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Author's Chapter Notes: names


Kawarda  -similar mind;" name given to a twin


Elonat -"both different and free"

Jahzara-African for "Blessed Princess"


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Spock and Nyota sit in the waiting room, while Dr. M'Benga and McCoy finalize some test results for them. Spock is engaged in his padd, working on facts and figures for the ship. Nyota slowly humming and rubbing her large protruding belly.



"Huhm, Hello?"

"Yes, I would like some sustenancence, I'm hungry." said the boy.

"I am thirsty as well, I would like cactus juice, it is the most refreshing." said the girl.


"Mother, I sense you are confused about who we are." the boy stated.

"We are your children." said the girl.

The girl added, "Mother, your humming has a most calming effect on auditory senses. It is most enjoyable to hear."

"I quite agree sister, its soothing effects keep us content."

"So, let me get this straight, I'm having a conversation with my children inside my womb?"

They both said at the same time, "Yes, mother"

"OH MY, I'm so excited! I love you both so much, I can hardly wait to meet you. Do you know that you both are miracles?"

"Mother, please control your emotions." responded the girl,

"Yes, your heart levels and blood pressure have increased, causing your body to stress." agreed the boy.

"OH sorry, just that you were such a surprise."

Girl: "Mother, I don't understand-you are aware of how conception is achievedor we wouldn't be here."

"OH My God, it's just as I feared, you sound like your father."

"Why thank you mother, what a wonderful compliment."

Nyota gasped. It felt as though the girl was smiling.

"Oh, my, you two are unbelievable, I can hardly wait to meet you."

"Us as well mother, and father." both said.

"But mother, we are hungry, when is your next feeding time?" asked the boy.

"Let's see, about one hour. We are getting a physical check now."

"What is the delay? We have been in this position for 15.7 minutes, most illogical." observed the girl.

"And inconvenient.stated the boy.

"Well my children, as you may know things take time to complete."

"Then we will wait, but we are growing at 3.75% per day and our position in your womb is limited." stated the girl.

"Yes, we are becoming uncomfortable." added the boy.

Nyota sighed, knowing that they were as uncomfortable as she. While she was happy they were communicating with her, she was shocked. She rubbed her belly again with anticipation.

"Mother, I wish to be named Kawarda." affirmed the girl.

"I want the name Elonat." insisted the boy.

"Your father and I are still discussing the options. I do like the name RRR for a girl."

"Mother, may I remind you that I am a Vulcan? Names describe our character and purpose." reminded the girl.

Nyota didn't know better but her children were kinda snarky.

"Children, may I remind you, that you are part Terran."


"I guess we have to live with that part of our DNA.responded the boy.

Nyota said out loud,

"What is wrong with being part Terran?"

Nyota slowly looked around and saw McCoy, M'Benga and Nurse Chapel staring at her, while Spock was still doing his work without looking up.

"Nyota? Who are you talking to?" asked McCoy.

Nyota's mouth fell open and her mind was whirling. She wondered if they would believe that she was conversing with her unborn babies.

"I was, was, I was talking outloud doctor about Terran vs Vulcan DNA."

Geoff gave a confused look at Nyota.

"Are you wondering about your children's DNA?"


Geoff moved a little towards Nyota to observe her more closely. He noticed that she held her belly with both hands.

"Are you having labor pains? Or Braxton Hicks?"

"NO! I was thinking out loud M'Benga, nothing serious. Sorry for shouting."

"We're almost done with the blood samples, you can come back later if you want?"

"Oh no! We'll wait."

Spock continued to do his work on his padd, not paying attention to the conversation.

McCoy and M'Benga gave Nyota a puzzling look.

"If you're okay, we're almost finished. We want the twins to be born healthy and safe."

"OH yes, I agree."

Christine spoke up, "Do you want something to drink?"

At that moment, the twins jumped, making Nyota almost slide out of her seat. The doctors observed her reaction and reached for her to help her back in her chair.

"Okay Nyota I'll get you something, how about some tea?" asked Christine.

At that moment, Nyota's stomach growled and she grimaced in pain knowing her babies were pushing on her.

"Tea would be fine Christine."

Christine left to get tea, and the doctors went back to work on the blood work.

"That was rude and disrespectful." Nyota said sternly.

"But mother, I have a craving for cactus juice." responded the girl.

"I requested sustenance. This is the appropriate time, the body is highly prepared to give and receive sufficient nutrients." declared the boy.

"Oh God! Just like your father!"

"Thank you Mother,both the boy and girl said at the same time.

"Mother, are you aware of our growth? It is predicted that I will be born first." informed the girl.

"Incorrect my sister, I have more mass and weight by 2.75 ounces and would be considered the oldest."

"Ok, please stop arguing."

"Weight has nothing to do with being first brother."

"My position now is closest to the canal."

Nyota pleaded. "You two need to stop, you're hurting me."

The baby girl started moving lower down Nyota's abdomen, causing her more pain.

"I only need to reposition myself to the entrance, brother."

The boy started stretching his legs trying to maneuver.

"Not necessary, I'm already in position." reaffirmed the boy.

It became too much for Nyota, the babies were kicking and stretching their limbs. And again Nyota started sliding down her chair and tried to sit up scrambling to get balance, she couldn't take it anymore.


Spock reached over with one of his large hands, gently placed it on Nyota's protruding body and said firmly.


The little bodies stopped moving instantly and then Spock went back to work.

Meanwhile, three confused people stood and stared at what just happened. It looked like Spock had yelled at Nyota who looked worn out from a fight. She adjusted herself and looked at the shocked faces and flushed.



"Yes, Father."


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.