New Gallery
There has been a new gallery added to the upgraded forum. This gallery will allow people to create their own albums, and load pictures, music or videos. Albums can be open or restricted, depending on member's choice, and people can leave reveiws and comments. It can be found in the forum (follow the Forum link in the menu). If anybody needs help using it, we will try and knock up a nice easy to follow set of instructions.

--jacci on April 11 2011 04:47 am 5 Comments--

Move Complete
Hopefully everyone should now be able to access the site. The DNS seems to have propogated, and everythign hopefully is where it belongs.

If you notice anything missing, please let me know and we can track it down. We have lost 1 reveiws i think, so apologies for that. The reveiw tables just would not behave and this was the best i could manage. It will take some time, but nothing will be lost. It might just take a little while.
--jacci on April 10 2011 01:02 pm 3 Comments--

Pending TEMPORARY Site Closure
I know nobody is going to be happy to hear this, so please, don't kill the messenger (LOL). There will be a closure of the Chamber soon, probably in the next few days, in order to do some maintenance and changeovers. I have been informed by the host that this will be probably less than 12 hours and at worst up to 48 hours. There is nothing I can do to expedite this procedure unfortunately. During the changeover, there may be two versions of the chamber, depending on your time zone. One will be in maintenance mode and one will be operational. This is also just how it is, and so don't be alarmed if you can't get to the active one, but your friends can. That is irksome, but normal. During this period, I will be closing the site down as anything added will be lost in the changeover. The shoutbox should remain active however and updates will be posted on progress.

It is possible to set up a 'fake chamber' at an alternate address if people need their fixes but please note, if we choose to go this way there can be no submissions/reveiws etc to that one, only reading and browsing. I will let you know when this is going to happen as soon as I can get the last little things organised. I certainly hope to have this over within a week.
--jacci on April 10 2011 05:04 am 10 Comments--

Banner Policy
As this site starts to breathe new life, some of the old rules are being reinforced. Once in particular is the banner. Before the set size was 400 x 200. We have decided to up the size just a bit because this particular number makes a lot of difference to some. The new set size or shall I say maximum size will be 420 x 220. Meaning banners are to not be any wider than 420 and no taller than 220. There is no minimum of course.

Any images found to exceed this new size limit, will be warned by the banner police. If the banner has not been taken down within 24 hours of receiving a warning message, the BP (Banner Police) will remove it.
--PassionK on April 06 2011 05:31 am 8 Comments--

Contact Author Fixed
Finally managed to fix the contact author option. You should now be able to use it to email authors. If anybody has an problems, please let us know. Also, if you have any problems with stalkers etc, let us know. Hopefully people will play nice with this.
--jacci on April 05 2011 04:34 am 4 Comments--

Pure Gold

Like gold, the beauty and poise of a strong woman is timeless. Check out a brand new skin called PureGold featuring an iconic and beautiful woman of colour; Queen Nefertiti. It has all the new features we've come to love, but, it also retains some original chamber features you may have missed!
Enjoy it, ladies!

--Valhalla on April 01 2011 11:16 pm 6 Comments--

With a new website face-lift comes a new skin!
SilverScreen is a new skin available in the skins dropbox. It’s a fluid skin meaning that if you adjust your Internet window then the text and objects within that window adjust as well. This skin is definitely recommended to those who have wide-screen monitors and laptops. Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt, and Dorthory Dandridge are the stars of this black-white-silver themed skin. Reminding all of us that flashy items and looks don’t define what glamour and beauty, personality does.

So take a look!

--Missus James on March 26 2011 05:56 am 10 Comments--

New Features & Debug Help
Hey everyone, need some help here if possible. Have just added some new features. Need people to help me debug them and make sure they are working properly.

1. Print story/chapter to word. On each story you should see a little word icon, which will enable you to print directly to word. (pdf is not possible at this time). Now, it seems the icon was always there, but likely didnt work as the module was never installed. It has now been activated and a quick test has it working for me.

2. Added a story tracker. As close as I can manage for bookmarking your place in stories at the moment. You can access your tracked stories via the browse menu (and the Tracked Stories in the Tis season menu). So far it is in only one skin, Tis The Season (which is serving as my tester skin for experimental stuff). On the right you should see a little option for track/stop track this story, and last read on date. Not really sure if this is working properly, so if people could try it and let me know, if it is working, I can then add it to all the skins, so you should have access to it everywhere.

3. Added a recommendation module which can be accessed via the browse option in the menu. If this proves popular, we can get it in the main menu as well. It will allow recommending off-site fics.

4. Would like to have a member suggested featured section of stories, maybe 5 or so, rotated each month/fortnight/whenever displayed on the front page. Good or bad idea?

5. Contact author is still broken and it looks like it will require a script upgrade and I can't do that just yet until the changeover is complete and have full access to everything. It is on my to-do list though and hopefully will get it fixed soon.

--jacci on March 24 2011 08:40 am 7 Comments--

Baby-Fic Challenge!

It's Spring Time at The Chamber and that means we've come over all maternal thanks to new flowers, lambs and Easter bunnies! We're Challenging all current and future writers to post a pregnancy or baby-fic story. It can be as long or as short as you like and you can use any characters in your arsenal or introduce us to some new ones. All you have to do is include a little bundle of joy!

--Valhalla on March 23 2011 08:29 am 6 Comments--

Intros & Thanks
Hello everyone. Time for an introduction. My name is Jacci, and I will be looking after The Chamber from now on. Have already instituted some changes and when things settle down, hopefully there will be many more improvements, once we get organised. For now, things may take a little time, and I apologise for that, just learning my way around and getting to know some people, and finding out what people want to see. I appreciate your patience.

I also want to thank everyone for such an incredibly warm welcome. I have been overwhelmed by people's generosity and willingess to help. I am humbled and incredibly grateful for this, it means a lot to be so welcomed into this fandom, as I know that I am an unknown. I want to do right by the site and welcome all input and suggestions. Once things settle down a little, things will be far more organised and I will endevour to deal with all issues as soon as I can.

Once again, thank you all for your incredible welcome and support. It means so much to me.
--jacci on March 23 2011 07:32 am 33 Comments--

Resurrect the Shoutbox Campaign
Many may have noticed that the shoutbox isn't what it used to be. We wish to restore it to its former glory, where unlimited shouts are allowed, as well as who is actually online in chat, and a bunch more of cool features.

We need to scrape up some money to pay for the continued subscription. If anybody would care to donate to this cause, please, you can you donate here, just follow this link to the donate page.

Thanks, your help is appreciated

A full accounting of any money coming in and going out will be given. I am for 100 percent transparency in the dealings with the site. If anybody who donates would prefer to remain anonymous, please let me know.

--jacci on March 22 2011 06:07 am 8 Comments--

Spring is in the Air
Time for a spring cleaning, will get a proper challenge up later, and hopefully we will see some new fresh challenges and ideas up. Sorry for the tardiness here.
Please foward ideas on this via the comments link underneath.

--jacci on March 22 2011 04:04 am 6 Comments--

The Chamber Grindhouse 3


It’s October again and you know what that means. It’s time for The Chamber’s third annual Grindhouse Challenge. You know the drill, give us your scariest horror story or your sexiest trick or treat tale, fanfic or original, it’s all welcome. We love Halloween here at The Chamber. Are you up for the challenge?


--TokenBlackGirl on October 04 2010 04:56 am 2 Comments--

Chamber Talk
pictureOctobers all about things that go bump in the night. So tell us Chamber Members, what's your favorite scary movie? Authors don't be shy to use the answers as inspiration for your Grindhouse fics! Sign into your account and post your answers here!
--BlackMamba on October 04 2010 04:55 am 10 Comments--

October Character of the Month

 Tara Thornton
True Blood

pictureTara Thornton is the bartender at Merlotte’s bar and grill. She has a fierce temper and is easy to anger, yet she has been best friends with Sookie Stackhouse since childhood. Tara has an alcoholic mother, Lettie Mae, her cousin is Lafayette Reynolds. She has not had much luck in the love department. After falling victim to Mary Ann’s influence and now losing her love “Eggs” she is struggling in her life.

Tara captures dangerous interest of a new vampire in town, Franklin Mott. She is kidnapped by Franklin, who eventually falls in love with her. Though Tara escapes before she can be turned into a vampire, she's still struggling to recover from the ordeal.

--BlackMamba on October 04 2010 04:50 am 7 Comments--

The "With This Ring" Challenge

iconWe're all about the marrieds this month at The Chamber. Original or fanfiction, tell us a story about a couple that has taken that ultimate step. Is it happily married bliss or their own personal hell? How the story ends is up to you, just so long as your leading lady has ring on her finger.

Sometimes "I do" is only the beginning. Are you up for the challenge ?

--BlackMamba on August 05 2010 03:03 am 7 Comments--

2010 Primetime Emmys


The Chamber congratulates the 2010 Primetime Emmy nominees.

Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife
Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Sofia Vergara, Modern Family
Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

--TokenBlackGirl on August 05 2010 03:03 am 2 Comments--

August Character of the Month

Josefina "Jo" Lupo

pictureJosefina "Jo" Lupo is Eureka's deputy sheriff, a New Jersey girl and former U.S. Army Ranger. The eccentric residents of Eureka try her patience, but they've grown accustomed to her bluster and appreciate her dedication to their safety.

At first, Jo is resentful of having to report to an outsider when Jack Carter is given the sheriff's job, but she comes to gain respect for his talents and becomes his trusted partner in maintaining the peace. Now, if only her personal life could be as rewarding.

--BlackMamba on August 05 2010 02:59 am 3 Comments--

The "Less is More" Challenge

iconWe’re trimming the fat this month or in this case getting rid of a few pesky words. The challenge is to write your best one shot story that contains no more than 1,000 words. There’s no minimum requirement and the story can be fan fiction or original. Just make sure you stay below the word count limit.


We’re pushing ourselves to the creative limit at The Chamber. Are you up for the challenge?


--TokenBlackGirl on July 02 2010 05:47 am 6 Comments--

July Character of the Month

Christina Hawthorne

pictureChristina Hawthorne is the kind of woman who always finds that extra something when it seems there’s nothing left to give. She is a woman of fiery passion when it comes to her patients, never being satisfied with doing something halfway.

In her new role at James River, she’s not about to let another hospital slip into oblivion. On the homefront, she is trying to move on after her husband’s death, flirting with the possibility of a relationship with Dr. Wakefield. She tries to keep her teenage daughter in line while at the same time realizing she is growing into a young woman.

--BlackMamba on July 02 2010 05:39 am 3 Comments--

The Chamber Beta Page

The Chamber Beta page is now live!

Now Chamber authors can request a beta for fan fiction and original stories before posting them on the archive. Registered members may click here or go to the beta link at the top of the home page to make their request. Just fill out the form to be connected with a member of the Chamber Beta team!

--TokenBlackGirl on June 02 2010 04:59 am 5 Comments--

The "Fearless Females" Challenge
iconThis month The Chamber is all about fearless females! We're talking women who kick ass, whether it's as an executive in the boardroom, a hired gun skipping around the globe, a teacher who inspires or a housewife who overcomes incredible odds. Original or fanfiction, it's up to you. Just make sure your story features a strong, fearless female in the leading role.

Our ladies are fierce this month at The Chamber. Are you up for the challenge ?

--BlackMamba on June 02 2010 04:53 am 6 Comments--

Summer Prompt Fest


The Chamber will be celebrating its second anniversary this July and we're kicking off the festivities with a challenge for all of our members! Do you have a story idea you'd like to see written by one of your favorite authors? Have a favorite character you'd like to see in a fan fiction? Or maybe you're an author with a plot bunny you just don't have time to write yourself. Join our Summer Prompt Fest, and you may see your idea written for The Chamber archive!

Members, just sign in and leave a comment summarizing the type of story you'd like to see. Authors, feel free to claim the prompts at any time. All prompts can be written more than once and the stories may posted starting May 1, 2010. Prompters, feel free to post as many requests as you like.

The Chamber's gearing up for our anniversary! What's on your summer reading list?

--BlackMamba on May 02 2010 07:13 am 44 Comments--

Character of the Month

 Bonnie Bennett
The Vampire Diaries



Bonnie Bennett is a student at Mystic Falls High School that recently discovered that she has supernatural abilities inherited from her grandmother.

A loyal, supportive friend, Bonnie is fiercely protective of the people she cares about. While initially afraid of her abilities, the recent influx of vampires in Mystic Falls has forced her to explore her powers and use them to protect herself and her friends.

--TokenBlackGirl on May 02 2010 07:11 am 2 Comments--

To Break the Spell Challenge


What if Cinderella's prince was a car salesman instead of royalty? What if Sleeping Beauty was a prince, waiting for his princess's rescue? Ever wanted to revamp your favorite fairy tale or put a magical spin on your favorite television show? Well here's your chance! We're challenging you to shake up your favorite fairy tale this month at The Chamber. Original or fanfiction, fantasy or a clever twist on the contemporary, it's all up to you. Just make sure to use a fairy tale as the inspiration for your story.

Once upon a time, The Chamber redefined happily ever after. Are you up for the challenge?

--BlackMamba on April 01 2010 05:31 am 4 Comments--

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