretty damn fast today and her phone was blowing up with texts about the agenda for this evening.

Ruby-Jean hadn't responded to any of the mass emails that Bart sent out because it was just a reminder of how she would have to eventually face him.

Jackie said she'd come over by 4pm to help her get ready with the dress that she claimed that "Bart would love her in" as if she wanted to impress her boss. As if there weren't going to be other men at this dinner party. In fact Keith Brown who worked in the stockroom had been making small talk with her lately so perhaps she could impress him instead.

Keith Brown also didn't know out about her former job as phone sex operator unlike some bosses that she knew. Ruby-Jean stopped working at Cumming Happily Ever After soon after Bart called in that one time. The first few weeks in the office with him was also awkward as hell but the job paid well so she sucked it up.

It's not like Ruby-Jean actually liked Bart she mostly chalked it up to lust. It was probably hard to love a man like Bartholomew Yeager because he came off as a physical only type of man. A dick with no heart. He'd be a good fuck and nothing more.

Besides there were tons of other women in the company who were vying for Bart's attention; why be caught up in the reserved black assistant? Ruby-Jean always thought that a woman like Leah was his type. Tall, slim and fit, and bubbly blonde full of energy. A woman who wouldn't bore him in bed.

Ruby-Jean scrolled through the texts once more when she got a notification from Jackie

"Girl I'm a little bit early but I got the dress and some Dunkin' Donuts we're going to get you ready birthday girl"

"Ugh don't remind me"

"Last I checked you're still young plus it will be fun I wish I was still thirty-one"

"I guess..."

"Ruby don't sound that way" Jackie encouraged "like I said I'm way over and we'll get you already for tonight okay?"



"You look beautiful Ruby!" Jackie exclaimed with glee looking her friend up and down.

".... thanks. I um had a dress already" Ruby-Jean insisted

"Ruby that dress looked more conservative than the dresses you wear at the office"

"But this one it---"

"It's fine if it shows a little shoulder Ruby" Jackie insisted "like I said you're still young"

Ruby-Jean found herself rubbing her strap less shoulder of the dark wine red off the shoulder dress that Jackie was giving her to wear. Jackie had really did a transformation on her between the dress, her makeup, and braiding her thick hair into a neat halo braid; Ruby-Jean really felt like Cinderella.

"You nervous?"


"Ruby don't be nervous"

"Kind of hard not to be when one week you're telling your boss that you aren't coming to his dinner party and then the next week you are"

"We're going to have a great time" Jackie insisted "Bart's obvious attraction to you is a plus"

"What do you mean?"

"Girl you know exactly what I mean" she said, "don't you know when a man is into you that he is putty in your hands?"

Ruby-Jean supposed that Jackie had a point; it was obvious that it was the reason that Bart did not fire her; especially after the whole hotline situation.

"You couldn't do any wrong in his eyes as far as he's concerned"

That's what Ruby-Jean was very much afraid of.


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.