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Story Notes:

I wanted Nyota's universe more adventurous and realistic, but in space we find there is no place safe. The Enterprise crew are fighting for their lives in a place where death is normal. Find out how the crew survived. I rated this story M because some chapters are kind of bloody and there are some death scenes.    

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.



The Enterprise is surveying sector 2 of a solar system, where the ship is orbiting an unknown planet cartographing it. Then something strange happens....

Spock's station:

At his science station, First Officer Spock is collecting data from the planet below, cataloging his information into the computer banks. As he looked in his hooded scanner he gathered data on life forms. Then, the computer beeps as the ship's outer sensors are activated. As Spock sits down in his chair and starts to adjust his controls for long-range scanning, he notices something peculiar. The computer beeps again. As he records the sound and the disturbance, Spock turns to the captain:

"Captain, we are being scanned..."

Then silence

At the same time;

Uhura's station:

Communication Officer Uhura was completing her normal communications to Starfleet while collecting data from her console when the frequency on the channel almost pierced her ear. Uhura adjusted the volume and ran a diagnostic on the sound as she recorded it. As she set her scanner on long-range and noticed her computer console jump, Uhura took out her earpiece and turned to the captain:

"Captain, we are being scanned..."


At the same time

Engineering station:

Chief Engineer Scott and Lieutenant Charlene Masters were monitoring engine performance while in orbit. During discussion of fuel consumption and progress of the ship's levels. When Masters notices something:

"Mr. Scott, did you see that? There is an influx of energy in all nominal levels."

"Aye lass, I did!"

Scotty starts touching the knobs and buttons to find the source of the disruption as Masters runs a diagnostic. They both observe the levels energy influx again:

"What the devil?"

"I see it too Mr. Scott!" Masters adjusted her console, while Scotty turned to the captain:

"Captain Kirk according to our instruments readings we are being scanned"


Also at the same time;

The Helm station:

Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu-Helmsman along with Ensign Thomas Doyle of navigation,are maintaining orbit around the planet. While contributing to the cartographic mapping of the planet below, the automatic sensors start beeping on his console. Sulu quickly adjusts his instruments to locate the source and turns to the captain:

"Captain, the automatic sensors indicate that we are being scanned..."


Also at the same time

The Captain's Command Chair:

Captain James T. Kirk of the Enterprise is sitting in his command chair with Yeoman Lola Sanchez to his right and Dr. Leonard McCoy on his left. Kirk is signing the daily reports from Sanchez's padd, while McCoy is updating his department to Kirk.

"Thank you, Yeoman, continue with your duties." As he hands Sanchez back her padd, she turns to leave.

Then, all at once, each station reported to Kirk at the same time. He swiveled his chair so fast he almost hit McCoy. All Kirk heard was that they were being scanned and then...


The bridge was quiet except for the sounds of the computers beeping and lights flashing. A moment later, the turbo door opened to Ensign Chekov who stopped in his tracks and scanned the bridge in shock.

"Vhere is everyone?"

He walked to the communication station and paged the next commanding officer.

"Mr. DeSalle, I'm on the bridge. dhere's no one here, sir!"

"What in the devil are you talking about, there's no one there Ensign!"

"Just like I said sir, everyone is GONE!"

"I'm on my way, I hope this is not some kind of joke Chekov!"

"SIR! I'm telling the truth, everyone is-Gone!"

"Go, man, the helm until I get there!"

The next moment the klaxon sounded throughout the ship. Chekov jumped over the railing and manned the helm. He quickly did a survey of the controls, and the ship was maintaining an orbit. One minute later, a stern-looking DeSalle exited the turbo with three security guards. He quickly scanned the bridge, then pointed to the guards to search the bridge. They drew their weapons and walked around the bridge. DeSalle was shocked and angered at the same time, he saw Chekov at the helm and the rest of the bridge empty. DeSalle walked to the command chair and punched the intercom.

"I need an emergency bridge crew up here on the double."

Lts. Radah, Brent, Kyle, Palmer, and Leslie up here on the bridge. Continue with the red alert."

Ensign Chekov, take over the science station, I'll take the helm."

"Yes, sir."

"Find out what happened to the bridge crew!"

Pavel ran to Spock's station and adjusted the computer bank records to replay.

"Mr. DeSalle, I have the last log entry from Mr. Spock. I will put it on the main monitor."

As Pavel transferred the log, the relief crew poured out of the turbo:

"Radah and Leslie take the helm, Palmer communication, Kyle and Brent engineering and environmental. Find out what happened!"

Each person took their station and started working. DeSalle sat in the command chair. Everyone on the ship did a check into their stations and reported in.

"Mr. DeSalle all stations reporting manned and ready," said Palmer.


" Mr. Spock's log entry, on main viewer Mr. DeSalle!" said Chekov.

DeSalle watched the last moments of the bridge crew. Things appeared normal, then everyone turned to the captain, before they all disappeared at the same time. Like they vanished in thin air.

"Where did they go Mr. DeSalle?" asked Lt. Kyle.

"Did someone take them?" asked Palmer.

"Who would do this?" asked Brent

"I don't know, but we are going to find out! Mr. Chekov, did you find anything else in Mr. Spock's report?"

"Aye, sir. He had recorded some form of a beam from the next galaxy." reported Chekov. He placed a visual map on the main monitor.

Lt. Palmer reported, " Mr. DeSalle, Lt. Uhura also recorded disturbances from the same galaxy."

"Mr. Sulu also reported a disruption) while cartographing the planet." said Lt. Radha.

DeSalle stared at the planet and heard the reports.

"First Chekov, let's make sure no one is on the planet below. Start scanning. Lt. Radha and Leslie, coordinate with Chekov and search the planet! The sooner we get this done the sooner we can leave to chase that beam!"

"Aye, Sir"

DeSalle leaned in the command chair and waited for the report from each station. The Enterprise completed four orbits. Frustration started to fill his mind, but first thing first, he didn't want to go on a wild goose chase into space.

Chekov reported: "No sign of life on the planet sir!"

"Plot a course and let's follow that beam!" commanded DeSalle. "Take us out of orbit Radah. Warp 8."

DeSalle stood up and stepped in front of the main viewer.

"We don't know what kind of danger the bridge crew is in, they might need our help. I bet my credits to Navy Beans we will find them!"[1]


Chapter End Notes:



Star Trek: TOS: [1] Lt. Micheal DeSalle used this statement in the episode: "Catspaw"


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.