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It took Heaven 5 minutes to open her eyes after waking up. With a deep breath and loud sigh she looked around her bedroom. Though Heaven didn't notice anything different in her room, she felt different all the same. After remembering what transpired the night before she sighed deeply and flopped onto her back to look up at the ceiling. 


Heaven was running late and she hated feeling rushed. Having completely forgotten about the event after getting wrapped up in her favourite novel, she stood in front of her bedroom mirror trying to find a dress that fit her size 12 frame comfortably, while being appropriate for her fathers award ceremony. She settled on a black mid length dress and matching pumps, minimal make up and some lipgloss, she added a gold necklace and sapphire ring her grandmother gave her to finished off the look. Taking a moment to admire her reflection in the mirror she grabbed her clutch and keys, locked her door and drove to the park where the event would be hosted in her fathers honour. Hoping her presence wouldn't be missed but knowing both of her parents would surely be upset because she wasn't 30 minutes early, so that they could assess her choice of clothing and to make her change, when they weren't completely satisfied. As she approached the security checkpoint and gave them her gold embossed invitation, her sister Carmen called, hoping she would be on her way to the venue as she did not want to be stuck alone with their parents for more time than absolutely necessary. Heaven assured her sister she was almost to the venue, and giggled when Carmen groaned softly. 


As Heaven parked her car, she turned to the right hearing the loud rumbling of at least 3 motorcycles. This was a very exclusive black tie event in a gated part of the park with an invitation needed to pass the security checkpoint so seeing them was shocking to say the least. Even more shocking, they parked their bikes next to her car and swiftly dismounted the loud chrome machines. The first thing she noticed was how large and imposing they were. Each over 6 feet tall, covered in thick muscles and tattoos. Next she noticed how they each looked directly at her causing her to looking away then walk briskly toward where Carmen stood. Her sisters brown eyes widened as she noticed the bikers strolling toward them. As she approached, Carmen quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her to where her father stood beside their mother, speaking to the mayor and his wife. 


At 26 years of age Heaven was the black sheep of the family, where both of her parents and their parents were Lawyers, she chose to become a nurse much to their disappointment. Thank goodness Carmen was the perfect child and went on to be one of the most sought after criminal defence lawyers in the state, taking some (not all) of the pressure off her. Heaven kissed her mothers cheek and hugged her father. Looking back over her shoulder, then at her father who's face was a cold mask of anger as he noticed the bikers walking in and standing in the back of the crowed staring right at them. 


"Excuse me." Her father said sharply, turning to walk up to the bikers. He spoke to the bikers for a few minutes before returning to them clearing his throat and fixing his tie. 


A few moments later, before she could ask about the interaction his name was called and he was presented with an award for outstanding service to the community. He smiled brightly and gave a rousing speech about community togetherness and the merits of hard work. Causing the crowed to applaud loudly. After the speech portion of the night came to an end the mingling began. 


Having forgotten to eat, Heaven walked to the refreshment table and reached for a mini burger. Before she could take one her mother popped up and gave her a look, causing her to choose a lettuce wrap instead. After years of her mothers brand of tough love when it came to her eating habits she was used to it and didn't take offence. 


After finishing the appetizer Heaven walked up to the open bar, asking for a bottle of water. "Coming right up" the bartender stated turning away to get her requested drink. As he passed her the bottled water Heaven smiled gratefully, leaving a sizeable tip before turning and tripping on her heel, she closed her eyes waiting for the impact of the ground that never came, instead she fell against what felt like a concrete wall. Eyes popping open as steel arms surrounded her, causing a gasp to escape her lips. Looking way up, her large brown eyes met grey ones.  


"You should watch where you're going Princess." A deep gravely voice said, for her ears only.  


Attempting to ignore the shiver down her spine she pushed against his chest, and took a moment to compose herself. She first noticed was how tall he was compared to her 5'2 frame he must have been well over 6'2 which was how tall her father was, the next thing was the president patch on his vest standing out against the black leather. He was a mountain of a man with an ink black beard and bald head, his face a mask of indifference. Large tattooed arms squeezed her slightly before letting her go. 


"Don't call me princess." Heaven snapped, which caused one of his companions, a Blonde haired adonis to bark out a laugh. 


 Heaven moved to step around them when a third biker bent and picked her water bottle up off the grass and held it out to her, hesitantly she reached out to take it from him. Snatching it quickly but not quick enough, he grabbed her hand in his, pulling her up against him. She was suddenly looking up at beautiful jade coloured eyes. His face was very handsome, the large scar on his cheek only added danger to his already gorgeous face. Heaven felt her cheeks warm before he spoke. 


"Watch where you're going Princess, we may not be here next time."  


She rolled her eyes at him before walking away as quickly as she could. Once she was a safe distance away she peeked over her shoulder and much to her dismay or delight (she couldn't tell which) all eyes were on her. 


Heaven went in search of her sister, and found Carmen in a heated conversation with their father. Announcing herself by clearing her throat they both turned smiling in the way that they did when they didn't want her to worry about whatever it is they were arguing about. 


"Is there something I should know?" she asked looking from her father to Carmen. 


"Nothing at all" her father said before quickly departing. 


Carmen shrugged "I asked him about the company he keeps and was told to mind my business, but knowing our father whatever he is involved in will soon become my business." Heaven understood the way Carmen felt to an extent but didn't want to sour the mood further so she kept her opinion to herself. 


"I saw them approach you, and was just about to walk over there and put my size 8 foot up their asses. I don't know how they got invitations to this event and Im hoping this will be the last  we see of them." Carmen states and Heaven is hopeful but not entirely sure why she felt conflicted. 


Peeking over her shoulder again, Heaven notices that they were already gone and took a deep breath trying not to think about her brief interactions with the sexy yet scary bikers.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.