Itís October again and you know what that means. Itís time for The Chamberís fifth annual Grindhouse Challenge. You know the drill, give us your scariest horror story or your sexiest trick or treat tale, fanfic or original, itís all welcome. We love Halloween here at The Chamber. Are you up for the challenge?

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Give Me a Mountain Man Anyday!

What is it about the sexy lumberjack, that bring out the shameless vixen in all of us? You know, that type of man where he builds, with his own hands. Provides with his own hands and loves with an almost primal intensity that comes with being a child of nature.

To be honest a sexy mountain man or lumberjack does it for me. Maybe its the beard or the simple lifestyle of being one with the forest. Or it could be the way he handles an axe.

My challenge to you, Chamber Authors is to spin your own tale about the sexy mountain man or lumberjack of your daydreams, fanasties or maybe nightmares, if that is how you roll.

Anything Goes.

Give Me a Mountain Man Anyday! by Elizablu

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Love In Hard Times

Love In Hard Times

What would it have been like for two people of different races to fall in love when blacks were considered second class citizens and such love was rejected by society?

This challenge is for you to write a story that occurred prior to society accepting interracial relationships, telling of the hardships and challenges two people faced and how their love overcame adversity.

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Made to Order

It's the year 2099 and technology has become so advanced that you can now specialty order your own robotic companion. They can be whatever gender, race, body type you desire. A company gives you a risk free trial on a new model that they claim is more human than you could probably imagine. In there lies the problem. What if they are right?

PROMPT RULES: Anything goes!

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How Do Like Your Coffee?

In town there's a diner where everyone knows your name, your hidden past and also your uncertain future. And if you come on the right night, you can get your coffee just the way you like it and a good story to pass the time. What happens when the story of the night is about you?

PROMPT RULES- 750 word count and it must be in first person.


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Shoutbox Woes

It looks like the shoutbox servers are having a few dramas! This is something beyond our control, and we ask for your patience waiting for them to fix whatever is wrong! It seems to be up and down, working for a few moments and then not again.

Hopefully it will be fully operational agian soon.


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New Prompts

1. Starships- Your loved one tells you on the day of their death, that they came from another planet. You think nothing of it, but days later strange things starts to occur and out of the blue, government agents appear at your door. What do you do?

No rules this time. Just have fun!

Respond to the prompt here

2. Random Letters- Every morning for the past week somone has been leaving disturbing letters inside of your car. The enevelop always has no return address, but inside on a plain piece of paper are the words You betrayed me! One night you decide to stake out your car and wait for your nightly mailman, What happens next?

The only rule for the prompt is your response has to be in 1st person.

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Writing Prompts

We are introducing some writing prompts to help authors develop their skills, or perhaps to help overcome that nasty case of writers block! These are our first two. More to come.

1. Lonely Highways: Your car just quit on a dark stretch of road, not a passing car in sight. You debate on staying in your car and pray for help to roll by or take a chance to footing it. You decide on the later and after a few miles, you finally see another wandering soul. What happens next?

Respond Here

2. Second Chances: A stranger stops you on a busy street and hands you a small red box. Inside lies something that gives its owner the power to go back in time. He warns you not to open the box. Do you?

Respond Here

The only rule of the prompt is that it can be no longer than 500 words!

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The Chamber stands strong and united agasint the morons who would do us damage!!!!


Awesome banner by Missus James!

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The Chamber on FB

We have recently unearthed the languishing Chamber Facebook page and now plan to make use of it. If you have a facebook account, please join us over there, for updates on stories, site news, etc. Authors and members are welcome, and if you have any tech issues on the site, I will be monitoring the page closely and hopefully we can resolve any problems. If you want to chat privately to discuss concerns about the site, bad behaviour, new ideas etc etc, give me a poke through the chat!!! Or you just want to say hello!

It is also a great place to send your recs, request cast pics to have the new feature, suggest and collaborate on round robins etc etc.

Valent Chamber on Facebook

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Round Robin


Check out the latest round robin on the Chamber, the first one in a very long time and hopefully the first in starting a new tradition! Enjoy.

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Cast Pics

The Chamber is proud to offer a new way to present cast pics in your stories.

Examples can be seen here and here

If you would like this for your cast graphics as well here is what you need to do.

  1. Load your cast pics as normal into your chapter.

  2. Contact me on and be sure to include a link to the page with the pictures on. You can also send me a message/request on the Chamber Facebook page as well

  3. Sit back and enjoy.

For the moment this is a request only feature (am working on fixing that) and it means that once the cast pics are done, if you go to edit the page, it will strip the cool effect. Chapters can be added as normal to the story.

I am usually very quick to reply to emails, so if you do not have a response from me within 24 hours, I am betting that my email got sent to the junk box (this seems to be happening to some people), so either email again or shout out or give me a poke on YIM (jaccione). I AM NOT ignoring you :)

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Through His Eyes

Men. We love them. We hate them. And sometimes, we experience the fine line between love and hate when it comes to dealing with them. But have you ever wondered what is going on through a manís mind? What the world is like behind his eyes? What makes his heart race? What makes his blood boil? What makes his eyes darken with desire? In this challenge, you must write an original fiction story entirely in a male POV to find out exactly that. Step into your lead male characterís head and explore the world inside of it. The rule is you can have as many female characters as you want, but no female POV allowed!

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Can I Tell You My Fantasy?

Sometimes all you have to get thru the day are your fantasies. Those dark, carnal daydreams that you replay over and over in your head because you're too afraid to try it in real-life. What if you could live out those fantasies thru the characters you create? In this challenge ladies, you can do just that. Maybe you have voyeuristic tendencies or was curious if the same sex could equal to some good sex or you wanted to feel the heady rush of having him under your complete control. Let your inhibitions run free and have some fun! But your fun can't be longer than 3 chapters.

You can respond to the challenge here.

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Banner Sizes

The site rules were established to ensure an easy transition into the VC community. However, the admins have been receiving reports and complaints about various individuals who are TOS/Site Rules offenders. One of the main complaints is banner sizes. We know that it may be difficult to resize banners and other pictures for your stories, but there is a clear image limit set within the rules that must be followed. These image limits are not set for any inconvience, but because a multitude of large images causes the website to slow down. Smaller pictures enable the website to move at a swift, reliable pace without worry of load lag.

We have decided that we are going to automatically resize all images for you. If your images are skewed because of this, please either remove them (if you wish) or upload them according to the site rules.

In addition, if you choose to keep your skewed images. Your readers can easily see the full image by right-clicking the image and choosing 'open image in same window'.

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Donation Drive

It is that time of the year again, where does the time go??? †The Chamber bills are due, and we do have a little left over in the kitty from last year, but not enough to cover running costs this year. A huge thanks to everyone who donated last year and kept us running and free from ads, and this year I think will be just as good.

I would like to dig a wee bit deeper this year and upgrade our shoutbox, to the newer, less buggy one with avatars and more cool things such as logins from facebook. As well as a few new scripts that might offer some exciting alternatives for presenting cast pics!!! More news on that a little bit later.

If anybody would like to make a donation to help cover the running costs information on donating can be found on the DONATE page here

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End of the world! Repent! Challenge

It's the end of the world, any scenario you like. Last chance for missed love? Reconciliation? Or is it too late and that chance has been squandered. You always thought there was more time and now there isn't?

You can respond to the challenge here

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The Tough and The Gritty

The classic genre of HARD-BOILED FICTION. It was a tough, unapologetic form of American crime writing that brought earthy realism to field of detective fiction, where graphic sex, violence and sordid urban backgrounds played a major part into defining the genre. My challenge to the awesome writers of the Chamber is to spin your own tale of devious dames, street smart detectives and ruthless gangstas.

Respond to the challenge here.

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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The 2012 Christmas challenge is here. Write something... Christmassy!!

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and may the New Year bring wonderful things into your lives.

You can respond to the challenge here.

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The Cougar

The Cougar

The challenge is to write a story/snippet anything you want, about a Cougar. The most dangerous and beautiful of all animals, always on the prey for young and pretty things!!! Is your herione a cougar herself, or did she lose her man to one?

Resond to the challenge here!

--jacci on December 01 2012 11:36 pm 1 Comments--

What Lies Underneath

Imagine finding the woman or man or your dreams and you learn they're not who they say they. What if if they're not even human? This challenge revolves around a relationship where one or both or all of the participants in question are otherworldly. They can be anything, be it vampire, werebeast, fairy, witch, wizard or something else all together. What happens when they're found out? Can the love survive or are the differences just too big to overcome?

Respond to the challenge here.

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Banner Policy

From the inception of the Chamber, we have had a banner policy that stated the width must not be wider than 400px, which was later revised to 420px. This is for various technical reasons and for the most part, members have adhered to that, and for that we thank you for showing the site such respect. Some however still do not bother to either read the rules or follow the rules, and load enorous banners, which is totally unfair to those who do follow the rules.

THIS WILL NOT AFFECT banners that are 420px wide or smaller in any way whatsoever, so there is no need to panic and worry about your banners.

Traditionally each banner has had to be either removed or resized by admins as they come to our attention, and many slip through the cracks. No more is this the case!!! The script itself will now resize automatically any banners loaded that are larger than 420px to that size, which will result in skewed pictures, which you are of course free to remove or fix in line with the †site policy if you don't like they way they look. This will be site wide, and effective immediately and not negotiable.

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Itís October again and you know what that means. Itís time for The Chamberís fourth annual Grindhouse Challenge. You know the drill, give us your scariest horror story or your sexiest trick or treat tale, fanfic or original, itís all welcome. We love Halloween here at The Chamber. Are you up for the challenge?

You can respond to the challenge here, if you dare!

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New Features

The ability to add story status to individual stories has been added now.

Thus far the options are:


On hiatus indefinitely

Taking a short break from this story


Authors, if you could please include the status of all new stories and if you want to edit any current ones that would be very helpful. You will find it with the classifications and pairings etc

Readers, if a story is marked as on hiatus, we ask you to respect that and to not continually request updates from the authors, as sometimes that kind of pressure can be very daunting and if they are on a break, it is likely for a good reason, which is personal. Real life must come first.

If anybody would like any more statuses added, please resond using the comments link immediatley below or give a shout in the shoutbox.

--jacci on September 10 2012 04:32 am 1 Comments--

Scandal Challenge

In preparation for the much anticipated return of Scandal for season 2, the Chamber is hosting a Scandal Challenge. It can be anythign you like related to the show, missing scenes or episodes, back stories on Olivia and the Prez... anything at all your imagination only is the limit!!!

You can respond to the challenge here

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